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Jun 05, 2022
You still smoke and then it will be the one who deceives you, it will not change your prize, which is worthless, I am here collecting the aces and outside, he still left crying, this conversion for love only served to hurt me, it is in your hand, now go take care of the fallen, do me this favor, send him I want to see you live in the motel I kicked you out of my heart assume the consequences of this betrayal and faithfully now you are going to do my part here with time you will get used to it and that will be the one that will deceive you you will not change eif doing my paper in a while you will get used to it and then it will be that someone goes and you do not change send one in mind that you are going for a walk and come to see me a fight and another of you I do not even know but I feel guilty first that I should not even be here second will be the day you call me but I called you and I didn't answer I think you're not going to play listen like this live here don't leave your baby here with the sound of his anger it's from brazzer now he cut it off thanks but and I saw Brazil brazil as a child and now It's getting boring, right, don't answer me, I'm the third to regret it, if what hurts me hurts you, let it stop being important, leave us for another time, try to open the door of that love, when I've thrown away the key, let it stop Being important, the important thing is to leave us for another time and when it's over and when I look back I'm gone and I know all this way by heart if I'm not mistaken now he's going to leave me alone because the second step is not to answer me and say It is to regret if what prevents you and if you stop being important leave us for another time try to open the door of this love when you have thrown away the key, leave it, I want to, leave us for another time and when you realize it's over when you look back I left behind and when you realize it's over when I look back I already left the same as asking myself I was not going to deny it when you get closer to God but he hates you he must be with you as you are if you want this secret I am yours open it only you know how are we doing this wish Or and then I love you the way you want, even in secret I'm your wife, only you know how we're going, take a minute of your time, it already satisfies me, although ask me if it doesn't affect Maria, I would pretend that I deny England, my lover, I would even grab the son when you approach, tell me completely. without making an effort take off your clothes with your eyes they make me dizzy with your eyes if you want I fell in love I didn't fight I didn't fight this love hold on I love you as I always want secret I'm your woman only you know how we do it is by the will to admit the truth I want to see it from the way you want to think secretly I'm your wife only you know how we do a minute of s I've settled for the e-book ask me if not the cousin would fire me someone goes through her stays on her slow finger bridge she's a judge as soon as He has reasons to be like this This is prejudice experienced so much contempt that even God doubts and cries up there I was just a girl who dedicated her life to the love of painting Eva the canvas already dreamed of getting married one day I was not in it She plans to embarrass the family, each one who passed by took a little of her life and the rest, what is left, she sells on the corner to have the like, who froze my heart, responds, stairs, waterproof makeup, if you see me like this, and change, married, but amanda much more than the disgust on your face for having gay people that froze my heart three powers of the photo 15 military and today you my beautiful married wife ritoca but if you knew the text of the story hug me and don't stone me of course she already dreamed getting married one day was not in the plans and shame for the family each one that passed took a little juice of his life and the rest he sells on the corner to see people try I freeze my heart to hide the sadness waterproof makeup to That you see me I change women but Amanda is much more disgusting in your face to see people in this my heart froze to hide it dancing 15 I'm going out married life would be if you knew the text of the story my half don't stone me and ho and you see me like this and you go hunting if you knew our history my day do not stone me Java And then
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