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Jul 12, 2023
On Sunday night, just a couple of days after it was announced that Leslie Van Houten had been cleared for parole, a lot of people came up to me and asked me what I thought about what I had going on in my career. became a focal point of the Tate labianca thing and because of my documentary because of my involvement in this and uh, it's strange because it's not about me and very often in this case, of course, I'm involved in it and as I mentioned I'm a go-to person for this but it's not about me and a lot of people make it about them and it's crazy that those seven or so people in 1969 have these horrible things happen to them so Leslie Van Houten is damned for murder, that's just a fact, Leslie was convicted of murder when the trial first occurred, now a little history here, she connected with the family in 1960, but when they were in San Francisco, although she was to say uh the lower southern California area and she connected with Bobby Bosley and at that point she was welcomed into the family.
manson murderer leslie van houten to be released commentary
She went to LA Bianca's house on the second burger night very willingly and happily to show her dedication or enthusiasm. be part of that business, you know that the murders on the tape were the night before and the family knew that it happened and she was willingly there during the second night and she was the one who after the 41 stab wounds of Mrs. La Bianca de LA Bianca not all attributed to Leslie, but you know, Leslie was the one who cleaned up the fingerprints, the fingerprints and the stabbing. I mean, if she says that the text contained the knife, I think that is common, just the fact that the text gave her the knife and said to do something after Mrs.
manson murderer leslie van houten to be released commentary

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manson murderer leslie van houten to be released commentary...

