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Margot Robbie Pushes Her Limits While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Feb 23, 2020
You can get a tattoo if you have drunk any alcohol. I think it's the blood, I shouldn't have said that, no, it's the


talking, it's the Winstar in the run up to the biggest role in the spotlight, what's the most fascinating thing you learned from the gentleman thief Apollo Robbins about the art of pickpocketing? Apollo Robbins, the gentleman thief, taught me how to be a pickpocket, but he taught me too well and then we set the scene and we would say that you were women to steal the watch. like I did and they say but we didn't see it happening didn't we, well that's the point, that's how he told me and then we had to change the strategy so that we could actually see the pickpockets.
margot robbie pushes her limits while eating spicy wings hot ones
As we went, but him the interesting things were like what your brain actually blocks, like you can touch someone, oh my gosh, in a particular place. um he said it's like having a spotlight and you can make someone's brain only see what you will see. shining on you, they can do anything else on you, well I'd try to take that skill you've learned mhm and channel it into this next bomb wig beyond bomb madness, okay, Oh Mughal, Oh boom boom, so hot , creator Chris Schoenberger. grew up watching the neighbors obsessively about his aunt and money and informs me that it's one of the goat soap operas of all time and I was fascinated to learn that people like Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue have all worked on the show. oh my gosh, what do you think you learned about acting on a soap opera that you wouldn't have learned if you had gone to a prestigious drama school?
margot robbie pushes her limits while eating spicy wings hot ones

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margot robbie pushes her limits while eating spicy wings hot ones...

I think I could die. um, be careful with your eyes, um, it's as


as if it didn't. I know how I can be spicier than that. Oh my God, you have to be WordPerfect, ooh, and they like this change as you perform, so that you hit the mark or you are WordPerfect, and they are shooting it so fast. so there really is no time to make mistakes and then you learn incredible discipline and you can work very, very quickly and, yes, you are just very aware of the work done by others. Come on, what's the output process for something like?
margot robbie pushes her limits while eating spicy wings hot ones
Do you have to give them a certain amount of warnings before they can discard your character? Oh, I did, I gave them, I did, I told them I was moving to America and um and then I asked them if they would kill me. in a very dramatic way and they said no because they said, well, you know, if things don't work out in America, we want you to be able to come back and play the role again, so my character also moved to America by the way. I guess he's still back on the show oh my god how are you okay if you're if you're out you're out and there's no shame in that Margo it's okay I'm leaving no no no no.
margot robbie pushes her limits while eating spicy wings hot ones
I don't want to go out, but I can do one more. Okay, greetings, respect. You know, very appropriately, this sauce is from Australia. Wonderful, don't tell it's okay, okay, okay, what does cashed bogans mean and you can use it on. a phrase oh my god that was so much oh it's called the fashion Widowmaker um charged Bergen I'm so happy you heard that saying it's that's a phrase we actually use in Australia Oh bogans something like me' I like it oh no I don't I know, like a talk or you know you're a redneck, I guess it would be the American, but I don't know, but I'm a bogan if you like me when I was younger when we. you're out to dinner thinking it was like going out to dinner shoes you're probably a bogan so I was a bogan oh and I charged bogan I said who has money and that's why they spend money on both on things that are expensive Dumbledore hero or villain hero my favorite I feel you I feel you we're almost at the finish line here and for wing 10 we have something very special planned uh-huh holy well here we are in the wing tine it's the premiere of season 11 and we had to make a big one so we have all the birds in the building, so let's welcome Ellijay bosco, mary elizabeth winstead and jurnee smollett belle to the table, where we're going to do a very special last: shake, it's a tradition around here to put a little. extra on the last one, you don't have to do it if you don't want to, okay, I suggest you don't, yeah, this is okay, you know, she's Korean and Filipino, she's the face of Sheldon, there let's look, I'm just a bogan from Australia. okay, okay, I'm kind of nervous, come on, let's take some time, okay, good cheer and health, thank you ladies for doing this with me, fire in the hole, it's the whole flock here and when we get everyone at the table, there will only be a team building exercise that we know how to do and that's the best friend question bucket, you guys really cool, are you serious, seriously, that was really good, holy shit, that's the spiciest thing I've ever eaten in like six years. weeks, it was the hardest thing I've ever eaten was thinking about it.
I'm starting to feel it. Oh, it's pretty good. That's what gets down your throat. I used it a lot in Wow, it went up to my nose. I am beginning. She says. um, which birds of prey song soundtrack best describes now? I'm in a good mood at the farewell party. I mean, there's the dinosaur you mix up as the Captain of Persia joke, see, sir? new, I think this song describes the mood best and I have to do it, it's been done two hundred times, really good, bang-bang, I have no taste buds anymore, yeah, it's hot in here, so now there's nothing left to do more than turning off the air conditioning. cameras and take Margo to an ice bath, but before we do, let's roll out the red carpet this camera this camera this camera let people know what you're going through in your life oh, we've got a sun coming out, we've got a movie coming out right in Holly Quinn's fantastic Emancipation it's February 7th it's just that it's a revelation that she fixed it like this it's so much better than they should have had it's better than bowling oh yeah I think you guys might be onto something oh that's so Well hey, what's going on Hot fans?, I'm Sean Evans, checking in to tell you the origin story behind Hot Hits Rojo, so a few months ago we decided to go to a completely strange world and we went dr.
Frankenstein in all our sauces and we started mixing and matching the peppers and just turned it off, we thought it would be a stupid one-time thing, but we accidentally threw away that science experiment that created one of the best sauces of all time Hot Louis Red, get your bottle in Calor inist heat nests calm to get a bottle of hot Lowe's Rojo hot lows Rojo accidentally delicious you

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