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Manor Solomon To Tottenham HERE WE GO! • Spurs WORKING On Tapsoba & Van De Ven [TOTTENHAM UPDATE]

Jul 03, 2023
What's going on, people? We are Tottenham TV, we are back


for another


for you very shortly after recording the last one because we received an exclusive from Fabrizio Romano minutes ago saying that Tottenham have reached a verbal agreement with Man or Solomon,


we go, negotiating the place as The evidence Medical appointments have been scheduled for next week. Solomon agrees to personal terms and will join Tottenham as a free agent if everything goes to plan with Shakkar and FIFA rules, so we heard about this, I think at the end of last season it was the first time we heard These links came up since I was going to try to get Man or Solomon into a free trance, but it turned out that it looks like he will play in Spurs colors if you know all the FIFA rules. going over all the FIFA rules and stuff like that and I was thinking that we had organized this friendly with Shakhtar and I thought there was something suspicious about it, do you think it had something to do with this man or something?
manor solomon to tottenham here we go spurs working on tapsoba van de ven tottenham update
It's happened very quickly, hasn't it? So maybe it's a kind of sweetener that gives you a little money for this friendly, we'll say it's for Ukraine and then you can leave us out of any legal proceedings, but to be fair, there must be something significant in this friendly because they did it, Shaktar paid 18 million euros for him, so sorry, no, he was worth 80 million, didn't they pay, they paid a decent amount to the Israeli team, so you would. I thought they wanted some of that money back, so I don't know how much it is. There's in this friendly, but I guess Shaktar, as long as they get something, I guess that's all they want.
manor solomon to tottenham here we go spurs working on tapsoba van de ven tottenham update

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manor solomon to tottenham here we go spurs working on tapsoba van de ven tottenham update...

I guess I don't want to just lose them for free for a player they paid a good amount of money for, especially for a Ukrainian league team in terms of the player himself. I think he is a good player, he is a good winger, whether he is good enough. Tottenham at 23, I think the jury is out on that at the moment. I think it's fair to say I thought about Fulham last season. When he broke into the team after suffering a big injury at the start of the season, then he broke into the team. and I had a very good run, scoring quite a few goals, especially some spectacular goals from the edge of the box, those are very sunny, right?
manor solomon to tottenham here we go spurs working on tapsoba van de ven tottenham update
Yes, I mean, yes and no. I would say that, um, they, in terms of reducing the score from outside the box to the far corner does it, did it, rather does it on the run, rather than like son can just stop the ball and throw it towards inside um like more technically um clearly this guy has ability but he's marrying um I think he did a lot of hard work too, but he's a very frustrating player. I think he needs to learn maybe how to work more and develop with his teammates, he's one of those players who keeps his head down a lot, he's a very good dribbler, he completed almost three dribbles a game last season which is pretty impressive. , but his passes have a lot to design and that's why he lost his place in the Fulham team after initially regaining his place, in fact he won his place and all the fans loved him and he was playing very, very well and He then went through a period of five ten games where he simply wasn't hitting. the heights like after he exploded in the team and didn't really get his place back consistently, even in the Ukrainian League, he wasn't like a big scorer, he scored a decent amount, but it wasn't like you.
manor solomon to tottenham here we go spurs working on tapsoba van de ven tottenham update
I know crush him like it's too easy for him, but he scored a decent amount of goals, but it's what I'm excited to see, but it's not what I expect. It will be a great success, a success. especially in the first season, yeah, I mean, look at the end of the day, he'll be playing, uh, he'll probably back up the human son for the entire next season, to be honest, but do you think maybe in a couple of years, when Sonny start doing it? I think about leaving, he can take over from Sunny or it's too early to say something like that because we just haven't seen that quality in him consistently.
If you ask me that, now the jury is definitely out. I wouldn't say he has the ability to be a good son or even be our first-choice winger in terms of him in a system. I do think he could be pretty good in terms of the fact of how he likes to play Ames. like Wingers, he likes to get them into one-on-one situations and Solomon is good at beating his man consistently, so that's good, so I think on an ancestor maybe it could work. I just think he, uh, I think especially. At first we're going to get a little frustrated with him.
I think as a fan base, I think he would like to have some spectacular moments, but in terms of him wasting the ball quite a bit and not being able to find his teammates with passes or not looking up and not choosing the right option. I think that's going to happen a lot, especially in his first season, so he tries to be a little patient, but I clearly think he has ability. talented, his finishing ability is actually very good, that's another thing, although he does it because his finishing skills are good, he takes a lot of battle type shots like far and from bad angles because he knows he can do it, but sometimes he can't It's like that.
He is the best option and he is still trying, so it is something he will have to work on, but in terms of a player with skill, a quick player who can take on his wing and a young winger, I think he is a good signing, but I don't think that's the case. I don't think we would make the signings, not for a free transfer, yes, no, I completely agree with that, but what you will get with Manuel Solomon is very hard work, very hard work, pressure from the front, I want I mean, his numbers on the defensive side of the game are really very strong and that's something that Andrew really likes, you know he likes his wingers to press a lot high up the field, to be very hard


