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MEGAFIGHT PREVIEW: Tank Davis vs. Ryan Garcia With Leonard Ellerbe (Ft. Tha God Fahim) | #TPWP132

May 06, 2023
people just talk about his hook. I know what it is and and is, but sometimes that's all you need in a fight is do you know one thing in particular that's not going to work against me? great fight yeah but there's a couple of things it does that it's really a flaw that's very consistent and obviously I'm clearly not going to talk about this you know what it's about and everyone on our side knows it you know and um Simple as that, that's what it will come down to let's keep going let's be patient to get up be patient come back I won't catch you boy I'll go down I won't run out of tape how many times you gonna leave stubble yeah we got fire here just wanted to show you know this fight has really gotten to everyone yeah part of this world you know what i mean and um i found myself through Dan Lawrence um our uh our merch guy and a friend yeah yeah by of course, of course, but he's depressed, he's in Florida and he goes to a local gym in Florida and there's everything recording all these kids talking about this fight and I said man I haven't seen kids talk about boxing with such enthusiasm Discount, I haven't seen kids talk about boxing and know about the guys they're talking about.
megafight preview tank davis vs ryan garcia with leonard ellerbe ft tha god fahim tpwp132
The way I've seen these kids talk about this fight, so I was like, you know what? Let me take these kids to this program. I'm going to use this as my motivational segment and this is, you know, near the end of the show. but i want to get them one because they are now and i want to expose everything that er each piece as much as we can that this fight is really touching i mean it's touching uh it's gone everywhere and um how would you expect you to know and so so much, I want to bring a lot of people, choose Ryan, by the way, literally, I'm, I'm literally, I'm talking to Mexicans, I was like nah and I'm talking to black people. that's like nah he's not like talking like people no he's talking to white video no but really okay people out there i've appreciated they're definitely guys like uh there's a guy at home yell at D Rich D Rich TV is a boxing fan but he's been very insistent on this um anytime like it's a press conference anything yeah it'll be crazy and you'll be there .
megafight preview tank davis vs ryan garcia with leonard ellerbe ft tha god fahim tpwp132

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megafight preview tank davis vs ryan garcia with leonard ellerbe ft tha god fahim tpwp132...

Can? I could be there. I'm not sure yet. We need to talk. We have to speak well. You will be well fed. nice little rhyme there first glove boxing glove ok ok yeah who the hell is that i can tell that yeah thats a boy man dont say that can you hear me yes we can hear them its a lion yeah hello can you hear us yeah they got whats going on huh we are pretty good here what about y'all oh man you got your sunglasses on you're kicking hey man we're trying what's here john worked out today what's your name young champ huh santiago is alright your box yeah what's your record uh i don't have any flights yet but ok i'm going to have my first competitive fight on the 22nd ok are you ready to go there you go yeah ok i meant to kill the video he's in the video too , but I have a video that shows a lot of the kids that were in the gym that day and maybe we'll edit it out and well, will you?
megafight preview tank davis vs ryan garcia with leonard ellerbe ft tha god fahim tpwp132
Do you want to kill that? you wanna do it yeah hit the button let's go We no don't hit the button okay hit the button let's show the video podcast we got the first boxing club glove here put me on this Kane and Jackson Williams yes 14 15. 14 years old, my age is 13. 18. I'm from Ocala, Florida, Tampa, from Tampa, Florida. I think Ryan is going to win. one in it man he knows how to play just punch him knows where he's going he has power how much power and more technique


