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Massive Dollar Tree Haul!!! NEW NEW NEW

May 29, 2021
hey guys and welcome back to my channel happy new year hope you are having an awesome start to the year we have some great swag from



still been shopping at



and stuff i haven't had a chance to sit down and share all my good stuff , so today I finally had a tiny split second to film this so I'm so excited to share this with you it's going to be a longer video so I'd advise sit back get some popcorn bring your coffee mug i have my adductor donuts here this is vanilla ice cream Pinilla latte this is one of my favorites and i already had my donut but definitely make yourself comfortable because this is a long line this is so adorable it's kinda like unicorn pom pom keychain and he has little legs and he's so cute.
massive dollar tree haul new new new
I already put one in one of Leilani's diaper bags, like the biggest one we take for when we go out of town and stuff, so I have this extra one. I will probably use it. put this in her smallest bag too but this is so cute for $1 guys this is kinda like i would find haggling where i saw some really cute unicorn stuff i think it was tilly's but it wasn't a dollar so find it for our dollar it's a mega steal and they're so adorable this is actually super soft and it just says unicorn pom pom keychain and it doesn't look like it's distributed by dollar tree brand so this is an accessory from royal deluxe so it's a company different, but nonetheless it is so adorable that I love it very much. new stuff lots of new finds so I'm so excited to finally post this for you guys so you can get your hands on all these nice goodies look at these wipes I think these were the two old prints I saw as patterns they are so cute this one just says xox Oh forever hugs kisses and this one just has little hearts and stuff and they also had a lot of other stuff that I took pictures of go check my instagram on sparkle on forever that way you will be updated as to what find on the Dollar Tree because that's where I post my finds as soon as I see them, so they're so cute.
massive dollar tree haul new new new

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massive dollar tree haul new new new...

I also found this little scarf and they had another pattern but I just chose this one and what I like to do with these is use them as my bag accessories I'll just tie them to the handle or just leave them as a little scarf for my bag they are so cute you can do so many DIY projects with these you can even wear this as a headband so many so many options the possibilities are endless. I also picked up this little container and you can put cookies in here if you want but I'll just use it for storage I think I'll put some of my like cute washi tape in here just so I can have it in a cute little container it's heart shaped I just took one, but i might go back and get some more they had other prints too i think they had like a red one and a white one and then one that looked like this print here so i took this one because i thought it was the cutest thing about it i think these are cookies with sparkles and it just says sweet and I love all these girly pastel colors this would even go great in Leilani's room as decoration it's so cute guys.
massive dollar tree haul new new new
I tell you that a long one awaits us. I just can't tell if you're focused. I really hope you are. I really hope you are focused. Double check. I'm my own camera, man, woman, okay, let's keep going, guys. I found these lotions and i guess they are kind of goofy or i guess someone else makes some similar lotions like this for $12.99 or so so i found them on the buck. Tree and they are shaped and like the shape of the fruit, so this one is peach-scented, this one is lemon-scented, and I've been trying them here. I'm sure you're going home.
massive dollar tree haul new new new
I also have a pair and they are very good guys. I think these are totally worth it because they are so cute check it out this is the little peach and I've already been I'm using the cream and it smells wonderful I mean you probably won't get a ton of product here but it's good if you just want try a few of these depending on what fruit you like, but I wanted to share them with you of course because that way, oh my gosh, pear has to be one of my favorite scents, it's so fresh and so nice that I really like it, and then there's Apple which I think would make such a cute gift for a teacher you could pick out some of these and then give them to your teachers like you know you really get Christmas or like next Christmas oh my gosh I've got my nose but these They would make such cute teacher gifts as if Leilani had a teacher that would totally do. like a little treat like that with an apple and even other fruits they are so adorable this lemon smells so clean i love it so i picked them up i think these are dollar tree total score if you find them definitely check them out smell they are just wonderful and really I have b I've been enjoying these I've already been using them they don't have the thickest consistency here I'm going to show you I put my finger in there as you can see it's almost like a lighter consistency it's almost like a moisture like a moisturizer facial but for your hands as a refreshing one like you put a cucumber mask on your face.
