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Marriage; A Poverty Alleviation Scheme ? FT Don Jazzy | S3 EPS1

Apr 25, 2023
thank you hello and welcome to season 3 the most interesting and captivating interactive podcast you can take it to the bank you have the amazing foursome every time we come we bring joy but it's because you subscribe and you can watch us every monday yes every monday we are super excited and we promised that season three is going to be out of this world let me introduce the guys you know the usual suspects before i introduce you to the big masquerade my extreme rights first ladies and gentlemen okay no ladies first my immediate right the girl i call her this is our color Pepe rimpy because she goes to Pepe Pepe Pepe oh my god oh my god oh my god Our Ladies and Gentlemen uh what is what is better than you know one amazing woman two amazing women women leader trouble trouble a straight table Shaker hey , the problem that causes, ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for Naomi again, big night in the building, big night in the building, hey, bring peace, our ladies and gentlemen, he is a man I love very much . you know this man gave me the opportunity when a lot of people didn't know he gave me the opportunity and he has supported me ever since and i am grateful i am so excited right now and it is my great honor to introduce a man of many parts a man of Enchanted yes you see a lot of grades and characters but with so much experience ladies and gents make some foreign love i'm about to go crazy now i'm about to go crazy i want to Freestyle from the top of my head come on ladies and gentlemen not all days can be blessed by the presence of these distinguished guests and we consider it a great privilege and I would like to say that Frankly Speaking has been amazing and healthy because of the value that our special guests have added to it and I think the third season is going to be explosive 'Cause we're starting on a great note ladies and gentlemen this man is in a world of his own he should be the tenth planet this man is creative Wi-Fi once you play the connection is seamless ladies and gentlemen he epitomizes the formula that I call CCH elevated to power CG t for talent C for creativity let's find hard work yes let's see consistency for Grace ladies and gentlemen over two decades of helping to be powerless Entertainment industries what do you do?
marriage a poverty alleviation scheme ft don jazzy s3 eps1
So let's move on, so the conversation that we're having today is really very, very important and it's interesting because, frankly speaking, we discuss what a lot of people avoid. Calm down, you go, you want to come, you'll get an opinion, but you know, just a talk about what's causing the


now. For some people, they will say the sacrament of


. defined by each other we are guided by our laws, two consenting adults, man and woman, who decide that they are going to spend the rest of their lives together and go down that path, but some people have said that the very essence or the reason why which certain people project that getting married really isn't what it is and we're going to have that conversation, so I say they marry for love, others have said it's compatibility, others have said companionship, others have said it's to raise children, but some people have said of all these reasons the main one of this is that people marry for money they want to climb when we look at social status they want to connect and improve their condition so for many people marriage is a




, okay, don't be me. speaking now, people speak now, I just leave it now, well, a lot of the Godwin that we see and God is me intrinsically, it's really about the good things that they see materially that come from two people in a relationship like when they are Godwin, the god is Me, by instinct, it is when they see something that they feel good, this is luxury, this is comfort and I deserve it now.
marriage a poverty alleviation scheme ft don jazzy s3 eps1

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marriage a poverty alleviation scheme ft don jazzy s3 eps1...

