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#Megaman2 #MegaManII #RockMan2 #NES Mega Man 2 - NES - Ultimate Guide! (Normal, Zipless)

Jun 09, 2021
Mega Man 2, the best-selling game in the sprawling Mega Man franchise, was almost never made. The first game sold a good number of copies, but not enough for Capcom executives to be interested in developing a sequel. the original


man plays very well for nes. The title was released in 1987, but it was notoriously difficult and had a box that looked like this director Akira Kitamura, the designer who created the original Mega Man pixel art object, and artist kg inafune, who had drawn many of the original designs of the enemies. They both wanted to make the sequel, they had many ideas left over from the first game that simply did not fit on a small 32 kilobyte Nintendo cartridge with more memory on newer cartridges, they knew they could do something much better, the senior executives at Capcom listened to Kitamura and The Idea. from inafune and finally agreed that they could make the game, but with one condition: the team members had to complete their other games on time: they would have to work on Mega Man 2 after hours on their own time in an interview for Play magazine .
megaman2 megamanii rockman2 nes mega man 2   nes   ultimate guide normal zipless
In 2004, Kg Inafune told his experience with the game and said that we worked very, very hard, you know, only 20 hours a day to complete this because we were doing something that we wanted to do, you can really feel that passion that the developers had when playing the final game. generated excitement for the game's release in Japan, the team had a crazy idea: they would hold a contest promoted in a familiar computer magazine and let fans design the new robot master chiefs. The contest received a staggering 8,370 entries from which they had to choose eight final bosses plus having to work on other games at the same time, capcom put


man 2 on a strict deadline, the entire game had to be completed in only 4 months with so little time to complete the project that the designers couldn't.
megaman2 megamanii rockman2 nes mega man 2   nes   ultimate guide normal zipless

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megaman2 megamanii rockman2 nes mega man 2 nes ultimate guide normal zipless...

They didn't just wait for the contest to end before starting, they got to work on 8 themed levels and chose the contest bosses that best suited the stages. They had already created the story of the game which is a simple revenge story in the original. Siri's antagonist, Dr. Wily, had stolen six robots designed by Mega Man's creator, Dr. Light, in Mega Man 2. Dr. Wily has created eight of his own master robots, each designed to kill Mega Man. The game was extremely popular in Japan and when Capcom released it in North America and Europe they added a new feature, a second easier difficulty mode, while many players felt that the first game was too difficult.
megaman2 megamanii rockman2 nes mega man 2   nes   ultimate guide normal zipless
The addition of scaling difficulty makes Mega Man 2 more accessible and increases replay value. Hard Mode is the original Japanese release. Normal difficulty makes Mega Man's weapons more powerful and enemies appear to drop items more frequently. Unfortunately, the other Mega Man games on the NES did not include this feature. Mega Man 2 features many ideas that would become staples of the series. They would become eight bosses. the standard, while the first game only had six, this time there are three platform-related items that would become quick upgrades in later games. This would also be the first appearance of energy tanks that replenish health and the teleporter room at the end of the game.
megaman2 megamanii rockman2 nes mega man 2   nes   ultimate guide normal zipless
These improvements certainly led to a better game and it didn't hurt that it appeared on the cover of the seventh issue of Nintendo Power and got 10 pages of coverage within Capcom, but it still didn't quite nail down the box art, although artist Mark erickson admits that he was not familiar with mega man and thought he used a gun even with that cover art. Mega Man 2 sold over 1.5 million copies, making it the 41st best-selling NES game of all time. Critics praised its detailed graphics, intense gameplay, and pulse-pounding gameplay. punchy soundtrack when ign released their list of the 100 best nes games, they rated mega man 2 as number 4. on crowdsourcing ranking site, mega man 2 is listed as the number 5 best nes game.
I tend to agree that it definitely belongs in the top 10. mega man 2 can be found on many modern platforms, it is included in the nes classic mini and can be found in the mega man legacy collection available for switch, ps4, xbox one steam and 3ds, even with the


difficulty option, modern players still have to deal with all the challenges. The NES is known for enemies that knock you down when they hit you. There are blocks that disappear over instant death lava. Fake floor traps on instant death spikes. Small auto-scrolling platforms over a pit of instant death.