I feel like that's what it feels like so I've really liked these, this pear one is my favourite, it smells so good. I'm going to do a lot of organizing in my youtube room because you wouldn't believe it's so hard to keep up with this room there's so much going in and out of this room it's like a constant battle to keep it clean so I have a lot of organization for this room and I just need to find some time to organize and you guys will be organizing with me because you have asked me to show you how I organized my YouTube room and how I have been using some of the Dollar Tree elements so I definitely want to share that with you, so we're going to be, I mean, we're going to do this together, even though you might not like being here physically.
It's going to help me, so I probably should have organized this a little better, but I didn't, so let's move on. I picked up a few of these this is the organizer with a lid and it has three little compartments these are perfect. organized like your bobby pins your hair ties hair clips they're perfect for that but I have something else in mind for these so I just picked up a few of those I think not four or five so I'm going to do a lot organization. It's going to be amazing here. I have a few more.
These have to be one of my favorite items. Organization of my makeup. They clearly look acrylic. I have bought so many of these that they are unreal, but they are so sturdy that they are good quality. for a buck i think this is totally worth your money so i pick ed up several of those are also the organizers of the organization oh my gosh can i talk These are the organizers that have like three little compartments and you'll probably see some of my drawers. I don't know if you remember my little cart that has a bunch of drawers I'm going to put it in there but I want to spray paint it a different color because it just doesn't match the rest of the stuff I have in here I guess I left more of these than I thought which i had please i didn't have they're like the whiter ones but i thought these are nice to have like nail polishes and stuff and then these are just different sizes and different styles so just some of the ones i I had not picked up.
I really like these, like my nail polish areas. There is a lot to organize. I have as my shelves. I'll have to show you a tour of my room, but like these. I have some white shelves from Ikea that I really like, I have to share all these things with you, but I just need Time to see these Valentine's Day signs. Tell me they're not the cutest things you've ever seen. It says Happy Valentine's Day and this one says love every moment and they are so cute. I'm going to put them near my coffee bar. kind of where I had the little snowman and what the other thing was I forget but it was for, as you know Christmas, now Christmas is over which makes me really sad but I'm going to replace it with more decorations so it doesn't it's a great deal, now it's just going to be Valentine's Day stuff.
I also found out that these are clusters of nuts and decided to buy a pack. I bought a different similar combination before that I really enjoyed, so I'm excited to try them out and see how I like them. these these are so good for you its like protein like peanuts sunflowers pumpkin seeds blueberries so i got a little packet of that y'all look at this bag we can just ah i'm not planning on giving this bag away actually i'm just going to use it to decorate this room because it's so beautiful that I'll probably put it on one of my shelves and display it because it's beautiful the sides are striped guys it's just a beautiful bag ok let's keep rolling here I have this ruffled lani and this is the tsumtsum So how do you say? it's thump-thump or something, I don't know, I always have a hard time pronouncing it, guys, but they look cute, like Disney, it has an elephant on it and I think it's Mickey Mouse.
Eventually we are. I just want to go to a lot of places. For example, I want to take Leilani to a wild animal park or the San Diego Zoo, but she also wanted to go to Disneyland, so I'll probably plan the trip to Disney a little further, like in the air, maybe I don't know, I don't know. I don't want to go when it's too hot either, so we'll figure it out, but I'm picking up a few things here and there for our trip to Disneyland. That way she has things on hand and we don't have to pay as much money. when we're actually at Disneyland and I came up with this idea of ​​do it on a tell me because you know I love her channel and she did something similar so I'm just picking up Disney stuff Disney items from the Dollar Tree that way we can take them like on the road and you don't know spend all our money at disneyland because it's expensive leilani last time the guys asked about her she's with her dad like that i think the video and it's ok guys run to her trailer bucks because they have these now look these are amazing for your makeup brushes to stand up like a little jar fill it up it's just stable dispersion but they're like a little they almost look like glass gems they're heart shaped and have some red, if you prefer red, but I like pink better.
