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Meet The New Bachelorette: All About Clare Crawley, Judge Judy Announces TV Show Ending | PeopleTV

Mar 04, 2020
everyone today in people now that the new


party has been announced and is revealing what she is looking for in a new man Judge Judy is coming to an end after 25 years, but she has found a new way to bring swift justice to the TV. We love Jamie Fox. Reacting to his daughter's amazing voice This Is Our Neighborhood We are


ing the amazing cast of the new Netflix series People Fied Plus my great grandfather was Adolphus Busch who first immigrated from Germany Billy Bush Senior and his wife Kristi star in the new mtv


that the busch family put together are here with us today giving us all the details and more live today about the people now come on hello happy monday everyone welcome to the people now great to see you how was the weekend was great went to the comedy Cellar had dinner, you know, really yeah, really fun, oh well, right next to Emily Ratajkowski and then one of our directors here walked in.
meet the new bachelorette all about clare crawley judge judy announces tv show ending peopletv
W-key, it was a very good weekend, but it was a very low-key weekend, but you know why I'm nervous? I'm going to have a moment of silence for the end of the Judge Judy


, oh I know, Judge. Judy got me through a year where I got fired every day. I'm looking forward to the four o'clock hour of quick justice presented by Judge Judy and the show is over. end of an era and i wish i had a little bit of your money anyway ok let's kick things off today with this


your new


yes claire


is confirmed as abc's latest bachelorette the The announcement was made on Good Morning America on the Monday before the season conclusion of Peter Webber's The Bachelor next week and is a bit of a throwback.
meet the new bachelorette all about clare crawley judge judy announces tv show ending peopletv

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meet the new bachelorette all about clare crawley judge judy announces tv show ending peopletv...

Fans first met Crawley in 2014 when she made it to the final two on Pablos season one of The Bachelor. The separation from her was quite memorable, so heated that she even told a Pablo that she had lost respect. ct to him we all remember that moment when he said ok ok over and over again it wasn't ok she returned for the inaugural season of Bachelor paradise but left the show after five weeks she also appeared on the second season only to be eliminated Three weeks later, she probably got her second chance at love during The Bachelor Winter Games in 2018, she ended up saying yes to Canadian contestant Benoit's surprise proposal that was during the reunion episode of the world says they even surprised her co-stars With that sadly though they mutually decided to part ways just two months later, now Crawley, 38, has opened up to Lera Spencer about what she's hoping for this time around.
meet the new bachelorette all about clare crawley judge judy announces tv show ending peopletv
I want a man who is strong but willing to take off his armor, open up and be vulnerable. if you line up the guys I've dated in the past, there's nothing that I'm physically looking for, it's more if they go out of their way for me, if they make me feel special because this is about me now, yeah, and I'm ready to that. I'm lovin 'it. She trusts that she is in charge. Nobody knows what she wants. So excited for her. I'm so happy they go with her if she's 38 so let's get some older men dad.
meet the new bachelorette all about clare crawley judge judy announces tv show ending peopletv
One thing that we've talked about a lot in our recaps each week is a lot of the drama that revolves around this season because the girls are so young, what a big complaint as they're so young and a lot of them are looking for Instagram followers and they're trying to be influential, you get the feeling that she's in it for real love and like yeah, right, and I love that part. She calls her active agent. Here are some of the ones she had. She had a date. She said that Claire, 23, had no idea what I wanted and I'm glad that wasn't the end of my love story because I.
I'm such a different woman now so she's come a long way and a lot of people think about being 23 and have no idea what the world is you want it makes you think they've turned around they want this to turn more towards real love and then letting bachelor in paradise be the playground for bad riddick, yeah im really excited about that. Okay, Claire Crawley's season of The Bachelorette premieres May 18 on ABC, mark your calendars right now, and in honor of big news, we want to know if you think the new Bachelorette should have been from the pilot season of Pete or likes how they are. mixing it up send us a tweet with the hashtag people now we're going to review them a little bit later in the show but for now we move on to this the



