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MEVKİ ÇARKI ÜÇLÜ REBUiLD // FİFA 23 KARİYER MODU // @ardenpapazyan @UKarakullukcu

Apr 04, 2024
How bad can he play? We will play our first game. I'll try to get a good turnover with the team like this. By the way, well done, Torres. The guy has gone from 82 to 85. I guess it's at least saving the forward for now. You can go comfortably like this. It's a comfortable, comfortable, comfortable zero. Yes friends, come on, son, what are you waiting for outside? Sorry, he has scored 6 goals. , that's his cousin Ömer. We see that our defenders are getting a little better now. I think we are a better team than Napoli. I think we are a team.
mevk arki l rebuild f fa 23 kar yer modu ardenpapazyan ukarakullukcu
Look, God forbid, we're superior, but still, look, guys. , 5 and now they have less than 6 opportunities. They scored a goal, God forbid, I'm angry with Napoli, they're an annoying team, man, they're in FIFA. I think all the bastard Fenerbahçe players are coming. So of course it is very difficult for us to progress here, but we will make a move, sorry, no one. Okay, no need, no, I looked at my tactics. 2-0, look, it's because I'm looking at the tactics, the coach is looking at us, they said, I'm going crazy, but the judge is down. She also took the Clean She, it's amazing, come on, it's amazing.
mevk arki l rebuild f fa 23 kar yer modu ardenpapazyan ukarakullukcu

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mevk arki l rebuild f fa 23 kar yer modu ardenpapazyan ukarakullukcu...