I'm going to put this in my taste on my dresser that way. I get to show off my makeup brushes and they'll look so beautiful they'll be beautiful I'm so excited I picked up I think five packs I hope that's enough but now it's time to go to the Dollar Tree to pick these up I see them I think I've seen them all the years since Dollar Tree, these are yes and I was so excited that they would bring out the Valentine's Day stuff because I love pink first, but I knew we would be bringing them out again and I needed to get my hands on a few packs. that way i can organize my mess you were going to go to michaels and try to find something like this it's going to cost like four bucks five bucks so no thanks i picked it up specifically for my makeup brushes but you can fill little jars and stuff and do make it look cute and just girly, i love it, it's ok.
I came across this Single Serve Coffee Filter from Kitchen Concepts and I want you to understand it. In fact, this comes with two pieces. I wanted to try it. it worked for you because I have no idea I've never had one of these before but I was curious how to solve it so I'm going to give it a try if you've tried it already let me know how it worked for you in the comments below I'd love to just curious k now i bought this for leilani too and i will probably put it in her easter basket it's kind of like drawing like a pad or she might like to doodle and draw and i thought it would be a really nice item for her little easter basket to this year so i am already starting to collect things for your easter baskets and i need separate things as you can see ok this is a basic buy item my pink razors come with ten and these are these are just the blades twins I think. there are only two blades these work great for me guys i dont need much more than this you get ten of them thats a steal and i will continue to buy my razors there because its so affordable they also sell as the ones with the most blades like you just need more help i think they have one with five blades they have some for men you can use you can use any type of razor it doesn't matter what color it is as long as it works so i just think because they work well for me more Valent stuff from ine day wanted to show these in my youtube room they're just little giant diamond rings and they look like this they're so cute i had to pick them up so last time i couldn't get my hands on them i was like in it for valentines day Valentin because those things fly off the shelves and then I regret not picking anything up I finally found these lotions they are the vanilla unicorn hand cream I have absolutely loved it is i picked up three right now i have one in my bag i have one in my car and this one here i love them they had others go check my instagram i posted a picture of all the different ones they had had like an owl an elephanti create so many different ones and they had different scents but i just chose the unicorn ones they are so cute they would be great for goodie bags if you are having a unicorn party i think these are just as cute for mothers day as all Holidays that are coming soon, you like more birthdays like for your friends.
Is incredible. I love the Dollar Tree. It is dangerous for me to enter. I picked up this powder because I wanted to try. You know how much I love LA Colors. They are a really great affordable makeup brand, they are cruelty free. I know you guys were curious about it actually being very expensive to test on animals which is why I love valley colors and cheap affordable tame because you most likely can't afford to do that. kind of thing so i picked up this powder it's in the color era and i wanted to keep one of these on hand because i have my dollar makeup in one area like all my dollar store makeup that way because i want to do more makeup looks and stuff for you guys actually i wanted them because i did Aziz that makeup how to try it i want to keep doing that keep doing more for you guys so i took that i also picked this little elf and apricot beige toning concealer so i wanted to try that, so all my dollars, one dollar, will store me, it will be in a dedicated space and help me organize it, so get ready, get ready, we will get organized this year and that is one of my goals.
I have more wet and wild brushes for makeup. I didn't have these. This is the angled liner brush which is perfect for filling in the brows and stuff and this is the smoky liner brush which is perfect for applying as an eyeshadow below the lower lash line so I pick that up. I also pick up two of these jumbo eye lens cleaning cloths. I'm already using one. I love. I think they work great for a dollar. You're pretty good, the next item I have here to show you is this Bear Kiss Goblin Lip Kiss Balm omg I almost hit myself. a shot whatever why not hmm it has like a minty scent oh awesome look at that t color payoff for a lip balm oh it smells like mint or something reminds me of christmas oh it smells wonderful i really like it , that is the only color I found, but I will be attentive because I did not realize how beautiful this was going to be here is another one of those that you paint and show, these are incredible, they are sun catchers, that I showed you the other one, where it was here see when I showed you earlier but this is the Minnie Mouse one and basically your little one might like to paint it or whatever but I was thinking you can totally use these as Christmas decorations as personalized Christmas decorations like those that are so cute because they have a little string here and they already have a little hole in them so you can keep them forever okay guys.