I don't see many Godwins where people talk about the challenges they face. I don't see God. I'm a twin stick where people are discussing everyone exactly yes what people do unless they use it as an excuse to not be waiting for us like maybe destination weddings not necessarily decision if its like waiting like maybe some girls when they see how two people i really really love not necessarily money like when they do all that machine stuff you wear designer clothes and you look happy together they will be lights and they will be in a fancy place i never see two people on that bridge when we wear dirty clothes where they hug each other but no one wants to suffer everyone wants good things like no one else we should stop making people feel bad for wanting something good honestly everyone everyone everything is everything if you look back at the times of our great great grandmas either once you hook up your kids like the rich kids and you hear things like don't worry that guy that guy has money don't worry don't worry yes he will take care of you i know boys that's why you'll be like that girl our father it's rich you'll be able to connect us to make our company bigger something like that so it's always been this way for a long time people want a good thing so it's always been the state now yeah i'm bad and money . which is ok which means love takes a backseat because certain people love doesn't come first they think about the future what this person will give them back which means everyone shouldn't just google just shut up. love, oh, I want to marry this person.
marriage a poverty alleviation scheme ft don jazzy s3 eps1
I love this person. I think I think if you ask me, I mean I've been able to see a lot of things over the years, not just the Nigerian woman vs. the young form. The security man starts or the Queen. the queen the princess the prince the prince the prince's parents the king then go to arrange and different meetings with the boy see how Mario maybe this person's daughter this person's daughter that boss daughter that boss daughter if it's not a good day for one of them he goes there for a girl hello you can't go get married like the one who tastes so bring your brand or married no now one Village I can go to mine that's the life of her well the truth is that it doesn't exist reality, actually, nothing happened now if you check most times that's enough for girls.
marriage a poverty alleviation scheme ft don jazzy s3 eps1
I don't talk about this before every guy we meet. had the baby can i see myself you get bread she gets everything but if she ain't gay then what did they ask he said no no no no i don't need to ask about that girl so what does she do let me first ask what did they ask if you were the same when they say your house is waiting for you soon now they won't tell you not to get married if they come in you say you have a guy with this somewhere me if you get married I'm your life it doesn't change billions go the whole bill I swear you could leave your husband as if i married that man how many put money for love these days or when i think your copy considered it and come get married someone said no he is a copy dont go get involved with that boxer even though i have one who is a bro this video they don't say they all said what they mean and i don't expect dj copy that's your copy bro where they say not all are hypocrites she's not mine she won't marry the guy so why for money many other girls won't i see many other girls like married but they are not saying why everyone wants it is all about Baba I am not saying if we meet gay it is gay talk if i like it correct me just um the first pictures its not about love people alone get married for safety these days people just get married just make them statues today ok ok how many how many put the money for love through Naomi you'll be rolling your eyes.
I don't know, I know because at one point, I understand what she says. The next minute, I'm confused, so for me, I feel like maybe it's because of what we thought. love is I started here last time we talked about this and I said all these things you guys talk about um affection blah blah blah blah blah all those things happen when someone has decided that this is the person I want to spend my life with this person or this is the person I want to date or this person I want to marry like there are other things that you choose besides whether you really feel affection for this person at that moment when you choose this. person and you do that because it's a conscious decision so when you make that decision everything else goes like that which means it's not a lot of visiting decisions no so love happens after you've made a decision.
Would it be love? That we love? not the question why respect is ok eg man we'll just be the conversation above just to say it wouldn't be your own definition of love waiting for that thing waiting for that way go make you stay let's see now this girl i don't i'll get married hmm so there's a couple things like what um understanding calm down um the person just lives let me see i don't want oh how do i put it in i don't want a troublemaker i don't want a troublemaker at all they say they want to fight.
What do you mean you want to fight now inside our stupid foreign game? That question because my hair is not easy and fast. I'm just saying man, no man, not me. Jazzy talk say they run away as best I can correct me if I'm wrong say Gateway and go feed the day with now again when they say go understand say Hindi cheat and again when they say go too Cheeto cause he's done and delete him again, correct me. if i'm wrong that's what it's like to say rewind not do pokemon yeah you know when people talk about this so being in a relationship team and all the men are cheaters come or whatever i get where from come because i know guys. i know they understand where they're coming from because i know a ton of people who do that so my problem now is when you're having arguments the girls won't be like um to complete the game. do it, do some blah blah stuff like that, I'm fine, it's fine if the guy's going to do that like someone like me now I haven't been able to I haven't been able to process the fact that if I eat this person and I'm with this person, all other people should go to hell wow yeah like i don't know how people i don't know how people will get to that point where when you see someone then he buttons the chain that makes you like them people, then you postpone it or whatever, um, I still like it if I see you soon now. for instagram whatever i'm not i know i lean forward you know i lean forward or whatever but a lot of nice people will talk and stuff like that but when i met that event i think it was disrespectful , yes, so it is possible. that you like someone you do it now I use myself to judge other people well in this what I think if somehow I should be allowed or want to do to others what you wanted to do if under some standard I can do that to someone else Otherwise, I wouldn't mind if they do excellent.
I like excellent that it is maintaining the same energy, which means that you feel comfortable. Obviously, you don't talk now, so don't sit with a guy. the possible now yes in my life i don't know maybe when that butterfly hit me without you you hit two people when you fall in love maybe now i'll see that oh yeah so it hasn't since it never happened to you let me say any gateway with the one you can date now she is ready to see many other girls and that game too if he won't go to kotraji from outside if that's what he wants yes if that's what you want i don't want to force you to stay there and say if you're a person you don't really care you won't pray for the rest of your life what i think if it's more if it's in the house and they in the house if you can take it it's ok it's ok or whatever i don't have the I mean to, but if for some reason you need someone else, you might need someone else, so now what if you need someone else?
Why not? Don't you think the lady too? So, which means that she again she is not a fake candidate. You say there that you just want to. You are not good. Why should I go do that guy? No no no if the lady tells him that he's the only one she's involved with with Abby you know what he's saying it's okay with us if a lady comes up to him saying you're the only one I'm intimately involved with she's well yeah she's free to tell him now if it's true what he made me believe so you think you see because I now see by the way that because of this mentality that I have I now have the opportunity to be with a group of women who actually now they open up to me and tell me the truth, but then they also clean up but but you want to believe that exactly now waiting now waiting one take me the question that I have studied here before the facts say that I do not say that everyone does but the fact say you never start cleaning more than one girl now say you never get the chance is the chance or maybe you will become aware if you have the power yes you will say no if you have sometimes yes yes if you have the power i got you yes but personally Personally, I feel that a lot of people are deceiving themselves because I feel that a lot of people, especially for this Lagos, you know, especially for this married woman from Lagos, they all lie to themselves, you know how many places I don't see married for. women do it and you know what's funny about this look there's a lot of places there's something that um


