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ME vs 100 ANGRY Ragdolls!

May 09, 2020
who doesn't like ragdoll games and this is a new one called ragdoll fun and this is a little bit of what you can expect seems pretty fun to me so we have two sandbox minigames that further the tutorial Explorer designing a bunch of cheats oh I think I might just be trolled let's design I want to show the world what my ragdoll looks like I'm wearing blue we need to unlock stuff you can have Chrome Gold it's like a white doll, Danny, wait, it does that. i mean let's stick with blue for now you change his face happy smile confused i'm going to make him happy because we're going to hit this guy i think the color of the floor come on we're going to go black that might make you stand out more than there's a tutorial i don't ever know to play that or just play minigames let's play minigames row or to invade stop the red


from getting it I'm going to do Road cross let's see what this game is about I want to beat some


let's play ball get to the beam wi yeah you get hit oh my gosh it switches to slow motion while in ragdoll modes. we just dodged a bullet the cars are cut i fell i'm getting up get up oh oh i just got slapped and i'm going again these guys get run over the second time no this game is great it's like turbo this map oh it makes me happy wheels because you could also make your own levels which you will try to make today this is chaos why are you so evil please stop hitting me this is fast oh the reds die too they even run over their kind this cube is already amazing they can't crash into each other also because their trip up they bump into each other this is going to be next to impossible even the cars are crashing into each other this is crazy oh wait can we don't jump i jump you and you get down you know what i jumped pretty high yeah h hey it's coming a car i'm just gonna jump hey this is impossible for me oh my god oh my god two people just got absolutely destroyed. the race i need to look left and right but they are also coming from the front are you kidding me?
me vs 100 angry ragdolls
I'm going home wait stop bumping into me I'm so mad these reds these reds are looking for me the reds are the baddies they're trying to take me out yeah I might jump the cars okay let's get a little more experience in this game let's avoid get the ragdolls into this invasion game and then we're going to make some of our own levels keep the red ragdolls out of your base what's ok just myself a mansion let's look at this what we throw away what even is this Oh their minds do this it's so hard to control what I got blues to fly it's bad too if I do that doubt about the house that Pollux no no I can't get them they ain't doing it in d there we go buddy this is hard desaad I'm not controlling this with my mouse.
me vs 100 angry ragdolls

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me vs 100 angry ragdolls...

