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Maradona: The Tragic Genius

Mar 31, 2024
Who among us does not know Diego Armando Maradona, a player of great achievements, beautiful dribbles and numerous challenges, he beat the odds to surpass all others in the world of football, but at what price there were always two sides in the story of Maradona, a story on the field and another off it and sometimes these two sides collide this is the story of Maradona and how he left his eternal mark on world football suspension for consuming cocaine the career of one of the greats of all times are over Diego Armando Maradona was born in poverty in the southern area of ​​buos ciris, particularly in villa fiorito, his parents had a passion for football since football was one of the few things that the poor had at their disposal, his uncle chirillo told him He gave Diego a soccer ball for his third birthday gift, Maradona said later, in an interview, that first soccer ball was the most beautiful gift of my life.
maradona the tragic genius
I played in the streets near the vacant lot and the difficult terrain caused the ball to bounce awkwardly, which was very difficult to control. This made Diego hone his talents and teach him control. He learned soccer from a very young age but to survive in Villa fiorito Diego had to choose one of two options: join one of the several gangs that dominated the suburb or concentrate on soccer, his parents naturally encouraged him to concentrate on soccer because they saw. his natural talent and gave him the necessary space to develop at the age8 Diego caught the attention of talent scout Francis Corneo who was preparing an under 19 team for the Argentinos Juniors Club.
maradona the tragic genius

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maradona the tragic genius...

After the initial tests Francis was amazed and convinced that Maradona was older than his true age due to his style of play in 1969 Diego was part of Los bolitas the junior team of Argentinos Juniors he was a natural star and leader of the team since he played as number 10 and the coach gave him freedom to roam and experiment in 1972 Diego He gained his first small fame when he showed off his juggling skills as part of the halftime show in Argentina's top division. Later he was interviewed for the first time in his life and asked about his dreams and he said: my first dream is to play in the World Cup.
maradona the tragic genius
Diego's performances with the youth team in 1974 boosted Graphico magazine and they sent a journalist to cover Maradona, which was a first for a player in that specific age group on October 20, 1976 and 10 days before his 16th birthday. He made his official debut with Argentinos Juniors and became the youngest player in the history of the Argentine Primera División. Diego knew from a young age how to play against older players and learned to avoid tackles and kicks, he dribbled and jumped in front of tackles and pushed. the ball forward without fear Diego played well in the limited minutes he was given at Club level and was successfully called up by national team coach César Minoti and made his national team debut at the age of 16 against Hungary in February 1977, Maradona said in an interview.
maradona the tragic genius
At that moment everything happened too fast I have to take it with a grain of salt because if I think about it I could go crazy. At the beginning of 1977 Diego asked his close friend Jorge Speler to represent him as an agent who was considered to be the first agent of a player. Argentine and helped Diego negotiate his first professional contract in May of that year. It was Diego's first full season with the first team, as he helped a team with little talent win. He was young but behaved like a veteran and the team would quickly give him the captaincy in 1978.
Maradona hoped to be part of the national team when Argentina obtained the honor of hosting the World Cup, which would make him the youngest player to play in the world Cup. Cup, but the national team coach, César Minotti, had other ideas and decided to omit Diego from the final selection because he said that he was very young and that there were more experienced players in his position. That decision frustrated Diego greatly, but his early fame brought him some joy. how he managed to achieve his lifelong dream of meeting Pelle at Kopa Cabana as P told the young star to accept the applause but don't live for it.
It was a wonderful experience for young Diego as he said that meeting P is the Copa del World that I don't At the age of 18, Maradona was attracting the attention of other South American and even European clubs. His performances continued to improve in the '78 season when he finished Metropolitano's campaign as top scorer for the first time in his career by scoring 20 1 goals in the summer and after Argentina won the World Cup, Diego received an official offer from English team Sheffield United. But at that time Argentina was under a dictatorial regime and with Minotti's advice, Diego was prohibited from being sold to any foreign club and the official reason was not to hinder Minoti's plans to qualify for the World Youth Championship in Japan, but there were other reasons. policies that will be discovered later in 1979.
Maradona had his best season but established him as the most important figure in Argentine football, it was mainly because of his performances in the World Youth Cup in Japan that year where Diego scored in five of his six games. and he was named player of the tournament for leading his team to Marona Glory. Maradona said in his autobiography about that team that it was by far the best team of his entire career. At the beginning of that same year, Mar scored his first official goal with Argentina in Hampton. Park against Scotland Argentina Scottish legend Dennis Law said about Diego Maradona's performance he has it all, there is nothing about his game that can be criticized, he is strong, brave and skilled.
He is an individual who works for the good of his team, everyone wanted peace for Maradona, especially the dictatorship in Argentina. Maradona was still naive and had no clear political opinions. He was asked to perform his mandatory military service, but the military released him shortly after. before his mandatory stage because he was considered more useful on the soccer fields and some may think that the Army had brainwashed Diego during that period and that the same military control had helped Argentinos improve Maradona's contract with the club to persuade him to stay. He was the highest paid player in Argentina and the Federation helped the club achieve this to keep Maradona in the country and protect Argentine football in the 1980 season.
Diego scored 43 goals in 45 games and helped a poor Argentine team become runner-up the league which is considered one of Maradona's greatest achievements in 1981 and after 12 years in Argentinos Maradona finally decided at the age of 20 to transfer to Boka Juniors. It was a complicated transfer as arch rivals River Plate had offered a better deal for Maradona, but Diego whose desire was clear for a sum of $4 million Maradona transferred to Baka Junior's on loan for 16 months then Boa Juniors would pay another $4 million at the end of the loan to complete the permanent transfer during these months in Boka Maradona's life would change He reached new heights of fame.
