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Math Superpowers! | Learn to count to 100 for Kids | @Numberblocks

Sep 13, 2023
oh seven, hello one, how lucky I am to see you. I have something. I want to show you how high you can jump. Let me see three blocks. Not bad. Try again. Huh? Fantastic blocks. Oh, do it again. I feel like something lucky will happen. seven last week what eight one two three four five six seven eight eight arms or are they legs let me see whatever they are I like them I have eight and this is cool anyone here oh hello who are you I have eight and I am another eight look at this eight minus one equals seven hey oh you, that was a lucky jump hey, you're very good at saying hello that's not all I can do who are you?
math superpowers learn to count to 100 for kids numberblocks
I'm eight but you can call me block one two three four five six seven eggs one two three four five six seven eight climb run foreigner what do octopuses swim millipede he's off the block how to block swim one two three four five six seven eight swim Ming maybe his arms when he gives you eight pigs you will immediately fall for his chance, he can cook you when it costs a feast, but don't get too close, don't be too enthusiastic. He is the most ticklish tickler the world has ever seen. How to block tickling one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
math superpowers learn to count to 100 for kids numberblocks

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math superpowers learn to count to 100 for kids numberblocks...

He can tickle, he stands tall, he can climb walls on the fly, he can skate like a dream, he's a rowing team and his dancing is something. Automatic supply lock, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, wonderful moon, one day I will go. to space you will never reach the moon that way just


down from ten to one ready ten nine eight seven six five four three two one number ten up on the moon and my friends will be here soon ten equals nine we are on the moon nine and one that was easy this is fun one two three four five six seven eight nine nine aliens one more is ten nine plus one equals ten number 10 on the moon two more friends will be here soon ten equals eight plus two we are in the moon how we got here I have no idea one two three four five six seven eight eight aliens all coming home oh no there's no room for those two don't be afraid octoblock is here octoblock Bill one two three four five six seven eight movies flying fountains good job I'll be back no start whoa hey plus two equals ten Here I am number ten it's time to make some friends again ten equals seven plus three we're on the moon seven and three we're so lucky look at me look there's the button ignition ready takeoff steady is too heavy seven plus three equals ten it's time again wait and see who my next two friends will be ten equals six plus four we're on the moon we really could I'm not asking for more, play a game, shoot the dice, that was great, too heavy, six plus four equals ten, to end our visit.
math superpowers learn to count to 100 for kids numberblocks
We only have time for two more friends, 10 seconds, five plus five on the moon, five and five, it sure feels. It's great to be alive, let's give them a hand, high five, come on, five plus five equals ten, the number blocks one to ten went to the moon and home again, no, it must be nice to have so many different colors , I'm just grey, grey, grey, joy. up nine you never know when your luck oh oh I heard a noise oh a wizards den wow this must be your lucky day night draw a number in the air that many colors you will share draw a number you can draw me if you want me I think it means draw a number since these are numerals and a number one is a straight line that goes downwards one color we are all red one color is not very exciting let's try three make a curve like me then one more and now I have three colored stripes, oh that's funny , three colors each, so who's next?
math superpowers learn to count to 100 for kids numberblocks
I'm the biggest here, that means the most colors, a loop and then a line down, that's the way to make nine oh nine colors over that, oh, that looks like fun. I go around in a loop like an empty hoop, I make zero, zero colors, oh wow, where did they all go, breathe, ah, that's better, I'm sorry, the one who turned us all into zero colors and himself Also, the wand, where is it? I don't know someone I bumped into me and I dropped it oh maybe there's a