keeps his chin up they don't have footwork like that definitely going around knockouts six rounds eight fight six round knockout yes but we'll see you in less than 20 seconds but as good as I am with my commentary I wasn't blurting it out like this when I was as young as these kids but Santiago tell us what you think. the fight this weekend so honestly I really hope Garcia can win because you know he is Latino so he represents us because we are Latino too thank you for supporting him how how would Ryan win this fight?
megafight preview tank davis vs ryan garcia with leonard ellerbe ft tha god fahim tpwp132
I guess it's not that daddy next to you yeah yeah Sean how you doing Sean what's up dad what you think about this fight well bro I've been listening to you guys I mean I've only seen this from one side here man and I'll tell you man , my son, my son, Ryan Garcia, I mean, he can surprise the war, man, yeah, I mean, it's not, it's not, nobody talks about this little fact, but oh, how about the confidence level of this child? I mean this the kid is talking all he can I mean the way he talks trust you know and listen man I mean all you need is for you to believe it man and this kid sells it to me he's really selling it to the whole world he really is all he can't really take care of him so that's my boy over there we root for him right now i'm not mad at you y'all have a thing for him oh no, let me, I'll do it very quickly. you guys about your gym real quick uh how many guys do you have how many kids do you have over there in the gym Sean right now we have over 82 members right now or 68 of them are youth right now wow so under the age of 17 or we have three programs different here one is a youth boxing academy from six years to 14 years and it is a real program of the academy and I am talking about a real academy like a university in Florida yes or totally a structure and then we have the local amateur program, which it's a totally amateur team with our head coach, Ramon Ortiz, who's the number one coach in Florida, number four in the nation by USA Boston last year, okay, and we've got the real boxing. program for commercials, you know, for normal people who really want to learn how to box, you know we're doing pretty well, we're very proud of what we're doing right now and for the kids, especially the youngsters, it's been amazing. keeping these kids off the street and being able to schedule resettlement where they can do what they do right now is what we've moved on that's perfect you went exactly where i wanted you to go one more question right? we have boys and girls in the gym or is it just boys yeah we have boys and girls so we have ladies to the limit and then we have um what's it called?
It's a ladies only class so they can have all their time. they got their own class they do their own workouts you know like anybody in florida tell them which gym to go to when they freeze there again either its just a big fan okay whatever um Tampa glovies not just it gives you a big family but it helps boost their self esteem and gives them a feeling that we are confident yeah that's what i'm talking about and that's exactly why i wanted you guys today for the motivational message segment of my program program. it's just doing that to show that boxing is about more than just punching people taking punches running down the streets and getting in shape to box tell everyone about the other qualities you get when you train in the gym down there confidence and self-esteem -esteem, but they also learn to stand up for themselves they know they can stop bullying if they ever see him they know a lot of different things they can lose weight they can be fitter a lot of things good one of the other benefits showed that I was talking to Dane here with your body Here, it has been a pleasure to meet you.
The image that I have the grace to agree with is that one of the things that we are trying to do is that all of them for the parents, you know, for us it is very important that the parents have a place where to really be able to take their kids, you know, safely and be involved with them, you know how in boxing it's very rare to see this kind of support, you know and we're trying to bring that back to this unboxing community where parents get more, they get more support from their parents, you know, and parents get more involved in their boss careers, so that's something we're trying to try here as a fact, today we have a meeting with all the families and we have burgers and dogs and it wasn't about fighting about that, it's more about getting together and they know that it's not all in the ring, it's also outside the ring how we behave, you know, one of the things that made me write you the note and follow you , Sean, it's because I've really followed you for a long time and you know the relationship you have with your dad, you know we're talking. about here with Daniel, you and body my girls are one of the two guys that really inspire me to put on these kinds of shows that I have now because you two, I mean, at least to my knowledge, are two great examples. of people who come from Boston and are very close to your parents, you know through the process, yeah, and it's beautiful to see a lot of Instagram relationships that I want to have with my son, thank you and with the parents that I have here, man.
I am a serious man, you really were an example to follow, you know, and I am very proud to have the opportunity to be in front of you at this moment, so thank you for your effort to put your life and the line in your path. i did for so many years thank you hey bro and just to show you i follow your podcast with a podcast on i think two or three days ago on were you b or c minus a plus a yes to be with you to stand up with the guys going toe to toe there yeah plus my friend and you guys were eight plus every step of the way thank you man thank you I appreciate you guys uh making time to come to the show today and the simple motivational message for this is that boxing is one of the sports that can go around the world and people can improve from boxing who they are as individuals their personalities how polite respectful they are i mean the list goes on you get qualities from the boxing that you don't get from other sports and I just wanted to show that I know that for myself but I wanted to show someone else or show my my my my fan base that someone else knows that too so thanks for all your service man we will do the best we can to support you throughout your journey thank you so much i mean you are more than welcome here to clean my kids here anytime man hi and thanks again you for this opportunity my friend God bless you guys thank you I'm coming to Florida I hope to see good luck with everything anytime my friend anytime you're welcome thank you thank you um we predict the fight no we're not going to predict no no it's not right because then why were they dead is ok and yI'm going to get into this yeah ok but too quick to motivate me my dad excuse me yeah yeah yeah no my dad every friday my dad would host a group session after training at the gym. yeah, and my dad came up with the ABC's of boxing, absolute best choices, and he put the D in there, absolutely best choices and decisions, and such and such, but that's what my dad was about my dad, you come in here, you work hard um if you have problems in school i will try to do the best i can to help you with your school work whatever gets me my father was dedicated to making little boys and young men better people, not just better boxers, and I think that's why.
I wanted to have Santiago and dad today just to show that it's not just Cleveland, it's not just Northeast Ohio, it's not just the porters, it's not just the harbor away, you know what I mean, they're in Florida like I would like. to say doing it the porter way you know what i mean so i just wanna expose them real quick man and you know give them a chance on the other side of that you see some 13 year olds they know exactly who



