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MGB GT Restoration | Full Episode | S1E03 | Classic Car Rescue

Jun 08, 2021
This time at the




, Bernie and Mario go in search of the best selling sports car of the 1960s, come on, we know we have a statement, there is a crisis in the workshop, it is impossible for this to happen like this and the


He struggles to meet his deadline. I'll tell you what the fuck the pair of yes I can't do the job myself in 14 days an appraiser will reveal if they made money or lost thousands Burnie Fineman is a cockney car fanatic he is passionate about


cars the look of them the lines, the smell of the interior and the way they drive can't be compared to a modern car Marial pacion ii is a canadian car dealer with an eye for bargains hey billy i never pay anybody for anything what has been done. a name buying and selling historic cars i don't know if i want to drive it or sit and have a coffee and look at it for hours they head together into the english countryside in search of another classic to restore the old one the car they are about to see was t l more british sports car bestseller of all time the MGD had all the elegance of an aston martin at a fraction of the price its brilliantly simple engineering introduced an entire generation to the joy of fun fast two seater cars a good quality MGB can sell on average, six to ten thousand dollars muriel and bernie have a budget of up to fifteen hundred which is only a thousand pounds but since it could cost twice as much to do so they have to stick to their beta budget they have come to meet the restaurateur and MGB fan , Peter Edney, who has one for sale.
mgb gt restoration full episode s1e03 classic car rescue
Why do we have stores here? I just wanted to do something a little different. wanting to work on this is like going back in time yeah yeah what really fits the cars is pretty cool but they're really here for the MGBs enthusiast Bernie can't help it I bet it's an all b3 regulator faulty correct yes our 340b yes ok unfortunately the car you've come to see is not one of these it's this ok ok Mary took offense she doesn't want us to see his wife park to do the loot. Wow, where is the engine and transmission, Peter, why did they remove it?
mgb gt restoration full episode s1e03 classic car rescue

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mgb gt restoration full episode s1e03 classic car rescue...

Well we were in the process of dumbing down the car because we were actually going to restore it ourselves and then we decided we'd go looking for too much work on the other stuff so it was just a complete car so sorry ugly paint cool car could be ok but like it's in pieces it would be a risky buy you have it all over the place yeah i don't know if it's properly bagged and labeled and it will take hours to figure out what it is that's what's missing so the easiest way to tear everything up and bag all the work when you have is the right one when you have three mechanics and they all have different opinions yeah Bernie and Mario can't be sure all the parts are here but if they can get at a knock down price that might not matter your alpha-beta sense of a dime for one but how much 450 did you just say four yeah yeah no no I wouldn't even get out of bed for that? that money is just nothing that's how in charge we'll find out what's missing whatever we have to rearrange the alerts know if they were together I'd give it to you on the spot it's a great car I wanted to get it but we couldn't come to an agreement thanks a thousand pounds forget it no way so why buy an MGB one reason is nostalgia for almost two decades the MGB was aimed squarely at young singles who didn't want or need a boring family sedan through the era of glam rock and disco the Sales soared until fun-lovers around the world bought half a million, but can Mario and Bernie find just one they like?
mgb gt restoration full episode s1e03 classic car rescue
Bernie has another clue and he is driving to a place that for a car fanatic like him could be the ultimate high come on me some guy named ed Marco County has a problem with some cows in a barn fine will be absolutely ideal but trying to find an MGB for the right price has been very, very difficult, in fact Bernie knows he's going to see a barn