He and his partner Jor de él created a company called Maradona Productions that focused on attracting sponsors and monetizing the image of Diego Armando Maradona. This had officially set a benchmark for other players in the following years, as it offered a new and reliable source of income for footballers. Maradona was also one of the first players to create a medical team outside the club in the short period he lived. Maradona in Boka was successful despite his complicated relationship with coach Sylvio Marzolini the duo of Maradona and Bendi each scored 17 goals in the league That season he helped the team win the metropolitan title, which is the only club title that Diego won in Argentine football, but as the months went by and after playing numerous friendlies around the world to finance Diego's loan, Maradona felt exhausted by the level. of Fame he achieved in his country of origin, he could not think of ever living a normal life again.
He even contemplated the idea of ​​leaving football completely. In 1982, the American dollar had skyrocketed against the Argentine peso and government policies affected him financially. and his ability to pay Maradona to secure his permanent transfer, so after 40 games and 28 goals, Maradona played his last game for Boka Juniors in February of the same year and then joined the Argentine national team to prepare for the competition. most prestigious of the summer. World Cup in Spain Before the World Cup, the director of the national team, César Minoti, organized numerous friendlies to introduce his new team to Jill, which was made up of the former World Cup champions of '78 and The Young talents from the Tokyo World Junior Championships.
Maradona was one of the football superstars who entered. After the tournament along with Ziko and Ruma, they left Argentina in search of glory at a time when the country was at war with Great Britain over the Faulkland Islands. The local media promoted by the government always painted the image of victory within the war for the players and the Argentine people but in reality it was a massacre. The national team players began to know the truth when they landed in Spain and They saw the local news, the Argentines were affected on the field since they played poorly in their first match against the Belgians, both Maradona and his teammate. showed little inspiration to overcome their defeat against the Europeans.
Minot's tactics did not favor his star player, as he sometimes played as a lone striker, while his traditional striker Mario Cus stayed deeper to help build the play that this man Diego struggled to achieve. By passing the ball into dangerous areas while being closely surrounded by defenders, team chemistry was also lost as the veterans did not fully accept Maradona as the number one star even though Argentina won their next two matches in the first group phase. Maradona scored his first two goals in the World Cup against Hungary, but problems would arise again in the second round when Argentina faced the Italians and the Brazilians.
The first match against Italy is considered a turning point in football history. The Italian national defender Genti marked Maradona throughout the match and was fouled several times, the Italians committed an absurd and surprising 23 fouls against the Argentines, which is considered the World Cup record at that time. Italian midfielder Marco Tardelli, who played in the match, said that to stop Maradona you have to use your hands, feet and kick. because if not there is no way to stop him, the Italians won the match by two goals to one and his defensive performance was praised at home, which gave them confidence to win the tournament.
Maradona and Argentina lost against Brazil when Diego was sent off after a bad tackle. Later in the match he was fed up with the violence he received throughout the tournament, it was not the best platform to present Maradona to the world and he was not used tactically by the coach nor the referees managed to protect him during the tournament. I wrote some articles for one of the famous Argentine newspapers and said that my main question is whether Diego is great enough as a person to justify being honored by a world audience. It was the start of a dating war between rising star and legend Pelle. but despite the disappointment, clubs were still interested in Diego Armando Maradona and one of these prestigious clubs was determined to give Maradona the space to develop his talent on the European stage already in 1979, Barcelona had reached an initial transfer agreement with Maradona and by 1982 Barcelona president Joseph Nunes saw Maradona as a strategic and important signing; he had just greatly expanded the camp's capacity and now it was easier to fill those seats, acquire more business partners and get more loans with the best player in the world playing.
Maradona's team came to Barça with a record contract and was also the highest paid player in the world. The signing came before Maradona competed in the world cup, so there was some skepticism surrounding the transfer, especially after failing with Argentina in that period. Barcelona. They were struggling after Johan Cró left the club despite winning the European Cup Winners' Cup the previous season. Barcelona had failed to win the Spanish league since 1974 and had only won the La Liga title once in the last 22 seasons. The Catalan Club had only earned its prestigious name to save, but President Nunes was adamant about changing that as he invested a lot of money but the results on the field did not reflect that Maradona's arrival was a big part of the solution Diego wanted. prove after the World Cup as Good, especially on the European stage, which is why he eventually brought his entourage with him, which included his personal trainer and friend Fernando Sorini, who created an individual training regimen for Diego Maradona.
The entourage included his agent Jor and gu Mo Blanco, who runs Diego's media affairs, who also made Diego want to control the media narrative surrounding him, especially when criticism appeared. From Las Trincheras Maradona quicklyHe gained the trust of his teammates, which made him integrate and offer good performances at the beginning of the season even though he missed some games due to injury. His Barça teammate, Carasco, advised Diego and warned him not to go out at night in Barcelona. This warning arises due to Barça's complicated history with foreign players, some of them managed to lead a quiet family life in Catalonia like Kohan Cro While others fell into the trap of partying until the wee hours of the morning like the Peruvian Hugo Sotil Maradona He found it difficult to follow Karasu's advice and quickly built a wall between himself and the Barça management when injured he refused to be treated by the club's medical staff and sought help from his personal doctor.
Maradona's relationship with the management was very complicated. The nun president said in November 1982 that a player should not only play football but also lead an acceptable life. Personal life If he does not understand this, there is no point in punishing him. The best thing for him is for him to leave the club. Maradona responded, I do not program the nobody's life and I don't want anyone to program mine little by little but surely the Catalan media He began to irritate the player and Diego was unable to respond on the field after he suffered hepatitis in December that unfortunately kept him on the sidelines for three full months .
