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Jun 07, 2021
I hope you all can hear me, you guys are back here, okay, well we're here by the grave because brother Marty didn't want to have him in, taking the opportunity to give someone a chance, so I'm not sure what you think . It's social distancing, although even though we're here, oh this is a very difficult task, not because I don't know where Marty is, I know where he is, but because it's more than just a church, remember he's a friend and I . I am a friend of this family. I visited him last Friday before he passed away on Tuesday and I said I love you brother Marty, he said I love you pastor, he said I'll see you in the afterlife, so he was ready.
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I have no doubt about that and he lived his faith in front of us, so we have that testimony and you have been here today as a testimony that when you met Brother Marty he became more than just an acquaintance, he became a friend . No matter if he was a client or just an acquaintance, someone shared that he walked into the hospital room and prayed with him before they became members in Atlanta and instantly became friends, so, I wrote some notes so I could Stay the course when I get excited. I want to thank you on behalf of the family for coming and being a part of this service today and I want to read something from Miss Diane to you. guys and tomorrow says it is with a sad and broken heart that I tell you that the love of my life and my best friend passed away after a long battle with cancer, but God was with him through all of this, he was very loved and will be missed much, oh how you loved god and live god as best you can, it will be your wish that everyone search their hearts and be sure to know Jesus too so that one day we all see Jesus and others in heaven with my husband when we come to the end of our lives together the house we had the cars we drove the things we owned it won't matter what will matter is that I had you and God had us that's for Mr.
marty robbins funeral multicam lengthseconds 1003 ownerprofileurl http www youtube com ch

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marty robbins funeral multicam lengthseconds 1003 ownerprofileurl http www youtube com ch...