of British cars, but he's not. He didn't expect to find powerful Detroit icons like these. This car is sitting here. Look at this. This is the legend. I mean the size of the rear window.
mgb gt restoration full episode s1e03 classic car rescue
Chevy Impala. m mark Hi, I'm Bernie Marx, a farmer, but his main passion is collecting cars and he doesn't like to let them go. I still have my first car, which some people think is pretty weird. I've had an interesting car since very early. in taking them apart and putting them together and just collecting them on MySpace. I heard you're looking for a car. You look for one. A MGB. Okay, we have one of those. great but i don't want a great one i want to restore the car well we probably have one or two that are also to restore so yeah well the local van in the Bernie gang was hoping for a real shed search car but in this shed at particular might have too many options. saying alpha good mark i can't wait to go and i'm looking for this bomb i say sir i'm dead and gone to heaven yes i've never seen so many cars in one place like hundreds and hundreds of the cars are here just rotting Mark has all the Jags 70s Mercedes minis Land Rovers triumph but he has a MGB I don't mean Mark knows how many cars he's gone this way I have an LMG bgt in ink yellow I think a pretty cool color a pretty nice color come and check out this car this is the what you did you're going to try to sell me this pile of poo i'm going to catch anything that touches this guy how old is this thing? been sitting there or not a lot because it's been driven it's been driven yes it's been driven quite a bit recently I'd say about a year ok better yet maybe two maybe five or 10 no no , here below we have an 1800 MGP engine, it's a berber, it's quite sonic here, although look at this, this is real quality, it's not. if you wouldn't hold that screwdriver there steady it's a little aggressive you know he didn't own the car and I don't even have a buff rag I certainly wouldn't attack with a screwdriver it's a little rusty in here with a little bit of a bit on what I was introduced honestly it was a lot of rust our camera brand this thing is rotten no but it's original that's the important thing you can't it's original Rotten Bernie was looking for a rusty bucket.
Can this dusty corpse really be the car Bernie wants? How much do you want for this piece of? I'll tell you seam you'd have to make me a cup of tea I might be cried 3 to give me 100 quid quick come to be reasonable, any part is worth more than that to Mario, we're still done with the price. Bernie calls his partner in the garage to get a second opinion, well I'm here at the mg, the right wing is coveting crap all over the place. put big thing or wash it what is the condition is that to the secondary doors on it from the windshield pillar possibly the bulkhead both strange causes and the lower calls are rotten as a couple the car is a saloon pass anyone say less quid that's why i ' I've often wondered a pound for the car stop being stingy with a hooker cheap no kmol I'm not going to spend a hundred pounds on this car because I'm turning into a monkey you talk to him oh mario hi mario so I'm dialing the guy who owns the mg.
My partner seems to think it's a piece of junk. Why don't you tell me something about it? Yeah the youngster isn't too happy with the car but it's a genuine MG in yellow. it's all the original original engine and with the original gearbox it looks a little rusty and I guess right now but your courage sounds a bit beaten up and I know eight hundred too many and I know you won't let it go for a hundred pounds so why don't we divide it in half by five? a hundred which is fair and i'm ok with that but you've got yourself five or not i'm ok with 500 ok thanks a lot ok have a bite you're a boss hey my boss probably be my partner or do we focus that energy on restoring the car?
We'll have a fantastic car partner Well he said he's happy with £500 for him You've made a deal with him I've made a deal with him I think it's a fair deal Me I think you'd be on the positive side. He wants to get a mg that is restorable and make an interesting project. Bernie and Mario now own a mg B. I'll tell you, thanks. It looks even worse in broad daylight. It only costs them. 500 pounds or about 750 dollars, but Bernie doesn't think it's a bargain, Holy Mary, Mother of God, I've gone where now. arrived in his garage and Bernie prepared a special welcome Mario German we are gathered here today to bury an iconic MGB I think we should pray for this car ashes to ashes rust to rust what are you doing we are putting the car to rest it cannot be fixed Mario, guys you're not a part of this both Mario vehicles are gone in the lower rear panel the spring hangers are gone it's wrong in every conceivable place George you took a quick look at it what do you think?
I think we should try to save him ways may not work what do you think wayne has gone too far? Rosa is not enough but we can work with her as I think the mechanics are divided at least I have two people agree just be fast without turning well let's do this car and we're going to make money we're going to lose money no, we won't do very well 50 lbs yeah thanks that's stuck with me let's get to work. ng on it guys get rid of these stupid candles so what does it take to make a car like this look more like this to restore your MGB properly. the corroded metal and to maximize value fill the leaking sunroof with steel the less they spend the more money they will make they estimate their costs at around 2500lbs or just under $4,000 as their biggest outlay is labor they have decided to try to make it in record time a standard concours