, their interceptions, their tackles, his blocks are very high um and obviously, as you say, it's also dribbling, um he's very strong, so I think what Orange are looking for on the wing I think he's going to bring it to us.
I just think he needs to improve his quality on the ball in a more consistent way. It's fair to say that definitely um and I also say that we're in the positions that he takes that he doesn't like, like Sonny will run after him and go one on one and put himself in those kinds of positions that Solomon hasn't shown. being able to do that hasn't proven to be that kind of threat yet he likes the ball at his feet he likes to take on people and he likes um and he likes you know cut inside and shoot or get to the baseline and cross He's not the type of player that likes to look for those one-on-one situations with those types of smart runs like Sonny does, so it's definitely something you have to work on.
I don't think he's that bipedal. or um, I think he's quite one-armed, so you know, getting to the byline and making crosses and creating chances, if he's good enough to do it with his left foot, we have to wait and see, but I think it will be someone he can definitely get us excited in terms of how we can take on people and he can definitely get bombs or seats in terms of how he uses his dribbling ability and his ability to shoot from distance, but I just don't think this player um look, he's 23 years, he said I just want to say that he is what he is now because players can grow up at that age, but the game that is now I don't think is a game.
He would have signed to be honest um. period in which he scored goal after goal after goal because then, yes, at that time, in that period, six games, I mean, everyone was talking about him and everyone was saying, wow, this guy plays, but we never saw that in any way. constant at all times. The season, you have to remember, was also a period where he was just coming back from injury. I think he was really looking forward to it and he blew up in the scene too, but then I think he came back again. As for meaning, even if you look at his similar stats, the goal in terms of goals per 90 was pretty decent, but then you look at his XG and his ex expected really bad assists, so I think he was outdoing himself in an en that short period and then went back to writing for the rest, I hope that maybe he would say that period where he is scoring a lot of goals is a fairer reflection of him, but I would say that it is not.
I'd say he's probably overachieved, but clearly with that period he's shown that he's got ability, his ability to find corners from tight angles is clearly there, he did that Shaktar and Fulham thing too, so I think he's got ability, um, just I think well, I think we. "We hope it's a... I think Spurs are just hoping it's a smart free transfer, which it could be, and I think there seems to be very little downside considering it's a free transfer. "I just hope we don't sign him and I think "We're done with our winger transfers, which scares me that we think we're bringing in a winger to be honest, other than this, yeah, that's what worries me, that's what worries me, well, um, yeah I'm fine if we get the central defense goals and maybe a midfield goal that we really want.
Actually, I'm okay with it if we do that, but you know we were talking last night, weren't you and us in the WhatsApp group? The guys were like, "You know, we need in the parlor system someone who's really good at haggling and that's what he is. It's true, so I can't, I can't deny that he was. I said we need someone who's really good at haggling and he." It definitely represents that, but it's what happens afterward, I guess, which isn't great, but we'll see, maybe you can improve on that. He's still young and, as I keep saying, he clearly has ability, so maybe it's something we can work with. and also maybe playing with better players around him can make him a better player with Ange poster cogloo who obviously has a knack for improving players so you know we could see him blow up in a year or so so I'm excited for this transfer, I really am, but maybe it's more just because he's Israeli rather than what he's actually shown on a football field, but as his first Israeli since Ronnie Rosenthal, I think it's like that, look, this is Done, it seems that we also have to obtain authorization from FIFA and then we will see him with a special jersey.
Medical tests are scheduled for next week and we have Fabricio Romano's here we go, so that's the third Here we go, we've had this trance window so far and it's only July, not bad, it's clearly moving very, real quick and look, they've clearly been thinking about this for a while because we heard about the transfers, you say. Right at the end of last season we were talking, I didn't think there was anything to it because I didn't think it would seriously go in his favor, remember we had that little debate at the time about what sorry for Solomon yeah, uh.
Whether it's a true story or not, yes, and I didn't really think it was, but it turns out it is. I'm excited to see what you can do for us and I think if it turns out to be good, it may be a stroke of genius, but I think it's going to take a little time. I wouldn't expect his first season to be like that. I think there will be, I think in this first season there will be a lot of fans who are really frustrated with him. but I think you have to be patient with him, yes, I would like to see him have the opportunities of him in the first rounds of the cups and things like that.
You know we're in the second round of the League Cup this year, so throw it away. on why not, eh, but anyway let's go ahead and talk about the defenders now, the defender situation, as Romano says that Tottenham are


