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Mexico Vs Jamaica Resumen Y Goles 3-0 | Semifnal Copa Oro 2023

Jul 13, 2023
says complaint about the temperature of the match between Juárez and Tigres, the technical director of Tigres assured that the game could be rescheduled to be played at 10 at night, the technical director of Tyler Robert before and Boldi disagreed because they were playing against Juárez with a temperature close to 40 degrees Celsius and from their point of view the match could be rescheduled, it is very dangerous, luckily the referee granted us two periods of time to be able to hydrate ourselves, playing with 40 to 41 degrees is very complicated for both teams, the circumstances were the same for both teams. two but I think it is a risk of course it could have been rescheduled if it was for the national team's match because after the game we would have preferably played at 10 at night and in a more pleasant climate it could have been a more dynamic match and with better football stated The felines and the border team met at the Benito Juárez Olympic stadium on the second day of the Apertura


the temperatures were close to 40 degrees the match ended tied a score on the match siboldi said that they ended up sad because their goal was to achieve the three units in dispute but that his team lacked with a tendency in front of the opponent's goal
mexico vs jamaica resumen y goles 3 0 semifnal copa oro 2023

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