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Feb 27, 2020
hey hey you got something to tell the truth tho who am i the guy andreen oh that was easy what is one punch man dude one punch man Tommy they are not because our oh who knows dude oh man Wow cool cool frantic items coin dick allegedly Marcel you to see my what a parable what a terrible event to happen well sorry i ran into you oh okay bryce idiot my car so kobe oh lord shortcut damn marcel minute user reso the first god damn no no no i'm not waiting from who waluigi if this oh god i'm in last place as a salad right now.
mario kart 8 funtage   nogla junior epic win more
I don't know how long it lasted. in a left field of third come on come on Oh Minnie Michelle I don't wanna hit you Eddie's dead snipes wig oh hero up to my second well there's our lady you got a kid bill oh my game series, a boy billing. frantic mode my ass that coin on the first turn on me i know what a shame let's go i've been here for like a second and it's already freaking out i just do a lot man oh i want to win i want to win i try that i took cocaine for this ok that's all this get ready you're in use ok suck a ding ok Marcel what happened to me No you suck a dick if you don't stop what happened drop the bomb, the bomb on me here we caught another one please I'm on trial wear a blue shell .
mario kart 8 funtage   nogla junior epic win more

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mario kart 8 funtage nogla junior epic win more...

Bible, let's go in the blue shells. Well here we go, don't you dare lay back. I never knew. So annoying. I'm so angry. I'm triggered. and i'll stay in the lead because he's cheating by holding down a bong. I'm happy any item doesn't work then we go through the checkout and you're out of items to fuck shame good items into frenzy items boy don't worry about it it's a frenzy mode mate slow down our currency again suck my tiny dick, motherfucker, you're going to die, clown, a coin. I hate my life. one you know ain't good no glue no I'll go ahead of me Meet this arrangement so strong.
mario kart 8 funtage   nogla junior epic win more
I tried to sneak in front of you. who did not have a son to engage the public it seems that no no jr. okay people want to think I have a son okay okay dad you don't have to deny it there's an


battle 86 right now I already have a second it's our last place I'll give you the point come on come on you're sucking dick yeah no I'm bananas , banana, ass, throwback, thanks for the extra views. I'm going after you. I have my eyes on you. Oh yes, give up. Are you the one not to do it to yourself?
mario kart 8 funtage   nogla junior epic win more
What's going on in this place, but a small dance party. Coin a second. Oh, that's me. how we end the best items at the end of the game let's fix master Junkers you love that map remember no you don't Craig you really love DK jungle why don't we write in a moment DK jungle you fell on the map when everyone I hit you at the time of crying at the gang camp. I pushed a trumpet towards me. you're like what the hell no no that's a movie reference nothing like a good trumpet don't worry guys you're not gonna make any money off this video anyway yeah you're right sam stinks stuff guys see you later wow like a mushroom babe i had mushrooms earlier from this game friend i'm flying oh i ate the teacher sorry i'm right ok great later home mr.
Porter Sam maybe save the reading show for the person who's not in the spitting spot okay ha ha yeah he's on frankly he's got a good chance of getting the bullet bill yeah hey, what's going on? you - what what wow yeah tell the designer this power steering track is mrs. Deering what I have not activated what are your settings at the moment? Quick, do it in the video. You are fooling yourself. You probably have a small antenna behind your car. dude Oh original piece of shit don't let him win dammit Bryce Bryce I give you a job could you be so hard?
I'm out here riding a caterpillar and I can't trust a car to win Noblet it's so far away it doesn't matter just in the county look at him idiot once you break away from the pack you're like you're safe nothing happened yeah pretty yeah so much for the mode frantic do you value what i did Balaam oh ok you know what you did with other sales i hate you shaved you just got thrown why don't you keep up the speed after getting hit by that notebook? This actually hits me, it's like I don't know, it's weird, man, he's cheating, dude, it's so obvious. e for me so make it matter oh boy yeah i missed it all yeah i can't move yeah oh my god dude and spinning thankfully every one of this ain't happening as it I needed them for my life and everything Defend me I have to get back there what happened what happened you might have to censor that part because I literally just said oh oh you gotta turn in the wrong direction okay oh great I love this map. so much map friend i can't go it's hard for me to explain how my love for this map never had a burning passion in your heart you just can't explain it i just love the same corner not much screenshot you set up your cart so we all can on the donut it's completely Luckett emotion on the line is all I'm leaning well yeah yeah wish your boy Lou happiness back in the building that has no love these are all the time you're like literally literally like lou bliss what up is your boy lou bliss coming your way another call of duty comment you can suck you know what i'll be taming this game cats no no you don't know you don't deserve to suck anything well looked out with that green shell everyone I might destroy you you big big man Oh, a banana forward, frantic movement, everybody go real crazy, Dre, come on, do it real good, stop, are you disgusting?
Oh my gosh, should I go through the items there? 'Cause it's actually my baby, oh, it's not her jr. idiot i got up i had that too soon it actually worked oh boy haha ​​good thing i can't block with that ah you poke no no you stop me all six tears ain't great you couldn't like a little premature for the other side of the yes oh no you're not going to shoot it happens to be another color red oh my gosh I'll get sued for bullying why am I in the same spot. scum oh why am I on six how did that happen oh not many you're a bastard oh I'm interesting territory start off great come second round I'm on six it's like that getting hit for every conceivable thing possible okay shame shame well somebody pick a what come on dude im changing my cart im changing my cart your setup hes using the standard car and it pisses me off oh well maybe hes just packing them not me I don't know Oh minis ahead oh I'm coming for you power steering unless you're serious tonight No thanks saying faro pa rser it's horrible oh the snipe oh it's so good it will release a lot second second oh , yeah yeah right Cole I made it to first place don't be scared no now a dolphin yeah part of I can't help it.
You've run into that bro oh really oh your part of you Rove to me yeah you're right yeah you're right oh you idiot oh I just talked to myself homie go take victory, take victory. I don't deserve it come on yeah I feel great so I'll go to Brian okay boomerang um awesome dude oh and actually he's my friend he is. Go boys, and then there's nine miles ahead. Can they deal with any of these? Focus on the head of the element. That's what happens if you leave the group. Basically, win no matter what. well, oh, sure there is no way, come on, let me go, this is a chance, this is my chance, come on, come on, come on, come on, this is my channel.
I'm watching this live yeah little dick y'all farewell and sell so much viewers see different sides of everyone here tonight.

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