said a guy's waiting for me they don't realize now so marriage as an institution is considered sees a certain way and that is why people who get involved because they want to confirm that they actin a way if these people are going to have a frank conversation about it I'm pretty sure given the option to maybe do your thing I do my thing as we sit there together it's not a good day as long as we can everyone, yes, many people would understand because in this Lagos Lagos, you know don? don't just mention something about, um, if you want, we can be dating, but if you want to do your thing outside, you can, but what I noticed about married women, most women in this Lagos, they don't care anymore.
What do they do. now ok my husband is cheating on me ok no problem he may be doing his thing. I'll keep doing my thing, they hang out more, are you saying they're doing it now out of spite or do they really need it all the time? actually they are always doing they are always driving some men they are always foreign bosses if your marriage expired yesterday your marriage and you if that happens today if that happens to marriage you will go to Jazzy 90. she did here 98. I'm serious men and women male and female colors men and women women for 32 years God forbid I don't want it you know now I've been married for 20-odd years God forbid I don't want it I've been married for this god forbid a lot come say oh My husband won't feel well, I don't prefer to go to the street. questions, I'm facing a lawsuit and I have a problem, so they wanted the child, the pastor could not help, the pumping machine is coming you understand by appearing at the top of my shipping code and so you better see what the pastor called maybe the pastor won't say it and me and tossi have to come to the rituals cause trouble to make me dive there really yes she committed suicide in that are you serious yes i saw it yesterday i saw you that?
They said a woman committed suicide. I don't know how to do this, but they just posted it, but then again, I don't know how true it is. open and telling so imagine imagine di imagine say that woman in that relationship then they do like


