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Minecraft Memes That Hurt My Feelings

Nov 15, 2021
hello today today is a special day hello my name is unspeakable i'm sure you know that look at the shirt look at the channel look what you're watching it's me unspeakable i'm unspeakable anyway you get the point today today we are reacting to unspeakable


so fasten your seatbelts because boy are they hilarious so before this video starts my Chasecraft server just released a huge update this weekend. We have added a lot of new content, new minions, new enchantments, new rewards and much more. the right now and come play with us roll the clips well so there are a lot of zombies why would you open the door why would you open the door and why you ain't dead yet cause that zombie baby should have killed you by now oh you got the enchanted apple i see this guy is really surviving life this is like me when i play


right so he got oh oh the enderman stole it what's wild you gotta go all the way anyway he runs oh no, don't think straight oh oh he broke it oh his friend saved him what a good friend I don't have any friends like that oh his friend save them again oh no again oh his friend let me try that on


and see if my friend shows up and saves me oh I just found this desert temple oh my god it's so nice here huh where's my friend what the hell buddy I thought I was supposed to have a friend ? his villagers are being robbed his village is being robbed oh oh oh no oh no oh no he will jump win them all you just killed your friend how do you think he's going to catch him there's no way I'm going to catch him why did you put a cube of water you should have put the bucket of water like four minutes ago before you broke the thing uh yeah build that beautiful torch and it's gone and your friend st Ole your friend stole your torch he'll show you what it looks like a real torch, oh ok first of all there's no way it's going to work.
minecraft memes that hurt my feelings
Should we try it in Minecraft to prove his theory wrong? So we put this in obviously it works if you break the back one the torch is gone very simple replace this we put in sand we put in the torch we take this one off and yeah we get ripped apart fake fake fake okay and you put the torch in the back ok there's no way that's possible bro what version of minecraft? You are inside? Let's push the limits of my NASA PC. Let's push the You've got a nasty PC with Fortune 32k Enchantment 32,000 Fortune Enchantment How does that work?
minecraft memes that hurt my feelings

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minecraft memes that hurt my feelings...