can take months instead Burnie and Mario will make it happen in just two weeks when restoring a car getting your hands dirty goes with the territory but this MGB is covered in barnyard dirt so that no one will start working on it until it's how to wash mario's three shades of rust the light the last dark line the red rust you need a sun power check that out it looks great already I'll take you looking at the world through pink.
C tinted windows, so the exterior of this MGB may look rough, but beneath the surface is an extraordinary hidden core of strength In the early 1960s, MGP engineers drew inspiration from aircraft design, making it became one of the first cars in the world to use a single unified chassis. Like the center fuselage of an airplane, this unibody design gave the car rigid top-down strength and at its top speed of 100 miles per hour. if the core of their MGP is strong, they need to figure out what else isn't. It's two days and it's time for crunch time on any restoration that lifts the car up.
George opted for the lift what's up with the goblins here it's bye bye floor work look the weight of the MGB has crushed its own rusty panels it's absolutely a finished DS the rear axle of the car has fallen off the chassis and the entire rear. The suspension got loose and it starts a blame game we put it in the right places it's rotten man someone's been digging with inertia and 25 years I found out these cars freaked out with their dumb terrain they're both fired and could take a look at the statement that shuts off forget it this is crazy these guys are all seasoned this shouldn't happen someone messed something i think by now the car might be a total loss their mg bees just lost their rear suspension something that for it's time it was an ingenious piece of minimalist engineering in the 1960s the mgb took part in some of the toughest rally racing in the world its secret weapon was its suspension the designers of the mgb attach two bands of flexible metal under the chassis that bends when the car hits bumps in the road known as leaf spring suspension it is a technology similar to that used in horse-drawn coaches it is a construction Simple sturdy construction and the good news is it should be repairable but now tempered they have calmed down the MGBs back on the hoist they have taken a day to repair the current one and now they lift it into place align it correctly and Wayne welds new brackets to connect it to the chassis, finish, unwind seriously, it could turn sharply to the side, everything is fine. lined up perfectly, suspensions fixed, but it cost them valuable time, now only nine days to go and major work still to be done, including an unusual challenge: a new roof when the MGB was originally sold, it was fitted with a roof fabric slider these are noticeably leaking, so Bernie and Mario have decided to spend an extra six hundred dollars to replace it with new metal while the other mechanics go home.
Wayne stays late, he's worked on hundreds of break pieces. sentences but this might be the hardest but he should have gone to the NACA kid and slid in there we'll see what happens mg bees various sunroofs were big features of his sales pitch everything had to do with exports the market more lucrative of mg B were thesunny states of the USA. American advertising of the time did everything possible to make the brand stand out, including this famous advertisement where an MGB falls from a However, there was a downside to reliance on sales in the USA. When US traffic safety standards tightened.
The iconic chrome bumpers of the mg B were banned and had to be replaced with ugly rubber bumpers. Both the leaky sunroof and hideous rubber bumper have to go while Wayne works on the roof the guys have split for parts Mariel goes looking for some mechanical parts and Bernie returns to visit his MGB buddy restoring Peter Edney hopes the shop that's also a museum has some of those chrome bumpers he needs so you didn't buy your car no problem ok ok you got some in the end oh yeah we got a MGB GT but it's like a list of parts I need.
I hope you can help me with them. ow finally we are chrome bumpers mm-hmm front and rear chrome bumper brackets right hand indicator and side lights i'll take you around the back like they say i don't know you that will follow me with the tightest budget of all bahasa boy I know it's on my shoulders to put it back together with the cheapest parts I can get to make the car look half decent. You said you wanted some bumpers, didn't you? Yes, I have two here. I have a few more elsewhere. but let's start loosening up there's a rear one and a front one here that came off a car that i know oh well that's not so bad the crimes are pretty good the beauty of it is that it's original Peter's enthusiasm knows no bounds, but when it comes to talking cash he doesn't exactly handle a tough negotiation, well how about I let you take these? 30 quid for the pair 15 quid each with the bracket here with the brackets on those mirrors too yes these Bullitt that I eat these don't call it I see it helps you can you have these for a better there you have a couple of them sorry for free quit yeah good deal three push it you got it for lunch while Bernie haggles over prices Muriel went to a junkyard looking for some mechanical parts that need hi gosh you all night listen looking for some parts for a MGB I need some spotlights for the headlights what about the door handles door rattle door handles not like how about a rear soothe but one of them yeah right there you might seem to yourself at night that's right good luck , Mario is not getting anywhere fast. but Bernie is now on a roll.
He had never seen stores like this. This is like a mechanic's dream. Fantastic. I forgot to make a horrible one for the whole building. kinda charming what you want that's what i need yeah look good i'll throw it with the bumpers you got a bargain hey pete how much is my hairbrush you don't need a hairbrush i got some really good quality stuff and there's stuff if you i need i hope its saving grace a difference between not being able to make this car and now being able to make his car even if i cant find my car keys you would have to sell me a set of them its a different story for Mario this deposit junkyard has half a million parts from every car imaginable but after four hours Mario hasn't found anything he's still found nothing except a new friend while the guys try to keep the restoration going there's a crisis with the car and with the staff threatening with derailing the entire project to increase the final value of the mg Bernie and Mario have decided to fill in the old sunroof to convert it into a hardtop solid sounds simple but it's a highly skilled job it's a lot of work to get it this ceiling fixes a lot of filler work to get it right and then we have to put the holder in without the hole and then that needs to be put in correctly once the old trim has been removed and the rusty metal below has been cut away Wayne creates a piece of steel. perfectly cut to size it takes a panel beater like Wayne four years of training to do a job like this once welded on the weld marks have to be ground when you're done the joint will be invisible to the naked eye I think that roof goes to be great with a filler on it with the new roof in place it's time to break out the grinders and bring the bodywork back to bare metal once the 40 year old paint starts coming off you'll discover areas of rust that need to be filled in Bless a week to go now but this car starts to look good naked at night the boys take a breather and Mario is going to meet someone for the first time the coolest in 10 minutes like English taxis this is Lisa, yeah, it's really interesting and Bernie, you know, showing me the views about ten feet from the garage where the cafeteria is, well, I come from a very large family, I have five brothers, no sisters, and one of my is brothers worked with apartheid, that was very nice when he started talking.