Underwater areas with unstable jumping physics. Full of instant death mines and of course the infamous instant death laser beams, but what if I told you how to get tons of hidden energy tanks and extra lives so you never have a game? What if I told you how we can use mega? Man's new arsenal of weapons and items to easily overcome the game's toughest challenges and what if I told you easy ways to defeat all the bosses, even the guardians of Dr. Wily's skull castle? In today's episode of Can You Beat Video Games, we will learn everything.
That and more if you are new to the channel, we are delving into retro video games and giving you the professional strategies that the casual player can use. Make sure to subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications so I don't miss any new videos, let's start right, mega man 2, we will choose the


difficulty mode and select flash man as our first boss. flash man is one of the easiest robot masters to fight so it will be easy for us to defeat him with our standard arm cannon weapon and he also has one of the best attacks you can get in the game, the time stopper.
You will also get platform number three, which is another useful item for completing this level. way to the right here these enemies are called crazy cannons and notice that the floor here is a little slippery, you will want to attack that cannon from the left side of the wall, you can shoot through walls in this game in general and here you need to make sure you jump up and start shooting, you'll remember this guy, he's sniper Joe from the first game, but now he has a mech suit. Here we want to go down this hole when we go down the next hole that we want to keep to the right. so we can land in here, if you need some weapon refills, there are some up there, but we don't have any special weapons yet.
Stay left as you go down here, there's some extra energy for you down there, but you'll be able to You have to fight that mech suit, Sniper Joe. This is a very complicated platforming series. If you can make it to the end, you just want to keep your momentum and jump off the edge of each platform. You can get an energy tank, but it's not. mandatory either way and we will encounter a lot of energy tanks on our run here, take out this sniper, you can jump on him once he has been defeated. The snipers in this game don't jump and we are on our first boss. the king of indecent exposure flash man flash man always starts by running across the room to the left corner use that information to your advantage and try to shoot him as much as you can while he's running if he freezes time with his time stopper You'll probably get some damage, but in normal mode it is very easy to defeat.
Now on the hard level, you may need to use that energy tank we picked up. In any case, it is much more difficult. Every time you beat Flash Man, you will. get the time stopper and when I played this game as a kid I didn't think the time stopper was very useful. It has a couple of main uses, like in the fast man stage to get around the laser beams and you can use it as a weapon against the fast man, which is where we go next, but there are a lot more uses for the time stopper that I never knew about and We're certainly going to get our money's worth with that item in this race, we're going to get on stage.
Select and the next boss we are going to choose is the Sultan of Swift, fast man. We can use our newly acquired item number three to climb the wall on the left and get an extra life, so just hit it, jump. there, if you jump when you're using item number three, it will cause it to change direction, so don't jump until you're ready to jump to the next platform. These enemies can't be killed, so just head down and in the next room we are going to experience the laser beams, so keep strong to the left and go through this room as quickly as possible.
Stay to the right here, don't worry about hitting this guy, he'll give you some. invincibility frames so if you were hit by one of those beams you wouldn't die those beans are instant death down here we will meet some passionate enemies these guys will try to throw fireballs at you and every time they are destroyed the room will go dark so if it seems Since you're walking to nowhere, you may have to jump while holding the right button to move forward. Here we will reach the most difficult section of the laser beam, so I will equip you.
Try not to use my time limiter on the first screen here, although jump on that little platform and go down to the right, but use it here to make time freeze. Lightning can't reach us, but we still have to move fast. Collect some extra energy for our time stopper right there and stay to the right as you move into this room and then head back to the left. Try to avoid this energy and extra life. You don't need them as much and they will slow you down. Go down and through this room and it looks like my time limit is about to run out, so don't get caught by that last laser beam as you enter the final room of the fast man stage.
Here's another sniper. Now he dropped a reload for our gun, so. I'm going to refill my time plug. In fact, we can use it as a weapon against the fast man. There will be another mechanized sniper here, so take him out, wait for him to shoot and I want to try to get that energy, so. I'm going to try to get in there, it seems like it was a bit complicated and here is the door that will take us to the boss. I'm going to equip the time stopper so I can use the small amount of energy.
I still have to deal some damage to the fast guy and the first thing he does when he starts his attack pattern is jump into the air or run straight across the room, either way he usually ends up on the left side. Somewhere, that's where you'll want to start fighting him. It can be a little tough if you don't have time control, so don't be afraid to use one of your energy tanks to recharge your health halfway. Throughout the battle, also whenever you fight Quick Man later in the game, in Dr. Wily's stage, the time plug will actually only deal about 50 of his health damage, even if we had all of it. the power, so we will have to finish off the other half.