Maradona was in a bad mental moment in that period, as he confessed in an interview in In 1998, when he started taking drugs in his first season with Barcelona, ​​Shai Diego, whom everyone praised in Tokyo, little by little He became Maradona's trusted brush and brush in Barcelona after recovering from an illness. Diego was unable to rediscover his form and coach Odol Latic was sacked after failing. in the league and suffered a humiliating defeat in the Cup Winners' Cup and was replaced by Argentine coach Minotti in March 1983. Barcelona and Maradona managed to salvage some of the season after beating Real Madrid in the Cup final, but ended the season in fourth position. in the Spanish league and six points behind the Champions Atlético bilau Maradona, despite problems and injuries, finished the season with 23 goals in all competitions, but the team's tactics and style of play, focused on long balls, did not demand to Diego, so coach Minotti changed that style at the beginning of the new season, the Argentine coach focused on a more technical style of play with quick passes on the ground and many touches from Diego Mio gave Maradona and Scher freedom of action in attacking spaces, but before The team had the opportunity to make use of these new tactics.
Maradona would suffer another major setback: the injury occurred early in the season after coach Minotti criticized the type of defensive and destructive football used by some La Liga managers and one of those coaches. Miño focused on the previous season's La Liga-winning coach with Atlético bbau, Spaniard Javier Clemente. The WS war between the two coaches continued until Barça faced Belau in La Liga and in the fourth game week of the season the match began with Barça winning a 2N lead before the end of the first half. , but disaster happened to Maradona in the second after that brutal tackle on Maradona belau.
Defender Go Koshia received a yellow card but the Federation decided to suspend him for 10 games while Maradona suffered irreparable damage to his ankle. and was out again for 3 and a half months Diego returned in January 1984 with an ankle that limited his movement and had to wear specially designed boots although he scored a double against Sevilla on his return but Barcelona suffered without his Superstar. as the Catalan club was behind Real Madrid and bilau in the La Liga standings after a few weeks Diego faed bbau again despite numerous tackles between the two teams madona managed to score a double to give his team an important victory away from home but despite these great performances Maradona never received praise and recognition from the Catalan media, but Barça was Barça, no individual brilliance would compensate for Barcelona's failure to win silverware, as the Catalan club finished the season in third position behind of Madrid and the champions.
Bbau Maradona's relationship again. With Barça, the fans and the media would take another bad turn in the Cup Winners' Cup quarter-final match against Manchester United. Diego continued to suffer from back pain and they gave him several painkillers just to go out and play but he had a bad game in the first one. match on the field now a match that Barcelona ended up winning Maradona was subdued before the end and heard the echo of alcohol from the field now resists all criticism from the media the injuries and the match painted an ugly image of Maradona in the eyes of the Catalans and confirmed that it was not worth the money Maradona responded to the alcohol and said that the Catalans are very special it is as if he were stealing their own money Diego decided at that moment to leave Barcelona Barcelona lost the second leg by three goals to zero and They were eliminated from another competition, there was only one competition left to save the season, the C delway final against Atlético bbau.
Clement's team was very confident, especially after winning the Spanish league for the second consecutive time and decided to light the fire with their appointments before the game when Clemente called Diego an idiot. Everything that happened to Maradona during the last two seasons at Barcelona sparked a brawl in the Santiago stadium after Bilau sealed the final with a solitary goal. The Basque players celebrated around the stadium and one of them approached Maradona and sarcastically waved goodbye and this was the last spark that fueled the infamous fight. Football is dead Maradona was suspended for seven games and that sealed the end of his story in Barcelona Diego would later remember his stay in Barcelona as the unhappiest period of his career in two seasons Diego scored 38 goals in 58 games won three cups but No I didn't have the opportunity to play a season without injuries, without controversy and without a period of normality, but when would we see Maradona have a normal period in the following seasons?
Maradona's goal and his agent Jor de him were clear that they had to leave Barcelona like Diego. The relationship with the Barça management was irreparable. Barça vice president Joan Gaspar tried to offer Maradona an improved contract to stay, but was rejected and that confirmed the end of his chapter with Barcelona. Napoli was strong. The favorites to sign Maradona despite the interest of Juventus. Surprisingly, Napoli managed to acquire the necessary funds to acquire Diego Services even though its owner was not one of the richest figures compared to the biggest clubs in Italy, it seemed that someone powerful behind the scenes helped facilitate the funds afterwards. of complicated negotiations.
Maradona was sold to Napoli for a world record fee of $7.5 million. Napoli president Corado Feno said in a recent interview that Napoli was not a great team, but Maradona never knew that Italy's third-largest city largest in terms of population did not have a successful club and had never tasted success since they were founded in 1926. The team was always in the shadow of their more successful northern neighbors and barely missed relegation by a single point last season. previous before Maradona's arrival. Naples was also a city with many problems such as unemployment and escalating violence from the famous mafia of the region where Kamur Maradona was also joined the strongest league in the world by joining stars like platini and bonc in Juve Ruma in inter fala and chereo in Rome ziko in ODIs and the ready again and again, but Diego's arrival in Napoli gave the fans some hope as 70,000 people attended see Maradona's presentation at the São Paulo stadium Diego saw a lot in common between the two cities Napoli and Buenos Cirus, in his first press conference, Maradona was asked if he knew that part of his transfer was paid by the camur of the Napoli president's forum. interrupted the journalist and asked him to leave the mafia kamora identified Maradona as an exploitable public figure but his first contact with him was slightly delayed Maradona's first season proved to be difficult and did not meet the high and unrealistic expectations set by La fans and Maradona quickly noticed how the southerners were perceived in Italy when he played his first game against Hilas Verona as a visitor.
