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Melodic House Mix 2022 | Ben Böhmer, Nora En Pure, Eli & Fur, Korolova, Romain Garcia | OBM 01

Aug 21, 2022
Keep guessing but it's never clear every minute that when your eyes are strange then what are we, we're only seeing what we want to see, counting seconds so far away from here, all the memories, the more I want to know, the more I have to take because when you're a foreigner so what are we waiting for, do this so, so cool, I'm getting better every day, there's no one else. I prefer to share this with no one. it's when i'm in the dark you are so father ocean listen my soul you are the wave i was made of take me back to where we once began lotion father i was wrong years i followed alone the sun now i see your darkness hold the key they close my eyes and I begin to see when we're alone so between we die until we're going to run away it's baby tonight it's is oh strange oh my see the shadows loneliness the silence on my lips come on come on so so so see the shadows the silence on my lips hello that It's just until that's how it goes I wish the bulldogs peace, that's how it's coming, but I'm still, oh, that's how it goes until I, without you, without you, uh, uh, you, you know I'm Without you, I love without you, oh, um, I, so everybody a little. it's kinda uh oh it's foreign too uh oh oh yeah i'm sorry oh hey oh yeah it's so trevor too what i was before be strong but just be strong i could feel i feel it's strong but i feel it's losing the red be steady be strong but i feel like i want to lose it all be strong could i just feel it?
melodic house mix 2022 ben b hmer nora en pure eli fur korolova romain garcia obm 01

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