reality show


after 25 years the main lead of the tv show , Judy Scheindlin.
Confirming the news herself on Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 77-year-old Emmy winner tells DeGeneres she made the decision after selling the show's 5,200-episode library and rights to future episodes to CBS in 2017. even though the show is coming to an end Sheindlin says she's not tired yet look so Judy Justice is coming out what's the year after? I can't tell you yet, well that's exciting so you're moving on, exciting news. Judge Judy you will be able to watch every new show year after year with a ponytail with a ponytail with a ponytail the next two years you should be able to watch all the reruns that CBS has sold to the stations currently airing Judy is fine and Judy Justice will be going elsewhere, yes I have a full breakdown there.
Judy is not fully delivering the deck. She will now focus her efforts on her new program. Judy Justice. We're excited to hear that and we're excited to do it. hear the Judge Judy show will still be around it will probably send Kate forever it first premiered in 1996 and will be out on a high note with its 25th season in 2021 plus the show Judy is also keeping busy at home even with one really cool gift she got her husband a trike for his 85th birthday but it came with some rules he can only drive it within the parameters of the gates where we live no cross traffic allowed although i have actually seen that trying to rob crossing right over a truck but he pretty much keeps to himself and in the gym and back to the house she's in charge of the courtroom and I'm pretty sure she's in charge of the house.
I also like to see her in this setting. It's very funny, yes. hilarious and we will be looking out for justice duty I am glad to know that this is happening well according to ABC News Laurie Veloz's husband, Chad de Bell, claims that their two children are safe as they are still missing the day Bell did not reveal the whereabouts of The brothers, despite their claims, Joshua JJ, 7, and Ty Lee, 17, were last seen in September. On Wednesday, a


