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Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills - Azzyland and Gloom

Jun 01, 2021
today is riddle day is riddle day and i can't wait for the drama mr. Bould is a billionaire he goes on vacation tomorrow Cassie but she doesn't know where to go she needs a break how do you want a vacation do you know where to go with that help could you? it's how busy he is it's like I don't know where he's going to imitate this point, give him the money. Oh imagine being so rich you could be like oh go throw a dart at the map and see the thing is he's been lucky almost everywhere from the Sahara to the north oh and now. looks like he ran out of options what a problem he calls his friend for advice and gets a really weird suggestion ok why don't you go to Duyvil?
messed up mystery riddles to test logic skills   azzyland and gloom
It's a small town in the middle of nowhere and you're not going to die or anything would be fine y-yes Duyvil I wonder if his friends in mr. the bonuses will be ok well i mean some people pronounce it DF Ville ok its where the common people live among zombies vampires and other creatures mr. ball doesn't believe in any of it he's like man-purse that's because he hasn't seen me that's because you haven't been there hmm but he decides to go there anyway just for fun because he's so rich and brave I'm so rich, just I'm gonna go where the zombies are yeah I just want the adrenaline you know the GPS's down and there's no cell reception so you can't call for help Oh welcome you gotta realize his friend was speaking the truth oh my gosh you feel a chill burning up your spine oh don't panic mr. haha go find a place to stay overnight shanee owners this is a long term oh yeah i like there are no hotels in duyvil i mean obviously not who is going to run it like ahhm be so mr. bold has to rent a place from a local oh no zombie just airbnb find four options all the owners live alone and are ready to share their house with them i mean they look normal who do you want to share with cassie its better to live with a human than a hungry zombie right yeah okay so we're going to have to choose wisely Cassie we've got Vanessa over here she's got a lot of ketchup stains on her carpet mmm messy yeah we've got Stan here and he's oh he he's so messy so messy nilly queen yeah he looks cool too look at that man bow tie and all yeah he's a man who can take care of himself we got Gloria everything looks good until you look at her bro , why are there forums and skins or something? like a scary husband like a werewolf husband oh ok so what place is safe to live?
messed up mystery riddles to test logic skills   azzyland and gloom

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messed up mystery riddles to test logic skills azzyland and gloom...

B just looks like a messy messy guy but I didn't see anything crazy back there that's what I mean do we like judging this guy just because he's dirty? We are trying to survive. I feel like this is a trick question. what i feel - i'm going with me she doesn't have a watch i don't know why that means something but mmm that's creepy so you know she has a creepy red liquid i don't know i don't even think about oh no oh he's a zombie of him for what did we go with her instinct i went with him why does she need two bathrooms i tell you he is a werewolf boyfriend werewolf in her house did you call that werewolf raccoon or is she herself a werewolf she is broken i need the big bathroom for when she transplant the werewolves need a bathroom better not rent a room in his house let's go with stan our messy friend over here but our friends sure won the game of reverse psychology what i know i love is Mr.
messed up mystery riddles to test logic skills   azzyland and gloom
Bould suite is a whole floor with a kitchen here there is a bathroom and two bedrooms it's not bad it's not bad the problem is that there are ghosts in this no mr. Bolt just has a lot of problems, this is not relaxing at all, so who is he going to call? Do they have to wear those outfits? It's a bit silly. I mean, they're hunting ghosts. Ghosts cannot know your identity. to find all the ghosts and catch 'em where is the ghost are there ghosts in the pots or am i tripping can't be any steam okay there's a girl i'll find another ghost oh that's a shower curtain okay it's so scared you like boob a shower curtain I was scared there's a ghost here okay and I'm like you're an apple you an apple you're not even a full apple or your two nostrils who knows you can't me cheat because i see his hand this guy isn't very discreet i wouldn't want to sleep in that bed oh he's playing hide and seek i didn't know ghosts like to play i would if i were a ghost we're done with ghosts now mr. the bull is hungry he asks for a piece and sits on a sofa it better not be some kind of magic pizza 30 minutes later he hears the doorbell i'm mr. swimming pool that was an exciting life he is a billionaire remember Stan's words this house is well equipped to protect you from all kinds of creatures the important thing is to find out who or what is going to attack you have a safe trip Devin living life he is in no rush to open the door who is it is the pizza delivery man yeah can i come in which preacher is behind the door is actually the pizza delivery man or is that how we are supposed to know?
messed up mystery riddles to test logic skills   azzyland and gloom
I guess what time it was it was day or night I don't remember I can't honestly I have no idea let's reflect on why it's true I thought it was weird but there are no people he's a hungry vampire oh wow a mr. bowl that looks vicious bad press can't get into a hospital permission can't what i didn't know i didn't know either we learned things about survival here mm-hmm mr. bowl take the garlotte and open the door victoria how does michael feel everything is fine sir more confident than ever this is his first investigation he seemed a little nervous yes sir well then he's still young and new i hope he's determined because this job is hard you don't have idea of ​​what will happen don't worry i did my training and


