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Minecraft BUT Everything You PUNCH CLONES ITSELF! (crazy)

Mar 17, 2022
Look, I don't want to scare you, but today we're doing the hardest Minecraft challenge I've ever done. Every time you kill a mob it multiplies so check out this photo behind me. I'm going to kick it. He turns into 60 pigs that's


right that goes for bad mobs too of course so you can imagine he'll go


good news guys you know this shirt you've been seeing me wearing well , just went out to go mr crater calm a link is down in the description below if you want to get this shirt before we get into the video guys so what ya know we have a huge sale right now for the merchandise?
minecraft but everything you punch clones itself crazy
We also released a bunch of new hoodies so let's get these out enjoy the video guys no problem it's completely normal they said something was wrong a little weird this might sound like i need you guys to kill it , no I'm in the house yeah what he said that's exactly why we're killing him star farm jelly oh wait oh so you're saying we're killing his two and then using the meat huh he multiplied it every time that we kill it multiplies more oh hey calm down for a second just don't kill any it's bad wait is it still on the menu with every animal or does it like oh no it just moves on? kinda camping whatever it's all really dangerous basically you're kinda we kinda have a house of a house and craner has been hard at work good collecting all those jasmine he's really good and i also have a spotless builder good job ok here he is here ok take all your stuff and then i look guys i got it charlie golden apple go find another oh oh we gotta see that cow man oh ok we should check out the place


and oh yeah wait i'm pleased now that I know they multiplied, right?
minecraft but everything you punch clones itself crazy

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minecraft but everything you punch clones itself crazy...

I'd like to see some little cows and troll brothers, let's see. what's up yeah six of what what are we going to kill i think i saw a sheep here let's see why we'd want to make sixteen sheep josh no one really big cushy yeah think all the wool wing like this that let me kill the boys there. alot of them um i guess maybe you actually know what i picked this guy ok i dont like the way you look at me wait blenheim italy i said his last words look how you blew up. all kinds of sheep we just created a whole flock of sheep thats not the right word but yeah so bad im so scared cause when we have to go into a cave guys wait wait wait oh no no they have the wit of course it works for the squids wait just. use try to shoot him with your bow ok wait i got another one whoa just one what happened wait you had nothing.
minecraft but everything you punch clones itself crazy
I don't think it's working. up work i got you that's so many squids ok salmon let's try shooting a salmon guys can i shoot a salmon wait no one will get 64 of them for a piece of sushi please guys i will Wow Josh you have to be careful you could have killed several right there. I really want to, but a lot, are you sure? Guys, don't do it, don't do it. it will be super dangerous whats up me golden whats up oh i want to be mad at us wait me our armor can go there if you dont want proof josh no you gotta run from it ok dont go in oh my god oh 'Cause Josh Josh be very careful excellent great job all fast lobbies ready for taxi with time to buy okay here we go just do it make it count me a villager there iron golem cowboy , a few moments later, no, jelly, are you kidding me?
minecraft but everything you punch clones itself crazy
Chili has whatever now oh okay I'm going to this is terrible how about we go talk to these villagers? stop attacking us. I am in front of my house. Yes Dad. Very sorry. It was a bad idea for me. Is there a villager we can get to a house? hello, wait, what are you doing? Do you know what we have to do right? Okay no this guy oh wow oh I don't like the way he looks oh my god I'm out how did I get outside oh yeah oh jelly I caught. without you josh wait i'm going to dig all the way to here let's help our friend if you get out i got out i'm fine so if i'm right send you one of these guys now yeah i think we're starting to miss too Kinda, this isn't yours, kill one we can trade with, that would have been an endless trade early. the one that kills a guy anyway was that you were jealous, clearly you were trying.
I can't believe you make that jelly, okay? I also think look at how much meat there isn't who was crazy there's like hundreds of pieces of meat boy I can't believe this guy now we definitely can't kill a creeper or something like that they taste that way do you hear that? oh no i think i saw three guys thats a hobby take care of him do whatever its going to do some weight dont kill them both you know i dont want to kill one now we will get hundreds of them Wow How do we do it then?
Oh get out of there guys get out of there any blog I'll be gone alright well I'm moving in here huh? eat a golden apple then i'm growing fruit ok i'm so sorry we need to get the money sunshine oh yeah ok i don't know where the jelly is but how do we make them win come on come on come on come here zombie guys don't kill it out of here Josh, I was kind of stuck so I grew up I got it it's perfect I'm a genius I did this Craner no it was my idea Josh but you did it right just make sure you don't. kill it with your own tools because yeah you definitely don't want to accidentally hit one of them yeah I got so many pieces of rotten meat guys it's actually in it dude this is loving the zombie right here kidding don't kill it. yeah just a nice table ain't cool wait lava that's what i mean we can kill it on that and then they know yeah guys it'll block it that's cool josh oh you're so smart sometimes that Josh, okay, where do you want?
Come on we go down guys this way this way this way which way I found a way down okay down is what we're doing is going further. er and more of course great game this is a great game do you want to get stuck here with thousands of mobs? -Hey, okay, Josh, where is he? I heard a bet, you heard I really want to kill a bad guy, let the Pats be, I don't see it, it's right there, it's right there, it's right here, do it. yes, i feel bad for doing that, i'm so sorry, mr. bad I'm so sorry I'm not dealing with this it works just let us fly oh Jenny you really healed you almost blew it Jillian but she killed herself oh no no you kidding jelly please kill to one.
It's going to be fun. I don't know what's going on I don't know what's going on here we go we go good I think we all got it operated guys Hey I don't know how alive yet but I love it they got it it's close unbelievable wait they're digging for me guys no It's where they gonna kill somebody, oh man there, oh no, or see you, hey, Josh. stop already and it's alright they're all dead now there's a few more oh my crazy ones and i thought this would be so much worse actually yeah pretty good i mean ok wait don't kill any silver minnows , there are a lot of them, yes Josh I just told you god no, I'm fine oh my god oh my god guys oh my and the man is lying too because they are destroying the overalls which are also little silver fish they are like the original multipliers ok what do we do ok this is bad yeah server crash Josh it's your fault ok let's see if we can get out of here what is this oh nice ravine oh sure it's Josh you did it Oh Sheamus someone killed a skeleton right now yeah that would be a real shame josh no not for me a million arrows i know oh no whats going on? this is like a perfect view oh its not josh huh oh ok go over there and fix the problem ok oh no i shot one.
I shot one. sorry we knew it was going to end one way and ok brett that was crazy good joke rayna thank you so much thank you so much for watching the video till the end guys if you enjoyed the video and want to see Plus, be sure to subscribe to the channel too if you want to see my new exclusive Mrs. Merchandise Crane link will be down in the description below and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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