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Meet My New Girlfriend! (Flix And Chill Ep. 1)

Jun 01, 2021




, why are you so excited when it comes to this? This is my specialty and Net


and relax, who is your mom chewing on? G no today we're going to play a game about moving and


ing Netflix and chilling it's called Flick and Chill and this is people say it's my story hey you know why they said fuck and chill because they didn't want to get CAU we've come to this point we're playing this game let's get into it let's play some uh what do movies and relax mean relax Netflix and relax they just can't say Netflix because they're a copyrighted trademark whatever you pay Netflix no, usually Hulu and I hang up, that's why come out, come out, come out, come out, brother, let's play this, leave it in the comments if you have to c 1 2 3 4 wait why is there a zero?
meet my new girlfriend flix and chill ep 1
What does a zero do? Jason and Martha. Oh, I get it, so we'll do this and then each episode will be different, so overall we'll have five. okay, we're playing with Jason and Mar no, no, it's not Mar, there's no age, there's no age, there's no age, Martha, look at her skin color, you're racist, Martha, there's no age, Martha, are you just to assume your name, holy brother? pun, let's play We're Netflix and chilling with Martha, it's supposed to be an iPhone, no, it's supposed to be an iPhone, it's Android 7, oo, what's going on? Jason, I love it, what do you love?
meet my new girlfriend flix and chill ep 1

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meet my new girlfriend flix and chill ep 1...

I love these graphics, there is a garage door in the middle of your pth. no they are blinds for a window blind that looks like a garage door Michael I I doubt it's a garage door there is no way oh boy my Tinder day is coming very soon who says oh boy my Tinder day will be here super who is Tinder he just needs to set some things up, what do you need to set up bro, like what Netflix is ​​already on your TV, he's got to set up his needs, he needs to clean that up, what's going on, look at his arm, just look. on his arm his arm is like bending the wrong arm it's like jelly what's going on oh you click on the tv i clicked on the tv ok Netflix is ​​a phenomenal go wow you even use the hey hey Netflix sponsor us yes, please sponsor us on this terrible channel?
meet my new girlfriend flix and chill ep 1
Now all we need is for you to be the people that women are afraid to see on Tinder, man, now, what, seriously, seriously, no, there's a guy on Tinder who likes to date girls and then He says he will go. to the bathroom he just soaks that's messed up I'm not kidding relax what's the point of that? Although, in reality, they are ugly, no, they are kind of funny. Man it's like trying to play the game we're talking about, yeah, seriously, oh that. must be my dat, okay, okay, why am I reading like this? What if it is monotonous?
meet my new girlfriend flix and chill ep 1
Oh that must be my day, oh man does my hair look good? I have something? Where does that southern accent come from? I know my hair. Well you turn into a wave, oh yeah I have no teeth, what the hell is one less thing to worry about? There's nothing in his mouth, there's nothing in his face, oh, I was like this guy doesn't really have a wait, how do they do it? So how do you relax if you have nothing? They dont have it. They don't relax. Hey, they find a way. Here it goes. Nothing. Breath deeply.
Jason takes a deep breath. Just another person. Just another person. I feel like he's about to kill her. like this breathe deep chasing don't keep your date waiting T phenomenal the power was the force oh hello okay who is like that breathe like that me what girl do you know breathe like that hello welcome where did this guy come from we hug each other shake hands or high five we jump to the hug we jump for the Huger straight to the b we jump to the no if your owner friend she will love you more that's how she high fives um why did you get stuck? in your lip you get the character of Anthony, were you talking to yourself a moment ago?
Yes, abort, what if I were not? Tell them no. I'm going to make her think I'm very strange. You have to be an idiot. Just say. So what if she was? So what if it was? You sound like an athlete in the gym who has no muscles. There is no need to get defensive. Damn, I thought you were kinda sexy. I'm not being defensive or sorry, I guess I'm just nervous. We have to be a good guy plus a bad guy, we're going to say we're going to be defensive but we're going to be very innocent, like you know, good guest, relax, I'm sorry and I'm sorry, I guess I'm a little nervous, you know , Martha.
I want the no, Michael, Michael, okay, I'm pretty nervous, well, come on, Martha, get it, come on, no, come on, come on, come down, so what are we watching? What does this guy want? He's fine, you, just do this. just do it, what are we watching, you guys sound like rapists, you both like a little documentary, a romantic superhero series, okay, romantic comedy, Rob coms, ROM cop. I almost had it, a new romantic comedy that came out about a girl who has too much fun, oh that one. weird, what the hell chooses that kind of movie in the first place?
I think there's a famous basketball player in there or something like a lot of people like Kobe Bryant Z, no, that sounds funny, let's look, are you seven, my voice, bro. It's my voice wait, I need to take some of this, what the hell? Who is 10 minutes later? Don't touch my hand. What the hell was that? So, I just realized that with these movie dates you know it's a little hard to get to them.