Cheers to something else, we can use our aerial shooter or our shock bombs when we fight them a second time and with that we move to the aviator stage. Now I said there were other uses for the time stopper. Wait, do you see this one? As soon as this Air Tiki appears, press the time stop and normally some speakers would come out of the side. Well, this will prevent the speakers from popping out, but the Air T keys still appear so you can easily swipe through them. platforms, there will be more aerial tikis later in the stage, so if you find them more difficult, you might want to save your time here.
We will fight some lightning lords and use our fast boomerangs. on them, so that's the new weapon we just acquired from the fast man, here comes the third one, just start lighting them up here and quickly jump to the platform. This one is sneaky, he's going after the cloud, so shoot him to the left and then just walk. from your platform to the left, you will land on his shot, this one to the right and then up here there will be a bird that will attack us. We want to try to hit the egg before it hits the ground or it will explode into a group of chicks, interestingly the instruction manual for the North American launch refers to that enemy bird as a flying fish, yeah I can't imagine that's correct, this one enemy we used to be unable to harm, but with our fast boomerangs we can now defeat them.
Go down the left side where you will fall through the ground and this is the second half of the aviator stage. This is where those other aerial tikis are. We no longer have the time stopper, but if you did this. It would be another good spot where you could use it to easily get past these first two aerial tikis, but you want to make sure you jump from the first to the second right after the horns retract. There will be some enemies called Zealots here. Hell, sometimes we can disappear them, so I'll show you what I mean when the next one comes up on thescreen.
We can just take a little step back here, he's here, a little step back and then move forward and he's gone. We did it. You don't have to deal with them at all, so use your quick man to easily defeat these birds and we can also take out this fanatic. Jump onto the platform, watch out for the bird and cross carefully and here is the big blue. The airman's real weakness is the wooden man's leaf shield, but we don't have it and it's actually a bit difficult to hit him with it because it's often reflected in these tornadoes he shoots, whereas our cannon shots could actually shoot Anyway, under the tornadoes, after doing three of those tornado patterns, he'll start jumping across the room towards you, giving you plenty of opportunities to shine them with your arm cannon and with that we'll get the trigger. air that is.
It is a medium useful weapon, it has an upward trajectory, we will not use it very often, but it is important to defeat a couple of bosses. We also get item number two. Item number two is the jet sled and it's something like The Rush Jet for this game is a very useful item that we will use in several mandatory locations but also in several optional ones, so with that we will do a stage selection and choose Metal Man at the beginning of the Metal Man stage. We will have the opportunity to get a power tank and a very easy to obtain power tank in That just do some jumps down here which will allow you to go over those conveyor belts.
Now let's make good use of our time stopper again. The time plug actually freezes the conveyor belts to the ground and also freezes them. crushers on top so you can easily get through that area. These enemies that look like little chainsaws are actually very annoying on hard mode, but they don't require much damage to kill here on normal mode if you're running low on energy. health or weapons you can farm these enemies very easily to get a lot of items and once you get to this point you can do some jumps to get over it and we're going to use that item number two for the first time right here at the top so use it here and then jump and we can get an extra life.
Go down to the bottom and jump along the shaft on the right, slide over this conveyor belt and down here at the bottom. You will encounter some new enemies referred to as gear monkeys. The Gear Monkeys can be eliminated by destroying the equipment beneath them, which will cause them to fall off the screen. You can also kill the gear monkey, but the gear will still remain. and be able to hurt yourself here, take out the equipment and move through this stack of barrels. The enemy on hard mode will actually explode and throw their pieces forward, but they don't do this on normal conditions, so you don't do it.
You have to worry about that, stay left as you go down here and you should be able to grab this energy tank, but make sure you use platform 2 to get out of there, it's very difficult to make that jump without it and you could easily lose. a life there and you wouldn't want to do that because up here is the end of the stage where we will meet the boss, enter the door, it's nice of the metal man to wear a mask so we don't get caught. coronavirus from him, but it doesn't really matter, we'll take him out quickly with the fast boomerangs.
He tries to stay on the left side of the screen, so he thinks if you split the screen in half if you stay on the left metal man. he won't jump next to you and will keep bouncing up and down to the right. He will be very, very easy to defeat, so he tries to stay to the left and be careful because the conveyor belt at the bottom will change direction. he will be able to grab his weapon and move on to the bubble man stage. At the beginning of the bubble man stage, we will encounter some enemy frogs called corvinas.