erspell here you'll stay invisible until you draw your number with this queen my number is easy to remember spinning around in a loop like an empty hoop makes Mako see nothing here my turn one line down like a stick makes a run that was fast towards you too I can't remember what my number looks like I'll be invisible forever we could copy our numbers off the shelf quickly okay our numbers let's track them together and then it seems an empty hoop make zero a line down like a club make one that was fast a curve down is what you do then straight to make two make a curve like me then one more and you have three down and immediately once again cross the line that is a four is working is running down and around then a row high high five starts with a round curve with a snap that's the way to make a six a line in the sky and down to the ground That's lucky Sevens found and to start looking great look up and there's your age, that's the way to get angry and what good figures we all make.
I feel like being naughty extra naughty octo naughty time to activate the two by two sizer octonaut with my new three dimensional powers nothing can stop me now three four my turn to roll not my turn I win and you do the power square two by two three by three naughty me not so fast Dr naughty what are you doing taking you for a ride oh octonaut now? in 3D you will never escape my sizer hmm no sneaky signs octo flop what is it? Maybe someone needs a big bucket like me. Did anyone want a cube?
What is this? Who are you? I'm 27 years old and I'm a bit messy. I'm the only cube allowed around here the rest of you will have a crooked shape forever now let's not have any more distractions hahaha like I said I'm 27 and I'm three by three by three test the power of three dice Mansions the three nines super sneeze ah octo Cube one two three four five six seven eight octo Cube for power offenses nice fantabulous force is stronger than naughty for the power of three three the three three smile please the sizer will make me a super powerful Cube again your days of mischief are Terrible both of you, that rope is made of pure octonite, your powers are useless, maybe so, but I can still do this.
Octo's signal, my friends will be here any moment and will fall right into our troublesome traps, don't be so sure. We split up here oh, that wasn't very lucky, but it was eight octo block jump one two three four five six seven eight jump Snakes and ladders my favorite game oh, let's play together two one two three someone is cheating six plus two equals eight octoplot live one two three four five six seven eight nine they won't catch us so easily don't walk under the cage final alien one two three four five six seven eight laughter hello hello it's not us four plus four equals eight OCTA block pop one two three four five six seven eight thank you get ready to be pipes stop there we outnumber you maybe we do but we still have a trick or two up our sleeve two plus two plus two plus two equals eight oh terrible four two make one. octonauty yes, you already met your partner OCTA block don't count on it Octonauts Assemble your number it's over you'll have to catch me first octonauty Escape eight seven six five four three two one I spy with my little uh a very naughty number Roll up blocks for the circus of the Three with your ring Dominate me with a launch of the risky thrill will grow three three sub nine he could reach the top If he is a twelve a rectangular wonder she floats with the largest office five freezer 15 a secret write his antics are in mostly mysterious six three are 18 a month she passes the crowd an intrepid explorer with talent to spare eight eight three are twenty-four opening a path nine three trees are 27 three sets of three three on the flying trapeze ten three are thirty two three take the terrain is Coming to Town trees at the head of the big parade she likes to play to the crowd if she has the option to choose she prefers her voice and her voice is pretty loud look at me this is here on top of a game with six in the mix, you'll be glad you were next, it's 90 in the catch please, six, nine, next is twelve, she's fourth in line, her real surprise and awe with her as she shows a draft incredible, it flows with your feet off the ground.
She's next with a disappearing act, she goes when no one else dares. Her secret squad leader may seem a little strange, but they are useful for climbing stairs. rest twelve fifteen eighty Twenty-one never loses 24 will delight you with the light that its rays will shine all day. and all night 27 can do a good trick three sets of three three in one place what you will see are three three and three are nice with a nine on each face Twenty one twenty four twenty seven one three is three two three is six and now, in the moment you've all been waiting for ten, three, three, the Turks, all three of them are complete, a fabulous group, a talented troop, the best artists you've ever met, so please lift the rules, roll of drums, please, for the circus of the trees, a great adventure.
The greatest adventure of all, how exciting, you better check everyone's ready, oh I'm off to dance to other planets, somewhere up there are triangles I've never dreamed of. I've prepared everyone a full meal and space, you really have to know where you are. sandwiches are the starry sky is an exciting place we will move forward together Not only am I ready, I am octo-ready this rocket is ready to be part of a gigantic spaceship as soon as everyone is ready, speaking of which, remember, wait for the signal . number explorers it's time to go out Amazing adventures a week with so many new numbers to meet are we ready Freddy sandwiches sandwiches Heroes with zeros oh Rockets ready check the sandwiches check the bridge squares get ready for Mega sneeze everyone is ready I think I mean, yeah Are you ready to explore the stars why am I always ready laughter I will miss you it is not necessary I take you with me I take everyone with me look and what about you little one are you ready?
I'm nervous it's a long way to go it's okay to be nervous but I know how brave you can be and how much you can do eh and we will go with you too after all you can achieve any number if you keep adding one. A wonderful World. alien come on come signal the signal nine eight seven six five four three two one master Starship Explorer 55 first interplanetary mission underway participate laughter quite true, now it's my turn all you need is one and a magic mirror by numerland I'll be back oh I almost forgot, oh, I'm a little hungry, actually, oh, hello, welcome, hello everyone, what are you doing?
Hello, zero, today is the big one. I'm going to count higher than I've counted before. I have 10 fantastic fins like this, ten high. towers like that and 10 lots of 10 elastic springs that look fun, can I try it? I was counting on it, there's a fin here with your number on it, so let's go for it, great, but we have to go fast, so we get to the last tower. in time to catch this two three four five six seven eight nine ten arriving to land continue every second count eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty we are going to make many new friends today 3 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 party excellent stunts, everyone with the show 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39. 40. oh, I like The Flipper, it's rectangular, I still feel it, running through the sky, this High Roller's Gonna Fly 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70. we're going over the rainbow 75 76 77 78 79 80.
I don't like the look of those clouds there's no time to stop Up and Away 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90. we're almost there with no time to waste this should work Boris 100 I have a hundred and ten lots of ten on top of the world now, how do I get back down? Ah, a 100 parachute is

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