Abs out of your family which I really care about because we are very very family oriented. I know you're busy at home, yeah, and the garage at home, yeah, we're pretty dizzy. There's always time for new business deals and I think something's up, it's the next day, they only have six days to make money with the MGB and it's time to tackle the famous sports car engine. lots of time and effort with this MGB and Andy is a lot of time and effort Bernie has been working on engines for 50 years usually his expert touch can bring any engine back to life but this car just won't run right the MGB is acting bad. like almost a naughty dog ​​he just needs a little more attention a little more care he hasn't had in a long time look rub him here you'll feel it you gotta be nice to him yeah just rub him a little. whining look hey baby it starts for me and what i still started i'm standing there it looks like a ripe plum tell me it's not a good motor mario it did a miracle but now the motors spinning have discovered a new problem there is water gushing out of it the water is running used to cool the engine then this probably means the cooling system has blown a leak a leak has sprung up someone has water all over it look at it so what could have gone wrong while the mg B's engine is running builds up heat without cooling the cylinders could quickly reach a staggering 2500 degrees Celsius and would weld to the pistons destroying the engine completely that is why a pump constantly circulates highly pressurized water through the engine block absorbing the heat this water is returned to the radiator where the air drawn into it through the front grill cools it again there are dozens of different points in the system where you could develop e a leak i thought we had a massive engine problem smudge the smoke coming out everywhere horrible oh lovely or nothing else ethel maybe i got my radiator blown off or i hate g asket or ether matches or whatever but look at it all the Finished the hose clamps are loose I mean look how loose this one is I should have checked this before even letting the engine run. new haircut but they won't be leaking anymore fixing the radiator takes Bernie another day out of his already busy schedule the MGBs are ready for spring but when Bernie arrives to check on the progress there is a noticeable lack of restoration underway this is not , we're ready for the damn body shop damn there's no one in the shop there the car hasn't even started steady ready for this brake job I don't know I've been in the office to keep an eye on the guys I have four eyes like you I've got two eyes there's only two places they're going to be I've got a number one in the Powerball number two in the cat they're getting lazy and they're getting complacent I'm not going to open and you're not fucking help Hey oh great fine where the hell was I Wayne lovely oh t here you are gray lovely you know what's going on there mate come on we're having lunch we mean now jesus telling me it's an hour nobody takes a damn hour Well, we know we don't have an hour, oh, you don't. i don't see myself taking a fucking help on this is our cost five in the morning yeah no the point the bleeding cars still parked there i should have been in the bloody paint booth do something i'll tell you what to take the rest of the week off i'll stop your salary .
I can't do the job by myself. I'll show you what will work well. Fine, shut up. Donnie. I'll show you how it's done. I have shown a call in 30 years if you don't do a lot of things in 30 years you can about our practice he painted around the canvas and then he painted claps what are you doing painting the damn wheel I don't know what the hell we are doing but I had to stop you go back to look for those two felons apologize hire them we don't have time to waste not an hour or a minute put the gun down i'll go go go kitty and everyone could see you spray the dog he acts and then thinks later and at the end of the day that cost us money it cost their time and we lose staff all the trouble of doing this the restoration should be worth it if they find a buyer luckily mg the bees are highly sought after owners like sue helmsley have a reputation for being passionate about their vehicles it is great fun it is loud and smells bad and you can have a song in your face a lot of people say hello to you, if you break down people always try to help sue she bought her MGB roadster six years ago and he hasn't regretted it for a moment thing you can forget you're in it but you never forget in an mg there are plenty of other like minded people in fact there are 4000 members of the mg owners club in the uk alone this it's the surry branch once a year they get together for a sports day mgb the mg bees are so stealing you can only do things with them you would never do with say a ferrari like racing in a wet field.
Keep spending money to get some snacks one day. Mario and Bernie's car could make it to events like this if it's ever restored earlier today. Bernie lost his temper and sock sprayer Craig overheard that he's at the nearby bar with the other mechanics. I know I'm right to talk to you right now. I desperately need them. Karaoke machine over there. why can't i can't please sing i won't if it ain't done with the fat bony sing if i do you definitely come back cut the dot God the team is talking again and the next day Craig is trying to undo the mess of work from Bernie spray.
He starts by sanding down Bernie's paint. They are going to pass. He's left to finish it and he's not even at prom yet. That's on Bernie. head ain't on mine Craig preps car properly sounds off parts he doesn't want painted, mixes and sprays another coat of primer before finishing with a professional paint job six hours later has a streaky coat of polish that washes off with soap and water with the MGB on the way to looking beautiful again it's easy to wonder why such an iconic car came to an end in the late 1970s a wave of industrial disputes swept through british car plants and car sales All British cars slumped The MGB had shown there was a market for a fun two-seater sports car, but having proved the point it was forced aside by cheaper and faster Japanese sports cars.
Wayne then preps the exhaust and adds the seal. He is surprised at how many people don't use it. He stops the escape and finds out that Lincoln is installed. et fit finished 24hr old photogate ignition finished as bernie installs new rocker box on engine Clinton preps iconic chrome bumpers complete with new brackets wow this looks great great paint this is better than i thought it would of course be like a professional paint job ok craig for the whole night yeah i thought i told you you were going to make money off this car these cars would be beautiful like a museum piece looks like a million bucks it's me that's it the only reason this car stopped maybe you're confused the only reason this car is going to get fixed is the guys you fired are working on the car again so don't give me that bunch of rubbish while the MGB meets, the guys argue over who should get the credit, what are they? what you're doing now i'm putting on the bumper ok it could be a little better if you got the right bumper that's the mouth of the rear bumper i'm just trying to see what it looks like yeah with me you're going to put up the bottoms enough to his g ibberish coming out of your mouth finally Mario and Burnie find out how much the rust bucket they bought is worth now I'm probably saying everything I hate to say about this one so far Mario and Bernie's restoration of a classic MGB hasn't gone without a hitch, Burnie never wanted to buy the car in the first place, we got an all day wash, Lloyd, but the issues with the suspension and with the staff.
I'll show you what will work with Bloody Bow. They have slowed progress. an hour to go until the appraiser arrives chrome trim was put on the front and rear the engine was cleanedThoroughly cleaned and tested electricals and a final polish to the body just two weeks ago this MGB was covered in dirt and ready for the scrap heap now looks astonishingly restored both inside and out. It has been 14 days of hard highly qualified work. Sun's roofs have been filled in with new steel and seamlessly welded in place all the bodies have been buffed to