I've noticed that fast boomerangs are very effective against them because the spitting baby frogs are too small to be hit directly with your arm cannon, but the fast boomerang has a trajectory that has an oval shape, so you'll be able to hit them with these platforms that will fall below you if you jump on them, so we're just going to use our jet sled number two to hover over that area. Now we are going to equip our new weapon with metal blades and the metal blades are amazing, they can attack in eight different directions, so you can attack these crab robots from above.
Down here and now we're in the water. Being in the water changes our jumping physics, so now we can jump very high. Be careful with that because the ceiling will be lined with instant death mines. There they are, there are those things that look like black asterisks. use a light jump when you jump here and try to feel it in the area to the left. You can easily take out this lanternfish with your metal blades, so simply lift them up a little and shoot them down at an angle to these jellyfish, you simply need to drop the sides of these platforms slightly.
Make very subtle, small movements and light jumps. You don't want to touch any of those mines and you'll notice that you move very differently in it. water, that part is tricky too, we have to jump between those mines, so make sure you have some elevation there so you can control the jump, take out another lantern fish with your swords and head to the right, be careful not to . jump too hard there to hit the mines as you go and we will have more of these croaker enemies that we can easily take out with our metal blades using the angle up just keep heading right these guys are called snappers and I'm using the air shooter here because they come out of the sky, so the upward trajectory of the air shooter is actually very convenient here, of course, it is not necessary to use the air shooter there, but it is a good use. so and here we are, bubble man, bubble man it's actually very easy, his room has those mines on the ceiling so we better not jump at all, just shoot him with your metal blades.
He likes to swim up towards you. angle, so I shoot the blades forward and then up and to the right and then whenever he's right on top of me, I can shoot them up and finish him off very, very easily. If you start jumping in the bubble man room you will have a chance to jump too hard and hit those mines, so we want to avoid that, just stay on the ground, stand still in the left corner and just shine your metal blades on them now We have the bubble lead of the bubble man, it's time to face the hot man.
Enemies will attack us from all angles here in the Heat Man stage, so we'll need to equip our metal swords to cross, being careful of these prop covers and these trash can-like monsters that appear from the holes in the. wall, so pay attention to where they can appear, take them out with the metal blades and move quickly before another one appears. Be careful, take it out and in the end the lava disappeared, but that pit below you is still an instant death. You'll want to switch to the fast boomerangs or bubble which would also work when you're fighting these spring enemies.
They cannot be defeated with your standard arm cannon. Head to the bottom of this staircase. There's another type of spring down there, so. shoot him and we don't have to deal with these yoku blocks here, we can use our item number three to climb the wall on the left, so go up that wall, go down the ladder and this is the second part of Heat Man's stage This part is similar to the first but is a little more intense with these yoku blocks, jump on this one and then quickly jump again to hit the second one.
If you screw up and don't catch him, you'll have a chance. to jump on it again, wait for that block and jump on it and then here we're going to do the same thing we did before, just jump a couple of times and hopefully catch that second block, wait for this one to appear and quickly jump on it him and then jump over here, there will be a lot of those yoku blocks that will disappear, so we will avoid them completely by using our platform number two, so go ahead and use platform number two, don't even worry.
About the extra life you see here, you essentially get infinite lives in this game. You can continue as long as you need to go down this ladder. We can use our fast boomerangs to very quickly take out this mechanical sniper they pass by. them like a knife cuts through butter and that's all we have to do, we're going to fight the living zippo lighter, heat man, equip your bubble lead and as soon as the fight starts here we want to jump forward and towards the right to avoid the fire attack he does from the beginning hit him with a lead bubble he will make a small flaming shield and then charge towards you you will want to jump on him turn around and hit him with a second bubble then get ready to jump again and hit him with a third bubble, it only takes three bubbles to eliminate him once he's defeated.
We will be equipped with atomic fire. Atomic fire is a fun weapon to use. You can load it like the megabuster. However, in the later games, the problem is that it uses a lot of energy, so we won't use it much outside of boss battles. We also get item one here, which is a very useful item that creates small platforms that float upwards. It's like our element three, but it doesn't have to be attached to a wall and with that there are only two bosses left, so we'll select Wood Man as we start here in the Wood Man stage.
