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Mexico vs Haiti 3-1 All GOALS HIGHLIGHTS - CONCACAF GOLD CUP - HD 2023

Jun 30, 2023
abroad on Sunday, the 2019 Gold Cup Golden Glove winner might be busier today eltri facing Haiti in group b and Haiti prevailed against Qatar in their first match was that 2019 semi-final, can we go back to the old Championship of the Concacaf in which they won it? 1973 Haiti as host, but in the modern era of the Gold Cup they have never gone beyond a semifinal. If this is the first time I am surrounded by teams coming out of the tunnel, anthems and lineups to follow, it is Mexico. and Haiti in group b of


you can hear it in the anthems a very pro-Mexican crowd here the last game when they defeated Qatar on their way so much danger in the rubble here in the VAR room they gather for the coin toss memorandum appears the captain of Mexico or this group Haiti with three points Mexico with three points we are already on our way Mexico headed centrally but Gallardo Alfred Durris in the first game adjusted and it is a free kick that comes like a whip from Chávez first post is loose in front of the post is placed there for Álvarez caught by surprise at the post still alive and headed away by Piero without further ado, he has been inspired again by his Nations League efforts after the Nations League final, football played philco another free kick on the way for Mexico Eric Sánchez knocked down Marie drops it for our post our post shot off the post if these first four minutes are ready for the right foot option is Pineda center of the area Over the crossbar a well-worked routine from the corner left Jorge Sánchez wide open high level two and up Sánchez now cutting the tuna back for Christian to the baseline another Chávez up six loose inside the area now Álvarez Sánchez looking out broken to forge FC in the Premier Canadian League over 70 appears like that long shot fighting for it and commits the foul a high boot from Jorge Sánchez I think he caught the face that Sante made a year and a half ago wait to see the winner of the Golden Boot he had 14


in his 17 games to the baseline and now a corner comes for Haiti, it will be his first corner of the night, he leaves it near the post.
mexico vs haiti 3 1 all goals highlights   concacaf gold cup   hd 2023
Mexico, as it comes, now it is Chávez who deflected it and Pierre lined it up. Sánchez Sánchez floats him towards the end line he was on the line and the assistant referee says he has to impose presence on that defensive line for Mexico Give It Away Gary a stop by Ochoa a blind pass by Luis Romo was a gift for him for the events here in Glendale a try from distance is saved by Pierre Eric without looking centrally now for Chávez he shoots again from distance over Sánchez's crossbar which is now twice from distance until the baseline cuts him back and the tuna catches him serves to the back post Pierre pushes him away from a slap from Gallardo and his last shot from Gallardo goes out for a goal kick he could have fallen he finds Romo he sneaks towards Jorge Sánchez and goes out for a Mexican corner Sánchez heads to the far post for Altoona Uriel Antuna blocks again volley from distance blocked the way through Fuego Amigo looked like Martine who blocked it a climb Pico tuna Sánchez joins him in line another end earlier towards Martine remains there for Martine saved by Pierre Ricardo ade's attempted clearance was forgettable , has done his part minute waiting word time unstoppable asgaro launches it across the box tantalizingly through the six if a run through the back door had been missed and half number two is underway Mexico pushes this back post just outside the doors Mexico is ahead is Martin Foreign his eighth goal in his 35th international match a goal that was brewing for 45 minutes in the first half for Mexico Vermilene Pineda knows that instead it is Sánchez who headed wide Jorge Sánchez expected a second in just a shot from distance Luis Chávez was running on the left side he has it in space Jesus Galliano in front it is an own goal a dynamic attack on the left side through a Jesús Gaiano in the end it bears fruit for Mexico and They are ahead by two moves up here Uriel on the tuna short tuna puts the wide offside flag if I'm late don't forget that Mexico is missing trying to help Haiti on the way back crushing it until the end to advance to those Olympic Games Jesus Gallardo puts it at the far post Araujo keeps it on goal for Pierre for two Corner turned above the six there is one behind for Haiti The ally Jean Jacques heads for his first international goal there is another here for Jean-Jacques to the frenzy of Piero Piero Uriel wins another corner on tuna towards the far post here a dangerous back pass here field is for two on tuna uriela tuna for Sati Jiménez Mexico back forward by two foreigners just the third goal of the 22nd
mexico vs haiti 3 1 all goals highlights   concacaf gold cup   hd 2023

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