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Mark Thomas | Carpool

May 30, 2021
Hello, welcome to AEDT's unique special edition of Carpool. I recorded the show you'll see at the end of last year, so it was a long time coming and I didn't want to release it until I really knew what I was going to do. It will be happening with the carpal. I'm going to film already started. I'm filming a new series of Car Fall that will be released later this year. Each week will feature a different passenger in the past and a different car now. like the old couple, it's not about the cars, about the passenger, but about him, he will be in a different car, I agreed, or pure electric or plug-in hybrid, than a car with a different passenger.
mark thomas carpool
I've recorded one so far with Stephen Mangan. wonderful if he was absolutely charming, generous and funny, handsome young man with a full head of hair, I hate him anyway, that will appear later, there are plenty of other people lined up to do it, very excited, but this is a show I recorded last year . with an old friend of mine some reason why i never


ed is shocking so i finally got to work with my drones and what you are about to see is the result so please welcome him to the passenger seat to this fabulously talented and very brave man.
mark thomas carpool

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Incredibly insightful and original comedian Mr. Mark Thomas is a car boy, but the London Palladium did it on Sunday night at the London Palladium, a John Cooper Clarke, okay, so it's really lovely this gig and that was it. Tickets for the concert were sold out. Sayonara diplomatically and Jungkook. I saw him when he was there. Yeah, yeah, Jong-kook cockles was just amazing, absolutely absolutely amazing because he's had a quiet period. Isn't it a heroin addiction? It's Authority and it's wide open for about an hour and 20 watts and he and I watched it from the side of the stage. and it was absolutely Miss Merrick and you know you said he's too easy on heroin.
mark thomas carpool
I'll do it a little. I'm not saying I'm going to die so well, let's put it this way. I don't buy green bananas. I want to, I want to stretch it out as long as possible, yeah, that's what he said, Terry Pratchett says he doesn't want to drool like a vegetable, that's how I do it, it's just so funny because it's like the missing link in the brimstone between the supports. -up and/or the current and non-musical circuit, yes, Johnny, because it's basically in the city. The Jags between the songs weren't his son's opponents, yeah, he does his great poem called I'm not coming home much 'cause every time I do the sample hey Clark, you fat bastard, you're so much funnier on drugs, how come Can they support the size of the human body? of these people you just think it's a pleasure to be in the room with you, you know, it's a pleasure to be here strangely when you do things you just become strange, which makes your most heterosexual person not heterosexual, you isolate yourself quite a bit because no No, yes , and that can be a pretty strange experience.
mark thomas carpool
I wanted a late night. Stayed up the other night in Edinburgh, my first late night nightclub gig in years. And I ask you. Very valiant. My sound in my life. I saw you having an all-nighter. down years and years ago you're great you talk about cycling you wear lycra and right now this was my like Ricardo and then they fall off it's a rubber lycra dias you're not entirely right it's like ray it's the old testament of clothing that forgive those late night concerts oh oh, you know, because you're talking about money with alcohol, yeah, yeah, and it's fun, but you know, though, they're kind of good for the soul in a if you survive kind of way. you feel like you know it's like one of those if you run up a mountain, someone is one of those that completely dies.
I won't do it. I did a charity gig at The Comedy Store recently and went to the Belarus Free Theater and it was incredibly brilliant. Dare to cut Belarus is the last dictatorship in Europe, right, yes, and that's why they fled Belarus when they were doing a play and they didn't act about suicide and they didn't act in books for theaters and they were usually very successful in the environment and he said why you look at us and they said that all this is not a suicide in Belarus, everyone is happy, so they decided to present their works underground, you had to call, you had to leave a message for the manager, they would find you, they tell you.
Where to meet? They weren't allowed in, yeah, they performed in warehouses or worse, one of the props was two rooms torn down so they could perform in the living room, man, but the thing was, I did it. I did a benefit because I really like them when I got along really well and we did a benefit at the comedy store and we sold it because just the actors come and suddenly they see this concert which is great for him, right? Yeah, you know, I mean, we had a modular design and it might be the city, Phill Jupitus, a really nice building, you know, a charming, comical young man, Romulus, who's right, ah, really interesting, but I mean, What confuses me is that I think I've already performed all the time at your shows, but obviously think of that as different from doing concerts, so you're talking about a 30-minute standing concert and it's a bit of standing between the stairs.