I want to show you a trick. What we can do with our metal blades, if you shoot three or less metal blades and then pause the game and the menu appears, you will not deplete the weapon's energy, as long as you pause before firing the fourth metal blade. You can use those swords forever without depleting energy. In fact, you can do this with fast boomerangs too. In fact, you can have more of them on the screen without draining power. Seven of them and you can also do it with the bubble lead. but you can only put one bubble on the screen before you have to pause, so you would have to pause after each shot to use it infinitely, stay on this upper platform and shoot these bats with your metal blades and then we will be .
Let's switch to our atomic gun, load it up before we go down to the bottom, there will be a big enemy down here that this guy calls friend in the Japanese version, but in the American version he's called a hot dog and Here's a cool trick - If we use our time limiter, there's supposed to be a second and third hot dog that we have to fight down here, but as long as you get to the end of this room you won't have to worry about them. not at all, as long as the time stopper returns to its metal blades and climbs the ladder, this is the second half of Woodman's stage, okay, extra life, jump onto this ladder and climb to the top, here we go To fight some mecca monkeys use your metal blades, they appear below us on the bamboo platforms and just shoot them and at an angle there are also the birds with the eggs again, if you turn left before the bird appears on the screen, you will get If you summon it from the left side instead of the right, then the bird will fly along with us as we move to the right and will not continue to appear.
Down here there will be some robo rabbits that you will want to switch to your Lead Bubble and take them out with two shots in the next room we can use the bubble, again be careful to jump on the carrot that shoots, but you will see that the lead bubble is actually very effective when enemies are located on platforms. Next, don't jump up this ladder, we're going to walk to the end, shoot item two, climb up a bit and jump on top, which will allow us to avoid all of these atomic chickens. and here we are, dr wily's alternative to viagra woodman, once the fight really starts, start charging your atomic fire, it doesn't work to charge it before entering the room and as soon as you reach full power, let him have it, just one is needed.
Shot to kill him. Now there's a second strategy you might want to try. The aerial shooter is also a very good weapon against the wooden man and doesn't require any charging, so jump on his blade shield and just hit him a few times. he will take it out immediately. This aerial shooting strategy is particularly useful if you decide to play on hard mode. I like to charge atomic fire. Hit them once with that for maximum damage, then quickly switch to the aerial shooter to take care of the rest. of damage on Woodman every time I face him on hard mode and the final boss here is Crash Man.
If you hold down the A and B buttons every time you choose a robot master, you will get these chicks in the background instead of stars. It's not a very useful trick, but it's fun.We can use our leaf shield now to deal with these annoying enemies that respawn in the trash cans. As long as you're on the ladder, you can activate the leaf shield to take out enemies as soon as you try to move, although you'll fire the leaf shield in any direction you press, so watch out for these helmeted enemies, they're kind of evolution of the enemies found in the original game.
We can use our leaf shield here. jump to the platform stand on it and activate the leaf shield without moving and when you get close to the ladder just hold position to go up here we can do the same don't worry about the trash can guys just leave it on the Leaf Shield until you get close enough to the ladder to grab it, here we go, this can take a long time so I'll try to use my metal blades to take out a couple of these guys and then just use the item. one to float to the top and grab the ladder so we can bypass the platform there, we're going to go back to the arm cannon and I'm just going to shoot this stack of barrels right in the eyeballs and move. go forward up the ladder which is actually the stage control point so if you died that's where you'd go back up here they're going to take a helmet off of me this guy's a little dangerous the recoil can make you fall straight down but you won't die you'll just go down a couple of screens and have to climb the ladder again what you want to do is let them shoot you skip the shot and then eliminate him anyway What's up with this guy, shoot him every time he raises his hat and I'm going to change to the swords, there will be more of those annoying enemy birds that drop eggs here and can be difficult to climb up the ladder because you fall. turn it off for a second every time you get hit, you can also use your leaf shield.
Here we need to switch to the right ladder and remember to stop moving for a moment every time the little birds attack you so you can activate your blade shield and just let them all die, go up the ladder and continue to the top, You don't have to worry about that crazy cannon over there because we're not on that side, there's an energy tank, so if we drop down there and grab it, we can use our number one platform to float to the far ladder, where we also We can get an extra life. Be careful with this accessory, I'm going to hit it though. the metal blades before you reach the top of the ladder just cross the metal blade any of these guys that get in your way and we have reached the lair of the robot master who always wears his seat belt crash man crash man He's probably one of the hardest bosses in the game if you don't have the air shooter, though he just makes this guy work quickly, there's not even much strategy, he just jumps at you and you just let him have it.
