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Men's College World Series Finals, Game 1: LSU Tigers vs. Florida Gators | Full Game Highlights

Jun 25, 2023
23 years old, Cruz is not going to swing and it is in the middle that it is a strikeout for Brad and Sprout with Cruz you put it right here, you are not going to make this perfect shape the way you want to start the


, nothing, Tigres peloso . delivers the first run of the


Ash in the back just a beautiful hit from the veteran beloso and the Tigers take a couple of free passes on a 92 degree day in Omaha Joe bear with a little one gets up in the air and look how deep he goes He reaches the track and still reaches the wall, he is caught by Cruz, it is a completely different ball flight than the one we have seen, he secures it with both hands, good job, keeping away a tough champion. the short arm pitch can help him to 1-0 and paglione sends this Sky High Thompson the shortstop behind the third baseman Whitey can't make the play caglione will end up at second still up and not only that Carl but then the wind blows out and with a ball there Thompson thought it was canned okay that's Dugas yeah they move it and they're doing that Sunshine right on the mound won't be around much longer Chase how about the elevator Floyd is riding the first one thread one in second one ZIP through one oh disgusting third strikeout second in a row one two what a stroke of work got Tommy White's line drive and hit Morgan and then can Elevate 96. third strike out of the game for Floyd Davis she goes Let's see if Florida can fire that one, he'll take the strike away, that'll be number four, looking at one right in the middle with that KP, just one hit, there it is, looks good, struck out 10 hell.
men s college world series finals game 1 lsu tigers vs florida gators full game highlights
Deacons, it's halfway there, we've been through two leading to Bellosso's RBI single, that's smoke down the left line and it's over the wall. Gavin Dugas leads the yard and the Tigers now have a two-nothing lead on their 17th of the year, he has a flare for the big squint and the swing that has been dialed in tonight on top of everything and that's a sinker that doesn't sink and that one gets hit in the bullpen with a missile to the left and Gavin Dugas is doing it himself. Back to the changeup, Joe Bears now struck out twice and this changeup made him bad, it was perverse that the strike got number six unless you got into a pattern of holding his team scoreless for five innings, there's a fastball, He strikes out six, three in a row and five in the last six and a 3-1 he got one to hit send this one to right center field Cruz is coming back he's looking for he falls into the gap Carlin has to step on third they're going to keep him at third and wow, That ball came on a third base check, well, this time he didn't take it, a fastball down Broadway, right.
men s college world series finals game 1 lsu tigers vs florida gators full game highlights

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men s college world series finals game 1 lsu tigers vs florida gators full game highlights...

Wyatt Langford isn't going to miss that one very often, hey, it's certainly cool, but man, while he was playing, an All-American shortstop came after him at 90. for 2-2 and from the back end to center field Langford jumping late Benny can't catch that ball still on the ground Roberts held it at third base so Morgan should say he stayed at third base it was close it helped that Evans ran there fast it was pretty deep what do you think KP? I was a little late, I was a little late, I mean, he didn't come back to Morgan in third place, Dugas in second hairy at the beginning, the only two good guy that has come. up with the outs when he needed them slider away he picks up strikeout number eight chases that was the best pitch he has nine strikeouts LSU has a 2-1 lead we are up four yes, Fisher Way's O2 outside caught Cade Fisher was 93 .and that's a line shot that one is down the line going to cut it off is Pearson and Evans rushes to Second and goes for a double Ty Evans opens the double for the Gators in the tying run. aboard all the


, here come the Gators, a hanging breaking ball, Todd Floyd steps away from his best pitch and does Ty Evans a favor and that's called stepping on the gas and running wide Ty Evans with a starting double, what a sliding funnel. and he got it, so be careful, there was little interest in high school and he told his mom: I want to go to LSU, that's my life's dream and he's living it right now. 11 strikeouts, two in the inning, still a lot of life. this fastball 85 later, oh, that ball is hit to right field, oral is right, it's out of here BT royapel and as he flies the fence, the Gators jump into the lead at 106.6 miles per hour off the bat.
men s college world series finals game 1 lsu tigers vs florida gators full game highlights
Dick's hits in the postseason, five of them have been thrown and all he does is give big hits without a doubt in the right field seats and a big hold on the stands and I can't believe he's about to say this, but Florida 13 Runners went on base right. now there's a big pitch coming up there's a fly ball for a strikeout a dozen strikeouts yeah he's got it the slider got it Fisher gets another strikeout which is his fourth since coming in relief he's going to work right away and again when he gets to a positive count, this is the one you're usually going to see goes right to the slider in, they want it and they got another hit, that's five for Cade Fisher, boom, yeah, not only will you see that happen, it's another strikeout and the totals continue to go up , what a performance by Floyd Shapir right in the right changeup and this is one and he's had the ability to pitch quite success


y today do you see that reinforces Florida's outing hitting this game eight five that's another four strikeouts from the team and you're starting? to move into historic territory here in Omaha team strikeouts Ty Floyd looks so athletic after making that play Oh two Fisher to White that ball gets drilled into left field and we're tied Tommy tanks makes it again new bowl game for one of the best power hitters in


baseball when there is a two strike stance, look how wide, there is almost no movement to set up, but a hanging breaking ball is right in his go zone.
men s college world series finals game 1 lsu tigers vs florida gators full game highlights
Zone slider that just hangs over the plate and Tommy Tanks has made a run. However, he didn't miss those foreign pitches and got Owen two as he goes for strikeout 16. And he got it four in a row and what a quick performance this is. Put yourself on Legend status for LSU tonight for Ty Floyd and the LSU faith. will make up for it 98 of the people in this building are standing, they did it by throwing 17 strikeouts tying the record of nine innings here in Omaha in a final playing chases and he left trying to do a little Ty Floyd impression right there, get to two strikes.
Let's raise the letters sir three strikeouts in a row for Neely and now he's on baseball's biggest stage 2-2 Riley Cooper does the job, they'll strand the winning run on the second pitch, he'll chase it, he's thrown six fastballs. His bat was right in his wheelhouse and Belloso homered to put the Tigers on a belly bomb and without a doubt and the Tigers led the moment 4-3 for Tiger Slugger and he began his slow walk right over there that's a senior who just takes his time and enjoys the moment, there's nothing better than the Tigers up one here in extras, one out as Cooper gets ryapel three, that the Tigers will win the first game behind Floyd Cooper and down, so explosion. 4-3 is the end Chris Cooper sailed through the middle and thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus

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