Diego saw a banner that said welcome to Italy as if the South were not part of the country. Maradona expressed his complaint on television and said in an interview there is a problem of racism in Italian football but not against blacks there is racism against Neapolitans Diego quickly became a citizen of Naples and quickly implemented the city's motto which was One dinoi us against the rest that suited Maradona's story and his simple experience, but Napoli had problems on the field and won only four of their first 15 games in Syria. Maradona had to adapt to the aggressive and defensive style of Italian football.
Coach Reno Maresi did not find the right balance like Diego. He didn't receive the ball and was generally isolated and had to go far back to build a play. Diego's teammates complained about the tight marking around the Argentine, making it difficult to find him and pass the ball to him, but Diego refused to accept those excuses and said. Pass it to me anyway and I'll find out how Napi's results took a positive turn as they barely tasted defeat in the second half of the season, that run included a historic 4-nil win against Laio when Maradona scored a hattrick which included one of his best goals despite Maradona's enormous efforts by scoring 17 goals and assisting 11 more for his teammates in 36 games in all competitions.
Napoli could not overcome their slow start to the season and settled for eighth place in the league. Maradona complained a lot. to the management and was given the task of choosing some players to sign when Frenchman Alexandro Ranika joined the club and in the following years other players also came according to Diego's recommendations and coach Reno Marquees was replaced by Otavio Bian who contributed the work ethic. and pragmatism that Napoli desperately needed. Napoli's goal was to improve and lay solid foundations for success and in this new season Napoli and Maradona showed true flashes of greatness and, after some positive results at the beginning of the season, which included a great victory against Champions, Verona lost by five goals to zero Maradona oh scored a surprising goal the team faced Bian Coneri at the S Pao and thanks to a brilliant indirect free kick from Maradona they achieved a historic victory over the Biano Neri, it was surprisingly Napoli's first League victory over the Biano Neri in 12 full years and made Napoli T fori believe in the Maradona and Napoli project, but despite the positive work of POS on the field, there are always two sides to the Maradona story in public and in front of the fans Diego was a man. of good deeds such as his collaboration with UNICEF and his numerous charities he does to help the poor around the world, journalist Bruno Pasarella said that the generosity of which Maradona was capable then is unimaginable in the cold world of money in the which football later became, but behind the scenes Diego was taking a turn, he began to enter the Napoli underground and the secret life together with the Kamora mafia who saw Maradona as a source of power in exchange for this relationship, The kamora satisfied all of Maradona's needs and, unlike his complicated time in Barcelona, ​​in Napoli he was protected and unchallenged by the media and the authorities.
It was this clandestine life in which Maradona would face his demons for the rest. of his life it was at this time that Maradona would break up with his old friend and agent Kor citing that he was responsible for Maradona's death. accumulating debts, but in reality Diego was careless with his money since he spent a lot and endlessly. Diego brought in a new agent named Gu Moopa who lived a luxurious life and provided Maradona with everything he needed. Maradona's life was slowly changing as he lived the life of a king who rejects any criticism but he always had a person by his side his personal trainer Fernando Sorini who returned realism and professionalism to Maradona's life despite the complicated


's personal life Napoli was a much better place as they claimed third position in the Italian League, which also meant their qualification for Europe and showed all the Challengers that this was a real project.
Maradona finished the season with 13 goals and also assisted his teammates six more in 31 games in all competitions at 25 years of age. With his great performances in recent years, Maradona had not yet reached global fandom and had yet to achieve true dominance on the European and world stage, so he established his team for the next tournament with the Argentine national team, the Copa del World of 1986 in Mexico. In December 1983 and afterAfter 7 years of military dictatorship Argentina democratically elected its first president the country was rebuilt in the following years and the nation was optimistic and in football terms the Argentine Federation hired coach Carlos Bardo in that period a young coach who succeeded by introducing a football attractive in the Argentine League, Bardo would soon begin his tactical discussions with Maradona as he was in Barcelona and handed him the captaincy of the veteran defender Pasaella, which was a difficult and controversial decision, but Bardo saw the young Diego as the perfect leader despite of these. positive changes that the Argentine team suffered in the World Cup qualifiers and barely qualified for the Mexico tournament, even Pasaell was sincere and said that if we don't improve we won't get very far in the World Cup the team's problems internal tensions arose between the players after the last friendly before of the World Cup there was a meeting only of players when voices were raised and curses were shouted among the players they finally ended the meeting with a very fragile treaty in Mexico Maradona seemed to be at the peak of his physical and mental powers despite his deep addiction and The poor World Cup infrastructure that the rest of the teams complained about was an advantage for the Argentines, who all lived and slept under the same roof during the competition, which helped them become stronger.
Team harmony, but the tournament conditions were generally poor, as pollution levels and temperatures were very high and the stadium pitches were also dry. Maradona was one of the first players to criticize FIFA, but the President of FIFA, Jaaa Havan, ordered him to keep quiet and play as Maradona responded and said I was asking the players to consult the true owners of the show because without we are nothingArgentina managed to turn this new harmony into positive results in the group stage after beating the Koreans and Bulgarians and also drawing against the Italians. Maradona scored one goal and assisted the remaining four during this group stage, they faced the Uruguayans in In the second round and without scoring a goal, Maradona was influential as the Argentines settled for a single goal to qualify. n Argentina preparing for a quarterfinal match against England, it was difficult to separate politics from football on match day, especially after Forkland. war between the two countries, but Maradona told his teammates to concentrate Bobby Robson and his team managed to play a slower pace to end the first half with a tying goal, but everything changed in the second half when Maradona scored two goals very different that will be remembered in the history books forever for stopping us when we try to analyze these two goals they almost seem like opposite poles but they belong to the same man they represent the very different characters of Maradona the ugly and the beautiful the cheater and the honest the realistic and the Creative England managed to counterattack and score a goal apiece and we are very close to equalizing, but the match ended with Argentina winning in controversial circumstances.
