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Meine SUCHT! | Dorfromantik trifft Tower Defense | Isle of Arrows Angezockt

Mar 25, 2024
too much gold, that means we can still do a little, I think this is where it ends, this one goes long so you can still see a


here that hits both sides and nothing else really good, no, that would have an alternative to build like that, it's better, it's very tight, but that is of course the challenge of this character, there is still a period of time here, so we get a bonus card, add two bridges, no, come on, write 2 ice fields of random driving. That's really cool because we don't have to use space for that and now we could use the guard post, which now gives 10% additional damage.
meine sucht dorfromantik trifft tower defense isle of arrows angezockt
We already know, we can replace him right here and that means we're significantly stronger, so it's also important that he probably comes here because it's hard to say. what kind of genre it is, I don't even know a proper genre term. We definitely need dynamite. The ride is good too, so I've never seen it like this, the ride goes this way, so now we have another canyon.


here, you can be nice or here you get to four fields, here you get to one to five in the long term, but now, in the very long term, I thought again, you will also have space, but that helps.
meine sucht dorfromantik trifft tower defense isle of arrows angezockt

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meine sucht dorfromantik trifft tower defense isle of arrows angezockt...

The page is not, but it is actually stable. also, here it is stable, it doesn't sound 100% safe, yes, yes, but here it is also stable, no, it seems very stable, my brothers are not even in action yet, so now we want to go back to 30 gold, we only spent a bit. too much, it's like, oh yeah, maybe we can't save as much gold as I'd like, unfortunately it's pretty useless because you're working on it, but there's no room to do it differently. Actually, that's not what I mean. that means we'll skip the garden, the garden can be first and foremost, the hidden walk can be put here for example and made even more so in the long run, but I don't think it's worth it, we should Now let's make sure to not get into trouble anymore and here I'm going to do everything from Nordbay but also late game oriented again, what can you do?
meine sucht dorfromantik trifft tower defense isle of arrows angezockt
The vaulted father can somehow be placed above the others and the fact that I didn't come up with the tower


