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Man United Destroying the Big 6 at Old Trafford !

May 04, 2024
only halfway by alexand Arnold and Rashford move away from him cly a foul looked out was out when you're on the wrong side so then you have a great chance that Robertson can reach and find M tomin what has he got with a pretty decent pass one Hernandez and a Lango comes ah H the PO goes out to Sancho Liverpool trying to regroup and Robertson puts his foot in Momin to Fernandez to elanga the goal frame denied Manchester United the opener a pass for mom Christian Erikson right with martinez Relentless Reds right now they're coming for Jaden Sancho, still so great as you're sick of having ice in your veins and it's no more than Manchester United deserve and Liverpool are one and down again.
man united destroying the big 6 at old trafford
Henderson's determination still continues after having done the virtually impossible. possible against Palace was looking to find something similar here the second ball elanga will hit the post before the goal can be again just outside but it is causing problems and this time there is a Robertson card yes go there and get away from gr and that's the warning there's a little Ricochet that just now Lis Diaz a real spell from Liverpool here Lis Diaz blocked by D good battle between the two Liverpool has been absolutely shocking defensively, he hasn't been in the races at all but he's been oh he was asking, I got the away from Rapael Baran for Martial and Rashford they faced Allison here Marcus Rashford scores without a flag 2N the classic counterattack Rashford built his reputation on that, that's how it will be and it's Varan who brings it down T Rashford tries to place it almost sees it exactly what which was on Marcus Rashford's mind Allison did well to see the ball Rashford and yet what a soft cross for Liverpool and Rashford couldn't give him the punishment he really deserved from D by Elliot Cavalo Salah Liverpool got a goal and it's La Late lead got there just for Mudri Aler to take over and Lewis Hall stepped into the space here and crossed it and Mudri misses.
man united destroying the big 6 at old trafford

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man united destroying the big 6 at old trafford...