refused to reduce the Idaho mother's $5 million bail. She was arrested in Hawaii on February 20 and charged with two felony desertion and lack of dependent child support After her arrest, police revealed that the two missing children were not with her, there was no evidence that the children were in Hawaii.
At an extradition hearing, Valo and de Bell were married on November 5, 2019, four months after the shooting death of Lowe's estranged husband and two weeks after the mysterious death of Des Belles' wife, authorities located to the couple in Hawaii on January 25 after they had vacated their Idaho home shifting gears to a lighter note here she already belongs to royalty but Princess Beatrice will soon add more titles to her name Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter she will marry the Italian financier Eduardo map le motsi on May 29 and because Eduardo descends from the Italian aristocracy to be officially an Italian countess and noble a dona or noblewoman after their wedding Eduardo's father is counts and as his son eldest Eduardo will also inherit the ancestral seats of the family is the 18th century Villa beli motsi palace in northern Italy that's how it is said with a bit of flair I understood it Eduardo's father told the Daily Mail that the couple are very suitable for each other and have never seen their child so happy, very sweet, traditionally the monarch bestows titles on royals on their wedding day, eg Queen Elizabeth presented his grandson Prince Harry with a dukedom on their wedding day: Megan Markel in May 2018 officially made them the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, similar to William and Kate, they were made the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after their 2011 wedding, but Princess Eugenie Beatrice is the younger sister and her husband Jack Brooks did not gain any new titles after their royal wedding in October 2018 instead since tying the knot, she has styled her name as Princess Eugenie, Mrs Jack Brooksbank there you have it Beatrice and Edward will not have a carriage procession for their May wedding which a palace source says meets their wishes for a more low-key affair.
Their wedding will also not be televised. People previously confirmed Beatrice's father, Prince Andrew. he will walk his daughter down the aisle despite the scandal surrounding her ties to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein that caused him to back away from her royal duties. Jennifer Lopez says she felt sad after not receiving an Oscar nomination for her performance in the movie Hustlers During a conversation with Oprah Winfrey on Saturday on media moguls' 20/20 Vision Your Life and Focused Tour, JLo opened up about the Oscars snub, calling it a bit disappointing. career I'm reading all the articles and I'm like oh my gosh could this happen and then it didn't happen and it was like oh she went on to explain that she couldn't help but feel like she had let everyone down a bit including her team that has been with her For years, though JLo wasn't nominated at the Oscars, she did earn nominations at the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Critics Choice Awards, ultimately, she says she realized she didn't need another compliment to tell her that was enough, she explained to Oprah that the snub combined with her recent Super Bowl performance helped her realize the quote I'm fine and I'm enough I don't need this award right here to tell me I'm enough during the reunion Jennifer also joked about Just how familiar her fiancé Alex Rodriguez was with strip clubs before taking on that role, she quoted as saying Alex couldn't have been better with these jocks. they know a strip club or two let's be real he was helping me with the movie she went on to say he was like to let you know guys come in the back door and do this and I was like you really seem to know a lot about this hey r if you had known a life, not only did JLo get the support of her fiancé, but she also got the support of her ex-fiancé, Ben Affleck, he was among the many people supporting her to receive her first Oscar, Now I tell New York.
The Times reporter in an unused quote that she should have been nominated because she is real also revealed that the two still talk periodically and he has a lot of respect for her now Andrew you have more strength a sergeant yes they We're kicking off the stellar runways today with some wedding bells at the Verizon Summer House. Student Lauren Workus is engaged. Workers pledged: promised David Rye on February 29. with lyrics from Reed for you by Matt Stowe. He also shared a series of photos of the proposal on our Instagram story. On Sunday night Rye, who is a coach for the Arizona Cardinals, can be seen presenting Lauren with some ba. lloons in a living room, both are dressed quite casually, so the proposal appears to be understated. a kiss and a hug after the big moment where she looked really surprised there, oh my gosh, Lauren's engagement comes a little over four years after her twin sister Ashley, with whom she starred in the first two seasons of Summerhouses, getting married and welcoming their first child in May 2019, congratulations to them, ok now check out this video of Jamie Foxx's shocked reaction as he listens to his daughter Corrine sing Alicia Keys heart of jay-z's Empire State of Mind this is so good the proud dad shared the video on instagram and partly captioned who knew in the video you can see Jamie looking at Crin she suddenly sings the song before looking at the camera in shock , then pulls out her phone and starts recording her daughter.
Korean Elsa shared the same video on her own Instagram, she thanked all the fans for the love they showed in the video, she also revealed that her father was not supposed to post the video, but the date here we are, she is so excited. Corrine co-hosts the game show Beat Shazam with her dad. She joined the Game Show in 2018 for the second season and then returned for the following season last May. She told Jeremy that Jaime is the most supportive dad in the world. Crenn also made his big screen debut last year in 150 Feet Down Without a Cage and he has two more movies coming up a very talented family and those are his stellar clues for today ok stick with us we were talking about the cast of Netflix-fied people, which follows the lives of three Mexican-American cousins ​​as they American Dream, in addition,We're joined live by the stars of the new MTV reality series that the Bush family thinks are sticking around because all the right dogs really are kids' best friends, which is why this is such a cute story that's been doing the rounds. online I don't know if you've seen this yet, but Ohio mom Gillian Smith put her three-year-old son Peyton on time-out after he punched her five-year-old sister Riley, but her furry best friend couldn't take it. let him suffer alone.