I'm throwing my money at a little birthday party, not her actual birthday because they know I don't get those days off. I had to wait a few weeks for her birthday party to be like her. litt real The birthday party is coming soon. We made something small for her on her actual birthday like a little cake and stuff but she is having a little birthday party and it will be unicorn themed so I bought these hanging decorations so I got these like little pom poms they are a decent pink public filter foil on the outer tip this is a streamer and i have two of those i have some napkins these are also valentines day they just say sweet i have these bubbles again for when we go to disneyland i am going to put this on her little disneyland backpack i have everything i bought at the 99 cent store so it will all be disney related so i thought she would really enjoy this she will be here try to organize this i dont forget i found it too this bath soap and is in lemon mint verbena and i have really enjoyed them.
In fact, I have used most of them and will continue to purchase these soaps. I've really been enjoying these guys so these are gas to me anyway I do use that soap like every time I shower every time I use the bar soap I feel so much cleaner when I do and I really love it just says 100% plant-based formula infused with nourishing essential oils suitable for all skin types to leave a soft, clean feeling, yes please, okay, I love these from Dollar Tree. I know you can probably get more at Walmart and stuff, but they're still very expensive at Walmart, it's the wash bubbles and add-ons.
I absolutely love these, they totally work, they keep the toilet bowl stain free for up to four weeks so I bought three for all three of my bathrooms and finally found some Bolero brand washed ham and this is the apple and cinnamon it would be. they make great little gifts for any women your mom your aunt cousin sister grandma so cute and they have a whole collection for the Bolero stuff you can do makeup wipes you can wash your hands they have like the bathroom soap they have the little bathroom s alts they have the part From behind, like oil, go bolero, well, well, I'm going to show you these, look at these tassels, I had to buy them, these were the only ones I saw, rose gold, silver, and look at this one with pictures, how beautiful, I'm going to put these in my bags, as everyone knows, I love things. like this these accessories are so cute so i picked the four i saw and they are durable they are good quality for a buck like this one is really good quality for a buck guys so definitely keep an eye out for these adorable tassels guys i am Like they're walking, that's what I am.
I also bought this Red Velvet Cake Candle from the Valentine's Day section. so amazing they had others go check out my instagram and just swipe so you can see all the different pics i've posted on my instagram but oh my gosh this candle is all red velvet cake and this you don't normally find like wax this color they had pink wax at the dollar tree I don't even want to burn this because it smells so good it looks so cute it's like what do I do with my life so even for decoration you could put it here. packs of these diamond wrappers are nine feet and i'm going to be arranging a lot like you don't even want to see the mess behind you it's intense so i picked up a few of those now there's Dollar Tree Bags alright Disney stuff like you I mean, I'm just hoarding the Disney stuff every time I see something cute that's Minnie Mouse or a Disney theme. sticks and tiara and connectors something like that so all these different things are first ladies Disney handbags and I'm going to do it.
I also bought him these plates because he is actually getting a lot better at eating his food. I'm very excited because we had a very hard time oh my hair is stuck to This lady of course had a very difficult December. She got sick. Actually, it was around Christmas time when she was getting sick. She was vomiting. on Christmas day so we're not even giving her that much milk honestly because I feel like it's so bad to just drink milk and what about all her vegetables and her food and I would give her vitamins but I was still very uncomfortable because she wasn't taking her vitamins and just Shh you know anyway these are perfect for her because I can put a little bit like strawberries her grapes even like we're eating a sandwich or granola.