Maradona repeated after the game to his teammates about the hand, it's like he stole a thief's wallet while he was in the pressure after the game he insisted that he scored with his head. Argentine journalist Ezekiel Moors recently commented on that goal and said that football is a rogue's game if someone doesn't understand that they don't understand this game while the English coach Bobby Robson evidently angry in his press and said and Maradona put the ball in the goal, right? The victory against England gave the Argentinians a dose of confidence, as Maradona scored a brace against Belgium in the next round and won easily by attacking them again.
Maradona's brilliant career fantastic incredible goal they qualified for the World Cup final for the third time in their history and faced West Germany (most finalist in the previous World Cup) In addition, German star Lar Matos had the task of closely marking Maradona throughout the match. match and it worked in the first half as Maradona could not influence the match, but despite that, Argentina scored the first goal and scored a second in the second half, but the Germans never gave up and came back to equalize within of 6 minutes oh it's there, but in the decisive moments Maradona appeared again to finally unlock the German brand is BL for Argentina, can he do it?
Is there. Argentina was world champion for the second time and Maradona was a main factor in that, as he gave one of the most complete performances in a World Cup, he participated in 10 of Argentina's 14 goals in the tournament and it was this triumph that separated Maradona of the rest, as his teammate Jor Valdano said, made him an immediate hero at the time. finally sealed it had become the myth that we read today the legend Diego Armando Maradona Maradona returned to buas Iris as a champion and was received as such in Napoli Maradona rose to the top of the world as far as Fame is concerned but he remained focused on achieving his new goal that gave Napoli the elusive first league title after a 60-year wait, the team was reinforced with names like DiNapoli and Carnali and also the return of young defender Chiro Ferara alone, they had a real chance to compete, but Maradona always surprises us. with disasters and that is exactly what happened after Napolis' victory in their opening match against Briia.
News reached Diego's camp that Ray TV was about to air an interview with a woman who claims she just gave birth to Maradona's son. The proposal was that Maradona claim responsibility for the child and in exchange the interview would not be broadcast to the entire country. Maradona immediately refused, claiming that the child was not his and after a short period the interview was broadcast nationwide. Maradona had a disastrous match against Udi and refused to comment on the matter the day the baby was registered under the name Diego Armando Jr in October. Napoli were eliminated in the UEFA Cup and Maradona missed a crucial penalty and after the match he told reporters that it is the worst moment of my life: the birth of this child.
It was a fundamental turning point in Maradona's story, this untouchable man was suddenly on his knees and for the first time in his life he was not the only writer of his own story and that affected his behavior and suddenly drugs were no longer used for leisure, but they became a necessity for Diego, a need to escape from this reality. Maradona found comfort within the Napoli squad and with his teammates in a show of support. The club's captain, Ji Brosol, handed over the captaincy to Maradona. permanently and Diego was moved to tears and said you have given me something that I will never forget as captain I will bring the title Diego ordered the club to open its doors to the fans during training because he wanted to strengthen his bond with the fans to get him out of the cutter and the results little by little improved.
When they earned a league victory at juuve in November, when Maradona returned to his best and nine wins in the next 15 league games, which included another crucial victory against juuv, took Napoli to the top of the league standings. league. Maradona had finally mastered the art of unraveling the variety of defensive strategies in Syria and also mastered the skill of avoiding harsh tackles from defenders. Maradona's goal against Milan in Sao Paulo almost sealed the title, but only a draw would be enough for Napoli and their last game against Fiorentina at home. The Neapolitans were ready for a great party when Napoli scored first and Fantina ended up tying.
The approximate signal of the end of the match that ignited the biggest party in Napoli's history. Napoli also won the double after winning the Italian Cup final that converted them. the first club from southern Italy to win a league and cup double Maradona and his teammates finally confirmed that southern Italy was on par with the north overall Maradona was not at the level of his performances in the World Cup, but Even so, he managed to score 17 goals and assist his teammates seven more in 41 games in all competitions and he did so in what is considered the strongest and toughest league in the world.
Maradona's agent, Capa, managed to secure many new endorsement deals for Diego, but his most important deal was securing Maradona's contract. extension with Napoli for 6 more years until 1993 and they also paid him 12 million dollars annually, which was considered the most expensive contract in football history at that time, in that season Napoli signed a Brazilian car that together with Maradona and Jordan would form the The most feared attacking trio in the league, the famous Magika Trio Karea, said that I chose Napoli because my dream was to play alongside Maradona. That deadly trio scored 36 of the team's 55 goals that season and this trio also led the team to a fantastic start by winning nine of their first 12 games in the league.
Juventus were struggling after Platini's early retirement, while Milan were building a strong new team under Rosi's new president, Syl Lasone. Their first match consolidated Milan's title. Challenge and their superiority by winning by four goals to one against Napoli and a classic goal again for Milan, but the reaction of Maradona and his teammates after that defeat was very positive since Maradona managed to score in six consecutive games in the league and took his team to the top of the standings with five. There were games left, a second title was at stake, but there was something brewing intensely for Maradona behind the scenes.
Maradona reached new heights of fame in Naples. He couldn't do anything in the city outside the confines of his house in which he was trapped. a golden prison and here comes the role of the mafia kamora once again they offered Maradona to escape and satisfy all his needs and this was the secret life that was mentioned above the camora was the main supplier of cocaine to


since the addiction of Diego got worse with each passing day. Maradona used to play a game on Sunday and then start partying, drinking and snorting cocaine until Wednesday, then sweating until Saturday to prepare for his next game.