s just remember that everything that happens in real life is much more dangerous than all those


s listen to this case a rich woman came to our police station someone has stolen some of her very expensive earrings you are not the thief and you just rip them off she says she couldn't see the criminal but she was sure he was long gone she also added that the earrings were insured after examining them the lady i realized she was lying how did she prove it she said they ripped it off like it wasn't my holes and earlobes that's really true yeah it has to be if she has her ear. net at all oh i see upon closer examination so you see here Cassie her earlobes were fine there's no way someone was going to remove them without damaging her eardrums why do you think she did it for insurance what insurance ?
I'm surprised she's a nasty nasty lady My partner Jean was walking near a kindergarten and parents were picking up their children so there were a lot of people oh it's a mess all of a sudden in the crowd he saw a girl girl crying at the beginning. Jean thought the boy was just whining. but when he looked and he realized that the woman had kidnapped the child i mean the woman is crying too he is so bad oh he is sweating oh he is sweating he is sweating and he is wearing a wig that is either he dyed his sideburns. took how did she know? oh i think we call him with a wig people can wear wigs and not be him first true thats a big assumption yeah but thats sweat oh i gotta get out of here quick like a crowded ar.
Hey, but wait, there's something creepy around here, do you see them behind the kindergarten school? Oh that's the real mom, she's wearing a matching shirt. Oh, identity, she did a good job. Pam has been asking him the same question all day and Pam is giving a different answer every time it's not Shady Mike has been so happy about it hmm what's the question why would you be happy oh maybe the questions like how much money did we make him and every day every time it's a different response our stocks now huh you know that's why she's happy because it means they're getting better yeah it's an upward trajectory she's responding exactly oh okay what a time It's this, it's 1:00 pm. so every time Pam gives the correct time and he's excited he's closer to my day off yeah like I can just look at him it's probably cheaper than hiring a clerk just to tell you the time that's right he he's helping the community though right here I have Andy who woke up to find himself in the hospital oh he's not doing very well yeah what happened Andy the one is going to be fine what happened to me You had an accident and you broke your head, no, yes, you've been in a coma for more. a month old Andy someone fed my fish we didn't feed your fish Andy oh you called my family my parents my wife we ​​ate them for dinner oh gosh I'm so sorry your family didn't survive the accident either please tell me I'm kidding oh gosh oh I think I remember this is a big mess well I want to go home I want to see for myself I don't trust you everything is fine don't worry the worst news I've ever heard I'll let you out when you get your mental abilities back it's ok Andy you're fighting, right?
Come on let's do a little quiz try to guess this riddle ok this is not this is not the time for