talk now so you take B but y'all might be ok y'all my only clue I know why people lie to themselves let's even go back most of most men who are married are very, there are two, um, how is that specific? Since it's not possible don't say that don't say that ok how many of your friends do this because the way it is how many of your friends when you arrive we don't get married do like that I just know I don't know in this world I don't know 45 faithful man everything the world um but there are levels today there are levels for the bastard if you see some of these bastards respect their wife die in this yum i can see it as the dilation system sometimes the one that makes me want to decide yes no just because it is but yes, what did you talk about before?
So any of them now any of them for his wife is where you know if his wife comes to meet you questions you say all the material they cheat on me um my friends know the block they have is that his wife is going to ask me why we ask I'm going to you kick you i love that he's a good friend i have a friend like you don't do justice so why why guys but that's the first point for me also for yourselves. If his wife is a good wife but if his wife is also a bastard and she maybe feed us later on the slide but if he is a good wife for lake percentage because because I don't see you don't see um by the percentage of things you don't see based on things you don't see for this legal status that people you're going to fix even they do and happen married women or married men hmm um who thinks they cheat pass me mentioned more about women women are skills they do this they are skillful and the thing is more but women are more than you think yes anyway if we will go back to what yes yes I was going to say with an example you always get experience of Back to what we're talking about, if people really marry for love these days, no one marries for love, let me give you an example, okay, yeah, yeah, and then all the stuff that says people get married and not everyone they marry for love trivializes what the name is obviously i understand people personally. this question because this question is simple because we need to get married weight would you marry someone who doesn't have a bar? you say obviously no yes obviously facing north don't rule out of love for example if you tell people to read their top five questions that means you said all of that so it depends you can't get better you can't love the fact that is bad, that is my point of view and that is what I have been saying, no, that is my point of view and I.
I'll tell you why I won't have a single suit to choose from as a lady. there's a level where you'll be like a lady, obviously, maybe you're working, you can take care of yourself to a certain degree and the guys that will come after you will obviously be on that level, we talk about social class and all that stuff, so these guys coming will also be at a good level to take care of you they will have money they will probably have enough money or not enough money but they are ok do you understand what i am saying now now you say between them all are ok so money is not essentially the problem here, but for you money now you like no who both have money work with me all these ways they speak english no no you probably don't choose the one with the most money you choose the one that does make love come you don't understand, so now no no no the difference comes back to me someone looking for a funny person very funny what is that now so you can start the series? so let's say let's say we have um I want to give an example of my friend that normally for love and manual I give you God forgive me he sends us all so when we get married for what they do now I tell you what is in my reforms we all go my mother not together as a guy come on i first moved first yo conely for lagos for lagos 2010 so apparently i think in 2015 or it's about revenue jam this guy for being like jumped again can't sign war war but the dad now when the guy can't make it on fire i probably don't even know why you're married again so don't be him after the guy finally finds the signature of in my friend's signature name the signature of your name signature and the name could be the gift now after they make the commitment.
They made the commitment as if it were only on Thursday. Engagement on a Thursday. You do the wedding on Saturday. Saturday night. The boy begins to receive a lot until tomorrow. 20 million foreigners foreigners is contagious because if you're among the people who don't really have much what they're thinking is I want this I want this I want this like I've never made money I've never made money but because if you're among rich people what they they think is making the next bar making the next bar how to make more money I'd rather be around people who are thinking of making the most money than someone who is just complaining that I don't have this I don't know you don't think that person will be very ambitious the person who hasn't now who wants is ok let me go and go people is ok ok there are some people who are not allowed you know want to like have never dated as people who can are not richer do you understand have you ever dated you say it's okay for rich people to want to marry downstairs yes rich men not rich women yes rich men, it's okay for rich men to want to marry downstairs, but it's not okay for rich women to marry downstairs, ah, if they want to, it's ok but i think it's 100 ok if the rich man decides to marry down it happens every day and it's good it's ok because women don't necessarily have the same opportunities as men some women rise up and are in better positions when they marry these big dogs and the rest of them so yeah it's alright because even a rich man who has money what he's thinking about is not that no but what the lady is bringing here hypocrisy oh because you've identified yourself first so I choose the ones that you have identified if you identify a problem and you say that women do not have the same opportunity as men then it is 100 ok for the man to get married so that they attract more women, but you say that it is not ok for the woman to get married case, so you say the man pretty much lives his life, all his ambition, his fight, his goals to be able to get these people out of this. the situation is fine so let me rephrase anyone who is rich it's fine for them you know say don't find good things foreign foreign no no my father won't pay you please go and add another zero to the front two no way no way that's the thing there are people who experience these things every day so don't blame these people for getting married so last class we came to the conclusion to make everyone understand that these days people just they get married by their own benefit decision which means love is not a general term in so people would really care cause you don't want to be lonely when you're old some money for you because the only bumpy king um oh this guy who's smart is this this here foreign foreigner so they marry into very one of the biblical families so you can't find out say the guy is, you know, he likes it in the back, you know, in the front, you know, it's salad, yeah , he says to the salad, it's salad, yes, in the salad, but don't worry, my God, no. it ain't two different things they get like the man they get the stuff fast with the man