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Mega Man Star Force 1 - Speedrun by Eurasia_M ~ Summer Showcase 2018

Jun 01, 2021
black and white banner, the count of the Sol and Django link was gone and a lot. There were only like 150 of those, but by the time I had the money, one of those guys on eBay that just buys it and resells it had already bought it because I saw that same auction on eBay for like five hundred dollars for 180. He had all that stuff so you know which are like a deal how much I bother to see if they have anything else than what I reviewed yesterday should be fine, let's see Rockman THC and for the sake of this six, now look at the first thing all my cards appear.
mega man star force 1   speedrun by eurasia m summer showcase 2018
Oh, job card suit. I can't fit this option because the sulla has low rating fingers and has the base cross card for five and the base BX card for six. I have like three of those basic cross cards like ridiculous, I've been selling them 111. I heard with this lot because, like a hot bag of Mohammed, a sneaky and a racer, these chips are throwing a woman to a place, It's a little hard to know, just make a man. home link is fine, it has all the Navi chips, all organized, in fact there are no errors on top of the sword, I think it's a belt or a drink, oh wow, delete, delete, delete, synchronized shooting effect, aqua program / / / / silent powder Alcalá thank you, eat now, everyone knows all the things about the base are simply worth too much if it is a base or a problem and I go out for a lot of base fund and there are many that I go and dark colonel negative yes , that's at least the first six yes sir time bomb mine nor Sanctuary of Anubis Guardian slow door pass cage air grip super volume and life for a cute blue brother, let's see what else they have


energy need alarm fire burn or bells car accident ah see candle thanks Robbie I Canon airway collectibles in the army another pound I think that's my chance three when the life of the wet capsule machine gun sinks to the top of the sword, much dragon in more time bombs, so I forgot about comics, Dartmouth tickets are always sold out of town.
mega man star force 1   speedrun by eurasia m summer showcase 2018

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mega man star force 1 speedrun by eurasia m summer showcase 2018...

I'll let it press, so what else? Everything else is just super generic, well don't do it. forget about the


because it has dark ships, yes that is the dark type since the dark type has a dark aura. I think well, I think in Japanese it's dark lorrog, but I don't know, that's one of those. I'll raise the police for one hundred and eighty-three dollars my god BX base $32 the strategy guide for a TT es@e@c6 462 dollars and eleven cents so I'm closer there but that doesn't make any sense I don't know I don't know if there is you remember here, but no, I just add that the guide says that they release memory behind this counter, but I just checked everything, although there is an O


SS weapon, the guides are liars, there you go, satisfied, it's Iran, my car that you gives a z saber charge. buy and was hoping to have more stuff for six, well a lot of this stuff is just what you normally see here.
mega man star force 1   speedrun by eurasia m summer showcase 2018
I think I could finish at 6:30 6:40 and I thought I think some I'm going to have a nice 2 hours and 30 minutes to fill in my mistake. Yes, you've been here with me all day. Hey, stop running to be my weight. Oops, wrong. I'm getting too ahead of myself. Well, the festival link is useful, but. in terms of fun, the progress well is obviously the most fun thing you can move is that it has an older feel and Fuzzle, although the talking pet parts are free, they are really cool, it's just that, like me, you bought a grip, oh my gosh, again, I know myself, um, uh, you bought a lot that had a lot of stuff like I said, I took a lot of pictures of each one, there was a lot of stuff today, Cheeta, you came a little late, sold out, that's the only way to level up, like Navi, that's what I did last time.
mega man star force 1   speedrun by eurasia m summer showcase 2018
Maybe, I don't really know much about the progress band, you would have to axel, he's the one who played with it a lot, but linking the pet is useful, but just because you can, it's useful along with the actual game and that's what which makes it more valuable let me see something - 60 what am I doing there? go, wait. Wow, I don't actually know that full function, at least money, well, so you should know that old saying if you find it. It's on the Internet, it's very good, well, the manual is online, it has a little battery.
I'm pretty sure about the progress, but it takes a bit of battery to like Jade. Oh yeah, see you so late using the wave scanner like the scanner. it's a dragon it's the variety of dragon so it gives me dragonfly it's my new form of bass Oh yeah, try, the wing was supposed to be here, but they moved, so I'm not as good as a fat kid, like a Greetings to him, he does it, he makes three races. ok we want Gemini oh ok this is going to be fun guys look at this oh wait shouldn't that have changed a little it's so much better horrible dragon x knuckle 2


