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Man is so passionate about Mason Greenwood, he calls LBC twice in 24hrs to defend him

Sep 02, 2023
Well, let me start with this, it was clear that United and Greenwood have basically still denied it. They get charges for denial and you referenced that in your part where you said the excerpt that was posted was part of a five minute report. so it was less than less than a minute, okay, so the full context wasn't there. The guy you just talked to just said that the police had their charges dropped because they asked them to. Now I can tell you that if you have independent evidence, you will pursue a case even if the main victim is hostile to your case if you have the evidence to prove it, but if the main victor, if the main witness, does not testify in court, then it is clear Which, of course, matters, it doesn't matter.
man is so passionate about mason greenwood he calls lbc twice in 24hrs to defend him
It matters, the case was abandoned because there was not enough evidence to prosecute and clearly if the case is based on a witness and that witness says I'm not actually going to present evidence that will change the picture if they have what they consider enough evidence to continue with the case without the victim, they will continue with it, that's what I'm saying, but let me go back to the court of public opinion, as you called it, that's the most important thing I want to say, this is a 20 year old young man. man of years who, by his own admission, has made mistakes, has reconciled with the alleged victim and has a son, that is common knowledge.
man is so passionate about mason greenwood he calls lbc twice in 24hrs to defend him

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man is so passionate about mason greenwood he calls lbc twice in 24hrs to defend him...

It's okay if this woman is convinced that she has done it, even if she has made the mistakes that the general public seems to think. He has forgiven him and given him a second chance. Who are we to say no? she is wrong we are right this man but we are not going to comment on their relationship this is a question of whether Mason Greenwood is an appropriate role model for young children and I tell you we have seen enough to know that he is not okay, actually no, no, I don't accept. You think Mason Greenwood is a good role model.
man is so passionate about mason greenwood he calls lbc twice in 24hrs to defend him
You give it a chance if you really believe. that he has done something wrong, you give him the opportunity to resurrect, right, he came out and said that he wants to be a better father, that's great and I'm happy, but he doesn't have to do that as long as he's a Manchester. The United footballer does it well, let me check it out, let me take you back to a guy called Chad Evans, do you know Chad Evans? Yes, I'm sure I have a high profile, yes, another high-profile footballer, okay, yes, he was like Mason Greenwood, he ran across the court of public opinion considered him guilty in a cult because at that time the police and the CPS had domestic violence high on their specific crime agenda and wanted to increase their conviction rate or we still see it to this day with less than one percent of the statistics. that are implemented we should get more convictions we should get more convictions that is the drum they are beating all the time Chad Evans then returned to the coal acquitted of all charges okay and if you had really followed the case you would have realized you should never have having been convicted in the first instance, fine, but he dropped all charges now that the guy's reputation was damaged beyond belief, to the point that Jess Ennis, the British athletics favorite, came out and said that Sheffield United allowed this guy. to play for them I will ask them to remove my name from the stand when there was there was an apology there was something you know Jess and her teachers say oh I'm sorry I was wrong the point I'm trying to make is that we are so quick to literally demonize these people without knowing all the evidence, we get a snapshot of what we believe, we make the decision and we are guilty again, okay I got it, thank you very much, but thanks vehicle, I don't agree with you. others will agree but it's clear why your inverted form is getting rid of because of people like you some with the way you ask questions and people like your previous contributors on yahwah where it's obvious it's like a The mafia rules now, as soon as someone is basically accused of something, whether there is guilt or not, these people are thrown out and you know, in this case, Mason Greenwood absolutely destroys the 20, what are they? 20 now, maybe 21, absolutely destroyed on the back of what it becomes.
man is so passionate about mason greenwood he calls lbc twice in 24hrs to defend him
It turns out to be a 15-second clip of a five-minute audio. Well, now you don't know the full evidence like I do, but what we do know is that the case was originally made public knowledge in January of last year. The alleged victim asked that Rick be removed and it took police nine more months to close the case. It's okay to allow all that kind of speculation. Which that shows is that you will know that as a journalist you know that the police and the CPS have focused on crime. where they want to increase the number of conditions, what better sentence than a high-profile young professional, you know, for one of their specific crimes they moved heaven and earth to try to get these sentences if the person filing the complaint withdraws. to file complaints they can, they can, they can, that's false, they can, because if the police have enough evidence in an impartial way, they can take the decision out of the hands of the alleged victim and go after her themselves, which is what they are trying to do. do, okay? class Gary Neville so as part of the kind of I don't know what people like me would call them I love Gary Neville when he talks about football but Gary never was is branching out into several avenues that you know he's almost starting to get past the saturation point. , has an opinion on absolutely everything and not everything, actually is how Man United fans would reflect.
Have you heard of a YouTube channel called United? It is the largest in the world. The largest sports channel in the world. 1.7 million subscribers. Basically, watch that regularly, Mark Goldbridge, who is the presenter, has been very damning with Greenwood's information, but the actual followers who follow that channel 52 in favor of him coming back, show you how divided this issue is, there is those, but yes, there are those absolutely. I think Lee, if it is the case that, as you say, these are unproven allegations, they have not been proven in court, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, why did Manchester United decide to part ways for now? , they have not done it?
Didn't you mention it in the introduction before coming to me? Read the statements Read each one of them Nowhere is it talked about termination or contract Yes, they will let you out and they will bring you back and finally So you know, unless something changes something, let's not forget, let me let me turn it around this, you were very honest with yourself, you think they made the right decision, why should I never play football for Man United again? Tell me why I shouldn't do it. Well, I'm looking for the answer from CEO Rich and Arnold. I mean, initially you would have thought there would be some discredit for the club or an effect on YouTube.
I have heard that. video I've seen that video I think it's absolutely horrible the quotes which I'm not going to give because I'm aware that there are children listening right now are appalling they're just appalling yes it was bad but it's not bad enough to warrant a sanction, that means he shouldn't play. Not well. I agree with you when you hear that in its isolation. Absolutely awful. Alright. Absolutely important context. It needs to sound better than it is. Can I throw? I threw something out there I don't know I'm just throwing it out, there was an alternative which is exactly what would happen in a court of law, how do you know they don't engage in role playing?
They have these people doing all kinds of things behind closed doors and I'm not suggesting that's the case, but the point is that you've decided on a 10 to 15 second audio clip when it was part of a five minute clip. Why weren't the full five minutes made public? What's probably because it wasn't like that? Do you know your version is correct? No, that's what I said. I don't know, but in a court of law, what would happen? Would other things be thrown? There will be other alternatives and this is the problem with people like you and I love the way you present your shows because generally you are quite open minded but people like you make comments but you I heard that yes absolutely I'm sorry, but I just don't think Manchester United would want to put themselves in a position where they would essentially have to


or explain the comments that are there. tape and yes, you're right, there may be another context around it and maybe there's something else going on, who knows, but those guys are absolutely awful.

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