Since he can drive your PC with this, can my PC drive this? OMG ok so literally this guy is getting millions of diamonds too easy for me ok I should see if my computer can handle that it said 32767 boom oh ok I think I need to put a massive command wait, oh yeah, I did, look. this so here's our selection oh that's just 225. wait, but it says level 32,000 right here 32,000. isn't this 32,000? The flip may have to be put inside a command block. spike with such a high level ok it's on a very old version of minecraft ok now we're on a very old version of minecraft so let's see if it works ok i think it's not working because i have to put minecraft in front from that now i can't figure it out ok i can't figure out how to do it i've been trying to get this spike for 10 minutes now i've tried so many different commands it's just not working what? if I remove this, what if I add?
minecraft memes that hurt my feelings
Let's add minecraft here so minecraft diamond pickaxe won't find another command not working. Let's add Minecraft to the front of this one too. I don't understand, he won't give it to me. the peak oh what if i need to space between the brackets? no nothing id efficiency is not a valid number w hat if i just did the number whats the f fliping biscuits bro pickaxe 32 767 the largest number is one. level 15 but it says no name for diamond ax so i add minecraft in front because this is an older version and then i space it out also nothing level 15 is not a valid number ok i dont know how to get a peak that It's strong, but if I find out one day, we'll test if my PC is a NASA PC.
minecraft memes that hurt my feelings
I want the NASA pc kernel to spawn when I need it versus when I don't, honestly it's true it spawns the crosshair in minecraft. one thing we never have oh no oh it's a family meme it's a family meme where's vin diesel wait for it oh my god he's pulling cars it's a good pace good pace oh oh he doesn't even care or maybe he does maybe it's about from slapping him no he doesn't care he's walking away dude oh he's just smacking the villagers iron golems really protect. ct the villagers are iron golems really made of iron oh he's burning them right in front of the villagers oh my gosh he's not even doing anything about it I mean he's in survival mode as well as you can see , so it's not like I'm in creative mode or anything. but yeah literally bro these iron golems are terrible oh is he about to steal a flower oh oh now he's mad now he's mad that you steal the flowers. oh oh here we go here we go without oh the eternal body oh he's spelling steve what's that what steve used to be cool this guy is mining some diamonds the professionals shaking their heads for whatever reason and he oh his friends caught him yeah okay the noob is now trading with the villager though you have to click the villager you can't just throw stuff at them oh and then the pro oh look i need a friend like this in minecraft ok maybe this is like a bodyguard, you know, wait. put up with that.
Actually, it's not a bad idea. I hired a bodyguard to protect me in minecraft. No wait, that's really a banger. I am writing that. I hired a bodyguard to protect me in minecraft. We'll do that video next week. a giant hole is honestly kind of satisfying oh here he goes here he goes here we go she's going to build um three what oh you know i think the main reason for mining the chunk was to get the resources i don't think i was just doing it to make a hole I think he was trying to get a bunch of cobblestones and oars and whatever oh oh oh I like it better what about this one no that's creepy never what about a ghost? turn around how did you always fight notch? uh that makes sense it's like hacker vs notch how come notch isn't dead oh now he's dead uh this is going to be juicy sorry sorry this is going to be so juicy. alright the piston is too far my boy is fine so he's showing us th is too far dude this is about to get so juicy it's about to mess up my brain so much I can feel it coming right so now he's getting a book what oh my gosh it's facebook oh my gosh because he put a face in a book so it's facebook ok it took me a while to click what is this what is this juicy oh it's a little roller coaster i don't know why i said it looks juicy it doesn't look juicy oh it just ruined it. until it's large scale or maybe it shrunk i think it did shrink yeah it definitely did shrink that's weird actually i played a minecraft world like this if you remember the smallest houses in the world i did this but with houses and we shrink them it was great if you haven't seen that video go watch it but this is crazy it's also a pretty cool roller coaster i like i like the vibe i approve i don't like how it stops there unsatisfactory very nice my friend mine is a tree he digs gets a diamond armor gets a portal comes back and then here I am why is that literally it's literally me bro watch this door open what's new?
I don't even know what the next one will be oh the next one just doesn't work I like it oh no walk through it ok they pushed you into another room and that door is open. that's actually cool that's crazy what's up with this one? but you just walk under it that's convenient i like that one oh it opened what all these things and you and me still can't open an iron door look at this look what a trippy look this is oh my god what what what hey , hey, how are you building? How are you?
How are you alive? Excuse me, how do people make this okay? It won't turn on, sorry, how do you do that? he taught and then the minecraft veteran decides to proceed a different route of building a shrine for herobrine now ladies and gentlemen this is something you don't want to try because it's said to be dangerous what he's going to do is place a block in the middle and it's a nether reactor core this spawns something that hasn't spawned in a long time in minecraft and then all of a sudden she gets this it's an old version of minecraft look how old the lava is and what happens to it in this old version of minecraft nothing thats the end of the clip sorry this is your only friend who is afraid of the dark so he is creating a glow stone very nice very nice all four corners yeah , make it symmetrical, I love that we love symmetry, oh brother.
Look at the trees, they are those trees that shine, I have never seen another like that. Do you even get gunpowder, bro? How do you do it? What does he do? Look around. Observe the area. Oh oh, here it goes, building, building, building. I love this oh my gosh she just goes to the moon. y'all go sideways sometimes okay well he's in heaven now that's good the sociopath this guy is building a complex contraption and this complex contraption excuse me he's about to make frankenstein look at what he's doing, it's absolutely amazing, look at it, are you ready? oh yeah you thought it was going to drop lava you thought it was going to drop tnt but no poor wolves you almost had your last day ok this guy has a bed that somehow in a fire i dont know if he would want to sleep on it oh why why would you put a villager in there bro, wait this is wild.
This villager only has one place to sleep. I love how the other villager just walks away. oh my brother brother brother what did you have? What the hell does this man have? One honeycomb and he's waxing all the copper. I actually didn't know you could do this until a couple of weeks ago, so yeah, you can wax copper and minecraft. off if he walks into his little bluish tent like an old penny so this guy is waxing all this copper and then oh my gosh are you doing it in the big river? oh he's showing you how it erodes on top wait that's really kind of sick so he just punches the pieces but you know how hard that is how did you memorize where the pieces are?
They are all the same. This is a billionaire who plays Minecraft. i just rang the bell ok look at his levels oh my god he's coming down his grand staircase his friends are coming over for a nice cup of tea and in the afternoon he opens the door and he's here o'brien what does? because he's a billionaire, he just punches it and walks back. inside he has no time for herobrine oh herobrine rings the bell again what he has is that pizza that is not pizza oh it is a sign that he is doing taxes oh now now he is afraid oh that's good I like that this is an oxalot they can get a bucket of oxalot as you can see and then what are you going to do with this bucket?
Oh don't cook it no that's wrong that's wrong oh bruh wait can you do that? Should I try now? I'll leave that to you guys try you can really cook enough I don't even think you can oh man what does it look like? I'm assuming it's going to oh okay that's great oh that's very satisfying that's very satisfying the way it's falling like this wow that's very nice very very nice stunning absolutely beautiful I've never seen it , sorry im slashing for hours on minecraft well this dude i mean its me in creative i mean you can use creative too its just you know creative slash gameplay its pretty simple this is an anxiety machine.
I've seen one of these before. In fact, I made one myself and it blew up. I'm going to make a redstone block really close to the tnt it basically looks like it's touching it but it doesn't explode send this to your friend with no contacts well not sure oh.

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