With this, a couple of shots from the aerial shooter will eliminate him and we will obtain the shock bombs. Interestingly, in the Japanese version of the game, the boss is called Clash Man and in later games, such as the Game Boy version, they also called him. Clash Man, so I'm not sure why they changed it, they didn't change any of the other boss names for the North American or European versions, well we did it, we eliminated all eight bosses and now it's time to infiltrate Clash Man's castle. the skull from Dr. Wily's hideout. The real test of Mega Man begins here now that we have all the weapons, it's time to use them.
We can use our leaf shield when we start the stage to take out these enemy birds, kind of like what we did in the Crash Man stage, except now. We're not climbing stairs, we're just standing in one place letting all the birds dissipate and then we move forward and don't worry too much if you get hit or if you use a lot of weapon energy, the little birds almost always. He'll leave a bunch of items for you to reload now as we head to the right. We're going to reach a wall. I like to use platform three to scale this wall, but you can actually use any of the platforms to get there.
Also, even item number two can work if you use it in the right place, you can use your fast boomerangs or also the metal blades to eliminate these enemies. Sometimes metal blades are better here because of the places they are placed. Keep going. To the right and you will reach another wall. I'm going to use platform 3 again, but remember you can use any of the platforms. I think we should keep our number one platform because we will need it in one section. There will be an invisible hole in the ground coming up that makes it difficult to get that extra life there, so I'm not going to waste time on that now if you feel like you need an extra life, just remember that you might have to climb back up that one. wall and use your free item again, I'm going to reload my item 3 here, but you might not want to do that and leave it there in case you mess up and need to reload your item number 1, which is It's going to be critical to clear a big gap approaching, staying low and shooting at an angle is a good way to deal with that sniper and up here we can use our bubble lead or fast boomerangs to take out this spring enemy, the bubble lead doesn't have much use outside of this, so I'm going to use it where I can climb this ladder.
This part here is very complicated. Try to get to the edge of the ladder. Shoot one of these and then. shoot the next one from the far edge of the second platform. You want to try to extend these platforms as much as you can to make sure you can get over that gap, but you also can't hesitate too much or they'll float too. high and you won't be able to remove the third. I'm going to switch to fast boomerangs. Here we are about to fight the boss and the boomerangs are the weapon we will need to use this part. quite complicated it starts auto scrolling here suddenly and you have to jump forward just when the block appears on the screen or else the dragon will catch you from behind now once you reach the real boss go up to the top and start shooting him with the Fast Boomerangs up there, if he hits you you will fall to one of the lower platforms and won't die.
Make sure to jump back to the upper platform again and that's it, we have completed the first skull level. castle, I think stage two of the skull castle is a little easier than the first part, there is no small auto-scrolling platform with a dragon chasing you here, if you don't have item 2 completely full you might want to use some of weapons. refills located here, but if it's full you might want to avoid them for now because if you die and start from the beginning here again, you'll need to fill your platform as well to get past this pit of spikes if you jump. to the smallest and furthest ladder, make sure to hold on when you jump.
You can get an energy tank and a bunch of additional items down here. You'll also be able to keep your shock bombs, which you'll need. Use it to climb the upper ladder, the shock bombs must be full for the boss of the fourth part of Dr. Wily's stage, although at any time you could lose all your lives and continue, which will reload all your weapons, so which is an option if you need it down here, we can use our shock bombs to get an extra life in an energy tank. Be sure to think about when you're going to reload those shock bombs, so if you see any item refills, be sure to prioritize having a full charge. crash the bombs before filling some of the other items in the next room, here you want to make sure to hold your ground for a bit so you don't end up in that spike pit and then jump down, here are the metal chainsaw enemies.
In the man stage, we can use our blade shield here to destroy them en masse. A lot of times they will drop us a bunch of items that we can use to refill whatever we have that is low at the moment, so let's see what we have here. I'm going to fill my platform number two. Maybe you will need it at some point and you could also polish these metal blades. Come back to her. I would like more help. Well, there you have it and whenever you're ready. To exit this hallway, simply head to the right, we're going to need to use platform number three to scale the wall here.