Come on coaches, this is what happens. when you make fun of me like that. Okay, I'm not kidding. Either leave it or I was joking in Paris. You can't make fun of that, brother. Okay, shut up, you made fun of Paris. I do not pass? Brother Uğur, didn't you make fun of it? Yes, look at Messi. Messi at 60. I will delete this game. I will delete this game. I will reload this game from the beginning. Can "It's not. Man 5 in the Napoli game. He can't score a goal with one shot. I have 500. Hey, cut, this is the game in Paris.
mevk arki l rebuild f fa 23 kar yer modu ardenpapazyan ukarakullukcu
I'll win 2-0, maybe 3-0. I'll say whatever you want. Wait now, look. What are we doing? The other team is very different. Paris Saint-Germain immediately said: 'Anyway, all of you, leave'. The tactic is constant pressure. Come on. Go ahead now. , come on Akinat. Damn you. And we're 1-0 ahead, man, it's by far the best way. Yeah, the Premier League always came to me. I was ahead of you. I was ahead of you. in something. The wheel broke into pieces. No, you're not really saying anything. You're not. It's red. Wow, that's funny, this is Duma, Duma, I'm going to be Duma, of course, but you passed the tour.
mevk arki l rebuild f fa 23 kar yer modu ardenpapazyan ukarakullukcu
Bye, brother, how Does this work? They played worse than me, we got stuck, they passed. There is no such thing. I won't be able to make it to the end of the season anyway. They're going to fire me anyway. It's obvious, brothers. Let me tell you something. Oha Look at Barcelona, ​​I thought it was 2-1? I thought he won. Friends, I now advise my brothers not to do it. being mad. If you want to watch the Champions League, you can see my screen. Of course. Come on, our team is ready. Now we are playing in Paris.
Let's see what our Paris is like. Neymar, this band from Paris in the game, friends. So there is a situation, it comes with something like 4-3, 1-2 against everyone, but it is a problem, I mean, we saw that it gave Onur problems, we can't give it to Nobody else, no, he did, luckily he did it from the inside right, he did it very well, he won quite clearly, so let's see, I have plays, but in this game, of course, here it is. Brother, I shouldn't have done this, I should have done that, right? It's exactly like that with your special mother.
Didn't she regret this move? You regretted this move, but today I broke my regret. This is very good, even look, there is also this. Oh, there's also this, oh, there's also this, bro, there's also this, we were going to get the final bonus. That's why Revit may slip away today. Oh, my brother "I love the ball that you and I will play with. We are at the end of the season. We are very sorry. There is nothing we can do. Sometimes things are like that. Things would have changed, huh, it was to 150 points. Damn, if only we had come second with one point.
I'm going crazy. Wait a minute. You've always won your last few matches here. City game bro, we tied the set 1-1. Where's the Place here? You are the champion after a draw. Damn, they won the championship with 1 point. Anyway, Emre, let's see, and in their own house. So, Emre, we are not on a breakaway. Look back Here, Figana is athletic. What did he say about me? Birkan is athletic. We had the semi-finals on the Karabakh field. We were already eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. By the way, if you haven't written Scoring my points and background in the Premier League, let me tell you: 75-36.
Yes, with 1 point. If I were champion, I could drink at all events, everything could change. By the way, everything would change. . We were going to buy Sterling, but we didn't. Sterling scored 27. You scored 27 mbappé, you scored very few, you scored 19 very little. We also don't have an assist king, it's not always good with him. Goals. Ober, thank God, I'm looking at a champion again, it was very bad, very bad, I couldn't do Champions League Assassin, suddenly there was no one left free, or you couldn't do 3 Assassins. 2 Assists. "Who is this Fernandes? We don't have the top scorer either.
Of course, because the opportunity was there, even though he scored the last 6 goals. Brother, he is very bad, very bad, very bad, very bad. The center is very bad. Whatever you do, you will not build a good team in this game. You will not build a good team in this game. Balanced contribution. Contributed to 33 goals. Contributed to 30 goals. embabbe Contributed to 37 goals. Contributed. to 37 goals Contributed. to the fewest goals Mbappé has ever scored. My friends, at least I don't agree, he is trying to play it, while my friends present it, I will move forward in a season where I will say record the game.
And see what happens , observe carefully, so what's up with this? It's nothing, but I'm going to progress more, you know what? Yes, brother Uğur, I finished the season with another team, I finished with a good Southam sound. "I have wins and losses "I don't know, I beat Chelsea in the middle, we're 5, we're 5, 2, there's nothing to do, I don't have a centre-back", I don't have a centre-forward, I mean, this is it. He slaps the man. There's nothing to do. Iron deficiency. You made it to the semi-final here. Is there a semi-final? There is none. . All. Yes, it may actually be related.
It seems I agree with Oxford. The final result is 25. 25 points. God bless you. As you know, we lost Benfica. Benfica married Liverpool. It's good. . I'm getting out of this. Yes, let's see. Is there something, idiot, 24 or something, 24, 23, is there something of mine? 19, 18, Torres scored 19, Neymar scored 18, we are not in the kingdom of assists, 3-4 are ours, but there is nothing, we are not in the table here. So this is an even scarier lie. Champions, let's see again in the game that did not concede a goal. 2 assists. They are already impossible. He has already scored six. It's ridiculous, I think there won't even be efficiency here, but it's normal, I have nothing, I don't have a man, I don't have a Forward, can there be a team without a forward?
Oh wait, we can't look at that, there are 3, 27 will definitely pass, 20 are here, 20 are 37. He did 9 in Karabakh, 28, 37, 37., he is still in the Champions League, so he has a shirt, I hope . Come on, there are very few of you, why shouldn't the champion get out of here, 37, he made 43, 43 in 6, that is, Neymar is good, but his environment is bad, I condemn him well. Brother Onur, there is a 50 point difference between us and him. Son, I think like this: If you can't go wrong with that man because he is inferior to me. , that is, if you are bad, you leave and if he gets that point, can I pass you?
I don't know your league. He now he turns to me. Onur brother, because he did not hold me back. I condemn it. , Why did he keep me? He was joking. Yes, you are writing, right? He came in second place. Fuck, fuck, look at me, 79, 78. Thank you, thank you. Have a good day. Good night all. Good night. It doesn't matter. What happened? Emre will also receive the RSF cup. Thank you. We can't get the cup. We are not here at all. Champions League. We were eliminated in the semifinals, due to penalties, we almost reached the final. Paris Saint Germain won immediately.
By the way, you see the team, the ratings are mazraoyu, over time it became an 82-point defender. Yes Yes. Now it's like this, dear office, yes, brother, what is Díaz doing? Ronaldo is white, idiot, you have something. Couldn't he? Normally, he scored 18 goals, idiot, he scored 13 goals. Foden arrived first. the kingdom of assists. We missed it with a nice goal. Now we have to get the thing out here, we have to pass 44-43. I hope you can pass the 403, come on coach, you are the champion, look, the cobra is here too, mine did it today.
We are not productive in the Champions League, brother, you have to go from 43, is it really 30 or 29 here? The goals are very dispersed. That's why they are very dispersed. Those guys should devour. Arda's goals are incredible. He is telling the truth. Now there is a fight for first place. The power of second place has warmed up. There are problems at the moment. Let's get there. Yes, friends, We have gone and done our calculations. First of all, there is one thing very clear. Arden became the champion today. 496 points. Arden earned 200 points from the semi-final and the Champions League.
He got 100 points because he came second. "He already has serious advantages from here. Efe has the door. He has 50 points. He is the only one among us who won the cup. The difference he has made now is up to 496 points. We congratulate him. What do you think?" . What do you feel? I'm very happy. It bothered me that I didn't have advocates before, but I always see it in the comments. You know, build a young and balanced team. It really works. Let's see what happens in the next revisits. It's very close here. Since the maximum efficiency score between Onur and me was 25 points, I was only able to reduce the difference between Onur and me to 28.
Here I also congratulate Onur. He came second and received 328 points. Onur because our Champions League situation is the same. He came third. Onur placed fifth and there is a 40-point lead from there. There is actually a significant difference in points and average, it is not a small difference and goalie Kobel became the Goalkeeper King. Onur was the only one among us who won the Kingdom among the three of us. He may have lacked efficiency, but the other teams easily made up for it. Onur also congratulated Onur. He finished today with one point. Frankly, I didn't get any points today.
Frankly, I had a misfortune on the wheel. Also, the barber didn't come. I thought he wouldn't come. I thought he wouldn't come. First, I got a center. -back. I had to think about getting men like that. rbc5 lbcb. There was a right back that I really liked, Diabi, I still couldn't play him. Well, in the developing part, if it were not for "There I would have taken the inkapya of Leverkusen. The point difference between us and my brother is less than 20. In addition, we are at the same point as our brother Onur. It was the same two weeks ago.
Now we are at 38 points. Both of us have 38 points. Brother Uğur has 56 points. But in this game, subscribe now, it will always happen. We will kiss you

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