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Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills - Azzyland and Gloom

Messed up MYSTERY RIDDLES to Test Logic Skills - Azzyland and Gloom
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oh I am kara was a huge fan of me too she was tired of just watching them on TV though oh she wants to be the masked singer so she applied for who wants to be a billionaire oh that's a hard one thank you the producers really liked her profile and she got approved she was so surprised I can't wait that Smile so Jen kara got the chance that would one he has a big prize pool she answered 14 questions correctly and had no lifelines left oh I would walk Carol
messed up mystery riddles to test logic skills   azzyland and gloom
you're one step away from a life-changing prize are you ready for the last question I so confident all right let's do it for 1 billion dollars a bird is standing inside a box that is resting on a scale if the bird flies around in the box what will happen PETA will be really mad a the scale will read the same be the scale will read more than when the bird is resting or see the scale will read less than when the bird is resting I actually have no idea it depends how big the boxes if the
bird can lift up the box if it flies I don't think so it depends if the bird is like tied to the scale then I feel like the scale will read less like think about when you're on a scale if you start moving around it kind of like goes up and down doesn't it it fluctuates but is it like flux reborn that have your life I think maybe the life oh no this is for a billion dollars as I know this is for a big B we're going for less okay we're going for C I'd like to call the
comments for a lifeline yes hey girl when the bird flies it pushes down on the air which pushes down on the scale I mean this is only in the boxes airtight that means you're correct we were losers big losers it was a hot summer's day at the beach at least with the beach bunch of losers at the beach in a sense hot Simon and Tom we're playing volleyball whoa yeah buddy but suddenly Simon tripped over something Oh Dornan it was a glass bottle with a button inside oh it's gonna be a
nose all tied to the card Tom look I found a very strange bottle can you get a hold of this tom came to him and looked at the bottle I'll bet you can't deal I can do that easy peasy buddy how is it possible I mean he could break the bottle he didn't say anything about breaking the bottle heal me just said open true he could hold the bottle up to the Sun and start a you know oh look a little fire fire yeah a little fire okay that's what I do but you can't do that because
it's not an oxygen in the bottle to start a fire fire oxygen Oh as you're way too smart get out of here unless that bottle isn't airtight let's just see what the answers I don't know all right all right oh I think it is your answer Simon took a magnifier that was laying on the sand he put it between the Sun and the thread I still stand by what I said I don't know could work maybe I need to try this for myself to believe it Alison was at the mall with her mother no mommy
needs to go shopping they passed their cartoon dogs and I still think that cute the girl noticed a cute rabbit in a display case she stopped and shouted yes no way rabbits like crazy or have it read every two months it's only one Gravatt how is it gonna breathe they have about five babies each time imagine how many rabbits we have in a year whoa that's an insane math question though is it just five times six because that's a pretty easy question I think this is a trick question
messed up mystery riddles to test logic skills   azzyland and gloom
because we're only getting one bunny there's still gonna be one yeah there's only one bunny trick question yeah but one yeah it's your question otherwise I would have said 30 brain too big you can't trick me seven second riddle static Zoomer oh yeah rabbit to get the little bunnies they need to buy two bunnies a mommy and a daddy bunny nailed it Aaron was lonely rich and very old I'm so old and lonely and so rich she didn't have a family only her best friend Aaron one
day Aaron told Linda about her womb she was giving her fortune to one of Aaron's distant relatives money no I hate people would just come out of nowhere for money Linda wanted the animal shelter to get Aaron's and funny cuz that's what she wanted yeah do the right thing when does a good good friend so she hired a detective to investigate the case he examined Aaron's will and saw that some of the papers oh the numbers are different ones like Roman numerals and other ones are just
regular members yup true the numbering is different it's a fake will it's that cousin trying to squeeze in yeah that was way too easy we do smarter Gloria's parents punished her for bad behavior bad girl what'd she have got really cute hair look at her they locked her in her room and said not to the loud oh poor Gloria soon Gloria's mom came to check on her she looks angry look at the way she's crossing her arms she liked Laurie yeah but the room was empty Oh Laurie I
snuck out and she found note on the windowsill she knew that Gloria and her best friend use a secret code for their messages so it's obviously let's meet bone store at let's meet at store at five yeah got them they really need a better language yeah has Gloria gone let's meet at store at five but like what's store hopefully they know one very rainy Sunday in a small town events knock down the police found three owners of such cars in the town how could you be so cruel