on both deals for Edmund Taptober and Mickey van Dervin, however, just with the idea of ​​signing one as things are and what. Did I tell you Sim? What did I tell you? What you told me you only wanted one no not only I wanted one that only of course I want both that's ridiculous of course I want both but I only thought we would sign one never I said what I thought I think we will sign I said I think it's realistic to sign too I don't see why what we can't and I stand by that and we'll see what happens, hopefully we sign two if I just sign one.
I will be disappointed with these two. That's what I meant. I'm only talking about two so-called good center backs, two center backs who have initial capacity. I don't see why we can't sign too. I don't know, I agree with you, I completely agree with you that I think we'll sign too, but I don't think it's these two and that was the debate we had at the time. I know the debate could obviously be. these two, but the debate for me was that I wanted two centre-backs who had first-team ability and could start, so we're getting something completely different, so I guess you're saying I thought what you were.
What I said is that it was not realistic to sign two first-team first-team players. What I was saying is unreal. I thought it was unrealistic to sign these two, specifically these two. I don't think it's unrealistic with these two. I do not see why. To be honest, yeah, well, I mean coming out of Romano saying we're just going for one the way things are, hopefully, thingsThey progress and we sign both because I think signing both would be an absolute change for us, yes, and that is disappointing. hearing him say I don't see why it's not realistic to sign it even if it's those two specifically, I don't see why it's not realistic for them, I think if we went for both of us, I don't see why we can't do it, yeah, look as much as I would love to see it, but you.
You know, you know Tottenham's history, you know how Tottenham like to do business and this is the way we like to do it and unfortunately this is the club we support so that's why I was saying it's not realistic , not because of the caliber of the players. or the price of players simply because we are Tottenham Hotspur and this is the way we do things, yes I know, and that is frustrating and I hope we change our way of thinking. I don't think we should go for just one. We should go for two and we should really try to build a good team that makes the most sense to me.
There's no point in signing just one and then down the road we'll have another one anyway. so we'll continue to rely on, you know, a feeling that we don't want to rely on essentially, um, I think we signed one of these more, uh, toast and always a buyer, that's what I think, and that's why we have them. toast Dyer one of those in Rosemary yeah, I guess I'm terrible, I mean he's not great, but he's fine and he's got lactose, do you believe it? Because we are like a man taken away or under Fulham's nose as if they now play a little more Hardball. with us with tosin potentially it could leave a bad taste in their mouth and maybe that could increase the price a little bit, but I don't know how seriously they want it, I don't know if they wanted me to sign permanently.
There was a report from the port last week. I don't remember who it was he said that Fulham are really pushing for Manor and Spurs. They're trying to hijack the movement, so maybe they did, maybe they'd be a little bitter about it, yeah, I mean, I think we should sign, I think we should sign two left centre-backs, that's what I would do if I was running the team, but if it's only one, uh, and as long as we have um, and if it's only one, we should go for it, there's no excuse not to go for the most expensive one in time, so there has to be Taps over, yeah .
The thing is that with Mickey van the ven, he fits perfectly because we are light and the left back is the light left center back. He can cover both. Taps over can cover both the right center back and the left center back. So for me, like if we're going to sign two and we can only sign two, it should be those two, but we just don't do things that make sense here at Tottenham. I know we'd rather make things more complicated, but at least we'll go. for one of them, which is good, but we know Romano, I mean, we know in advance that we are negotiating for them, there is no surprise, but since there isn't for me, there is no reason why we shouldn't have both , honestly, would you prefer Taps over out?
Of the two, yes, I definitely think sobriety is much better, but I think Van Der Ven is good, he is a little younger. I think sobriety definitely performs better on a lot of the metrics, although it's pretty hard to judge, but I think sobriety is a little more experience too, I think it's better to be honest, sober, there you go, that's your


from Tottenham today, another one for today, we have the here we go for Man or Solomon and apparently Spurs are working. in both deals for Edmund


and Mickey van dervin, but Romano thinks the idea is to just sign one of them as things stand, but thank you all for joining us today, see you tomorrow, subscribe and comment and as always, come on. you suppose

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