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Mathematikvorlesung auf den Kopf gestellt

May 16, 2022
I would like to briefly explain my motivation why I wanted to convert the lectures. Yes, then you have to continue. Introduce the son I teach to the teacher training school. That means teachers. So future teachers are my audience. I took a student so now I give didactic lectures there and subject Science classes on subject didactics for example fraction didactics so now I tell students the following in my subject didactics class please don't give 45 minutes of frontal teaching in school, but maybe have a ten minute class discussion at first, solve a common problem with students, but later at most students have to go to work for ten 15 minutes individual work with peers group work treat the issues independently because that is the only way they can generate understanding for themselves that is what I say to the subject lectures on didactics and then stop listening leave the room to the technical lecture i.e. math lectures eg an introduction to algebra number theory and giving a 90 minut frontal lecture on the part of the students yes, of course, I feel a little uncomfortable with it, on the one hand, I do not count five doing frontal lessons, on the one hand, I do 90 minutes of frontal teaching that was not really satisfactory for me, there was another reason why I was not satisfied and I'll show you briefly in the course of how my conference used to be designed.
mathematikvorlesung auf den kopf gestellt
I used to do the next entrance lesson in front of 200 students, so I'm giving a lesson. The students sit there as they are now and take notes and often the following situation arises: a student doesn't understand something, he actually needs ten minutes to think about what I just told himself to work on before he went on, but he has nic time so far ahead, he continues ruthlessly, always at the pace of what he is presenting and many students take math classes, they just write it down to understand what it is about and surviving is the strategy so to speak, and then try again . at home to understand what it was about that was the beginning then the students began to study on their own then there were tasks 1 to 6 a to f please work at home that means what you didn't understand in the lesson you should then practice problem at home you knew exactly what to do and so on often the classmates do not work or copy the tasks and finally everyone goes to the tutorial at the end of the week there is an experienced student experienced students the tutors the tutor who leads a group of exercises and calculates the solution to the task , which means he can then see what he should have solved often you think well he could understand that now but it's clear he can do that that's the tutor he's the vaart he never would have made it. yes, where can I provide individual support?
mathematikvorlesung auf den kopf gestellt

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mathematikvorlesung auf den kopf gestellt...

Where can I accompany students in their own learning process? That is, by the time someone is working on a task, someone should be there and can help give feedback. be like this better that is missing so far you study only in your solution process and the question that is only related to that is how do I really do it with 200 students, that is, how can I supervise 200 students individually? Of course I can't stand 200 on 200 and see how they work, but maybe I can do a little more towards the individual. ler support also went to math conference with 200 students which helped me yes philip glass model and lars inverted boom turn math conference i didnt even think about it at first i had something else in mind and I'll show you what I had in mind now, that is, I wanted to give students who couldn't follow the lesson in the morning the opportunity to understand it again in the afternoon and the easiest way to do that was by video, so the original idea was to give my lesson in the morning and a student assistant stands in the room and abdi films the whole lesson, cuts it into ten 15 minute parts in the afternoon and uploads it to youtube, and then the students can watch the lesson again on in the afternoon or at night and then see what he actually said, I didn't understand that, I'll show you very briefly a section of an example video so that it's You can see what a lecture looks like in this context.
mathematikvorlesung auf den kopf gestellt
The second is the alcohol that I have to have with this one, but only two, namely isolation and association. These two in any way turn off the sound that is no longer like that. perfectly normal math class man standing at the green board not the greenport board with chalk and dirt and dust and the mathematicians love that we need space to develop solutions and someone films and then uploads it like this yeah i did it for a semester like this at the end of the semester my entire lecture is online for anyone to watch anytime and as often as they want.