I'm going to use the full arrow keys. I don't like the reds in tripping them. tripping over them like they did to us in the first mini game. Wow, does it matter if I kill my kind? I really don't know, okay, I don't think I should, but I kind of don't care as long as I'm okay with the Redstone game. i'm dying i just died you suck ten people come into this i didn't even see them i can see this game is getting pretty addictive let's make a new world and this is where we can do our own experiments here we go so you can make ragdolls an idol stupid follow explore attacker stark or empty let's get stupid yeah listen oh my gosh could you wait look at all these jerks that look exactly like me what we gonna make the jerks do even though they all have different expressions this guy this guy is already dead what we have we have mines cannons fans a black hole wait i need to get to another level for this to work the black hole is at level 8 oh man y'all fell on you ok why is y'all fell on what are you doing?
me vs 100 angry ragdolls
I need some extra levels so I went into tower mode come on let's do it hello slow -mo what's the point? Ah, literally, it didn't make sense. At least my boy is happy. Oh wait. I can build here different colors now. Yes, they are really stupid. no bullet ah hello friends explore see what the world has for you what the world has to offer oh you're all falling down yeah you're definitely stupid someone fell down i guess you can't fault what's going on what's going on with this game oh i can fly, look at all these other ragdolls.
me vs 100 angry ragdolls
I wanted to put a lot of these on one platform. I don't think I can do it, but this is a good solution. in this it kind of reminds me of completely flat humans mixed with happy wheels mixed with something we have attackers - i'm a little worried what these guys are going to do right let's spawn a lot of them and see they're alright oh, oh they came for me they finally got me how you get off my back oh god you guys are doing a huge thing alright I think I'm dead look I level down this is perfect I'll sit back and watch it stack up levels there, beating me until my pubic hair was out.
I'm going to put a bunch of attackers on this side and see. what come to me oh the boys are thugs straight thugs well it was a big fight well done it's happening it's happening all these against me it's like being at a rock concert you know when they do the walls of death but it's all against me 3 2 1 we try this again here we go oh my poor little man Bullock how many levels am I getting too what's going on do we get something extra yes we have the fan we have the flag the stick flat side up fast what does this do oh yeah oh this is perfect oh i accidentally triggered it let's see what happens when we go in here we go but my main plan is to grab the rag doll you follow because i think that means they will follow me but some of them for these I'll go around these sides and let's see what happens. it all came crashing down on you guys alright there hey we'll start with the default mine which is affected by gravity strong dismembered detonated on touch oh my god i want to dismember them i want to see them blow to pieces i guess i could try.
Myself first, oh, I get it. What if I already step on one? Can anybody help me? Please call my friends. Explore. You are the only ones who will defend me. This game is great. I don't actually know what they do differently I guess they just explode upwards oh those were the guys that got me hey I need to back off these things are powerful it literally disappeared so we unlocked the fan which I think i can use to push them back into the mines let's see if this works this could be a perfect combo here we have ok what that was a lot to do but a great landing my friend well done maybe you have to be close go through it wait come on we spawn them in the air and then they drop into this I'm pretty sure we can if we line this up we've got a launcher on our hands you five are the selected contestants to try out my new contraption actually the mines might mess this up but let's try it anyway here we go I have no idea what happened oh it has no room to turn I'm an idiot what now?
I think the mines are probably my favorite so far. The black hole is level eight. I need to unlock this black hole. I think the best way to do it is if I go to the sandbox in the main menu and then create a lot of those that attack. You should be able to get a ridiculous amount of experience. ok just fall all over the place i want to get hit guys ok oh it's because they're in the air if they're in the air they just fall and die coming come at me hit me oh now this should work this should work perfectly there we go they are ready oh come to me oh my god i don't care how you hurt me so much and send me to the hospital.
I just want to get to level eight. It sounded pretty painful there. I can't see what's going on, but it looks pretty wild, so if I keep doing this over and over again, we should. being able to get level eight and taste these black holes one more fight should do it look how close we are come at me come at me give me your best shot stomp all that's what i'm talking about level 8 that's all we needed we unlocked it alright black hole i mean we also unlock the hammer what does this do we can catch me now hit this song yeah throw them lasers mines everything they could shoot ragdolls lube just cover it up like they just slept how is this going to aim at me look at it it's on parts of my body oh oh so these are the hammers they look nice uh pretty intense im going to jump on one and see what happens here we go to the right this black hole regular or big time we always go to a big black hole oh we just suck you in ok let's just get some stupid ones and put them everywhere and see what happens.
I can see it happening, is this still affecting me while, oh my gosh, look at that, we've done science, how close can I get? a normal one and just get some stupid ones and see what happens ok they just fall off what if i put it in front of it? who are really happy to be there bless them little do they know th Their microparticles are being sucked into oblivion right now bless so which one is my favorite? I think the hammer or the crowbar are my favorites. The mines are pretty good. Actually, mines and fans are combined. aiming at other ragdolls isn't doing a good job this is shooting them into the black hole you can see the ones there from the cannon because they are different colors that's cool too i love their voices they sound so polite even though they are being abused physically hey that pretty much sums up the fun of this game with ragdolls the game I think we've explored most things I wonder if they're going to release more options I would have thought so yes we unlock different styles too no If we hadn't made it to level 20 , we'd play dumb Danny, look at him, he's so pleased with himself, that's cool too, different faces, slow, cute smile, curious, dead, special shad, special like, cute smile,


, special, that's the best one guys that's it for this video it's just a random game i found and because i love ragdoll games i don't know you guys too i thought i'd check it out if you enjoy it po Please leave a like.
I appreciate it so much. I'll be sure to update if this game gets updated anytime soon, but thanks so much for watching. Don't forget to click the subscribe button to join the TV team and today for daily videos. next goodbye is our super full rubber band swing wagon sail campus

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