Platform number one can also be used if you shoot two of them, but it looks like it's only one. much easier to use number three, wait for this crusher to pass by and head down as it goes up, so shoot, go up and jump under the crusher. Now we can use our time stopper here so we can avoid this crusher and the others. Up ahead there are two next to each other, which can be very difficult to avoid. Go down the ladder, jump from this platform to the one between the spikes. Be careful not to touch any pickaxes and then we can use some of ours. platforms here to go up and get extra help because the next room will be the boss so we have to be ready for that this is the living room use your metal blades and try to get under the creatures and shoot up with the exception . for the third and tenth that appear too low on the screen to shoot, you will have to jump over them and shoot them from the side;
Otherwise you'll need to pay attention to which bricks have been removed so you know where the monsters can't come from. When a new one forms, each one gets a little faster and once you've removed 14 of them the screen will flash. and we'll go to the skull castle, part three, the third part of Dr. Wily's skull. Castle is a throwback to the original game, if you remember the original Mega Man, Dr Wily's third stage is a water zone and that's what we have again here at the beginning, we will have the opportunity to get an energy tank and some energy to weapons, but we'll have to use our shock bombs to get them right now.
I have full energy tanks, so I'd rather not use my shock bombs, but there will be some weapon energy down here, so if you want to get an energy tank. so of course get it with those pumps and then fill them up right here. I'm going to use my metal blades to take care of this crab robot and get some extra energy. Very nice down here, let's hit the Water, remember you have different jumping physics and you make big jumps across these mines. You don't want to touch them. Now wait for the fish to come out and then jump and there will be another fish over here so do the same. thing and get to the edge wait for it to come out and then make the jump be careful the mine is lining the ceiling here you just want to get off the platform there and stay to the right and just do some slight movements here.
You don't have to move much to avoid those mines, drop down here and stay to the right so you don't hit the mines at the bottom, jump out of the water, take out this guy and we get to the end, this is a very short and sneaky stage . I'm equipping my fast boomerangs because we're about to fight a terrible Frankenstein creation. The gill bulldozer. The tank tracks won't damage you, so jump onto this red platform and keep jumping. and shooting boomerangs at the gem in the guts man's face. I can't believe dr. wily would do that to the man with the guts.
What happened to the bottom? Well, in any case, let's move on to the fourth part of the skull castle, the previous skull castle. The stage was pretty easy but this one is brutal from the start, there is some extra weapon energy so if you are trying to finish the game without continuing make sure you have full shock bombs and then prioritize your other weapons and items you may need . Items one, two and three at this stage, so make sure you have a decent amount of all of those. There is a helmeted enemy up here. I have equipped my metal swords so that I can attack in all directions while climbing the stairs here.
We are going to find our first apartment of illusion. We can use our bubble to reveal where the spaces are on the floor, but you can see there. It looks like you can walk in that place, but no. I'm going to use item 3 to climb the wall here on the left and then drop down the side here for an extra life, go back up the ladder, the enemy helmet will have respawned, that's why I equipped my metal blades in case that needs them. and when we get to the top of the ladder, it looks like you can move to the right, but once again there is an illusion floor, so be careful because there are illusion floors everywhere here that you might not be surprised by.
There are some up here too, so use a bubble to reveal where they are. It's like using holy water in Castlevania 2 to find similar spaces on floors. It's particularly deadly up here. Use your bubble. We can see exactly which space not to step on and jump to the ladder here. We can use our number one item to jump across the illusion floor and get that energy tank. That's how you get it. Use your element one right there and just grab it. and then we go up to the top of the ladder and we're about halfway up the stage.
Nowhere I have equipped my leaf shield because there are more moving platforms as a track like we saw in Crash Man. Stage like in Crash Man stage, the annoying trash can enemies are present so I just equipped my leaf shield , I turned it on and I'm going to let it carry me around the room until I can jump up and jump to the ladder. here we want to jump off the ladder as soon as the platform is right below us and then jump to the left and we can use our number one platform here instead of having to hold on to that platform, this just makes it a little bit easier , grab the leaf shield again, make sure you don't jump down any of these stairs, you will die.
I'm going to use the leaf shield here to clear out these pesky trash can enemies, and head down to the platform. Switch it on. the shield again, we're going to need to jump here or we'll fall off the platform and end up with some spikes, so jump up to this purple platform and come back to activate the leaf shield again and then we can just mount this one on the platform, It's actually going to just slide under us there and we can move on to the next place here we want to wait for the platform and we're going to jump on it and then we're going to jump to that little purple block in the middle jump there and I'm going to use platform number two to cross over.