Haymon listen it's a great privilege and honor be on


's behalf many of you could have done that because you were also great friends with him. I certainly feel that the students defended the teacher because he taught me a lot about faith, as well as about prayer and about faith. Barney had many titles, yes, Title of husband, soulmate, Mrs. Diane, you have been a real help to Marty. We have watched him for the last 10 years as he has fought hard against cancer and Ms. Diane was his protector through some of that and his advocate for trying. to make sure he got the best care possible and try to make sure he got rest when he needed it.
marty robbins funeral multicam lengthseconds 1003 ownerprofileurl http www youtube com ch
I had the privilege of reading part of his prayer journal last week and some of it was funny. I missed Diane making him stop some things and I'm already struggling with that, but we're also trying to be obedient to Miss Diane and, uh, but you've been his advocate and his helpmate, certainly making sure he gets the better attention. He's titled after Dad, Tina, you know? how much your dad loves you and wanted the best for you no matter what, even if he was a little harsh trying to get you to see it titled grandfather, we love his daughters and I know they loved him, title brother I'm leaving to lose some, but I tried to think of all his titles, but really he was more than a brother, he was a boss, maybe a tough boss, some, he's a business partner, he was a prayer warrior, I know there are several of you here. in his prayer partner met him, I don't know where Mike is, he's probably somewhere here, probably if he can, but I played with Mike Farmer for years, when he's usually born, as he was a prayer partner, the warrior of prayer, um, I had the privilege. from reading his prayer period, I don't know if I was supposed to see that or not, he gave this to me.
marty robbins funeral multicam lengthseconds 1003 ownerprofileurl http www youtube com ch
Marty didn't tell him one way or another, but I wasn't going to share any of that since I read it, but what I realized is that many of you by name, your business partnerships, your employees, your family, prayed for you by name, pastor, my family and the members of the church, prayed for you by name. I had to tell someone today too, they said Martin is a bit. rough, I know I'm not, I know he wasn't perfect. I want you to know that he is a man. I feel like I'll probably let you have it once in a while, but as I read his sentence. diary then he confessed that to the man he said sir, I did not handle this meeting well today, give me wisdom to do it well and wisdom to handle it well next time and so I could see the heart of the man in life Friend again at no party was meeting him like a friend.
Marty lived a legacy for us. I think about his legacy in helping. I know, probably Brad. I saw Chris here before, his legacy and his leadership of the rescue mission. Don't know. How many years did he serve on the board there, but literally hundreds or thousands of people have been fed, clothed and housed through the rescue mission? I don't know again, I don't know the numerous years that, uh, Miss Diane. Even Kenny can't count all the mission trips he's taken in foreign lands, he's been to Honduras and Romania? I had the privilege of serving with him in Romania, some of you, but also mission trips in the United States, expanded his life for the work of the Lord and for others uh mission trips again throughout the states and around the world to advance the kingdom of christ for the last 10 years he fought cancer while listening he helped run a business now that can't be taken away from this family because his family is very capable, a very capable family, but it took a little while for Marty to let go, wouldn't you guys, you would all agree that you are going to keep your heads down, let's get out of trouble.
Listen, he helped build a lead. the building program began in the middle of Bethlehem, during his fight against cancer, sometimes we would contact him on Skype and he would lead us, he presided over the start of the new school at Bethel Christian Academy, he was part of that in the middle of cancer now. he and he remained part of the rescue mission's leadership. He was blessed by God because he allowed God to use him and use him for the good of the kingdom. He was always giving back the blessings that God had allowed him to experience.
I'm telling you that many of you here were probably in it, some of you I even know pray every day for different people that God had put in your heart family by name grandchildren daughters-in-law right pray for you by name pray for broken arms to be healed, I had the knowledge of seeing all that and knowing their prayer life again. I don't know that she is perfect, but again I read in her journal where she confessed those times when she had felt like she had failed the Lord and I asked God to correct that in her life and some of you might have been aware of some of them, especially these guys here in the blue shirts, but, wow, their desire was to please the Lord and bless people with all these titles, I think probably. one is, uh, it's the most important and I may have missed some titles, uh, but probably the most important thing for Marty was that he was a son of yes, I don't know your spiritual stance, but I know, he knew where he was. your confidence.
He went and I knew that since God gave him each day to live, he was going to live it for the Lord the best he could and he did, he left us the legacy, so today we are sad because he touched our lives in a tremendous way but here is the word of god psalm 116 15 says precious in the eyes of the lord is the death of his saints precious in the eyes of the lord is the death of mark said pastor I will see you in the afterlife I was sure it was No, uh, he He didn't fear it, he was sure where he would spend eternity as he closed his eyes.
I want to read Second Corinthians chapter five. I'm going to close very soon, I'm sure and when I say that in the church they know it. I'm probably just getting started. However, I will read these passages and then close. The Bible says in First Thessalonians that we should not grieve. Christians are not in pain like those who have no hope. The Bible says yes. We wait on Jesus, if we sleep on Jesus, that he will bring with him those who have trusted in Christ, those who believe in Jesus, so I know where the Lord is. I'll give you an idea of ​​where he is.
Second Corinthians chapter 5. Verse 1 and following we now know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we know that cancer destroyed this earthly tent for the last 10 years, but we are all aging and time is also destroying our tent , now we know if the earthly tent The tent in which we live is destroyed we have a building of God an internal and eternal house in heaven not built by human hands meanwhile we have grown up longing to be clothed with our heavenly abodes because when we are clothed because when let us be clothed we will not be found naked for a while we are in this tent we groan and are burdened because we do not want to be unclothed but to put on our heavenly abode so that the mortal may be swallowed up my life now it is god who has made us for this very purpose and He has given us the spirit as a deposit guaranteeing what is to come, so we are always confident in knowing that while we are at home in the body we are far from the Lord, so let us live by faith, not by sight.
I am confident, I say, and I would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord, so the word tells us to be absent from this store, the absence of this body is to be present with the Lord, there is no more illness. Pain for Marty, no more tears for Marty, just a legacy for us, a legacy of his faith for us to live with, so our goal is to please him, whether we are at home in the body or away from him, because we all must do it. appear before the tribunal of Christ so that each one receives what is due to him for the things done while he was in the body, whether good or bad.
I want to read that to you as a testimony of where Marty is and the faith he had placed in Jesus Christ and I want to read This last passage as a tribute to his life second timothy chapter four verses six to eight is from the apostle paul very well directed and i think it is appropriate for


's life also because i am already being poured out like a libation and the time of my departure I have fought the good fight I have finished the race I have kept the faith now the crown of justice is reserved for me that the lord righteous judge will grant me on that day not only for me but also for all who have longed for his appearance brother marty fought a good fight he fought a good fight he ran a good race we run a good race for the good of the kingdom and we all bear our testimony here today of his faith that he lived before us again he was not a perfect man but a son of God and a friend of mine was right let's go to the lord and pray father we thank you for marty roberts we thank you for his life we ​​thank you for the testimony of his faith as he taught us how to live trusting in you every day lord we thank you for that life what I pray for this family I ask that you minister to their every need or speak courage, strength and comfort into their lives or allow them to remember that legacy of faith and carry on as he passes the baton to each of us, many of us Sir, again, I pray that you will comfort the family minister to the friends here because of the deep relationship we enjoy with this man. with this man father lord again comfort hearts speak peace and speak your truth to the truth of christ jesus our savior in the hearts here today lord we pray these things in the name of christ jesus amen you

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