The family dog ​​decided to quietly support Peyton while she was serving her sentence, though the adorable Smith posted the sweet photo on his Facebook page and captioned it when you're on timeout, but your best friend won't let you serve your time alone. . Since then, the post has been shared more than 43,000 times. People love it: he's a six-month-old English Mastiff and describes himself as a gentle giant. Smith says it's unreal how close Peyton and Dash are, they're always together and as soon as Peyton comes home from school he yells, "I'm home he's so sweet, talk about adorable and sweet these two adoptable pups who are Seeing here are Starr and Denver, who belong to a litter of eight puppies that were abandoned with their mother in Louisiana after being found.
The litter was taken to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California. They are so adorable that She quickly realized that these two have a very special one. Bond Starr is a special needs pup who is deaf and nearly blind and Denver took it upon himself to care for her, not only acting as a loyal playmate but also serving as a His own personal guide dog, two pups are inseparable and on the occasions they're apart, Denver is always quick to get back to the star's side to let her know he's there and the manager is there. center adoption services says the star in denver can teach us a thing or two about sibling love and how much we can accomplish with the love of a good friend you can always learn a lot from dogs to adopt a star in denver you can go to Animal Center org, this is our neighborhood, it's about pop, it's about survival, yes, but at our expense, not everyone can be sensitive, Chavez, but us.
We are doing our best. There's nothing Gentry layoffs hate more than getting caught. Genscher layoffs. What's going on with the biggest fear around lesbians? White Guilt is a half-hour dramatic comedy about family community love and gentrification. It is set in rapid change. ing los angeles and to tell us all about the show, now we're joined by Annie Gonzalez Carey Martin and Julissa Calderon, thank you so much for joining us, thank you for being here, let's talk about the show, very exciting for people who haven't seen it yet. it's what you hope they take away yeah I hope they take a part of themselves I hope they can see because there's so much more to it so it's so multi-generational and it's not just for the Latin ex I experience I think it's for the experience of the first generation.
I hope they see themselves as friends, neighbors, and understand the humanity of what's going on. nothing, julissa, let's talk about this, you, you, to play the lesbian couple mm-hmm, talk about why that's important, why was that something you were happy to bring visibility to, yeah, I mean , in all honesty, where have you seen lati? na lesbians on TV it's not that it's implausible I'm sure it's everywhere we're just not seeing it I think what's really very important is that the Latino community would say that the old traditions are a bit like in the it's outdated and it's like who you are it's very perfect very conservative and I think this is lighting it up I think it was so beautiful that when you play there you get this story and you see their flashbacks of them being king and then falling in love and you're like it you make it pretty and it's like it's a beautiful story and you follow it and you can't help but root for them and say okay love is love is love yeah yeah Annie you're from East LA your family yeah yeah yes, your family still lives there.
You experienced gentrification firsthand. How did that impact you? Essentially, it's the culture and everything else, but by the time they get there, they're erased because they're not there to benefit the people who live there when they say they want to beautify the community, it's for selfish gain. the problem is not the people who come in the problem is that there is no respect for the people who are already there they are looking at it as if we are discovering this place there is nobody here wow we are nobody that sucks it's not just happening there it's a tension being felt in cities across the country right now, America's executive producer Ferrera also directed, I mean, what was the biggest lesson you might learn from her? of women as predominantly women Marvin I think was outnumbered in that sense absolutely because they were predominantly women that we feel very honored to work with, especially in this day and age, but working with America I like to say that she's kind of like an actor's choreographer because she's a director, an actor's director, no doubt, I mean, obviously, she's an actress herself, but she came in and knew what she wanted and even if someone else had an opinion, she was like, you know . which I think I live in the most elegant but very powerful way and I think that's something that our characters know about, as are the female characters on the show, they show the empowerment of women that we can do anything, be anything , be in any position and be in our power and be ourselves unapologetically also slightly outnumbered Wilmer Valderrama was very nice and actually I remember when he left that night he said thank you all you guys are doing something great and I am so proud of all of you. for being in this position i said the man wilmer said they were eyes loving you caught a knee kari and julissa and hid to fight is airing now on netflix now watch this ok you want to start go ahead.
I'm Billy Bus. h and this is my wife Christie can I introduce myself okay hey do it again okay I'm Billy Bush I'm the fourth generation of the anheuser-busch family and this is my wife Christie my great grandfather was Adolphus Busch who first immigrated from Germany founded a brewery called anheuser-busch and became the largest and most successful brewing company in the world they are Clydesdales they are iconic Budweiser and Bud Light they are not everywhere in the world they may no longer own and Iser bush but the Bush family is back building their new brewery on the new mtv series the bush family brewed up all with the help of their hilarious and rowdy 7k7 kids.
Can you imagine that we are attached to the head of the family now? Billie and Christy Bush are so nice to have you guys thanks for visiting they are having yes thank you you guys are so bright and vibrant for having seven kids I am so I have two and feel like I'm under forever like I'm dead. I'm out of energy but you're doing it you're doing it like a killer is yeah you like it let's talk about this you're part of this great family dynasty you know everyone knows Anheuser-Busch why was this show the right for you?
Why did you feel it was a good idea? i came up with a way to keep my kids at home completely but you know we've been contacted for 20 years to do something and the kids were little and it wasn't a good time and now it's a good time and MTV came on and I'm fine What do you guys want to do? Now is the time and everyone was willing to do it and you have to be willing to do something like this, well let someone come into your life like this and yeah. they wanted to do it and I'm like MTV so iconic I want to do it if they don't do it I'm going to find other kids and we'll do it Was it really important to do it?