You can actually do a tricky jump from that little platform you move to on the track to cross, but it's completely unnecessary. Remember the Fast boomerangs work very well against Mecca snipers and advance this way. We're very close to the boss here. The boss of this stage is called Boo Bean Traps. They are more of a puzzle than a boss. It's something I need to find out that it actually says in the Game Genie manual that if you have infinite life you can get stuck in this room if you mess up. Here we go, we equip platform number one and I'm going to do two. to be able to climb to the top now here is a good trick to change your shock bombs and then we are going to walk and plant a bomb on the wall and if we place it in the right place we can eliminate it. that boo beam and the wall in front of the one below it, if you mess it up, it's fine as long as you clear the boo beam wall or trap, as long as you get one or the other, fine, clear the other one. closest to the center of the room and then the farthest one to the left, you can try to jump after these things shoot, especially once there aren't many left, we will need to use our platform there to get up and to the bottom and then we can switch to our bombs and shoot this guy.
If you do that trick at the beginning, you'll still be able to spare one at the end, which means you can make a mistake somewhere if you didn't get the two for one, although that's okay, you just have to make sure you're very careful when using all your bombs with precision and we made it, we reached the skull, the classic teleporter room. You can do these bosses in any order. I'm starting with the aviator. Here we couldn't use the blade shield on him the first time we fought him, so I want to do it. I'll show you what it looks like, although it may still be easier to beat him with the arm cannon, you just need to get pretty close, so I usually wait until he jumps to switch to the blade shield after defeating each boss.
Refill some health, that's why I say you might want to take out the toughest ones first, but this is easy, here's Flash Man, just run at you, like you did last time, take him out with the metal blades and the Las Metal blades are very effective against Metal Man, it only takes one to take him down. He grabs that health. I think I'll do it quickly. Now you can see what the plug does full time. We can also use our air blaster to finish him off after the time plug has worn out. Shock bombs are good too, but we had to use so many on the previous boss that we don't have many available, so yeah, the air shooter is a good option, your arm cannon works fine now.
I'm going to take out Crash Man. Make sure you don't waste all your aerial shooters fighting quickly. You need them for Crash Man. I think I'll go here and beat up Woodman next. We will use atomic fire. plan if you mess up with the atomic fire and fire it too soon or hit the blade shield, don't be afraid to switch to the aerial fire plan if you still have some left after fighting the fast man and the crashed man up here . At the top is Heat Man, he always seems to bring me here with that first attack, he's a little harder to avoid than in the room where you fight him initially, but the same plan hits him with the bubbles, only one left, It's the bubble.
Man, so I'm going to put on my metal blades. This time he doesn't have the mines lining the ceiling, but it doesn't matter. Still, I'm going to use a similar pattern to defeat him. I just want to make sure. I'm not standing right on top of the teleporter when he dies so I can get my health back and here's the fight with Dr. Wily, just use your metal blades and shoot up at an angle towards the cockpit and you'll waste this guy's power. super fast life, he has two life bars just like Dr. Wily at the end of the first game, so if you are low on health, don't be afraid to use one of your energy tanks, but that is not the real final boss of the game. oh no, there's a second skull holding on to the right as you fall down this pit.
You want to be able to move quickly to the right side of the screen when you get to the end, if you stay to the right and move fast you will get under all of these lava capsules as they appear on the screen and none of them will drip on you, like this than quickly head to the right jump when you need to jump and equip your bubble because it's time to fight the final boss who knew all along that Dr. Wily was really an alien. The only weapon that can hurt this guy is the lead bubble, so you'll have to get pretty close to him to hit him.
Fortunately, it flies in a very predictable figure-8 pattern. Every time he sinks is when you want to jump up and try to hit him with two bubble caps, he will spin again and we will hit him at the bottom and that's it, we have defeated Dr Wily and defeated Mega Man 2. So it turns out that the Dr. Wily wasn't really an alien after all, it was all just an illusion. Well, we broke his little toy and now Dr. Wily is going to beg us for forgiveness. All we can do now is sit back, relax and enjoy the cheesy ending, so I'm not exactly sure what this ending means.
Mega Man walks through all these different stations. I guess he's trying to say that he walks for a long time, but whatever that means, it looks great, we have the rain. and then with the rain comes spring and then he left the helmet behind. The fight is over, we have won. I hope this video was able to help you defeat Dr. Wily and put an end to his crazy plans, if he made a point of giving. Please like and make sure to subscribe for more videos because there will always be more evil geniuses to defeat and that's why we will be back next week with another video game that you can beat, thanks for watching.

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