I mean she loves loves a lot of little snacks her little eggs so I bought two of those and it's just the frozen entrees and then I also bought this water bottle for her it's like a little sippy cup bpa free of course , it's so cute it looks like she's going to hit the gym in this. I also took these retinol cleansing plots from global beauty care. I have been using them. I have another. I took three total, but have been using one and so far so good. In fact, I liked them because I don't know. if i can show you here let me see i'm not prepared to just talk about this as you can see so they're a good size the way they look like this but i don't know if you can see that it has little ridges on it. the actual cloth and that makes it so much easier to remove your makeup.
I don't know if you can see the little ridges, but it's perfect for taking off your makeup so I liked them, they're not as wet as they are wet. they're not the driest they're just in the middle they're not too dry and not too wet so they're right in the middle and I've been enjoying this so I picked up a few more of those and then found the guys whoops and took them totally because there weren't any left, there were only three left. I left, so I did. I was selfish. I took them all because I definitely wanted to get my hands on them.
These are worth like $10 online. They are luxury beauty care. you can wear this on your neck you can wear it on your hands you can wear it on your face you can wear it anywhere you think you're going to get terribly wrinkled but i picked up three of those i was so excited to get these in my hands. They are pH balanced. Hypoallergenic, not tested on animals. Promotes skin firming. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. in your car by your nightstand so i wanted to get it because originally i only found three although it's better than nothing and then i decided to pick these up these are the baby pop nail polishes and i think they're worth a dollar guys because you get two little nai polishes for $1 so this one is fabulous.
You get red and like clear white. Brightness. This is pink with gold. It's called wonderful. This one is like a baby blue and silver. And that's called coal. for a dollar how do you get them? And then I also got these alert nail art pens and I don't know how well it will work but I think it has a fine tip and a grid of treads okay I think we're coming to an end now I also bought these bubbles to Leilani. I was thinking of probably going back and getting more Z's for the party, the little party that I'm throwing, so I can put some of these in some of the candy bags that I'm going to be.
In doing so it's just small parts, they also had red parts and then a secret powder fresh deodorant. I only get my deodorant at Dollar Tree and have been saving a lot of money by getting guys to stop buying their deodorant at Target Walmart. like going to the dollar tree they have a secret this is a brand that works real Very good it smells good and you don't have to spend like five bucks six bucks on deodorant just a buck so I bought one of those I also found this LA Colors treasure right here. one of my favorite things to do like just putting on makeup this is one of my favorite hobbies it's so much fun so i was so excited when i found these LA colors this is the right cover up this one just says green it's like oh green and i think this helps with the redness this is a purple and it's in lavender i can figure out what it does but each one does something different this is a highlighter and it's kind of shimmery i want to open this up so you can see i've been using this one right here which is like a yellowish concealer and oh my gosh I'm so glad I picked three or four of these because I've been using it every day since I got it so I really like yellow and so this peach is supposed to correct like the dark ci rcles i haven't tried that one yet but i wanted to try this highlighter so you can see what it looks like ooh can you see yeah this is really good guys oh my gosh i'm going to have so much fun playing either?
That's fine with that, I like these guys. I also picked up these buckets and they are kind of galvanized into little metal buckets. I use them throughout my house. My house is like a rustic farmhouse theme, just basic. penny head store stuff here is the other name this is mostly leilani party stuff so im going to go quick theres a topper leilani got these little unicorn cups cups they come twelve pieces in a set and only $0.99 so I have some glasses. I will go fast. Oh, here are more glasses. I have some napkins. Unicorn napkins. 20 pieces.
Some special pieces. like clear and you fill them with confetti and f stuff and they look so pretty so we got two blue rocks and another set of napkins oh wow okay guys that basically wraps up my


tour of Dollar Tree with some goodies from the $0.99 story. I hope you have enjoyed. I hope you have seen something that you liked. saw something new that you can search for in your dollar tree don't forget to hit the subscribe button so you don't miss out on any future dollar tree clothing don't forget to visit my

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