He has real problems in front of the Chelsea goal like Mao Mudri and not that. it helps when you see these chelsea players on the team sheet this is the kind of football you expect brilliant and sharp counter attack it's erikson who delivers to casemiro he scored with a header against chelsea earlier in the season he's on the mark against them once more now chat Erikson two Up here with Anthony is martial and again the initial touch is what lights up Manchester United. Yeah, he was watching Ansy very closely thinking if he's going to get it right because it's a great B chance with a cross, oh, another one missed from the right.
man united destroying the big 6 at old trafford
In front of Manchester United's goal, Kai hit guilty this time. I think Chelsea had won twice, but since then Chelsea have been better, there will be six minutes of extra time. Enzo Fernández Conor Gallager and they still can't finish this time, it wasn't like that. the touch but he let the Chelsea player fall was the almost shot again and it was Sancho who finished it off Anthony Marcial and although it was not the most convincing to remove the substitution proportion one well H the shot by Victor Lindelof that got in Sancho's way Fernández, well, he was there to receive it and he couldn't stand it.
man united destroying the big 6 at old trafford
It was a brilliant game of football at the end of the first half to get that second goal for United and this is just as good. Rashford Massia scores one and he did it. cross the line no, but Casemiro's header goes wide after Erikson felt he could have scored but couldn't get over the line United getting back to their rhythm Runo Fernández kicks the corner penalty Stewart comes out well, this time without a doubt he is the first penalty that Chelsea conceded in the Premier League raises the problem Without a doubt, Manchester United will return to the Premier Club competition in European football next season last season for Chelsea to gift to Rashford.
Marcus Rashford introduced him and Chelsea had just completely disintegrated. I have broken down and Marcus Rashford pressed into service at the beginning of this match from the bench has his goal Chelsea unlucky crook here is Felix Felix goes on and on and on until the end and after more than 11 hours without conceding a goal in the Premier League here Manchester United let one in and it was Félix who showed his colleagues how to do it, they prepared the exit and quickly improved the team. Rashford plays here for Ericson, now Bruno Fernández promises for Manchester United, but he follows the shot that was there. being hit by Bruno Fernandez Manchester City causing their own problems yes, but it was their best option to pass the ball to Bernardo Silva he played it without looking berardo Silva working there for Massia but he could prevent the first chance for Haren that is a very good block Fred and Casemiro were diving for the ball a double Brazilian block everything away here is de bruyer samiro able to recover it again Rashford is on the move Edison committed Rashford is around The defenders retreated although Rashford and the clearance made by AI were sold there The goalkeeper here es W Bak Casimiro Martial was a challenge but aangi was there again Rashford to Fred there he is Erikson now there is a chance for Erikson to play Rashford in Marcus Rashford running through Ederson with an excellent save this time he gets his timing absolutely perfect the Manchester City goalkeeper yes and all the opportunities come from that side here is Walker tries a shot and a really good shot also whistles past the post he doesn't score too many Kyle Walker but in the second half that is a good touch for him, although by mahrez De Bruyer in play three in the Manchester City area has gone to the other side where Bernardo Silva headed it is still not entirely clear but Casemiro is going to deal with the danger Mahrez is a growing influence on this Manchester City side Kevin De bruyne escapes from casemiro he gets up and there is the impact Off the bench it is Jack greish in the Manchester derby it is laka to casimira Marcus Rashford was offside Rashford is going to leave him Bruno Fernandez now raise the flag well I don't think there is any doubt that Rashford was offside the assistant took to discuss it with SH in I don't think he will go I think the goal will actually stand it is a goal Manchester United an old level explodes and Bruno Fernández has The tie Manchester United won Manchester City won this Garo straight to the ball from Ki Oh Leto two one Marcus Rashford canel rodri de bruyne harand got angry with his kick casemiro was behind him he wants a penalty and they are going to check it moment too big this Michael Oliver is looking at great effort from the team Lo I said before the game for the team, now we look like a team Bon cor a son Bon cor again alone, although Perisic was suggesting the opposite, a great Dy by Fernández Rashford on the charge, Romero needed to defend it and he defended it.
Oh, and a worrying moment, to say the least, for Laice. Whi returned for anonymity. It's Fred, why not Maice? Very similar to that. Yeah, and I think the second time, I think Ice half knows that this is for the cers inside. He comes, oh, and no. how far the ice was really very good, I mean it's almost perfection oh beautifully done Rashford you rise to the task and it's more frustrating than Manchester United's number 10 but it's Fernandez those hands are warm, well, I think it's better that Perisic finishes completely. bloody connection and a good save if he continues at this rate he will leave with the matter man.
War doow again casemiro Sancho Shaw is out of it here casemiro shoots him oh he certainly has the power behind this, yes, and I mean These attempts are now M Sancho planted for Fred, oh, and surely misdirected, but exultant in the Stford winger, the breakthrough they craved came in an instant after the second half got under the son of the game-breaker Kane, and that was just a step away, he feels it. he was deflected and the referees agree, yes, but the Manchester United defense doesn't believe this was clean and it wasn't. Davis is a Kane move and Gea made him cover the flag anyway.
Anthony Fernández not completely, but that's how it is. Fred and now Fernández Bruno Fernández gloriously doubles Manchester United's lead Rashford will have his opinion tremendous things about Larice he wants more protection but despite not having it he has certainly proven his worth tonight it was played for the first time and Christian Erikson well, he is no longer beyond his ability to put that in the back of the net, being forced back here he made the challenge and they were complaining at Manchester United and suddenly Martin Elli comes in and Martin Elli scores a real breakaway for the Gunners, but he's been doing many greetings. all the contact with Eric from Erard Eric, lovely ball, Bruno Fernandez breaks away, Gabrielle, good lead played by B, could take Anthony on his debut, leaves Manchester United ahead, has a new badge to kiss here and the universal recognition of Manchester United still uses his hand but Sacka and this is how he has done in front of goal they want a penalty they want a penalty P does not include the disallowed goal through there could be an opportunity here for Saka there is an The opportunity and Arsenal are level and it cannot be said that Erikson Fernández has not come for Rashford right in the middle of Arsenal, wow Manchester United and Marcus Rashford.
It probably happened until 2006, where he became absolutely incredible, he pressed. here and Aron are very close to having more problems a little more freedom on Arsenal in this game The freedom here belongs to Christian Erikson Rashford is up with him Erikson looks for Rashford and the flag does not have one up Rashford thinks he scored a second Manchester United thinks they are 3-1, the consequences are already known, I already know where this path leads and my head is not, you are not perfect but like a drug there is no release

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