He did it basically for the rest of his career until he retired. In some cases he would be clean for a month or two, which usually coincides with the end of the season when the competition is tough. Napoli president Corado Faino revealed in a 2003 interview that many footballers used drugs during that period, while Maradona said there were always drugs. in football but he never took cocaine to improve his performance and he said do you know the player he would have been if he hadn't done drugs? but all this opened a quagmire for Maradona, he was now a tool for the kamora and this gang was famous for its intricate and unofficial betting system in Naples Luigi Giuliano, a police informant and nephew of one of the bosses of the kamora He confessed that they used to fix football matches, so now we come to the crime scene.
Napoli was in the lead with five games. was missing and suddenly the team lost four games and tied one, only one of these games was a crucial match against the Challengers Milan in Sao Paulo and thus Napoli lost the scudetto all the Neapolitans bet that their team would win the title and if Napoli had If the Kamur family won the scudetto, they would go bankrupt. There was no real evidence of this case, but during the season, one of Maradona's cars was destroyed and there were robberies in some of the Napoli players' homes as a way to put pressure on them despite all this. pressure Maradona had one of his best seasons as he scored 15 goals in the league, which was the best in the league as he was named Capo caneri.
He scored a total of 20, 21 goals and assisted 11 more to his teammates in 37 games in all competitions. Marel Madrid and even Milan tried to get Diego out of Napoli during that period but every time they found him and his agent in Naples they were intimidated by the Kamora mafia, there were also accusations from fans directed at Diego because they thought he had lost the qualification. scudetto intentionally Maradona said in his autobiography I never thought they would accuse me. He was willing to leave Napoli if people thought there was a player who had sold out, so he was determined to stay and show everyone the truth.
The new season began and the president decided to renew the coach's contract. The relationship between Bianca and Maradona became complicated due to Maradona's recurring absences from training, but even though Napoli performed well and was fighting on the three available fronts, the team stood out especially in the UFA Cup, but the Injuries began to hinder Maradona's performance. availability, he was suddenly declared unfit and unavailable to play in several league matches, but managed to return just in time to play both the first leg and the second leg against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Cup semi-finals . Maradona managed to assist all of Napoli's four goals against the Germans as the Italians topped their first ever European final.
Their final against another German team. Stuttgart would see a Fest goal whenMaradona scored one goal and assisted the other three to seal Napoli's first European title. Breer gets it. back and Maradona made another at that time Maradona had received an offer from the French team Mar before the final and Maradona tried to convince president Feno to let him go but the president refused and told reporters that Maradona will stay in Napoli while I They wanted him to stay in Napoli. Maradona's relationship with the president almost broke down at that time and the trust between them was shattered, especially because the president never believed Maradona's excuses for his several absences during the season and trusted the press that said Maradona was absent because of his excessive lifestyle and partying all night Maradona responded and said that if the president does not believe me and the press I cannot continue here after the final against Studart Diego missed several games at the end of the Italian League season and the last game in Sao Paulo Maradona asked to be substituted in the 17th minute due to a muscle injury and some sectors of the fans began to boo him.
Napoli finished the season in second position, 11 points behind ENT Champion Milan individually. Maradona had a great season in the role. Maradona scored 19 goals and assisted another 18 for his teammates in 50 games in all competitions, but Maradona's extravagant lifestyle, erratic mood and temper, strained relationships and constant injuries were taking their toll on him. bill. Something had to be changed. Maradona's contract with Napoli was extended. Until 1993, Diego found it difficult to change the direction of his career. He left in the summer of '89 for Argentina and threatened to never return. The Neapolitans and the Club's directors felt betrayed, but Maradona insisted that there was a conspiracy against him and his family. as he mentions in his autobiography He also mentioned in an interview that Naples was a city of crime.
The media responded with a bombshell when they finally published old photos of Maradona sitting with several members of the kamora with the aim of exposing Maradona and countering his complaints of violence. They also shared threatening words from fans and did many polls that pointed the finger of blame. To the ego Maradona had no choice but to return but he had a condition the manager Bian had to leave the Ferino president had to force and fire Bian as the most diplomatic Albertino Beon was assigned to his position with the intention of keeping Diego Maradona happy he returned motivated not because of the changes at the club but because he was excited by the prospect of playing in another world cup in the summer of 1990. so he wanted to be ready and train harder than ever and managed to get rid of somethingAlso in the weight, the battle for the scudetto was fierce between Napoli and Milan, as Napoli suffered internal conflicts with fans and external conflicts with the media.
It was a difficult season, but the results remained positive. The Republican Party in the first nine games after Maradona. On his return, the Argentine managed to score six goals and assist five more so that Napoli topped the standings, but Milan regained the lead in the second phase of the season despite Maradona's doubles against Roma and Juuv, four days from the end. Milan were one point ahead of Napoli and in the league standings, but Roser fell in the last few games and with Napoli winning every game, the scudetto was back in their hands. The last match at S Pao against Laio was won by a single goal thanks to a set-piece assist from Maradona.
The celebrations were not like those of 1987, but the fans were very happy with this great achievement. Maradona finished the season with 18 goals and assisted a further 10 in 36 games in all competitions and was now preparing for the prospect of winning football's most prestigious award for the second time in a row, this time the tournament would be played on familiar territory. Since the hosts of the World Cup were Italy under the command of Bardo, the Argentines again began their campaign to defend the title. The team was more or less the same as the one in 1986, but the The team was not one of the favorites at the time. title, having only won seven of its last 34 matches since the 1986 final, but had a motivated Maradona who stopped using cocaine before the World Cup, but the Argentine leader was not at his best.
In good physical shape, having suffered an ankle injury during the previous season, the Argentine national team participated in a tough group stage, as they lost their first match against Cameroon and accumulated only four points in their first three matches in the group. , but fortunately for them only about qualifying to the next round to face their rivals back, the Brazilian team Maradona managed to assist the only goal of the match which was scored by CLA Kenya to send his team to the next round and Kia was able score here for Argentina in their quarter-final match against The Yugoslavs was an uneventful match and won two penalty kicks because Maradona missed his shot, but Argentina managed to pull through and reach the semi-finals and who was waiting for them in the semi-finals, the hosts , the Italians and in what stadium.