Why was the time right? Well, it's great because we can document the first brewery built by a member of the Bush family. r for 150 years that's amazing so we carry on a great brewing legacy in the family that ended in 2008. I'm the fourth generation, starting with my great grandfather when he immigrated and met Lilly Anheuser in st. They and Louis started Anheuser-Busch together, so we're coming from that history and keeping that wonderful brewing legacy alive. there's a lot of breweries being built in the United States right now and there's like 7,000 of them 7,000 craft breweries in the United States, so there's crazy competition out there, there's a lot of competition to get the right wholesaler, you know, get the beer with the right flavor, the right one.
Name all those kinds of things and we need a lot of help. Are the children really helping? Are they having barbecues in the backyard? No, they are very involved. All seven have a role in the business. We're all working so hard, even Peter, who's our youngest, and he actually started to see all of this grow from when he was a little guy. He's probably the most business savvy of all of us due to seeing from day one Bionicle II, yes you're right there's a craft beer in every city in America now basically everywhere you go for you guys what about just getting a little bit geeky about it like knowing how you are like what kind of flavor you're after is what your point of view is well whatever's popular nowadays you know and there are many flavors which are popular ales and log beers both very popular beers you know my family always started with lagers because you're more drinkable yes and easy to drink and loggers really know people want more flavor now so the Beers are very, very popular nowadays something that tasted excuse me something that tastes like beer mm-hmm I don't like that watered down taste I want it to taste like beer and we've made a really good beer that tastes like beer but it was healthy it was low in calories was everything you want in a beer with the flavor will volunteer to be in your sandwich you're in you have refined taste kristi you The kids joke a little bit about you having no friends because you're so dedicated to family kids are life and i can understand that, they are especially seven, but how have you maintained closeness by being close as a mother? to the kids it's not obvious it's not all parties all the time no it's not parties all the time but i keep them close to me i think i'm fun i think i'm a fun mom it's fun to be with them you don't want to miss a fun time with us and we do so many fun things with the farm and we have big toys and we play and party the police say you don't want to go anywhere else they'd rather be with their mom and dad not Mason how do you feel about having an empty nest sometime day?
Are you looking forward to it? the kids go away I mean I am I don't want them to go away I want them to be with me and they want to move out and go do their own thing and like no pe I'm trying to let her know that we can find things to do you know she loves her kids and you know i love them too of course we had a lot of fun and i think building this company will keep him around for the most people yeah i mean the show starts and then we have the reason funny scene in The one where you're trying to have a conversation with your youngest daughter, Maddie, Maddie, the sex conversation, how did you handle that conversation?
By the way, I think she's in another room. listen, yeah, how did you have that conversation with the other kids? How did she do? oh, she walked into the room with no help. about it also make it light it's just you have to do it you know what boys are to girls girls oh yeah you think so why is that because girls will just understand that they are so much smarter well i do i think girls are very mature, but the boys understand them well. I would do what I do, who do kids go to when they're trying to get their way or trying to get out or want to, yeah who do they go to, well they go to me a lot but it's them.
I come to Christie's day after day and I mean night and day, all hours of the night so that Christie is always there for them. I'm trying to help build this company and really get the kids to come to me as much as she is an amazing mom. You're a pushover. I'm a little bit more okay, it's such a wonderful close-knit family. I mean, how do you feel when you see your kids sticking up for each other? Oh I feel so good I feel like I did everything right I know if there's a fight that breaks out with a friend they're okay there to look out for each other so it's good yeah and I guess as a parent every phase is different and now you're in this phase where as you mentioned they're a bit older right they're not proper babies anymore if you could describe your family right now how would you? sum up the family unit right now I would say go ahead I would say genuine mm-hmm and fun very very fun hard working yeah that's great love love love how many of you there are and well thank you both for stopping by. and everyone to see more of the Bush family, be sure to tune in to the Bush family brood when it premieres on March 5th and I'm Kim Eastern on MTV and in honor of the big Monday bachelorette ad from whichwe've been talking we've been asking you if you think the new lead should have come from peter the current season of the pilot so some of the girls we're meeting right now or if they like these are mixing with that nation of lots alone, sure, crawling, okay, let's see what you say, he looks just like me: are you two fans of Bachelor stuff?
Have you seen it all? i'm on the spot here sorry i know my kids see it so i can catch a glimpse of it okay you'll never let one of your kids - single/single my two kids were asked oh but they said no, you know yeah i guess they said no yeah i'm going to give them a new question of the day tomorrow and people now so tune in for that and tomorrow we'll be talking to actress Simone Misuk about the new season of carvin love a national altered from Netflix, we're recapping tonight's episode of The Bachelor women tell it all with actress Patty Miran thanks for watching for now we leave you with one last line from one of the stars of photography five photos hello I'm Keith Stanfield and this it's one last thing last song stuck in my head was blooming oh looking at the day vacation was in Ojai retired to the jungle the HMDA the last time I laughed so hard I cried was when I saw a giveaway from the Atlanta show where I'm in a scene with Bri I'm Tyree Henry and I make a crazy face and it's the most fun, I don't know if it's hilarious

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