La Bianca was already dead she couldn't have known that Mrs. La Bianca was already dead uh this is simply impossible she didn't know that I have here Mrs. Lavianca's autopsy report and there is one thing I want to clarify, the report is dated August 4, 1969. Often It is because it is on his death certificate and is mentioned too often as an error. Why did that happen? And this is the correction originally dated August 4. It was updated on August 11, 1969. that was the day the autopsy was performed cause of death multiple stab wounds to the neck and trunk causing massive hemorrhage 41 balloon stab wounds multiple stab wounds to the neck and trunk of which the majority are in the back 22 on the upper part of the back and 14 on the lower part, so Leslie claims that she, when Mrs.
manson murderer leslie van houten to be released commentary
Avianca was lying face down, stabbed Mrs. La Bianca. I think 14 more times, 41 stabs, what I'm going to play for you now is an audio clip. gathered from the different parole hearings of Leslie Van Houten Patricia Crane Michael and Charles Manson recounting the murders of Mr. and Mrs. La Bianca there are no photographs, these will just be their words telling you what they did that night to those two people . I'm not going to post any photos because the words are: I think that's enough. We got in the car, there was Steve, Tex, Manson and Linda Kasabian. Susan Patton and I sat in the car and Manson in Texas got out and got in. and I saw a guy sitting on the couch and I laughed when he said hi, I said hi, the text message came.
manson murderer leslie van houten to be released commentary
Benson gave Tex Watson leather cords around his neck to tie Lino's labianca and then Manson left without leaving fingerprints. I told the other guys, I'll see you later, man, you know, I'll catch him in Run, man, and I left, man, and I split up. Manson came back and I think he texted too. The bottom line is that he looked in the car and pointed at Pat and me. and he told us to go out and do what the technician said, he said to send a text message to make sure everyone did something, Charlie did he tell you specifically what form of mutilation he wanted?
Yeah, he wanted, he wanted us to like the eyeballs on the walls and stuff like that. How many people were in the house, two a man and a woman, and were they tied up? Yes, Charles Manson and the other friend had tied them up. Yeah, and um, they were really scared and Pat and I went into the kitchen, I think Tech said to get knives. or anyway we ended up in the kitchen looking for knives and Pat and I took Mrs. La Bianca to the bedroom. Was she screaming? Not at that moment. What's going on? What are you going to do?
I tried to hold Mrs. La Bianca and her head. she was covered with a pillowcase, I don't know if I did that. She could have heard her husband dying in the living room and when she heard it, she struggled and Pat went to stab her with the folded knife and she was screaming for her husband. How did they kill her? They finally arrested her. I went and called Tex and told him we couldn't kill her and then the text went to the bedroom and Patton went to the living room and I went and stood in the hallway. and then the texts turned me around and he handed me a knife and told me to do something so I walked in and Ms.
La Bianca was lying on the floor and I stabbed her in the lower back about 16 times , like Charlie had said. I made sure there were all these signs of witchcraft and I went and Mr. Lobianco was already dead and I had gotten a fork and I stabbed him with a fork repeatedly and finally I left the fork inside him and then I wrote words all over the house. Helter skeleton Helter Skelter and right eyes and I think there was something else two things probably after he got out to the car and left there was a rush there was no we didn't do that what did you do?
We went and sat in some bushes and um I think it was a text for milk and cheese from the house and he sat in the bushes and had milk and cheese and where was Manson was gone how did you get back to the ranch hitchhiking these are the wounds that Leslie is responsible for the three-quarters to one inch wounds described not numbered in any autopsy again. She claims that Mrs. Lavianca felt that she was already dead again. She couldn't have known. This is Mrs. La Bianca. Face down, these are all the balloons of stab wounds that you suffered and these are the injuries attributed to Leslie Van Halen, so Leslie Van Houten did not cause Ms.
Labianca's death. After you know, this is the fact that Mrs. Lavenco is already. dead and Leslie grabbed a knife, texr forced her to do it and stabbed her in the lower torso several times with no fatal injuries um yeah she couldn't have known that Ms. La Bianca wasn't dead so I'm going to go over some of the facts of the trials because this is not all simple, Leslie when the rest of the girls were sentenced to die along with Manson. That's not the end of the story for Leslie during the trial. Leslie Van Houten had her own lawyer named Ronald.
Hughes during the first trial Ronald Hughes disappeared they ended up flying and finding him dead drowned like in the desert or something like that it's not funny but it's ridiculous and so Ronald Hughes died after the conviction since he was Leslie's lawyer. the conviction was actually overturned and in nineteen, let's see originally, she was sentenced two two counts of first degree murder one count of conspiracy sentenced to death in 1972 all death sentences were commuted to life in prison because the death penalty was declared unconstitutional , so everyone involved Death Row became eligible for parole because there was no such thing as life without parole at the time, so Manson in Texas and crammed in Winkle and all those Atkins guys and they all went became candidates for parole.
They shouldn't be. sentenced to death if their original sentence was carried out they would be dead right now but that was overturned now Leslie because her attorney Ronald Hughes died during the trial she had a separate attorney her conviction was overturned in 1977 Leslie received a new trial and January in January is when the trial began and in September the trial ended in a deadlock, the jury couldn't make the decision and after that, Leslie Van Houten was given a third trial. She was away for about six months. She worked as a secretary. She for a while she was on release, you know, on parole.
I guess you could say for six months until her third trial. Her third trial took place in March 1978 and she was found guilty of murder, sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in seven years. which made her eligible for parole in 1983. So technically she served her seven-year obligation and then she became eligible for parole. Leslie was up for parole 23 times and finally and Governor Brown, Governor Schwarzenegger and this whole guy was no, you know, we're not going to let her out now, honestly, if Leslie's name wasn't Van Houten, yeah Leslie were not an associate associated with the murders of Taylor Bianca or Charles Manson, 100 percent would have been out a long time ago. she technically she didn't kill anyone, it doesn't matter, I mean, they say that the people who last did less and were


in less time, it's true, but these cases are not widespread, don't go, you're one, this one is guilty. of murder there forever this is guilty murdered there forever each case is decided individually so Leslie Van Houten was convicted this time in the third trial for the murder of Mrs.
La Bianca this time he was given seven years with the possibility of parole or should we say life in prison with the possibility of parole in seven years so he's been eligible for parole since 1980 since 1980 85 or 84 or something like that anyway so 23 times he's been up and finally this last one governor that now we have said that she is not going to fight anymore and the only reason she was in you know they kept vetoing it. The governor says the parole board says yes, she's fine, yes, she's fine, she's fine, the governor says no because again she is her association with Manson and her name is Van Houten and Bill.
The murder of Tate Labianca, so Leslie has been, said she's not going to fight anymore, the governor says I'm not going to do this anymore, so Leslie Van Halen is very likely coming out in just a couple of weeks, a lot people. Ask me what you would do. Could you talk to Leslie if you wanted to talk to Leslie? Would you love to interview her? It's like, sure, I'd love to talk to Leslie Van Halen, um, but I don't think there's not much. I could learn that from her and she probably wouldn't want to talk about the things I wanted to talk about.
You know, I'd like to know the details of that night, not necessarily the really horrible stuff. You know, what, actually directly. it happened but you know through a knife but I would like to know more about the situation and who was in the car and why it all happened. That would be very interesting to me. She has been in prison for 53 years. Corey Labianca Just Mrs. La Bianca. She had a daughter named Susan and a son named Frank. Now Susan is the one who is very curious to hear her comments about it, but she hasn't really said much of anything.
Susan Laberge was her married name or Struther, which is her birth name. Because Ms. La Bianca was married to a guy named Strother, Susan is the one who supported Tex Watson applying for parole, she said he should be


