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Metallica vs Megadeth

Jun 07, 2021
ah, are we really doing this? This is shredding, and today we're tackling the most controversial question in all of music: Metallica or Megadeath, the best metal band out there. To find the answer, we will investigate the compositional elements behind each of the band's most important songs. popular songs, who has the best thrash tune, whose songwriting is most advanced, who sold the most albums, and of course, the Watt Band has the best guitarist. I have recorded all the music in this video, including compositional analysis, key signatures and harmonic structures, what's up? Go to patreon and sign your name on my dotted line in exchange you will receive my evil songwriting knowledge.
metallica vs megadeth
It's time to become more than just a guitarist. First, we'll do it and look at the softer side of each band. Here's a totally wail by Megadeth now a delay mode is in the key of F sharp minor which contains three sharps now dave mustaine cleverly uses a high pedal tone to tie all these chords together but what if it was a toot lemon now it works Metallica's sanatorium? There is also a softer side here we have the key of E minor which contains a sharp, definitely the most popular guitar key, an E pedal tone connects the chords, now the chord that comes at the end is cool because now re involving the Dorian e mode, this is known as modal exchange, keeping the same root e but changing the mode Next, let's compare the most popular song by each band.
metallica vs megadeth

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metallica vs megadeth...

Tornado of Souls is arguably Megadeth's most popular song among fans, Marty Friedman's signature lead on this track really set the standard for thrash metal solos. Metallica's Kerry Master of Puppets is considered one of their most iconic songs. All downswings were technical. Its ceiling is highly chromatic. It uses a lot of passing chromatic tones or tones between notes and the key is now A. The thrash metal genre was largely pioneered by Megadeth and Metallica, so let's take a look at the best thrash riff from each band that delivers the most santa-like holy wars. This riff is amazing.
metallica vs megadeth
Dave Mustaine employs that flat five or blue notes and here again, like in a limousine and he's using the flat for the court or in this case F or in this case F, of course, F stands for I guess if you wanted to be really fancy you could call the sub tritone, that's what they call jazz. Shout out to the ad. Neely Damage Inc is a serine. Metallica thrash track that clocks in at 185 beats per minute. Unique power chord variations here. The syncopated elements in this riff really add a lot. Thanks to Uncle Ben Ella for clearing us up on this riff.
metallica vs megadeth
I probably still played it wrong, but next step. a look at some of the most powerful compositional content each band has to offer. Megadeth's Hangar 18 is the first. Now here, actually, in a different key, we have the key of D minor, of course, using a D pedal tone. We have a spy theme. cliche line or you could say it sounds like the progression of James Bond, there is a lot of repetition and development. Dave Mustaine will lay out an idea or chord progression and then vary it in another way and that's really the essence of songwriting, the real question here. is when Dave Mustaine and Bob Lazar will start a podcast about aliens called holy wars, do it Dave now For Whom the Bell Tolls by Metallica is a great example of strong songwriting Burton's iconic baseline uses a bright tone at the end of the riff he employs modal swap changing the field from E minor to E Dorian, that's a cool base plane, now let's take a look at each band's best known commercial track with a very clever descending chromatic line emphasizing the blue note and the rhythm is a bit out of place, which makes It's more interesting now, this is a very well-known song, Dave, but is it really you?
Metallica's Black Album contains the song Enter Sandman, possibly the most over-the-top tune in all of metal. The blue note or B flat is a big star of the sample here, this riff has a lot of power now, if you're looking to up your songwriting game, there are two main ideas that run through each of these riffs, one is that the pedal tones constantly They bring things back to the root and second notes. is chromaticism chromaticism means playing notes outside of key and that's what keeps things interesting. Now let's talk about the lead guitar position despite the wall of criticism.
Kirk Hammett understands that he is actually a very capable and very musical guitarist. However, Marty Friedman did an outstanding job with Megadeth. Also, he really developed a unique sound, but IMHO, I think Kiko Loureiro is the best of them. His technique is absolutely bulletproof and his compositional sense is brilliant. Now for me the best live band, Metallica has more energy, they move better on stage. Obviously, Dave Mustaine is playing extremely complex parts while he sings at the same time, which makes it difficult to move, but that could also be because he has a high collar, now the sales of each band there is no competition here.
Metallica blows Megadeth out of the water. got 38 million albums sold for Megadeth and 125 for Metallica, in fact, since 1981, Metallica has grossed almost a billion and a half dollars, billions and billions and billions and another bassist position. I love David Ellefson and his tone and his approach to songwriting, but in my opinion, Robert Trujillo stands out a little more with his fingerpicking style and has an exceptional presence in live performances. Now of course evaluating the value of music is largely a subjective endeavor, it's really difficult to quantify the emotional value listeners received from listening to their favorite bands now questions of technique can be measured more objectively how quickly or accurately a certain passage can be played.
My personal preference between these two bands would be Megadeth. I think Megadeth's songwriting structures are more adventurous and interesting to my ears and I also think Dave Mustaine --zz vocal timbre or tone quality is extremely unique, the way he puts words and melodies together, that's just my opinion, although let me know who you think wins this epic battle of the bands in the comments below as a reminder that you can grab the full tabs on my patreon page with composition analysis included until next time mash until you're dead Satan help me Almost I Forget to Crush Until You're Dead Lemon Shot to Death We Crush Instant 666 Percent Increase in Testosterone What Would Do You Master Your Puppet

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