is they know exactly who he is uh


Davis and you know exactly how you expect this fight to go how do you expect this fight to go um it's kind of hard to say but it really could be early to be really early but there's no possible way in my opinion that Ryan go 12. by no means is too much experience possible and that's completely a critical factor in a lot of things and i'm going to say this a lot of times when you haven't been on the big stage when you get under those lights you know all sorts of things go through your mind and you know it because I just don't have to get up there and do anything.
I know what goes through my mind walking down that tunnel with Floyd for many years and and you walk out and there it is, you know, and it's just us against them, but you prepared yourself, and that's the only thing the


has, you know what what he has to do he's prepared he's been there before you know it so he's used to everything that comes along with you know the fight week stuff and you know the interviews and the huge request and those are the little ones things you know and Floyd was able to handle that and learn to do what you know and so he can focus. in you know his final preparations for what has to happen next Saturday night but this fight is going to come down to um The level of experience and you'll see the difference you'll see the difference and you know me I'm big on experience and I feel like that's that's the thing but you guys have got two questions for him no no no yes we'll do our prediction and you can bounce it's about fighting random guys I was going to say you want to do your prediction and then we'll go down well so you know go out for Floyd what's the one fight you were in damn you know you ain't fighting but she's likehe really is and is a good fighter you'll never hear me say anything more than that yeah but I happen to know some things you know and and and it's all going to come down to experience and when you were when you're not built like that and you're not built like that I think it's the result we expect I look at it the same way I looked at Kayla plank facing Canelo you didn't prepare this for in the ring and for the most part and now how can you how can you prepare for something and you and you never do see what I'm saying here it's like you train like that if you do have any proven opponents yeah like I said Lou Campbell that's the coast thing we have yeah but it's like I mean for the most part his side does not have that quality of fighters to even push him as much as he needs to be pushed which we are still going to be the type of campers that teased.
I feel like Joe Goosen got it right. That's one thing. I'll feel good. Josephson got it right. I respect Joe Goosa, but great trainer. for you no ok i just know a lot of things the public don't and yeah and everything else i'm just going to say it's going to be a big fight while it lasts so you said right now you take your mortgage everything you own in that tank with Knockouts and if he doesn't refund it all it's going to be hell the energy is going to be on the celebrities you're going out what's going on the energy is going to be Troy vs.
Conor McGregor level yeah it's going to be like that How did you get into that fight of any fight? Oh you had to be there you had to be there you weren't there I was thinking what a great flow device that is. yeah and that was one where i was good but uh yeah i mean everyone who should know by now showtime pay-per-view yeah saturday night order it now and um it will be electric uh we got the media blitz this week yeah what's going to include that's going to include uh, not everything for us, but I want you to know that, uh, they're doing the uh, the Granny Rivals, that's going to be on Tuesday, uh, that's starting at three o'clock, uh, Brian it will reach three and Tank is supposed to be there at 3:30.
Hey, who can I count on to get him there on time? It will probably be just me so three and three: thirty if they're not in Vegas for the fights huh we go there to the MGM uh Grand Arena or not the Grand Arena but to the library uh yeah for the grand arrival um three on point and you'll see the fighters uh Rolling On In uh Wednesday they had the media training uh it starts at 1pm and uh we'll be there for that um landing gear starts at one and then um you know they start to get there, uh beyond that, uh, on Thursday we have the final press conference at 1 p.m. theater steps check that the press conference is not open to the public i was going to interrupt you but you can watch it live on the porter way podcast victory is open to the public yes at three o'clock the official weigh-in and where is that at um that it's in toshiba plaza oh outside right outside t mobile ok yeah you'll be live for that i'll be live for that so you'll be live for my dad to do an event friday night any details on that. uh, let me, yeah, let me, let me find out the details on that, uh, what about the Porter team press conference on Saturday? and stuff like that so um yeah uh Malik and a couple other guys uh yeah Henry's supposed to be in town for that too so stay tuned for Poraway podcast live uh uh Friday, 6:30 p.m.
Coming back that's the ad okay y'all think they sleep for real man huh and then Saturday we'll be paintballing I think 9am we'll be there it will, it will, it will be a brisk 68 degrees outside it might be a little too toasty and by 11 o'clock we'll be out of there because it's going to be close to 90 so we've got a big boxing week next week, the media blitz will come to you and um, I'm looking forward to the fight on Saturday night, Leonard, thanks for joining us today, absolutely, this is the port away.

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