it just messes up because I can't even do


when I haven't been in a coma. look at me but i can see you to be more specific i see through what i am a ghost boo maybe a ghost er like glasses or something like a contact lens but it can can see you know what we can't see it can see us and it's eat a xray oh maybe these are all great answers ok are they the right answer?
X-ray, Cassie, you're a genius, yeah, guess who gets to go home. All the schools that make sense. All schools. The end. All schools. before all the schools out there are over Alright see you tomorrow it's full of dramas adventures and riddles yes you can solve these school bills you'd make a good principal ok I accept the challenge jack was poisoned on the first day of school , oh no, he's wearing his new outfit and everything, the school security guard found three suspects because he's a genius, we have Jack's friend, the principal and the chemistry teacher, they let us play in the gym all the time day, okay, yes, I'm his friend, what do you expect?
I never would. Are you sure you wouldn't have a moment? I didn't see Jack today. He was playing basketball. Hi, I'm the director and he was in my studio. Oh yeah. kids, they all give me the same thing, they all worry me because I don't like any of them, it's the first day of school, Jackson, let someone special know, I already have strong opinions, sorry, principal, well, we'll talk to the teacher of chemistry. class had a midterm today jack was absent from class thursday yeah the first day of school for a normal semester well i mean i don't think a midterm happens on the first day of school and also the chemistry teacher has the stuff, she has all the chemicals she makes, she has the equipment and the midterm on the first day.
A girl who dumped you I'm sure it was her Me to the principal I seem a bit of an idiot but I don't think it was I think it was the chemistry teacher Midterms are never the first day of school horrible I just knew why it would bother me so much If someone tried to do that to me. It was the middle of the school year. The teacher was warned about a surprise check. dude she's the same girl oh she definitely got out of it what she's teaching in a different class no day if the consultant came to mrs.
David's class and he asked the students some questions. They tweeted surprise. All the students raised their hands because the teacher probably had to inform them that they were ready to answer any question or too smart on each question, Ms. David chose different students, oh, and each time the answer was correct, it seems very rude. I'm not buying this for a second. Davis's trick got everyone to raise their hands, but he only picked the students he knew knew the answer, which is like Shelly knows a lot about history, so Shelly, even though they all raised their hands like they were like kids, just raise your hand.
I'm not going to cold call you yeah that works, where is it too obvious, better not be the lady. Davis is not very smart ma'am. Davis had a plan for the pop check he's about to prove me wrong Cassie is mine oh no not every kid should raise their hand this sounds like what you said bingo if they knew the answer they should smile oh then ma'am. Davis only picked smiling students that's smart go girl i like carl was a millionaire mr. The woman's personal chef was paid a large sum of money by someone to poison mr. woman and she took it what about biting the hand that she feeds you? yes Carl made a different dish for each family member which is so fishy everyone has different tastes okay okay maybe it won't show I like that the president would like to have sundaes it's his taste for dinner like he just wants a giant cloud of fluff for dinner plz can you save it if you find out what dish is his ok here are some hints ok qasim gun listen carefully his wife ellis is allergic to fish ok so she isn't even sushi mr.
Wolman his first healthy meal he's not eating puffs and his daughter Emily is always on a diet ok his son Peter is a vegetarian I live in a big family so he doesn't eat on Sundaysyes, no, but she could eat all the rest of the three she is. allergic to fish so she's not eating the sushi yeah so he might be eating the sushi yeah she's on a diet so she's not having the ice cream but she can eat anything else and he's a vegetarian so he has to eat the salads, yeah, so he's eating the ribeye, are you sure?
Yeah the vegetarian has to eat the salad or Sunday oh yeah ok so the daughter has to eat the sushi because she is on a diet and the mother will eat Sunday healthy like she thinks it's healthy but some people don't. that's true i mean the salad that's not bad yes it's ok i think she's eating the sushi or the roux only yes you're right you were right it's my intuition you were so right three friends from college meet up after summer break hey everyone wanted to show off what they had done guys i have huge forearms me and my boyfriend were in elbrus have you ever heard of that? it was so cold there mm we couldn't climb to the top though maybe next time why not me and my parents went to my grandma's ranch they sent him to the ranch go to the shooting range learned to ride a horse oh that's exciting I'm Hank look at these forearms i was in africa and i will never forget my last night there a volcano erupted there is ash everywhere it didn't ruin my vacation because i had to fly home that day i caught it anyway they didn't believe him because i don't know if the volcano it exploded there would be so much ash i mean i feel like you could still take off on the ash but like that the image is horrible of course the image is very clear but there are also volcanoes in africa they are there i don't know that's a good question i don't think so but it could be wrong i don't know everything all flights get canceled when there's a volcano anything can happen rupture help enoch yes yes it makes sense ok that makes sense i wouldn't want to fly in that hot air oliver worked like ha far from Disneyland looks just like him and one day he was found unconscious in the dressing room of Jafar's desk a detective soon arrived to investigate and found three suspects I'm Mia I I've been playing Ariel all day at the other end of the park.
Look, I look like her. She is fine. a few steps, but I didn't see anyone, it wasn't me, are you sure, Jacob? I'm sticky I just finished my shift, Cinderella, and I have to change, so she gets out of the way. and solve the crime interesting what's the clue i don't know honestly i have no idea i don't know i don't know oh i thought that was just part of the thing oh that's hair i was also like it's a great detailed staff Chloe's the hair is more short, you attacked Oliver in his aerial costume Wow, she heard Jacob coming and ran away from a ruthless group of our staff she got caught in his hair what did you do to someone?
Nothing, I mean, except Princess Jasmine. Oh, that's right, he wasn't very nice to her. fun building puzzles with you kathy oh my pleasure baby for me let's do more puzzles together on your channel okay come on guys stay cool stay sweet i don't forgive you me bye bye

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