metal and repainted and the interior is undergoing a complete overhaul all of this has cost them four thousand dollars in parts and labor Bernie got a great deal on the trim at 300 they paid 800 for the original car so they must fetch a value of at least 50 $100 or 3,300 pounds the man going to make that judgment is independent car appraiser Dylan Myles he appraise cars worldwide for Sports Stars and Famous Actors Your assessment of the car's value will decide whether Mario and Bernie's restoration is a success or not, gentlemen, how are you doing, Barney, nice to see you both.
There's our baby. because you're sure swift racing very well there's three shades of green dark medium and light we took the medium so this is a 76 model that's right so you would have started your life with rub fiber bumper Instead of chrome bumpers so I hate rubber bumpers and paint. it was a car when you got it it was pretty poor what was the motor night have you done much with it? drives it has electronic ignition on the new coil and we put the kind emphasis on detail so the engine hasn't been rebuilt but no no favi engines sound fantastic car new grill bernie has a new grill on the top of the inner bumper marker. the lights come on whoa look at this this side here it's great straight look no body filler its straightness is alright alright i think i've probably seen all i need to say on this this is my point of view of thanks see how it compares to yours I have to.
Thanks to your dad, huh? I realized I told you we'd make money on this car after what we've been doing with this car, believe me I'm surprised we made a profit and you lost your bet. the one who said we weren't going to make any money on this car you're the one who said you didn't like the car ok i owe you 50 quid hey i ain't gonna want white ok trust me of course , get the car come on you can be my driver a valuation of 5000 means they have made about 1700 quid or 2700 bucks not bad for a two week restoration well can you imagine this classic MGB runs pretty good , no issues this came out absolutely stunning what kind? of the University.
I do that. I want to make a v8 car. I know. Cool. I think we should. Jensen interceptor. Oh, rolls-royce. that and James don't forgive horses

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