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Minecraft, But It Gets More Realistic...

Mar 29, 2022
This is normal Minecraft and this is a super


Minecraft world and today we are going to beat Minecraft once it slowly becomes



. Well, this doesn't seem very realistic. Well, yes, that's because it's the first level you need to convert to. realistic oh there's a pig, look at its face, oh god, there's no face, this is disgusting, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, oh what's that look, catch it, it's just a square, thank you, delicious, okay , let's try and get some wood, huh, how ugly, literally, the wood looks exactly like dirt, it's just brown, do they look exactly the same?
minecraft but it gets more realistic
I'm going to place, wait, boom, oh, they have a very small different tone, oh, yeah, there's no difference, that's disgusting, fortunately every five. minutes will be updated so I hope we can oh no that's dirt I thought I was going to get a tree yeah you're an idiot okay let me make a craft table let me see what it looks like ah kip here you have a nice craft table and of course you're ready oh yeah okay perfect yeah I can tell exactly what that is wait let me get some stone and then we can both make pickaxes.
minecraft but it gets more realistic

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minecraft but it gets more realistic...

Oh well, I'll take it all and make myself one too. Oh yeah, that's a great looking stone peak. oh oh yeah wait which one is, they are literally the same, they are identical, oh what am I hitting things with? Okay, let's explore now too see if we can find a village or something, oh wait, yeah, okay. oh what you actually have is an ax that you're holding, yes I can tell what my items are and the workbench looks slightly different. I like that, I'm not going to lie. Oh, why do I leave it? I need to make an axe.
minecraft but it gets more realistic
I need to make an ax, okay, go crazy, is this a cow? Yeah for some reason they are white, oh they look like hearts or something like real human hearts. Delicious, wait, this can't be, it's a cobblestone, no, it's just cold, they're like little ones. withered skeleton faces or something yeah I don't like the elements yeah they're a little weird this will just be the general consensus of the video that we don't like the way anything looks I mean I think it'll look really cool . when it


real, oh, that's true, oh, you can actually say what sugar cane is and I guess this is gravel, yeah, okay, cool, I'm going to get some flint, oh, uh, town , town, town, wait, it's a town, okay, yeah, yeah, it's a town.
minecraft but it gets more realistic
I'm going to go check it out, wait, oh God, the iron golem looks tough, wait really, no, oh God, no, no, no, I changed my mind, I hate it, I hate it, come here, oh God, It's gloomy, look at his face, look. his face oh why is he wearing a disgusting cat he's wearing pajamas bro we gotta kill him we gotta kill him just keep running bring him brittany bring him up baby how much five iron okay come on come on to make a cube. and all that so we can get to the bottom of it let's also grab some food before the pack updates again oh wait okay oh this is actually starting to look like Minecraft now I don't like the tools they look really stupid but other than that I'll allow it, it's a bit cartoonish.
I quite like how everything looks. This is actually cool, yeah you're broken, even though I'm broken, not just as a human being in general, you're pretty broken, so I think maybe just. Let me talk for the rest of this video Are you taking over the channel? Yes, honestly, no, but it's mine. Return it. Came back. Okay, let's have so much food. Oh, this is great. I can actually see what things are in my inventory. It looks like, oh, okay, yeah, it's visible, I like it, so what do we need? We want a cube and a shield each, yes please that would be cool, oh the shields look cool honestly that's better than the normal texture okay?
We do? We found a cave. Now we take some resources and then I think we should get to the bottom of it. Oh, it's okay here. though yeah, a hug, stop trying to hug the mobs, come back here, oh there's one here, any iron, yeah, iron blocks over here, jager, I'm blocked no way, yeah, loads, yeah, sure, oh my God, let's go for them, let's go for them all, happy days. Are you ready oh no, it's dying, we're going to die, I want to die, I'm so confused, boy, it's just not iron, no, I just found something, where is it?
I want to see it, oh my God, Jacob, oh. I'm fine, it's fine, you fall, buddy, I'm made different, look, yeah, you did it, you know, crawl behind you, creeper behind you, what, oh my God, that almost blew me up, oh, that was an idea so bad. I thought you were joking. I just did it. I don't really hear what you were saying, I just saved your life, wow, oh this is ugly, yeah, but look at the axon pickaxe and the shovel, I can tell what they all are, I love it, it's okay, it's slowly becoming clear.
It's getting clearer and almost like it's getting


realistic, more realistic, what was that, what was it, please tell me what was that, it was like some kind of cute, sexy voice, I was going why do you think you're a girl? uru now, yes, you I have to say it, okay, you know what this is taking a long time. I'm going to speed things up a little, easy friend. This makes Minecraft much easier. Oh, she changed more stores in the oven. Okay, this is basically it. just