genre means more to me, as I would like to point out, of course it's not as good now, okay , my idea is to make a sharp turn here and then use the towers here. for the garden, it's still working now, yes it's a bit weird, it's actually very unspectacular. There is just a golden one, but there are towers that do more damage, for example when you are on a resin and then it turns into one. shoe again, but now it's not a super nice shoe, yes when I go here then at least I have the photos of the two I would still say that we still finished the corner here, it falls off, it's okay, that's even possible because The water stain now you can basically do that.
meine sucht dorfromantik trifft tower defense isle of arrows angezockt
Unfortunately, we still have to have dynamite to find it, so now I come from behind and now comes the spear tower, but unfortunately we no longer have dynamite, which means the location is. It's much more difficult, so we went back, but the idea is always to shoot the towers, but always both ways, for example, this tower, this tower and this tower, incredibly often it's me, so I haven't lied yet, This car is being destroyed like this. and now we have the storm blocking us, we are tight on space, the best is probably just here, the path here is generally extremely small, no, I could adjust it here if you go further back, but that's better, a lot of that is gone, but It's still the best because at some point maybe I can have a quarry or I can remove the garden and the safe, we become an ice trap again, yes, we can take another okidoki walk, yes here it will only be my field.
A good tower would fit there, but there is the problem that most of the towers we are getting now somehow still have some water in them or something, that means we have to wait for a bit of dynamite, we'll see. here but also whatever, nothing is coming now. Now we can bet and hopefully we won't get a negative life, but it is a bonus card. I think it's a bonus card. Yes, it contains a lot of water. nothing now no, we just can't tear down anything because we don't want to, nothing works here either, that means that now the thing is simply useless, which is annoying, but sometimes it is like that, unfortunately the thing is just as difficult now If so , the quarry that escapes from here may not have been entirely optimal, but at least not the way it shoots from here.
There is also an ice field which is pretty cool, so if we destroy the safe we ​​will get eight gold. , this is us Now Richie is rich at 41 and the drivers don't help us, let's be honest, it's still a case where I gave away dynamite too early for him to sit there or here, it's actually one of the best. controllers but absolutely useless to us. We are already at wave 31, which means that interest gold is of course very important, we know this from TFT, but towards the end of the game, of course, it is time to spend it all and maybe it will come too. slowly for me Wait a minute, there has been no one here for a long time, I can still tell you what the opponents are like, we are looking at our hidden cannons, so it should be fine, everything is difficult, oh, that's very cool, I really could do something from here, so that's the second row.
I think the best alternative is here somehow or here, of course, there is a lot going on here, two ballistics, but I think we should improve here again because there is already a lot here for it The third way is here maybe there are six fields that they are five that are long term six here they come three there they come when I can use something to see again so here I don't see anything difficult spontaneously, so here at least strong opponents appear, yes, I think that was it. That's right, or it will help you a little because at least it makes a shot and a shot on another track, that's the spring, it actually goes relatively far here, please, the dealer faction is the hardest, yeah, we'll get to that also if you have a token.
You get gold on the edge of the island you place right away, you get two federal cards right away, there's no chance to add a Stache for a better life. just oh life changes to those who have, yes, it's great to push, it's also great, there's going to be an explosive atmosphere, it's very good, it looks nice, the road does nothing for anyone here, yes I won't be able to get anymore a fountain right here, I could put it here but then I'll lose my last bomb but we'll also get two lives back and two lives will become bombs, yeah, that's basically a plus bomb made, that's what it looks like.
For me it was worth it if you drive a quarry with ice and it doesn't really create more space, then I'm really happy, but it seems like the opponent would just throw everything at our main question, but he's really extremely stable, that's what he was. Now there are many opponents and that doesn't matter at all, but then I lose the position, that doesn't make any sense if you want a drop tower, I don't want the path here either. we could put it here and here comes a path or I lose my ice trap but it's probably worth it okay I have the solution we'll do it like this then we'll take one and then I'll do it like this and we'll take it again and now they're running for a long time.
Now I am satisfied because the two towers are just now opening the pipeline, one in the other and then in the other. well, I'm very happy with the good 34 runners who randomly add an ice wine to half of the water slabs. In fact, I would just have the ice wine because I think we're actually in the basic league because the ghost is still getting there. So now I can put the quarry here. It's not exactly brilliant. Well, somehow I should have taken the dynamite away from you. Now I understand the point of view. No, these speedsters are very dangerous. happy with how it went We can put it up here, but it only has one rank, so sitting up here doesn't help, the only thing that falls is a minute, come on, were you looking or a warehouse with two towers? borders, we can handle that, that's fantastic.
Life came back, but he turned it into something useful, i.e. dynamite, which means we can destroy the thumb and we probably have to, so I can do it again here if I had built the tower, no, that's our problem now look at the middle line, so to speak, a cursed relic. It comes later, it has to be completely surrounded, but we can fix it because now I can't get a title again. Dynamite, no, here is another space. and there would be another one here, now we only have 20 gold, that's actually not bad, so this is our problem, but here the


are shot again and now nothing happens here or in the Belister tower, so here There is this whole passage of ice with the stone. and then here the rifle tower that shoots all the time is also Gabriel is very very good, I am very happy with this, we can't add anything else, that means it gives me that, yes, come on, give me. that too. 38, those are on the right for a bomb, yes, there is another one here and here too, so if we get another tower, we will do it.
I also have two bombs, which is a cannon tower, for example here. It would be very, very tasty, here too, but here it is much heavier because if there is water I can no longer place it. Here I can still do that with water. Take down the field, then okay, we should probably do it. We've set the trigger here for the turkeys to turn into dynamite, so now we have another one here, we're putting it in the final stages, which means the gate has completely gone through here and now there's another barrier here, that's all . Of course, very good. comes, then you even shoot there, yes, fantastic, I'm excited, I'll tell you how it was here, oh yes, that was important because for me it didn't kill the tank and I don't even know if we're leaving now, I think then you concentrate very well on the six objectives again, yes, these fat tanks, they are really complicated, of course, you can look even more at what is coming in the next round and then figure it out.
Things consequently, like these swords, also do a lot of damage, so we have nothing else to take down, that means we don't think it's full anymore, the last wave has to be nice, yes, it still works perfectly, it's really beautiful. In the end, I used every field we had, significantly less than you normally use because we have a lot of soft fields, which made me feel very satisfied and for me it is actually the class I enjoy the most, so it is a very small space, but there is a lot of dynamite available, that's great, it's on YouTube too.
I would say yes, if you liked it, write. Let me know in the comments because there will be more later, so thanks until the next video on the second channel.

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