mathematikvorlesung auf den kopf gestellt
I really don't need to wait any longer. Why should he say the same thing again next semester? be honest intro and the lg prada doesn't change much from semester to semester yes i can do the video just use os as a substitute for a lecture and that's the basic principle of philip glass the idea is as follows before here is before yes before all the students gathered in the lecture room to get into reception mode together and listen and then go home to go and do the tasks 1 to 3 a to f on their own and not having any help there is no support that means everyone they are here together and where they really need support there is no one anymore the idea of ​​leaving it inverted is to turn around so to turn around that is why also reverse lectures students watch the lecture in preparation for lectures then they watch the lecture at home by video yes prepare for the lecture with a video you can do it at your own pace by working alone teacher take a short break teacher rewind again take a look i didn't understand n or can I today I continue tomorrow I will search the internet I did not understand if I could find something else that explains it better and so on you get to a certain level of understanding with the videos and other materials so that later you can come to the conference and do things there for which you need others, i.e. solve tasks clarify questions together discuss certain aspects in depth and so on yes of course there will be questions from the preparation is and can't wait for that students at home lectures will have no more questions but now you have a room where you can get answers now you come to the conference with your questions or are the others studying and I am there and we will clarify the questions together or do the mathematics together again or do the mathematics for the students I walk support and help now still we have the tutorial and it looks like this what has changed now for students to see the lesson on their own and it's good to finally deal with it What with that entry, if you can then work at your own pace then the students go to the tutorial there now they must do tasks 1 to 6 solve from a to f advantage there you are no longer alone but there are the other students with whom you do it together and there the tutor is an experienced student the fan student who walks around and helps tutors are not required to calculate anything i am forbidden them at the blackboard but they are there and they walk and look and if there is a question they will help take a look and then they do so you they give feedback on the solution it's pretty good but pay attention that's and so that means the support is intensive when working on the tasks and at the end of the week everyone comes to the conference to discuss the last questions with me, the last tasks.
In my experience, it makes sense to go into the small group and then the large group just to have me, the head event expert, wrap up the week. alone and I jump x instead I close the week and at the end I have to clarify together with the students what is still open that seems to make sense to me in the meantime I have been doing this for a few semesters the students like that too I think it's great with the only disadvantage to say that it is more work at home than before she had to watch videos i would say that is not a disadvantage it is an advantage so if you have to work at home regularly it is better than learning everything compactly before the exam, for example, so the method helps little by little to learn continuously during the week, so now there is a question that is probably on everyone's mind. obsessed that's the typical question is the videos watched so let's be honest there are videos for homework if you watch the videos that's how it's done and that's how it's done and I'll show you how I did it that works I'll do it now like it's my students in the math lesson in the first week of the semester the first ten minutes, that is, the time when I used to tell them which script to buy how the event works, so be careful. this my students are very welcome to the math lecture introduction to mathematics the lecture is not a lecture i will not give a lecture because i recorded the video lecture it is online i will give you a full hand today that means today you will get the full lecture on youtube You will not only receive the complete conference but you will also receive all the work material, including all the exercises, solution tips, etc.
I will give you all the materials today. With these materials, you can prepare for the exam at the end of the semester. That means you don't actually have to go back. I don't. Don't check if you're there. There is no attendance control. There is no obligation to attend. You don't need to come back and don't make fun of you anymore. So these are the materials you can use to prepare yourself. I can. I see a little fear on some people's faces. Can I do it because I can do it on my own and then I misunderstood?