now, I would say yes, this is pretty much default, I don't care, okay, do we have enough iron? yes, very beautiful, okay, chess game, I can't wait to see what the realistic Minecraft armor will look like. something cool, yeah we need to speed up time, can you just speed up time? jj we just need to speed up the run we gotta do it oh okay lava pool love get up oh and diamonds oh that's a lot boom boom dude the hot bar is worse but the blocks they are so much cooler wait this is horrible no no but the blocks look nice and textured the blocks are cool they look smaller oh no its just the pixels are bigger wait are any maybe you'll get a flynn?
Yes, I can barely say it. but there you are okay, uh, we sell spawns, we don't have beds, uh, let's not die, let's go, okay, we're done, okay, this seems okay, we're not going to die immediately, yeah, and we can also say what's all . okay, oh, should we make a diamond pickaxe each?, oh yeah, oh, the crafting table actually looks pretty good, no, this is smaller, I swear, why do they look smaller? , yeah, everything looks smaller, you look pretty big, actually, you've gained weight, no, I'm just. I gained muscle bro I'm fucked oh okay okay okay oh okay big bastian big bastian dude the blocks look so small hey come on they're perfectly average and they're doing the best they can They can, you know what I respect.
Oh, be careful. the galaga oh oh wait no it's changed it's updated again it's updated again I'm on fire oh god you know let's just run just run oh this is so cute wait how do we get there? Just dig around here, okay, we have to find out. find out what gold blocks are, okay, I've blocked it uh, there should be yeah, oh, so much, oh yeah, there's always gold down here, it's crazy, this is like the place, oh, and another one behind you, okay, okay, we're. ready, what's here, nothing, nothing good, oh, bad idea, okay, I don't know what you're doing, but I'm going to start trading, bro, okay, yeah, do it, do it, oh wait, there's a lot of obsidian, though let me click right here. there might be oh I see a pulse I see lots uh okay eight we're almost there whoa whoa okay wait no no the blocks merge look how the textures change when you're oh my god the lava glows like crazy oh when you play things it has like a little residue, that's really weird, wait let me chime in, this is the best update so far, ok now we also have 15 pearls buddy we are absolutely ready with 50.
What are we doing here come on buddy this is really beautiful. the lava is coming, look at this Jacob, the lava is moving oh, the lava is dumb, wait, wait, let me play, let me put some lava, then there were genuine heat waves, okay buddy, we're just getting distracting, we have to find a fortress, now come on, oh wait, that's a fortress, okay, oh, blazers, blazers look cool, they're so bright they shine, oh, this sports car is so cool, dude, you're going to do Let them kill us, no, no, no, we are fine, come on, another one. place what there are a lot of them turn around don't die don't die how many you have I don't know I have three and I have two my fire rod is on fire oh it doesn't light up lights up the area when you hold it oh okay it updates again , wait, how many do you have?, how many do you have?, I have four, I have, I also thought, let's go to the portal, oh, wait, buddy, wait, this looks crazy, light some fire, this looks crazy.
Dude, this looks so cool. I wish we could see something. Okay, let's go back to the portal. Okay, let's go home sweet home. Wait, friend. This looks so cool. Oh look, what is that? It's that gold, look at the portal. like 3d im gonna go into tron ​​man this is crazy okay wait we gotta surface i need to see what this looks like yeah come on come on oh god the light rays wait , there are real shadows, I can see my ax on the ground. Look, the sky is real, oh yeah, baby, look at these leaves, they sway in the wind, it's beautiful, this is beautiful, let me kill a pig, wait, water, oh no, okay, I'll make a salesman of ice now, oh, my sub seems mental. there's a glow there's like a glowing zombie down here the look the sunlight the sunlight through the water dude I'm happy right now I'm really happy okay, I'm going to throw an eyeball seller, are you ready, boom, over here, which is northwest come on quickly grab the beds too we might as well while we're here jacob you got a six pack you got a six pack too and this has never happened in real life yeah maybe this doesn't be so realistic, wait, oh my god. from ender oh they are super eyes from ender they are super eyes look at them oh god, what is that?
That's gross. I've seen it once. It's like the face of a ferret. What's that? Yes, kill it before it lays eggs. Oh, it's real. steak is okay, it's somewhere around here oh here it is here I found it I found it I found it it went to the ground we're digging baby I think oh yeah here we are oh here we go this looks like a genuine dungeon This is creepy oh my god the doors, oh man, there are reflections on the floor, oh, that's crazy, it's unreal and the skeletons, what not, what is that?, you have to come see me right now, oh, that's what you expect, let me put some light. it's actually you oh it just changed again this is weird oh the fire guy is fine we have to find the fortress now oh wait I hear lava oh we're here we're here oh lava looks angry wait break the generator break the generator break the spawner oh man this is so weird oh my god yeah this is crazy come on yolo okay we're in are we in norway what are these northern lights this is it updated again yeah the things look a little different from the way I want. to go see what the mobs look like, okay this is really weird, oh this is crazy, look how cool the podiums look, okay we just have to kill her as quickly as possible now, oh Jacob, break it, break it , she's perched, I'm swimming.
I'm trying to get out now no, no, I was wrong, I was wrong, okay, boom, okay, that's the last one, go get some hits, get some hits, I'm going to get no, no, wait, I chose, I have a bed , TRUE? have a bed uh yeah I have two okay perf three beds we can do it oh she's doing it again she did it again quick jacob okay I'm coming I'm going I'm going I'm going I'm going don't hit her don't hit her she'll push her away boom there's some damage oh she'll be fine that's fine two more and it's over oh smack that's fine I'm coming again I'm coming again whoa Jacob, are you okay?
I'm going to be okay I'm going to be okay I'm going to be okay oh she's here she's inn I lost the last bed it was destroyed we went ahead we have to go back come back oh no it's okay come on boom boom yeah, oh, come on, this is it, come on, this It's, no, no, no, punch, I'm going to get it, I'm going again, come on, I'm hitting her with the bread, I'm hitting her with the bread, okay, okay, yeah, go. Come on, I'm hitting the hay bale, come on, yeah, yeah, oh my god, oh my all the xp, okay, okay, let's jump, come on, ready, one, two, three, wait, what is this?
This is real life.

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