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Mechanics React to More Awful Tiktok Repair Hacks

Apr 23, 2024
where he talks yeah he's my favorite part of the video I've used that trick before so oh yeah? It works, it works, it's got good hair, nice hands, I give it accessories that look like a little brat right there, depending on what stud it is and all that, you may not have the exact same stud available, the same head size, the same thread pitch. and the same length, you're not going to go to Home Depot and find them. I clean out old bolt threads and reuse them a lot to be honest. I mean, I feel bad for that tool, even though the other one he's using. he might neglect that, there's a chance that the threads if it's not if your threads aren't if they're thinner than what you're using correctly, I would recommend maybe doing it, but with a real thread cleaner or like a set of taps and dies, I usually like if it's rust, just a rusty thread that doesn't need to be really clean, just throw it like a wire brush on a drill, real quick, done, this is a really crazy trick, you know, what it is Even crazier is how crunchy that guy's wire stripper was, that trick verified, oh yeah, yeah, this trick is fine, like I told you.
mechanics react to more awful tiktok repair hacks
You're at home, this is your thing and you don't like your wire strippers so far everything has been a pretty good trick. Tik Tok could be winning today you guys are better off, there's nothing wrong with going on YouTube and recapping what you're supposed to do. what to do before it shined like, oh, you're YouTube on mechanic, but it's like you're not going to remember every car or every act, so little reminder, watch the donut videos or any other videos you want. look or the RMS to remind you how to do something is perfect, I mean that's great, this next clip presents the ultimate trick for when you don't have the right tool for the job, let's see what it is oh my god, man.
mechanics react to more awful tiktok repair hacks

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mechanics react to more awful tiktok repair hacks...

Dude, look at that strong man, look at that guy's arms, oh my god, he's got pythons, he's got a literal python, I think look how strong he is, come on bro, I love this guy, don't shoot me, no, Trans mother, I won. Don't answer it, this guy is the trick that no one knows. You should try this at home. The transmissions are so heavy it's crazy. Don't do this unless you are like that. Now the problem is like you're saying well, the guy did it. 5 seconds, why can't you? Because I'm not that SW, dude, he's 20 years old, he's been going to the gym with those biceps for 20 years.
mechanics react to more awful tiktok repair hacks
Would you say that growing up will help you a lot in the store? I'll help you lift that up, but try to get under the steering wheel. No, so it's a trick? Yes, but it's not that good. This guy is legit. I would never call it a coup in any way because I'm afraid of him, yes, him. He could push you there instead of a transmission, so we have our plug here, it's been drying out there. Wow, big brain, now our plug is just gray, maybe the silver was the wrong color, it's definitely a lot. I think it's a lot. better than it was to be honest um it definitely looks a little cleaner I think the problem is that we used silver like a gray thing I don't know uh I'm going to call Legit Call it legit I'm going to call Okay, it didn't work, it didn't work for us, so this could be our first bad trick, yeah, and it's kind of neutral.
mechanics react to more awful tiktok repair hacks
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