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Jun 06, 2021
team is behind now they have to think of themselves shall we? through it and be very very slow or we just let our teammate die and then the third ability which is also very good as he can throw his own camera let's put the camera here it's ok so I don't even have than peeking I might be hiding behind this box just relax and I might be on my camera and I might be looking quickly jump into the camera to see if anyone is around no one. close well maybe you'll go this way look Oh someone's right shoot them with the dart look at them there are so many great ways to use this character very effectively every single one of their skills is really useful now it's ultimate if there is a dead enemy. body next to you, you can throw your ult on top of it and it hacks the enemy team and shows their position through walls for a second and on the map, this character is essential and I think will be used in all games. from Valarie unless they change it somehow but for now it's absolutely amazing the intel he was able to gather and the delay he can cause the enemy team is absurd his whole team wants to go so what you can do is you. you can set up your traps they are nice and early you could put one in here so now if someone turns and tries to flank you they will have to get hit by this trap so now you know the only place you could successfully flank is to through this teleporter and the other side of the teleporter is right here.
meet the agents in valorant
Another way it is useful. Let's say they go through the teleporter. The trap cage. You could leave one right there. So let's say your whole team took. to go around quickly detonate it now they can't flank you there they're not going through that no way they're going to be too scared to go through it and now you're good for whatever seconds let's say your team has completely taken over this site you're in control be cool , jump to your camera, ok, no one is flanking, great, get back into the game flanking, no, no one is flanking, great, the speed at which you could jump to your camera and get back to your character is very, very fast, by what the information The idea you gather is absolutely insane and the last one works exactly the same as you see a dead body.
meet the agents in valorant

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meet the agents in valorant...