Oh, I love you, surely that's easier than doing what you did tonight when you do a longer show. tonight is going to be good that sounds real it's like gaining momentum down here what you know I mean yeah keep going it's like you've been here yeah yeah I mean I certainly would be a lot more scared if I was doing 20 minutes on the count, oh, and I was following Phill Jupitus and then I will be for an hour and a half talking about all my cabins and I make a big ball of energy, this does not mean ball, to describe it in a spherical round, it was very interesting because people like it and she's human originally and Alexei Sayle are the two people and they almost feel like they have this incredible awareness of yes, yes completely because the energy that's in them that can turn it on or off is just going to be Incredible, yeah, I love seeing them before just for the effort physical, yes, we will do this demo soon next week and next week after, as part of my program, we should have to do 100 minor acts, decide well, yes, and one of the demos. with the avocado demonstration outside the Daily Express building and it is to advertise by fax, one of the facts is that there are 4 million non-British workers in this country working paying taxes and national insurance entitlement, 30 per cent of the workers British and the newspaper the expression The newspaper is owned by foreign companies, by the way, they do not pay too low taxes.
The newspaper that slacks off with immigrants and Barrett manages to suck the rest of us out, doesn't sleep or a good amount of it, at least it does, so tomorrow we'll have a demonstration. The Daily Express, stop fluffing about immigrants, yes, which is not going to be a good time. I'm gay and I was looking, there's a website and I couldn't go to Bingo Express and I recommend people look at it because you can see the headlines. she appears day after day after day August Princess Diana every other day takes pictures of a page that says if she is being killed by the SAS, yes, yes, yes.
She was thinking, just for a laugh, it might be fun to be on top of a Princess Diana lookalike. so send her to the Express offices guys, she's fine guys, everything is a cleaner hose. I'm so sorry, Diana and Express do those things. I just want to do it because this is seen by people all over the world, which is pretty intriguing in itself. but you know the things that I really remember you fighting with an abject mix of abject terror and mass admiration was like when you did it, because that's a moment at the arms show, yeah, yeah, to the companies that got kicked out, Yes, I do. for having to sell weapons to torture what I love the fact that you can draw like this is to kill people yes, it's okay to torture people yes, but anyway yes, you are absolutely right, but the re


able thing is that in reality a few years ago I did the exact same thing, it's just as unfair that they kicked out four companies for having torture equipment there after they said they cleaned up their act and you tell them you know over and over again that you're not checking, that you're not you are watching.
I have access to his arms and how you do that as a journalist and how you recovered. I'll talk about that. I just applied and they gave me permission and then I went there and all hell broke loose. he wasn't in and I was in that I wasn't in that yeah, eventually I was allowed in, right, and they put me in this chat as my caretaker and well, he was ex-military, yeah, absolutely excellent, the house was just ex-military . in the ta now, he just got a promotion and now they are troubleshooting for the appeal, he was right because we are wandering around the gun show, obviously one of his colleagues is troubleshooting, yes that is the problem, and this was Not on the television camera, this was not a reason.
I read a lot, I did the recordings well because you can take audio, yeah, um, he's extraordinary and sometimes I take pictures of what happened well and I also take pictures inside the gun show, right? at one point I want to say it was just amazing because I didn't really have much of a clue, right? Joan, lovely boat, lovely men, that was something like, "I'm going to sell one," consultations in the Pakistani pavilion. Appreciate, geek, they are the pack. some very, very selfish, concerned about the shooting, journalists, very good, because this happens from time to time.
I went to his embassy a few years ago. He pretends to be an arms dealer. I'm booked. It's very easy, but it can be done. all you need to be an arm as you just get a link address and look at Netaji tent email like valves and you are right and you can do it and you can sell you can have a website if you want but it's pretty good. get a website but you know it's not necessary if you like me the defense attaché wants me and I gave him some but they're not selling weapons all oh no oh yeah well I'd say most embassies have well we have a defense attaché and the defense attaché has a sales function and the defense attaché at the Pakistani embassy gave some brochures and some small pamphlets about what they offer, including landmines, so we offered landmines at the embassy.