the person, okay, Brock, you know, okay, calm down, Brock, I couldn't agree more, what's okay, go ahead, I couldn't agree more, you two are there.
I know my voice isn't uh, what do you say? We have a conversation, move on to something a little more interesting, go a little more interesting, you know, I've been feeling love for you, baby, move on to something a little more interesting, if you know what I mean, Martha, um, what Is that what you want now, complete man? You are a man, now you transformed from a high-toned girl at the beginning to a hardcore guy like this. I'm like what that was. Prett anony transgender was too good. I'm a little scared. Anthony's transgender. I know how, girl.
I know how, girl. make a move pretend you were joking don't make a move we didn't even see it's her so you should make a move I was just joking that was that was her move or like no no no I said I said pretending Jing oh I I guess you got me right. I spit on myself. I have this. Oh, I guess you understood me. have a conversation, yeah, because BR, totally look at what M, that was too creepy, that was too creepy, conversations are always so nice, you guys are scaring me. I'm going to start making the girl if you don't take this seriously, how?
That wasn't serious? It scared me too much as a girl. I got you, I got you, I got your voice, what do you want to have a conversation about? Let's have a deep intellectual discussion about society. Well, that's a pretty broad topic though. I'm trying to address it, okay, that's a pretty broad topic, although I have something more specific in mind with brother Michael, you gotta chill, bro, you gotta chill with society, what's your political point of view? Okay, CH liked that hat 100%. you just assume the sacred stance of him, what does this guy want?, what are your political views?
Oh, I called him a Democrat, I told you right here, stop assuming, well, I lean Democrat for the most part, but aren't we supposed to talk about politics or something? one of the seven sins of dating God, damn you're masculine so you're not supposed to talk politics with things like damn, oh you're out, just say, just say, oh yeah, you're right, al devil with what we should or should do. oh yeah, you're right, I'm an arrogant EXT, to hell with what he should or shouldn't do. I prefer to just do what I want. I'm Brock, bro, get on my level, you're Jason, oh, this is awkward, ooh, I like your style.
Martha loves it, thank you. I feel like we have all these hidden social rules and regulations that are not productive for society. He is one of those people when Dido became intelligent, when did he become a philosopher? You can't talk about this, but you can't. Offending these people is censorship disguised as political correctness, what the hell? Hey, Jason, you're really passionate about this, aren't you? Know? Actually, I'm not just trying to strike up a conversation with a pretty lady. I imagine you're funny, say how are you? We get it in a game, okay, what's on your mind?
Let's play Truth or Dare. You are my style. I feel like this is not Jason, he is not a bad boy, what is this, sixth grade bro? You actually sound like a 100% pedophile. sounding like a chicken woman yeah wow yeah we don't have to chicken out no no you chicken what are you chicken or something like that I in no way feel the tension coming but you go first since it's your idea oh Damn, daring, Mona chill works for Yo, okay, Jason, why brother? You don't have to moan when you talk like a girl, no bro, you can just say it.
What is this boy saying? Do this, do it right, Jason Truth or Dare, that was good, that was good. people want pedophile though tell me in the comments okay let him watch it once we see it unfortunately we'll have to do it next episode to finish this one which one should I choose? Leave the comment. I have to go to our viewers. tell us you guys have to try hard, leave it in the comments. Troth or Dare, obviously, you are going to choose uh Tru, uh, you don't dare because you are dirty, you are dirty. Martha, bad girl, bad girl, tell us who has the best wife. voice and also let us know who who whose female voice you like you like the pedophile or you like you like the pedophile you like the half friend half girl me and if you like Brock I'm done thank you very much for watching click on another video , we will be back with a second part, you will probably finish this, right or dare leave it in the comments, the upvoted comments will be decided and if you like it, always make sure to subscribe and we will see. next time on Game Time outro this guy says why do you say yes, why do you just say peace, it's an outro

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