Napoli crushed Sao Paulo Maradona prepared himself with his mind games and told his teammates that today he will divide Italy and told journalists that after so much racism it is only now that Italians remember that Naples is part of Italy for 364 days they speak. of the southerners who stink the Italian midfielder Aldo Serena said that Diego's statement surprised the public and the team also said that the Italian public was not like the one they had in Rome in the previous round Maradona managed to divide them all of this was reflected during the match, Maradona was constantly insulted and whistled at, the challenges and tackles from both sides were aggressive, to say the least.
Italy scored the first goal and Argentina managed to tie in the second half and, despite having beaten the expelled player, the Argentines defended well and managed to keep the score until the dreaded penalty kicks. Maradona scored his penalty this time and the Argentine goalkeeper went Kosia saved the Italians' last two penalties and gave his team the crucial victory and it was all over The host nation's dream ends Maradona mentioned in his autobiography how senior FIFA officials wanted to see a final between Italy and West Germany and how Argentina destroyed all their plans when they said: "We made it a total disaster and of course we had to pay for the 1990 World Cup final played in the The Olympic stadium in Rome saw a battle between a strong West German team and a decimated team.
Argentine who was suffering from several injuries, Maradona was angry and frustrated even before the match began as the Italians in the stands started the Argentine national anthem. Maradona was absolutely convinced that they were about to be robbed and after a first half without incident and in the 65th minute an Argentine player was sent off after a reckless tackle, it was the first expulsion in a World Cup final and 5 minutes before the end of regulation time RI fer won a penalty Both Brem and Matos recently admitted that the referee made a mistake and that the penalty was too soft to call, but Brma successfully converted the penalty and the German won after full time.
There's West Germany, winning the World Cup for the third time. Maradona ignored FIFA president Jaan. Upon receiving his runners-up medal, he never accepted that defeat in his entire life. That match marked the end of a chapter in Maradona's history and signaled the end of Maradona's relationship with Italian football and FIFA. Diego embarked on darkness and the unknown bruised addicted and devoid of passion It seemed to be the severe decline of Diego madora Maradona returned to Napoli in preparation for the new season in a poor mental state his drug addiction was getting out of control not even a convincing and comfortable 5-win victory -1 against Juventus in the Italian Super Cup helped him have a positive mindset he fired his agent and friend gu mopa canceled all his business obligations he missed some training sessions and missed several league games his new agent Marcus Frankie told him that you can't be a player living like a former player but one The pivotal European Cup match that Maradona almost missed brought Napoli to the brink of what they can tolerate after Napoli won in the first round of the European Cup for five goals.
The Italian team faced Russian champions Spartac Moscow in the second round after a goalless draw at El S Paulo Napoli traveled to Moscow to seal the tie but was missing a crucial player as Maradona missed his flight with the team and was sleeping after having a hangover and partying all night. Maradona finally woke up and traveled to Moscow on a private jet, but he was late for the final preparations for the match when the club handed over Maradona's plays to a young Italian talent whose name was Zola and he received the number 10 shirt. Maradona finally entered in the second half wearing the number 16 shirt, but the match remained goalless and W. on penalty kicks Maradona scored his penalty, but Napoli lost in the penalty shootout throughout his career Maradona only played in six games in the European Cup and had no lasting memory of it.
This early exit cost Napoli millions, president Feno along with reporting director Lucian Moji. decided that Maradona's volatile behavior could not be tolerated anymore his actions did not justify it obviously they both agreed that they could not sell him because they feared the reaction of the Neapolitans but they decided that they could no longer protect him and by protecting him they meant Protecting Maradona from the secret heights which were considered the worst kept secret in all of Italy, the club would no longer hide his drug abuse when Maradona returned from his long winter break, both the club and the kamora wanted to push him towards the exit.
They began to leak to the big Italian newspapers, everyone knew that Maradona used drugs, but there was no real evidence at that time, but with the help of the camora the betrayal began and so Maradona was accused of use and distribution of cocaine in February 1991, after some witnesses exploded: Maradona, as always, felt that this was revenge against him by FIFA, which felt threatened by his accusations, or by the Italian Football Federation, which was tightening his doping controls, or his Napoli Club, which could no longer defend him, or even Kamora. who no longer needed his power The narrative officially changed Maradona was now the heel even La Republica published a survey indicating that Maradona was the most hated person in Italy but it got even worse for Maradona Diego continued training with Napoli despite his decision and the The club separated, but there was one last incident that ended everything forever.
Soccer star Maradon is now in hiding after being banned worldwide for 15 months for using cocaine. The career of one of the all-time greats ended after Maradona failed a doping test. test in March 1991, the Italian Federation suspended Diego for a full 15 months until June 1992, it was in a way a cry for help from Diego. He mentioned in his autobiography that he tested positive almost on purpose and said that he was pushing the limits he knew. I could get caught at any time, but Maradona was absolutely convinced that many players were doing drugs with him, but interestingly, only he and his Argentine teammate Kenya were caught in the Italian league even though he played mainly as a playmaker.
Maradona finished this chapter with Napoli as their top scorer of yesteryear at that time, he scored 115 goals and 25 in 57 games, he also scored 30 free kicks and assisted on the additional 71 goals, and managed to bring a winning mentality to a team that did not even He had only tasted victory that season without Maradona. Napoli fell to eighth position and did not even compete for the title in the following years until they fell to the second division twice and went bankrupt. Maradona said in his autobiography that they made me pay because I prevented Italy from being in the World Cup final.