oh come on rip off , oh no, strange can.
Oh, times for the stomach to eat it up. That's it, ready for the car, Shawn, there you go, yeah, that's Oh God's body, uh, yeah, I watched the anime too because he was a nerd. Well, still yes, I know I have a bit of a head. Hey, I'm not perfect, I'm just like 99% perfect, you know what, mizu, you're right that I show something with something radical, without mercy, right, the 1% is me making mistakes like that, dumb mistakes, what do you mean with what he did? Did you lie to me, pat pat pat? big liar, there you go, so, nerd, it's all those ducks.
I'm just wondering if Terra will let me go to the show. I go through all my sorrows, that will only take like seven minutes tops. Literally just go to point A. point B by defining that they are not net Maui, they are just something completely different to want. Honestly, I don't consider that done, nabis, that's my kind of aerial combat based on a very strange Japanese version of all the classics. The Mega Man robot has to get to a mat before Star Force, of all things, they take one of the Wonderswan robot masters, Mega Man's aerial commentary and the base sequel for this one, oh that nonsense is really hard for this. part since the stars are so small I have chips all the time wow good job now what we miss I have a little dildo well there's no more so bad it's a wave battle remember they don't have lost ships but they have card slots this girl has. a heat, cold or air function, those don't make any sense to the sun, how things work, one ear, yes, will say I don't know where you choose really, I think it could be from a job, a side quest that maybe they can eat. that makes sense, it wasn't a Taurus, no, they explained why you can do that, it's because they used to sing cybernetic core technology, so that's the only reason the base of the e/m waves is still in the El same concept and this is the counter, continue God, oh this is all a game over, oh yes, the losers walk towards the boss, very poorly designed, oh yes, so you mean like this, let's go, oh my god, I missed it.
I'm going to get the cycle. to get to one, oh yeah, I have to go to this amazed, yeah, but like it's


, we got the information and if you don't get there and you don't do anything, even back then there were still people still putting the constellations in line and why I thought. take it out by simply going left. The comments I prefer are useless for the pillar man section even though it shouldn't work in space, there is no air in space so propeller man should even be used here, where am I going? Dipper or whatever it's supposed to be. being in those photos leave your scale of course you know what let's have more fun oh my god for my other fire card wow that sucks someone has to cut that out that's actually really fun oh that's hilarious man, I still don't fully understand what it's like. he picks it, he had another fire chip, his fire card, I thought it was go ahead, man, I'm not going to find out the moment here where I really want to cut that out, that was so much fun, Lord Vash, let's show you cheering. and all the races I want to make fun of.
I can eat this right after mine. I'll go to sleep. The man took them out. I need to act like a child. I need to get the dough to settle. I'm going to make fun of them. rich oh my god pick up she doesn't even have it in her heart to double damage damn why do they just come up to my face randomly? stupid card no I'm blaming the complainers Vash you're just unlucky you're also the one blaming your book it was terrible amazing yeah you sure you're not that a good book the giver not that that book it was sad, it was hilarious, hilarious, that's not the idea of ​​the word I would describe that book hahaha, some of it is all yours, wow, that's rich, you're a good book, charmer, snake charmer, they did everything, yes, yes, it was, it was a good book, I'm not lying, I'm not kidding.
I remember reading that and in preschool he was crazy, boy, you're welcome, rich, okay, let's do this right, look away. you're already a tachometer yes, there's no transformation board remember don't use the rest time this time no, I should probably Tommy Hummer, okay, what to use. I hate them. A hand gets in the way of the scan. Sometimes I'll try again. No. I don't care what they do to us, let's get to work, get rid of it, it's a great time Bob, ah, Eurasia, what did I warn you? You remember his ship that passed yesterday. You deserve all of this right now.
It's time to walk the walk of shame. Damn, I swear. laugh, bigsword, I have to watch the news, I hope it's okay, I don't see, I was right, this is this walk of shame, yes, Joker, haha, yello, there you go, shut up, now is the time. Oh, so I've been, I've been timing it wrong, so well, duh. Silly, the rule goes and when a playwright starts exploding it's very sad, let me get rid of this Giga card. It will definitely be valid for one that has zero HP. It's a Giga card. How can I have too little HP?
I don't know, you saw it. Being cheated on, isn't it breaking? I mean, it wasn't an attack. I'm so mad because it happened twice so I'm pretty sure you have a crash so a good bead bombardment by network 6 has like 200 HP and does 600 wait twelve heads wait what's up fronts I'm so sad lol I love this logic it's a meteor okay, it was a little slower than I expected my time was probably like three and a half hours now oh I already said time a while ago, yes, I said I did, when you said it, okay, like chewing gum I'm three and a half hours in now, yeah, okay, so thank you, there are a few technical issues here and there, but thanks for streaming, let's Start setting up your Network One shuttle now if you need more fill time.
I can stay where you have filler time doing quizzes. Thanks guys, see you later and thanks for joining me for seven straight hours of Eurasia and Twilight.

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