there's Mike I was in the park all day paintin it's my hobby wasn't me after you hit don't look at the painting all right it's just painting Tina I'm a shopping Jess real warm it was a crappy day outside we expect well I mean you were shopping you had to have driven there right I think it was Mike so I think Mike painted her that doesn't look like her right yeah it really does how could he paint when it was raining we were right on the wrong reason oh what a terrible
crime homes someone hurts Santa on Christmas that's what you get for sneaking in my house Santa it happened they even decorate it for Christmas what and a tree to Detective Grinch arrived at the spot immediately and questioned the family members I was in the Sun with my boyfriend he's so cute I don't even care about Santa he's the only man those cookies look nasty no I'm you know I was watching the news on TV I'm mature we were already sleeping to wake up early we're
messed up mystery riddles to test logic skills   azzyland and gloom
twins we talk at the same time who hurts Santa I think Julie it must have been Julie I think she does cookies well I think that she said she was baking cookies when it happened and there's already cookies there she like get her out of here yeah why would she do that I mean we don't know for sure it was her oh yeah we know Julie you naughty girl did she bring them after she saw Santa to bring him back to life like I use your cookies Derrick found a twelve-year-old girl on the street she
seemed to run away from home and I'm not going back three people came claiming that she was their daughter oh she looks mad I don't know any of you get out of my face there decided to let them talk to the girl what they're strangers mr. officer that's literally the creepiest thing I've ever seen get out of here cut the drama and go home you're grounded or I'll take away your pocket money for a month Missy my money on that lady officer I feel like that's not my mom
would act like she'd be like I'm gonna smack you nobody else would be like we'll show her you would do come with me like the actual mom would be like yelling at you would go for a kidding when their child has lost so true Touche priorities he's luring her with money yeah you creepy just like you said I hate him I hate him too she's the real parents your parents mad at you footages they're not trying to impress you at that point no AirPort John has to figure out who's
the kids parents are quickly we got Mary over here she looks decent Richard he looks like a hipster and Anna who already has enough trouble in her hand that kid and then we got Christian maybe just God really preoccupied by meeting this cute girl and forgot about his daughter Oh Christian uh you dog I don't think it's the guy with the coffee in his hands no me neither his hands were way too full to handle a kid yeah the girl on the left like she's reading this if you've got time
for books when you have kids in my rights I think it's the girl in the red dress really top rights got like a book she's chilling like everybody's chilling I think it's the dude with the girl I think you just really got distracted yeah well I also seem a teddy bear oh you're right dang it does a bad parent match he's just awful Jessica was having a trip across the desert ooh my dream but got lost in the evening all by herself is she okay something like a sandstorm hit
Jessica's not having a good day okay just like I had to find a place to hide she came up with three ideas run away from the sand serve honey you can't outrun the wind trust me yeah I don't think so hide behind a big rock that could work that's not bad I'm diggin it or high in the dried riverbed hmm I feel like the dried riverbed you just got covered by sand that would be terrifying to be like just get buried in sand I would do be I think I mean they're gonna do me too
okay we're in this together Cass yeah we're gonna survive this one the wind speed during a sandstorm is about a hundred fifty kilometers per hour much faster than you could ever run oh that sounds really fast yeah that's terrifying the river man is low the sandstorm can easily reach her there you'd like to get covered in there looks like we did a good job cast the rock will cover her up come legally we win a sailor won't on a desert island Oh could my life get any worse wait
only me never mind I'll stay here oh oh you know they don't like him Thanks the kind of no but I like you we don't like yes I have one last wish listen please when he voiced his wish the woman built him a boat gave him food and set him free what did the sailors say I'll know but all the right words that's for sure I don't know but this is something that I feel like my boyfriend should learn how to say yeah I'll build you a boat I'll give you food like he said all
the right things What did he say I have no idea honestly you look gorgeous today let's try think of it I'll bring you back more men to kill Oh maybe I don't know as he you know I literally have no idea and I'm very curious alright alright let's figure it out I want Oh we as women okay that's a little offensive we're all tens get out of here we'll build you a boat I King decided to find a husband for his daughter pick someone good please wear Fred he arranged a
tournament after which only two nights remain so babe the final challenge was to ride to the lake and finish riding at a snail's pace for a week they finally gave all those poor horses it's a long ride suddenly the princess said something to them the Knights jumped on their horses and rush that's what I wanna know it's backwards day oh good one switch horses Oh smart yeah videos was so much fun let's do some more in your channel alright let's go let's go anyways guys
I hope you enjoyed this video I love you all so much stay awesome stay sweet and don't forget be nice other bye bye