I know they are re


able, they are absolutely remarkable that they are offered landmines, yes, in London they once said yes, that's a bit strange, yes, but they also make these fixed mines where they like, on a tripod, it's like a briefcase and activate my things, but although it is It's very funny that they have a very clear print on the front like this, but the Pakistanis were quite worried about being filmed, but please from this guy who says, come on, so you don't write a movie, which is always a trip. I'm going to film a lot, but I kind of feel, you know, I mean, that's okay, it brings it with me, so you know these kind of strange characters and you have some ambivalence towards me because there are actually parts of them that you like, yeah, Yes Yes. so your human life is wonderful and complex, you like people who do jobs that are not very pleasant and I wonder when you answered this with him and we found out that when I was there I found out that these companies had done a little bit of homework, so I knew approximately. where to look and it's pretty easy, you know, if you're making a big deal about how this is all legitimate gun sales and it's responsible, mom says it's not torture equipment and torture equipment is in a moment, ya you know, the electric shock with all cultures favorite weapon my hand the state right you know and it was pretty horrible what was happening now um and then what these companies that were used do was sell torture equipment.
This Israeli company always offers us electroshock scraping. It's called a prototype and what you do is you spray a crowd of people with this gel, you just spray this on them and then you hit it with a charge and to charge Google it goes completely through it, yeah, so you can just shock it. a whole group rewriting a garment now I reported it to Massey's clients and the revenue leader in charge of imports and exports and licensing Araya, okay, so I'm not putting it in the Guardian all hell broke loose and before companies were kicked out, which is remarkable Of course, in these years you see the same faces, you turn your sewing over and over again, yeah, you know, look at it from a very, very simplistic point of view, which is if you are going to send to the men and women of your country to the whole world. two sizes, then you want them to be protected to death and that's really yes, you know, it's a normal thing to want what's interesting, of course, when it becomes less clear when it becomes political when it becomes you know when there's your end .
We run into a whole range of things that happen when you see people in situations that they shouldn't be in, yeah, or when you see troops doing things that they shouldn't be in, or when they actually are, you know all of Iraq and Afghanistan just wanted to scream damn what to scream damn mess it is yes, you know, but they, but you are doing the program there tonight, but what I have done, what is it, what the last two that I saw was the one that your father offers, yes, it which is extraordinary. and these were walking under a barrierNo, low, well, the funny thing is that it already happened.
I guess it's a little strange. I don't think I've done stand-up for a while. You know, I mean, because it was one time. It was a rebound, well, actually, guns, what there is is a whole show about the gun industry, right, yeah, and how you, which was really about discovering things in Bedford-Stuyvesant yourself and, Finally, giving evidence at the House of Commons Select Committee on Arm where and it was great fun. They gave me the House of Commons report that comes out because you have to present written evidence from MIT and then you give them every right to concede, it's a very strange process, yes, because the House of Commons then published their report.
I was praised in the House of Commons report and wrote to the President. The committee said that if you compare me again, basically the reason I became obsessed was how I make things that are real and then document them artificially. I'm still on stage, yeah, how did you mix that reality with the after fit? Yeah, how did you come to know? Because when I made the demonstration program, what happened was that the government introduced the law according to which you have to notify the police six days before the demonstration. but the protest could be a person with a sign or a person from home with a badge, so I decided to ask for protests all the time, what if you remember the name of the officer you kept calling?
If I'm a good person, McNally, there's no sergeant. It wasn't like that, it's not that simple thing, it's a police officer doing the job, you know, yeah, I mean, there was a hinge element and the interesting thing was that there were quite a few police officers who didn't do it. I particularly like this law, the right, the right, which made them look like yes, you, Peter, no, Polly, but it made them look at their motives, ended up doing these things called Maslon demonstrations, where if a person needs permission to demonstrate and give notice, then we thought what happens if many people demonstrate at the same time on a different issue.
Legally they have to receive notification. If we have hundreds of people queuing outside the police station at night sending their notification to all that. the police have to approve a notification in one of this and the person who introduced that law in the government was David Blunkett yes, it was the Home Secretary yes, it was in response to what is a response to a Garkel girlfriend war that was a Protester priest who had a little bit we had in any state for a long time and they were going crazy because he used to use his megaphone called war criminals, right, let's be honest, you know, just think because he was right, please, yes. exactly, even if he's not right, you should be fine, yes, but you should, if you can't handle this, why are you in this?
You will not begin to interact with the place where you begin to tell the story of your commitment and your amen. the law starts to push it as far as you can, then the advertising of the program and the advertising of pushing it starts to gain momentum, yeah, where did you take it? Now we are becoming a Guinness Book of Records record holder, a Guinness World Book of Records record holder for most politicians. demonstrations in me in 24 hours, right, I have our summer up and the robot got it right one day, yes, because a person, yes, and it has changed quite substantially, it is still intact, but it has changed quite substantially, you know?