but no the man won't put it on so when you get excited find out when the guy comes to get us but the guy's family knows who he is . the son is in the back, the game should not go, that she stay newborn once she was born abroad, abroad, no, that's not what I'm asking, can you have an open relationship ? guys marry for money marry for money of course guys people should stop criticizing girls when it seems like it's ok afterwards based on what jazzy said earlier based on topic i think love marriage , love is something different for different people, marriage, love, for me, it could be everything. the security if i marry this person marriage the love for you could be the money where the guy to get married doesn't have my ability to pin exactly yes maybe maybe the name the name when you have that name you fall in love with the person for person breaks down maybe she falls for the guy because we hit the wiper people because they fall for prick yeah i don't like some girls based on how serious they are mean ok ok i know remember that problem lies now for someone like me so now i'm too nice yeah like i always say you see in the sense that now only if i know you now and we want to start dating or in any case it will be what happened with the people they have known for the rest of 30 years cleaning wasn't bad and what we have is we've had beautiful relationships for 10-5 years which means you don't feel guilty now where you going to meet except say girl understand say you get another wipes maybe you wanted that butterflies are not there are some people who know that I do like this girl that's the girl but because they are too shovels as you said so that you never have any Gateway you see where it does not date or rather, not to not delete at some point now we believe that this girl feeds my wife because sometimes they think you know you kill this butterfly not before you get to Butterfly you understand losing that process maybe now when he caterpillar his line of his career it's also because like I said it's also because of his line of work that's why i'm sorry he said i showed his eyes and all that stuff and he said everyone can be allowed but not everyone is the one who can do it because not everyone will come and tell him a shower day in their eyes why not why why why not why even they make people pass normal people no no no no there's some people who shouldn't say it's like you can't you can't be you can't be because you can't you dont even think about bad things like for example your job exposes you to different women coming after you not now besides sure money like i said for his job he also exposes him to different women coming people and gamers nine to five jobs, you hear stories of them cheating and it's crazy and you think because you also see men who aren't even financially capable cheating and you wonder why are these. men cheat, it's a natural humanity because how can you be financially?
People are incapable and you still want to be. I mean, you say financially incapable. don't really get passionate you like to walk on the chicken generator since your finances are small and you have a decent woman who is really willing to handle you like that with your small finances it's less embarrassing when you see them all um dangotees i don't like all these people it's less embarrassing i'm being honest it's less embarrassing when you know when someone who has money i don't care if someone is going to say otherwise but it's less embarrassing when these people who can afford these exact things do you get it and that's why some people now they come and hit the girlsthere you want you want you don't want to be with a guy who has no money you don't want to be do you know how hard it is? being with a man who has no money like i always say a man who has no money in the first place isn't even a happy man to begin with so you are and you're holding on you're driving you're standing next to him and now he's doing all these things like i don't understand some days i wake up and i'm mad whatever you want to say so it's not easy if you see a lady who's with a man who's just moderate he's just looking out for each other , you need to cut something out of that lady, guys, because she may very well have people who have a lot more money than her husband fighting to be with her, you know? you're not allowed to go after women who have money you don't always have to be with women who are worthless sometimes you're allowed to make men go after women who have money your voice so i think i mean this is really revealing um everyone we have realized that for everyone, because without the ego, you are just saying that you are just taking up space, yes, be useful or something, yes, if you know if the money never comes because in the radio station everyone will be Listening like that lawsuit that's broken on her feet the woman he can't go anywhere you can't work why let's do it I love you so let's go and find out about that guy who will stop going to Road the next thing the girl yells the guy comes out, yeah that's it the girl is waving because because she gave Benz no means again okay there are some people like that even foreigners that's my own point on all these things honestly it's good because I know some people are looking now i want to be honest don't judge everything he's been saying every example he learned to give justice them inside all exams how he talks say no the truth for jersey city the first time we knew a week you know if he looked fair before i look up look into his eyes three yes i'm respecting him that's what he is and tell them thank you thank you so yeah yeah um foreigner when we start season 3 promises to be better we definitely will keep giving you the best and we're sure to who has an incredible experience and I am especially very happy for the fact that the third season launched with a legend with someone and if he is not giving his flowers we will give it to you I want to say that you are someone who has added value to the industry entertainment, yes, and just watch the weather I only know if Jersey no no you post a video that Jesse finds funny Jazzy reports this on his page yes and it's a word he will see where he put the christ just rests your video literally taken from people more people in distress than your administration you understand someone who is very very you don't have to pay him you don't I don't have to pay Jack very very humble very very nice anytime when you chat with Jazzy he tells you he's always there to answer and if I never told you before, we tell you that you are the best.
You are a wonderful human being. God bless you, period, the grace to make more of God in a man who literally speaks English God, God bless Jazzy he was early Jazzy didn't even know that so thank you very much and God bless you all. God bless you all. don't add value everybody by moving in everybody foreign foreign no Chevron yeah from that office in the Congo again go shoot we find whatever happened like Floodgate just open it no it's too much God bless you Goodbye, don't worry, we're going to continue bringing magic every week God bless you and we're going to have that one where we're going to have you meet a lot of our people in one space and then we'll have that live recording.
I'm sure you will have an amazing experience thank you

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