, it's kind of gross, so Susan is the one I suspect is involved with all this. There's something I would really like to know more about, in fact, this whole case, if I could talk to anyone and they had the truth serum, it would be her because I would like to know what she did and what she was doing, but um Corey Labianca, who was one of Mr.
La Bianca's daughters, spoke out against Leslie's parole, of course. Deborah Tate, who was Sharon Tate's sister, who was sort of given the, I don't know, blessing of the LA Bianca family to go against it. You know, go to the parole hearings and testify against her parole and Anthony Damora, who was JC, brings her nephew, everyone you know made comments that she shouldn't be released after 53 years. I mean, she has college degrees, she's probably rehabilitated, I'm probably not. I see no reason to think she hasn't. I doubt I'll do any interviews after this. Probably one of the conditions of her probation would be to keep a low profile.
Probably the same for Atlanta from Squeaky from or Frome or whatever the hell you call her, eh, you know, but she still does it with any of you, she still talks to people and poses for pictures and signs autographs and stuff like that, so of course Anyway Leslie Wood could become a cult hero. Leslie could do it if not. Not having these stipulations with her parole become a reality TV star, I certainly don't think that's in her wheelhouse. I don't think it's an interest for her, but yeah, so I don't think she has an accessibility. It won't take you long to learn your way abroad, they're saying it'll take you a year to learn how to use ATM cards and stuff it's like no, I don't think so, it's like an afternoon to do that, but uh, but it's easier to get back into society, but then she has the internet, that won't be a problem.
I don't think she's sad, she really is. Corey Labianco says my children, my grandchildren never had the opportunity to meet any of them. um being Mr. Mrs. Lino and Rosemary La Bianca, which has been a big void for my children. um, yeah,Leslie van outen wanted to demonstrate his dimension. She showed up, stabbed a dead woman 14 times, cleaned fingerprints off the walls, always singing in court with pigtails. Like always, forever, what a freak show, this is all a freak show and for Leslie it seems like it's almost over and you know, if you're looking for a happy yay, good for you, you know good for her, whatever, but I'm not celebrating.
I think, you know, I think it sucks, but you know, I didn't lose my parents or my grandparents like that in such a prominent way and if I were them I'd be really upset, so I guess that's My two kids, I know most Of you guys didn't ask, in fact, some people did and that's the reason I decided to do this, but yeah, and also while she was in prison, one time Leslie Van Halen married this guy who's like a groupie and discovered it. that you know she divorced him right away because she found out he was trying to get her out and Deborah Tate said something about that kind of nurse costume or something like a prison guard costume, uh, Leslie hid or something, it's a madness and it never stops. and here we are in 1969 and here we are in 2023 and it just doesn't stop, so God bless those victims, you know, it's not fair, it's not fair, so regarding the protest, you know she's a


, she should die in prison well okay you have the right she was convicted of murder.
Know? Is she technically a


? Not in this case. She's not. You know she paid her debt well. Know?. The first conviction was for death. you know she came out of that and was wrongfully convicted, okay, okay, you know, again, it's not a radical decision, but you know you can't say this guy was convicted of murder and this guy did it too and he should get seven . ten he should have life he should have death it's all individual and uh I know it just bothers me when people say you know she paid her debt to the society that has titles.
I don't care if my name was La Bianca or or Struthers, you know, I wouldn't, I wouldn't be jumping, I'm not jumping for joy, you know, good for Leslie, great, I tried to hold Mrs. La Bianca and her head was covered with A pillowcase, I don't know if. I did that. I could have heard her husband dying in the living room and when she heard she struggled and Pat went to stab her with the bent knife and she was screaming for her husband and I stabbed her in the lower back around 4pm. times

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