I think it's very nice to be part of that movement, yes, it's culturally part of that movement of change, yes, and that's really it. I love that. I love that people say no, no, we can't change anything with comedy, but look, we can be poor. Instead, why don't we have to prove that this is wrong? I mean, in general, you know jokes about the fact that you know my kitchen sink a lot, man, oh, you know all that stuff, yeah, there probably won't be a huge amount of cultural change as a result of that, but you know that they certainly came back and it's slow, isn't that change in attitude, even if you think that in the time that we've been going back we did well, if you think about when we started, when we started, there's a thing called section 28, yeah, that brought the conservative government? in which it was made illegal to promote homosexuality, what exactly do they do anyway, what that means is that gay lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals are subhuman in respect to the law, they are not equal and what that means is that it allows them to sponsor an area of ​​violence.
In the stay I can give legitimacy to attacks against a homophobe, which is exactly what is happening in Russia and in very, very, very dark days, yes, roll the dice, now we actually have equal marriage, we had a gay marriage in the town the other week. No, could you think of that happening with a legal sanction? No, actually, that's a very good thing. Yeah, it's not about sexualities or something you just go to. Yes. I had sex with a special offer. Yes, so I try to make it not like that. It doesn't work like that, what it shows, I think, is that you try to do things that are interesting, yes, it gets people to have a dimension outside the theater that doesn't only exist in the theater, well, I think I think.
What is the most interesting experience I had when seeing you. I have seen you do many different performances because they have known you since altered. I just want to remember that it's a long time ago. I think I knew you before. You remember meeting you before because I forget you, we probably wouldn't discuss something, but we had a lot of geeks and I knew you before because I never queued to see the jugglers when I was a student and I also used a performer right before I sat on the circuit. oh, really, thank you because that makes me feel even older there is a compliment maybe it is a compliment thank you we are used to God look before us before we liked it come on you like what you do no but you managed to change it and so go away thank you ensign and I like sex, like normal people, they have shoe boxes.
I have no problems, but it was Chipping Norton, the Chipping Norton theatre. Do you remember when you did it, yeah, Israel, the show and I was sitting with my neighbors, but everyone wanted to. come on and I was getting the same thing you know they're going to see public you know there's nothing more than bigots or ignorant they're really lovely people but he would put them on the broad political spectrum for that kind of comfortably small look conservative yeah you know too much immigration, yes, although all those things will be, you know, not scandalous, I'm angry, you kick, but you lean slightly in that direction, so I think everyone comes to see that you keep doing a The relaxation that they stood up at the end Of that, before it was over, it was about the words of Rick Santorum, yes, Rick Santorum was the American senator who is very homophobic, so they organized a contest that gave rights to homosexuals around the composition to find a definition. of Santorum correct and the definition was Santorum or Santorum, but rather it is the mixture of fecal matter and Lube left out vigorous anal sex, so now if you search on the Internet, Santorum comes up and they and Rick Santorum are trying to get The word eliminates needs and I like the idea of ​​why I didn't go cover people and just try to tweak things.
There is another way that I like, it is also that the faculty would have to explain what you wanted. Eliminate Santorum, your tongue sends the molars of grinding your teeth into a desolate fury, but the good news is that your teeth are very good and the gums are really in excellent condition, but you didn't have to do it, yes, you know you need control anger a little. What we recommend is that there is a feeling of shields in the gums. that you can show him the strangest one or what favor was his favor again yes, remember sir oh yes new he basically farts yes yes a fire dance of yours see me sir I was in Montreal for the night of the Comedy Festival I was sharing a dressing room and sir , fun, hahahaha, have fun and I'm really talking too much, you should know what you're doing, it's a bit much, said yogi, but this is really a young men's game, this time there's a 35, so I have his pants, ah, I visit this. put it here oh yeah and look at those two minutes plus six well I told you six you actually fainted from the chromatic oh yeah that was pretty cool oh look there's a parking space right outside you can't say any better than that, It's really nice, we managed to do that, that was great, come on, honey, right?
Yeah you had it right, yeah we think we're all ingredients, most likely not, this is great because I was never done, here's your man, are you there? 250 no no, you can't worry about that

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