Using it reveals the enemy team so you can tell if a reactor site is open or not and this is why I think encryption is absolutely essential for both attacking and defending. on any map i'm going to talk about jet as a live map scenario so we'll show an example of how you can get into a position to get a shard much faster than the opponent the opposing team is stuck right behind this barrier, so my goal is to get to this position and attack faster than they could get there so for example go here run and run again and so we set up before they got it right because we have that ability from Nash to show his skills in the flesh his smoking ability is very hard to use like I said you can curve it in the air like that but to hit a smoke in the air it's very very challenging you can smoke smoke and then you can go out they don't last that long but they last just long enough and they are very very quick to cast so you can use them very well in combat situations.
meet the agents in valorant
Another example is maybe you guys are trying to blow out of the showers here so you can do this. boom boom and now you've just gone through a giant wall of smoke and you'll surprise the other team so those are the different ways it could come in handy a good example is cornering if you want to go around the corner you could. that even though it's very, very difficult to do this, they would successfully pull it off, she's right, that was pretty good when it comes to defending, she has this ability, which is her sign, right?
meet the agents in valorant
We could be sitting here and we could Let's say we have a ghost right and someone is on the other side of this truck. We could jump in and surprise them right now. There are your knives. hi t someone in the head with a knife he will shoot them and refresh your magazines on your knife lets say for example you are in the sky and you are defending and they are in full control and there is smoke there. a smoke there and a smoke there you can press your Q dash and stab wherever they're good you could do very very fast play with very very low sound so no one would really expect you know you could float too , so it has to be really sites with these knives, but if you're accurate, it'll really pay off and you could really make a crazy play in the round. i feel that's your play style jet might be for you ok here we go let's show another character let's show phoenix phoenix it's very very simple i wouldn't say it's too hard to master it could very well ruin your team but if you do, it won't be. oo shocking so we use his flame wall which is called a blaze flame wall it could be used to deter the team from pushing or it could be used to make a sneak play and you know cut into a corner an example would be like this now he's deterring to the team but at the same time I snuck into another corner without them visibly seeing that no one will want to jump through the flame wall because it will do damage and whoever is on the defending side will have advantage, it might even be combo'd where you could throw the wall of flame and then you can throw a flash around the corner and then go through it yourself and the reason you can do it individually is because fire doesn't hurt you, fire actually heals you flashbang can also be useful for your team, if you're about to turn this corner and everyone's trying to make an aggressive play, throw the flash, everyone watch together, easy, lemon squeezer, okay, how does he have such a useful ability like p to clear the heart?
The ners just throw that out now, they're either going to die or they're going to run around the corner into your crosshairs into your crosshairs and then you're just going to headshot him easily for his last ability, which is his best you. you could waste it if you use it too early well let's say you want to make an aggressive play through this area you use you use it right here you go crazy whatever if you die it's no big deal it will just teleport you back to where you started so i would say phoenix is ​​easier to play so if you are a new player trying to have fun and learn game mechanics phoenix might be your pick here we will be talking about silva so we will start by showing how the drone is useful for example lets say that you have a teammate who is trying to get aggressive through these arcs, you know they don't want to do it without information, right? you could sit here your teammate could be in front of you what cover you use your drone and spot him if you see someone make sure you shoot this beam at him because if he shoots his beam it will really help your teammate because he will see that it will show its position through the wall you will see its little outline the signal ability which is shock is a burst ability the closer the enemy is to the center of the ability the more damage it will do so let me show you what it looks like so you can see how it has that radius for a second, the closer they are to the center, the more damage it does.
I don't know the exact value of the damage, but I do know that shock darts can definitely kill players. I had a couple games where I actually killed two. people with a shock with a shock dart another thing you could do with the shock bolt is you can bounce it so if you see under charge skills those bounce one two if you right click add bounce this bolt recon works exactly the same but instead of dealing damage i t press it looks like this has a radius now how this works is if they get caught by the radius it will show them through the wall and i will have an outline the counter on this bolt is if you hide behind a wall it won't reveal to you what you want to do is shoot it right away so if you see someone shoot it like that you can shoot the beam before it pulses once so no information is collected besides Oh someone shot me many heck people i saw on twitter we're really really concerned about this ability because it lets you know it essentially cuts through walls it's not as strong as people think they have to be in line of lightning even if they are in line of sight of the beam all you have to do is shoot it, it's really really loud, anyone in that spot will be able to just turn around and shoot it and stop it from happening, so it's kind of a balanced skill right?
It is now the last ability he has. it's a last one that could shoot across the map when you hit it pay attention to the minimap top left here it will have a little arrow going through the map and that's where you know it's going to land so let's say it's sitting here on B and your team is being attacked from a point where you can help them with this crazy skill shot which is actually very very hard to hit but it hits around 80 damage so you can just shoot people it's 80 or 70 I'm not really sure that's what it looks like and you could do three shots and the moment you hit them with one of those shots it'll reveal them through the wall that's how you can use his ability so very effective at helping your team even when you're not a lot of characters work that way where they have support skills that you can use all over the map that's why communication in this game is very very key to helping your teammates team of the best m any way possible. i'm showing the last character my voice is dying vipe r he's one of the most skilled characters i think i've ever played and the reason he's so skilled is because a lot of your skills will damage your team if not used correctly our first snakebite ability which is more or less a puddle of acid our second ability is Q, it's a cloud of poison that looks like every other smoke grenade in the game, but it does poison damage. it looks like when you press E you see at the top of the map where that blue line is shown so you can shoot it over rooftops so technically you can help your team on the other site by throwing it and its fourth ability is Vipers pit it's a cloud giant that you can control by yourself as long as you are inside the cloud the cloud stays up if you leave the cloud after a certain period of time the cloud will disappear all abilities the viper has does poison damage poison damage is now a little different from fire damage fire damage is direct it will only hit you for flat damage what poison damage it does the longer you sit on it the more HP you lose your HP can drop up to one HP but it can't kill you if you come out of the gas cloud, your HP will regenerate back to what it was if you use it when your team is attacking and you don't communicate accordingly, they could be sitting on their gas and go down to one HP and someone fires a stray bullet and that's it, what they have done well.
Another thing to note is that Viper doesn't damage herself when she's in her abilities. bar, so as long as they're on, that bar will go down when you turn them off, the bar will go up, it charges normally, let's say you think someone is on the other side of this wall in this cubicle. it will do a lot of damage that they can't sit on because they will die very quickly kly so it's a good way to clear your corners now that his Q ability is something you really have to activate yourself so lets say you want to leave him here you press Q boom , the throttle is high if they go through it. it's going to take damage slowly so they probably won't now it stays active as long as you want or until the bar hits zero and now it's ready and now you can't use it for a couple of seconds as you see when I press Q there A bar.
I press Q again. There is a bar so I can't use it and I still can't use it. I still can't use it and now I can use it again so it's to prevent people from constantly turning it on. outside of his ability is the really cool ability because you could create some crazy plays to press E and you can shoot this through walls so let's say you want at the start of the round you want to separate this whole place and work a crazy push, so you go like this boom you shoot it looks like now everything is set up so you shot that right away p op the wall go ahead and now you're totally behind the wall and the enemy team can put me right on the other side and no they have idea your whole team could be behind this wall right now the gas goes down and now you start shooting everyone right there one thing to note is once you use this ability in a round you don't you can pick it up it's there for the whole round unlike his Q which you can actually pick up you could pick up his Q that's ok you just can't pick these up and now lastly for his last pit of Vipers this is and l which is really very tricky because the radius of the ability is very hard to hone I guess that's the best way to put it and that's why so let's say you have site control and you have the pickaxe down and you planted it let's say you put the ability here now the gas starts to form this is the radius so now your team if it's inside this spot tryingdeprotect it they actually have loose HP so they probably want to play outside of it but you yourself wouldn't want to play outside of the ability because if you stay outside of this zone the smoke integrity goes down if the bar hits zero that means that the smoke goes away as long as the wipers are inside that ability, it won't go out, it stays there forever.
Another thing to note about this ability is that vipre doesn't take damage and if an enemy gets close enough to you even if you can't see it. they will be red outlined so you can play around these really very tight corners and for them they have no idea where they are running they can't see anything but you as a vipre have a little bit more range to work with so if someone swings in this corner before they see you you will see him first so you have that advantage this character and this last one can make some crazy clutch games like a 1v3 1v2 so i would say this is more How do you know once you're familiar with all the other characters, maybe I'll try this one later, you know, because he doesn't want to hurt his team anyway, that's VIPRE

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