In the end he left the country with four unresolved court cases and it took several years of sporting and political frustration in Naples for Maradona to legitimately claim his place. as an honorary citizen of the city after the ban ended in July 1992. Napoli asked Maradona to show up just in time for pre-season training Maradona refused to return to a country he considered guilty of everything that happened to him his agent Marcus Franki asked the Catalan agent Joseph Mangela for help and with the approval of the Ferino president they agreed to find a new club for Maradona, but Fero refused to sell him to another Italian club during that period, former national team coach Carlos Bardo was managing Cevilla and Joseph Mangela suggested to the Spanish club the idea of ​​signing Maradona and after one of the most complicated negotiations in history.
Maradona returned to the League, there was also a helping hand in this transfer, which was FIFA, who wanted to see theplayer ready for the 1994 World Cup in the United States to make the tournament much more exciting with the arrival of the Argentine Seevilla sold a record number of season tickets that season when he made his official debut in October 1992 he appeared as a different man, much calmer, at least that It seemed at first but Maradona was still suffering from annoying injuries and played with a lot of painkillers in every game but he still had some flashes of the old Maradona as he played a great game in the victory against Real Madrid but Maradona's body couldn't take all this anymore. physical stress at 32 years of age and with Diego's history of drugs, alcohol and excesses. lifestyle finally caught up with him as he missed several training sessions.
What happened on the field was far from the expectations of both fans and management, as Maradona's relationship with the club soured after he and his teammates Simon traveled to Argentina to participate in friendly matches. With the selection against the club's wishes, from that moment on Maradona's motivation was declining as he was absent from some official matches and Sevilla suffered a great economic blow and tried to change the conditions of CH's contract on the other hand. Maradona felt that The club did not trust him at all, especially since they sent a private investigator to follow his private life.
The nail in the coffin came in a league match against Boros in June 1993. Diego was suffering from pain and took painkillers in Halim to try. to play the second half but Bardo subdued his star 7 minutes into the restart Maradona threw him the captain's armband and verbally insulted Bardu then they got involved in a fight at Diego's house it was clearly over after 30 games and seven goals Seevilla broke Maradona's contract Diego He left European football 10 kilos overweight and there were no real indications that he would return to football. The Argentine national team managed without Maradona during that period, as they won the Copa América in 1991 and 1993 with a new generation of stars. but the team was struggling in the qualifiers for the 1994 World Cup in September 1993 Maradona was in the stands of the Monumental Stadium witnessing a massacre on the field when the Colombian team scored five unanswered goals at Argentina's home at that time the fans He began chanting Maradona's name asking for his return just a week later Diego accepted an offer from Noel's elders and after his debut with the club and for the first time in 8 months he was called up to the Argentine national team for a crucial match against Australia. in the World Cup playoff, FIFA and other major sponsors were desperate for Maradona to appear at the 1994 World Cup, as a survey suggested that 90% of the American population did not know a Cup was being held of the World in his backyard, but the population knew Maradona.
Argentina won the second leg and qualified for the World Cup at the expense of Australia, but there was a problem. Maradona found it difficult to recover from his matches and played only five official games with players before the two sides agreed to renew his contract in January. 1994 but Maradona wanted to play in the World Cup at all costs so he called his friend and personal trainer Sorini and the bodybuilding trainer Danielle Cherini and went to a place called La Pampa away from all the reporters Nightlife and drugs after A few months Maradona lost his weight considerably and participated in several friendlies and was ready for the first match of Argentina's World Cup campaign against Greece.
In the match Maradona looked elegant as always and managed to score a beautiful goal. Maradona's reaction was like a cry for revenge. addressed to all the critics of him to all those who thought he was finished in this sport in the second match Argentina faced Nigeria and managed to come back and score two goals with the help of Maradona. Maradona was asked to take a typical test after the match, he happily and calmly responded to the request while being escorted by a FIFA Assistant but this was the moment it all ended for Maradona again the test came back positive for a substance called epidrin that it was a substance that could be bought without a prescription in the United States and that helps to lose weight that Maradona did not know about. this substance within his diet that was prepared by his bodybuilding coach Daniel Cherini after heated and long discussions FIFA decided to remove Maradona from the tournament and until the case is finally resolved Diego Maradona remains suspended from all football activity in August 1994 Maradona was given a 15 month suspension from all football activities today FIFA does not consider epidrin to be an active substance and questions are still being asked about FIFA and its decision not to carry out its doping tests when Maradona played in the World Cup playoffs, they clearly wanted him in the World Cup.
Cup throughout his career Maradona played 91 international matches for Argentina and scored 34 goals. His World Cup '94 campaign was his last involvement in international football as a Fore Speee player. Diego's ban prevented him from playing until September 1995, but despite that, Maradona tested his managerial ability. he skills during that period, but the experiment was a failure as after disastrous results and rifts with management, he left two clubs after a few months. Maradona spoke about management and said: "I can't teach players things that no one can do except me." During that period Maradona received a French football award in recognition of his career and after the end of his sanction, Diego returned to the field with Boa Juniors at the age of 36.
Maradona was still capable of producing some fantastic moments, but his physical prowess was limited to say the least and injuries caused him to miss several league matches in August 1996. Maradona disappeared from the pitch for 11 months as he sank seriously into his drug addiction in 1997 Maradona returned for the third time to bcka Juniors but failed a doping test during the season after using cocaine and being sanctioned by the Argentine Federation when he turned 37 Maradona finally announced his retirement from football after a last match after 692 matches and 352 goals and after winning 11 official titles Diego Armando Maradona was no longer a footballer and now the mystery remains.
Despite his historical career and his place among the legends of the sport, we really saw the best version of Maradona.

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