I won't leave you alone with that, there are many offers of support and one offer of support is the conference. so before, the conference is a plenary event once a week. I am there to discuss the questions with you so if you would like to accept this offer and together with me you would like to discuss your questions. So, of course, it makes sense that we've all prepared for the same topic, which is to say, I say next week I'll be there and discuss the logic of the chapter's statements with all of you. If you have any questions about it, please come, if not, I will. stay at home don't consult there are also tutorials this is a room where you can practice together with other students that a tutor can advise and help you and your students can work on homework with your classmates wherever you want in the dining room at home in the neckarwiese it doesn't matter or in the tutorial there is a tutor who can help you, that means that there are many offers of support that can be accepted, but it is not necessary that they tell you that in the first week everything is your own responsibility, now it is very important how to act in the second week, that is, in the second week if the students should have prepared for the first time k classic mistake number one they are almost together at the beginning if then I go in and say like this let's summarize what they should have prepared then they kill the concept if then no one anymore because it is summarized again something more subtle error is the following you enter the beginning of the second week and I say that I would be interested to know who watched all the videos but I want to know who h i made it work then about 50 percent get in touch it's clear a lot more saw 80 percent some don't go in knock because they think maybe it's their turn or something that means half of them will answer what do i do now i get in in a stupid situation yes how do i react because now half of them haven't responded i have to continue somehow i should send it home if i still repeat it and so on no don't do that but do the following i will come in the second week and I'll say please get me when all your notes are out, take a look at the questions, I'll give you five minutes so that with the neighbor with the neighbor, so everyone, so allo allo, bring her with writing, ne, start murmuring with the neighbor, neighbor, and now it's my timewalking I can walk yes you can look at what is being discussed a little where are the problems she finds out not with wrote anything at all prepared wrong could I work with you I go now to identify, so to speak, the people that I haven't prepared myself and I bring them into a face-to-face conversation you bring up an embarrassing situation that not everyone in the conference room understands of course, but I understand a lot and yes, word gets around that means the unprepared will find out but i can't remain anonymous in my unpreparedness but the teacher's war with oh god first semester i was caught off guard don't worry so come week two be prepared again or stay home then everyone talked so i come back to the front and say it now that everyone has discussed what questions there are then check in students with their questions i write them first on the board i bean the words are not how I write them in bullet points on the blackboard there are eight to ten questions together then we go through a prioritization question who has it all question one of the world students write pay who who has it all question 2 becomes everything question 3 and so on Then we look at question 7 most of you had question 7years, can you repeat the question briefly?
The question is repeated and then I ask the question: who has an idea? How do we proceed here? that later you will always do the same but only two of 200 euros so that you don't do it either but well the question is clear now again five minutes with the neighbor discuss with the neighbor about the question and develop ideas for a solution marble marble also walk, I ask a little to the individual and I say man that's a good idea please introduce it right away when we talk about it so I think I'm infecting e some of you will be in touch right away so after five minutes I'll introduce myself to the front and then everything will be quiet says that now everyone has discussed it the question is clear what are there, then I will collect the ideas and we will have a class discussion with the students and let at the end of the day one possible method is to answer the question of the own students under my conversation guide there are many others now we play games in the lecture hall active plenary sessions group work and so on that means means I have much more opportunity to actively train those who have not prepared firstly I will if necessary identified secondly I don't understand the question I have no idea what the stands are actually saying as possible answers, I can't participate, that means it's a very clear one, so either I take it seriously, I prepare myself or that doesn't help me, yes, and I'll do it clearly, I represent the short really seriously.
Arrive well prepared and that works. Last aspect, how can you encourage active participation with videos? We have found that students watch the videos at home, but how come? It won't stop Facebook from parallel chatting etc. i already asked what else is she doing cooking how schott videos would she cook how do you do that for portable stands there and then we'll cook here and so on and i already like something interesting to come up then i'll take a quick look is that of course we don't have it , so you want to actively do math at home and coincidentally we have achieved that, students have to complete the script so they print it offline on paper Really with a pen and such, put it next to the laptop and while you watch the video you have than writing the complete script that means you have to actively take information from the video and complete the script which was the first approach than a chance to promote an active discussion so to speak there is still a little bit of space just that information is much better for copy the following approach is not to see the preparation of the video, but you have to solve the following tasks this week task abc these are your tasks look at the tasks now you probably have no idea what it is of course you don't even know what it is about but there are some videos you can get information from that will help you work on the tasks i.e. the real goal is to solve certain tasks and the video is ultimately just information material that I make available does not necessarily have to be taken could use something else maybe someone already knows what is necessary the video g ar not to see yes, it's just help to prepare homework like this and what else you can do is chris homework online chris homework for self assessment test so the idea is as follows there are several videos watch the video before watch two videos but first the task of the quiz and check your own awareness of multiple choice, check if you have understood everything correctly and only if you are sure that you have understood, then you can continue.
The videos often give the impression that everything is explained very easily, yes. I sure got that, but if you have to go and do krist tasks like this, multiple choice tasks can be made as hard as you want, then first you notice that there are gaps in your understanding and you haven't quite mastered something yet, like so that's also a good possibility thank you very much i think i'm done with time and now i'm ready to answer questions

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