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Millionair Simulator 3.0

Mar 31, 2024
middle of the center just the view down here is a beautiful penthouse in the park here you can just sit here people enjoy life a little here that's nice there is another fireplace here, of course a fireplace shouldn't be missing either yes then it's already sick already It's sick you have to say the only thing you don't like about your apartment here you have to honestly say that you don't have your own underground parking here so we can't really park our Lambo here without it being stolen. Of course, in a garage or in a house, what you have is better because there you have a garage, people, there's a little office area here, oh my God, Deger.
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I know easily everywhere such small furniture everywhere some small seats walter here the fireplace oh my god oh my god it's amazing that king size bed a little bit here like a living room coach here the fireplace so that's really the trauma department I think that my money is almost gone I don't know if we still have that thing for me right now I bought a golf shop and it costs 2 million we don't have that much money anymore where my God, oh my God, people, the dropper and the grandmother are so expensive . or just these lights here the apartment is really beautiful the apartment is beautiful people what is this here skins the bathroom people yes, we are the same remains it is an officially poor people we no longer have money anymore we can't even afford a shower here but I have a bathtub independent here but look, we can even put water in it.
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Let's just say it sounds like it's purely for the thing. I don't know what is more obvious, the villa or the villa is already well furnished. I guess I still think the photos are a bit cheeky. We have a swimming pool and we can park a lambo here. Bathe in noble. That's really wild. That's really very wild. Another door here. So if I ever have a lot of money, I'll tell my architect. Please. My blogs really want to think that their equipment has a seat, the doors are so beautiful everywhere, these gold handles are too harmonious, everything is black white gold, yes, you don't need anything else, then you can buy another paint. here for 125,000 Putting a piano and a piano for 300,000 but people know poor we have to wait again until we get a little more money people I have thought of something and at the moment we are still saving a little money here I We have thought of becoming ours.
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Putting the helicopter in our apartment or attic is a good idea. That's why we're still in the village, so I'm going to pick up the helicopter now and guys, I've discovered another crazy thing. And we can also repaint the helicopter. Can we also polish it? But I don't want to do the two million letterings here again. Then we will be poor again. We have to do something cheaper. Can. Ok, wait a minute. There is something. here that's a little cheaper it looks great it's black and white I think I'm crazy and that also costs 75,000 what do you think you have that? 74 roubaix that even costs again with bills okay, we actually need that's what happens with the rude bills people come up with, we do it, it costs a lot of money, but it doesn't matter the people here for us, we only have a helicopter with tickets, that's the maximum flexible fund 1 x oh my God, we are too rich here people have a private helicopter with tickets, so you say, look at the one who earns the least down there.
millionair simulator 3 0
I'll be ready for the house hh for a belt guys now I'm flying up to the attic so here we are in the biggest building. here, down there is my apartment, unfortunately we are not at the top, but we are definitely at the biggest one here. Buildings like the most luxurious apartments don't come here anymore, we're packing up what's up here, you. then you can come in or something like that, pack it up here it says okay, a little bit forward, we have moved forward like this and now we have landed very well here, now we know how to come in from up here as best as possible Don't come in here, that is a bit tight because it What happens here is the cheapest apartment, where we also have an apartment down there that has the landing place, why don't we have that one that is a bit of a narrow gauge?
Unfortunately, I have to say that it is a little tight but you know, it doesn't matter, we are going to enter the apartment, so point towards the apartment and now we can buy the finished thing. I think the only thing missing is the piano. here We are done with the apartment or unfortunately not, of course it is missing. Of course, the goal has to be something for 1.25 million, but it doesn't matter, we have enough and here we can give Rybaks another diamond tip than you. Of course we can continue here today again because we will get more by doing it, like I said, don't imitate people, I'm doing this with ropax for real money and recently we hit diamonds again, just what just occurred to me is that here too we are 100 percent finished with the department Look, what is still missing here is what was missing two million ago, which cost two million in work, a year's accomplice and now we can also grow diamonds for 59 euros and install Chopard, of course I'll do it again, we want to have a diamond buyer here so it's 956.
Fun it has to be said, the apartment is really cool because we have two diamond shops in the apartment. In addition to a photo, that brings us good money. You definitely have to say it and especially when we're there, we're done with the department and our money is gone, the only problem is the people, I think. We're done with the tycoon. I think we're done here as I always look at the list. There are no more businesses coming in. We're done. Everything is complete. Here we finish. I have bought all the businesses and installed them. the most expensive stairs everywhere even with real money so now we are making all the money we can except you can still buy it on some vehicles so of course you can buy some vehicles but they don't bring us money . money in or am I seeing it wrong jano buttons live we have played completely here the people we bring here are doing very well yes, our character is doing well, but we can still call ourselves, we can buy a ship that he likes, look what that most expensive vehicle here, it's still okay, the tank with real money does not necessarily need 500,000 715 million of the Porsche, also the ice cream is the most expensive here, so we already have the most expensive which was the helicopter offered here below.
I would say you know what I will bring our Helicopter here then we will fly somewhere where there is water and then we will drive some more boats, now we will buy another boat because then we will have everything, you can not do that here, you can do it, there is water, maybe maybe now we can. People go to our island by boat and we have already played with the resort tycoon about the island, so he shows and lands the rabbit here, so he sees beautifully over here. They are too rich, we just flew to the water here with our private helicopter, now we will buy some boat here for 750,000, no problem guys, we can also put some aluminum foil on it.
I'll go, just do it, we'll just do it, which is still expensive here, but we'll put the sheet of lava in the boat, for God's sake, your lover, the speedboat and ultimately I thought there was a lot more to buy, but We have already played here again. Friends, I'd say it was supposed to be from the


e tycoon. I hope you liked it. I have to say that we really do a lot with these blog projects. Have fun, tell me in the comments which Rorup blogging project we shouldn't do now. leave the delay and a subscription there and you're the red edges of the mountain remix

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