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Michael Fassbender: Road to Le Mans Season 3, Episode 7 The Ardennes rollercoaster II

Nov 22, 2021
spa is a pretty awesome restaurant it's ready after three hours of testing actually we used 25 minutes or so sure the preparation is not perfect but i think everyone is confident and everyone likes their ruin good morning from the


forest in belgium at spa frankenstein this circuit with so much history so many incidents over the years this is the grid and practice two have fun yeah just enjoy man you better do it we're underway with the formation lap for the four hours of spa frank shock lmp2s lmp3s and gtes are about to fight here in the woods they burn so we hit the


for the fifth time this year it's four hours of spa fracker shop the red lights go out now and the chaos has already started i'm afraid to say that the font is classic for that and now there is a traffic jam because of a double turn of yellow flags and turtles yellow flags that d1 yellow flags are d1 good four lmp2 all delayed because both nielsen cars are tied in th in one also johnny


very good very good trying to read it the start could have easily gone wrong but managed to find his way all the other teams had the silver or gold drivers so two cars passed him but that was cool you know we always knew they had to get the guys in fast and all we have to do is keep it clean and get back into rhythm.
michael fassbender road to le mans season 3 episode 7 the ardennes rollercoaster ii
The green flags wave and we're off again. of rouge but that would be brave this early in the race we've had almost 20 minutes out of a four hour affair so one question to keep the powder dry Michael watch out for t5 cars in the middle of track a lot debris so be careful high if we stop full of fuel and tires like this we are under the safety car we are under the safety car everyone everyone to the box we put the tires we were lucky with the full barcelo safety cars to get to their one and a half hour drive time


box box you stay in the car Fuel and tires Several teams are opting to make early stops.
michael fassbender road to le mans season 3 episode 7 the ardennes rollercoaster ii

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michael fassbender road to le mans season 3 episode 7 the ardennes rollercoaster ii...

This is an opportunity now to remove some fuel. Yes. The car arrives at the end of this laboratory. very good michael did a proper


the safety cars helped us close the gaps again and they look really promising it's claudio getting 6th in the class michael best he accelerates as a result so fast will bender try to rejoin everyone yes will are you holding your breath? because we already had a big accident here with a car that rejoined and we wanted to shoot luckily avoiding the green porsche 93 so that fast racer that came off the racing line got passed there was so much offline dirt there at the com where diego manchaka and duncan cameron got together sometimes huh michael pogba and the driver switched ok i really pushed as hard as i could to try to drive you know a turn and a half no mistake the spin at the end we l ost 25 seconds , but it happens and he was kind of in the dirt and it breaks, it's the wrong time, the wrong place and you can't, uh honey, I really hope this isn't going to change the bottom line for us because that you know it would really very hard for everyone again your fault it's cutting on track because you keep five before in front of you and then Cooper is between 10 seconds in the lead before catching so the number 93 car is closing magically you at that point, I think. we were in p5 or something he'd done a good job at really fighting some of the guys he's taking off fast corner he broke a wheel that in fields that was a big problem and actually could have been a lot worse following the tracks of all focus yellow would be best 20 seconds to complete the course yellow eight seven six five four three two one full course yellow complete course yellow you have refused 25 seconds the way we approached the race strategically was actually t The luckiest strategy and Best we've had in a long time, it all seemed to click for us in terms of where there was a full force yellow rider change, the fact that I had to do my full stint and a half in one go.
michael fassbender road to le mans season 3 episode 7 the ardennes rollercoaster ii
We were on the set you know we were strong for a podium three two one three three three when felipe got in the car I really hoped he would have a good stint with no traffic and not too many incidents on the track the elite now has sarah bovee's 83 car behind him from her to philippe lazar in the proton 93 meet. and she wont actually be in a european le


series race before today but they will replace manuela gosner in the 83 for this weekend hey but shes fast for a brass driver dammit Well we saw all weekend track limits d9 plus plaza is approaching sarah bovee right in the nose to tell the competition he still can't get close enough to sarah bovee to design this overtaking.
michael fassbender road to le mans season 3 episode 7 the ardennes rollercoaster ii
I thought about it at the top of the camel straight and its calm c morning and just needed another probably half a car though bobie is all set and might be sitting to some extent this time towards bruce. gotta run i think he managed to hold that position johnny well off the track there it seemed to me maybe you're white black and white like a white snake no track limits or track safe status no attraction anymore made a limit of track two track limits and we got the black and white flag so we knew one more track limit and got a drive through penalty here so that was not an option on the outside there eventually as Lazar gives the turn to the outside, so it's a very important move and at the moment it looks pretty good for a pudding position, but there's still an hour to go, so anything's possible.
Dirt and air is not much aerodynamic in the front. I was really struggling to destroy my tires. I can't do it before. one more left one more left get ready so anna was telling her one more lap philippe the next lap she will face you then ana really decided ok we will do the same again and we will give her one more lap philly but one more lap but for some the reason why that felipe didn't get that call oh he's going out so the tires were coming into the garage who managed to get the tires on time we managed to make the pit stop perfectly which was amazing because the team did a great job Felipe came out again. she comes to push the speed limiter to 60 mph at the pit stop i think this one is going to change the path of this car we stayed ahead of the ferrari iron links i felt we were in a comfortable place to finish the podium , but i mean she was like you i know really pressing 18 she likes to go right five seconds ahead of d4 she drove accurately and she was always pressing us hell is on fire she is on the bottom of aurugi on top of the radio another left to go three seconds franklin is the eleventh goal felipe was always trying to keep the gap she was getting close and then felipe bought some time again seven left to go three seconds watch the tires this could help them a lot because if we are going for the yellow course that could be exactly what they need the yellow flag is off it turns one two three and four get ready for the course yellow at fourteen fifty four at home there was something wrong with the radio for 10 seconds at full steed three what happened i thought they said the radio was down even though it was coming loose there was something wrong with my headphones so at one point it looked like we had a lot of problems at the time we don't want any problems because we were like fighting for the podium she's just a second behind now what do you think the race is overall still five and a half minutes so still five minutes and a half? race like this depending on how fast the car can be cleaned it's less than five minutes on the clock guys look at the three shutdowns how can you catch us during the run?
Now it's about halfway right, well, so it's definitely faster than the 50 mph driving approaching, so everyone's doing 50 mph, but we think the gaps would have closed, it looks like we're losing 0.4 of a second. I was shocked and by the end, she was really back and forth. We're removing the yellow full course at 14 58 15. So in 30 seconds back and two because sometimes just a few sentences 10 seconds to green 10 seconds green at a certain point I just hit green but there it wasn't a bad green you talked to he, alright, guys, easy, easy, but now hey, what do I do?
Does someone speak to you? Focus, he's getting worse and worse and worse. We had the last radio communication at that point, which is obviously a very crucial point. My God, here we go four three two. reason lazar just didn't hit the throttle as fast as rahel fry ferrari took us no problem and then flipped tried everything to make it as close to the bottom step of the podium in gte with all the corners for elite bay larsa but it will be the 83 iron dame's car from rioja fry whoever holds on to a podium in a proto-meet finishing fourth from pole position we lost b3 the last lap of the four hour race was so close to the podium for me it was a tough one and i heard I'm sorry about Mike.
I feel sorry for the team because we have deserved it for quite some time because we are all doing a very good job. Don't get too angry. No, but don't. it's always something, it's always something you know, so if we'd have done 100 this weekend it would have been p3 for sure, maybe p2 and I think it hurts because I think we deserve the podium but we never did the perfect job. weekend you

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