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Man ADOPTS TERMINALLY ILL 10-Year-Old, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

Aug 12, 2023
So how long do you say I have about 12 months left? Hi, how I can help you? I think I'll have a medium coffee with cream and sugar. Would you like some hot chocolate with honey? And don't forget Barry, he's thirsty. Very well, of course, can we get an extra cup for her? Teddy, of course, so a medium coffee, two Cocos and extra cream. There you have it, thanks rock paper scissors, shoot rock paper scissors and start with those drinks. Matt, oh yeah, hey, well, can I? Ask yourself something safe, as long as you can work and talk, of course, have you ever felt like your life had no meaning?
man adopts terminally ill 10 year old what happens next is shocking dhar mann
Well, you know, I used to feel that way a lot until I became a father and my life made complete sense. on purpose Ah, that's my boy, is everything okay? I just got back from my doctor's appointment, it looks like my time is going to be limited, OMG I'm so sorry to hear that, if there's anything I can appreciate, I appreciate it. man let me make you these drinks okay thank you thank you oh you came home early yeah the boss uh you let me leave early because after hearing the news that was his face yeah Tasha we can talk?
man adopts terminally ill 10 year old what happens next is shocking dhar mann

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man adopts terminally ill 10 year old what happens next is shocking dhar mann...

I know we've been going back and forth about whether or not we wanted kids for a while now, but I think I know that's


I want now that you heard


the doctor said you wouldn't be around. I know that I know that I have I have seen the birth of my son. I feel like that would make me a happier man before I turned white. Just knowing that I can leave an impact on this world. You know, in some ways, you know, they're a little kid or a. girl, you know, just leave my legacy behind.
man adopts terminally ill 10 year old what happens next is shocking dhar mann
I do not think it is like that. I don't want to raise a child without a father. It is my only wish. This is the only thing I want before I leave. Not Matthew, I am. I'm sorry but I can not. There is something else. I need to talk to you about my other suitcase is here, yes, oh oh, sorry Winnie, can I bring you, the usual. That would be great, thank you. You know, what's everything okay? You seem out of place, it's been a great week. Can I speak to you? You know, my wife Natasha, right, she left, no, I said I wanted a child instead of saying yes, she just packed up her things and she just left, she just left, that's so horrible.
man adopts terminally ill 10 year old what happens next is shocking dhar mann
I'm sorry, I can't believe she did that to you, it's complicated, it's complicated, well, hey, you know, I'm sure you'll find someone great, yeah, I mean, it's just a long time, you know, getting started all over again and then it's like that's the only thing I don't have right now is the time option, that's what I did, there's a great place nearby, um, here's your information, thanks, yeah, sorry , you know, lowering your spirits and all that. It's just been a rough couple of days. I thought my life would be very different. You know, it could make a difference.
It's not turning out the way I imagined. As a single person, you may not be able to change the world, but not that. It doesn't mean you can't change the world for one person. Can we hurry? I have places to be safe in a moment. Oh, sorry, you can't come back here. Oh, I work here now. Kayla, why don't you help? This gentleman, thank you Matt, can I talk to you for a second? What's going on? I do this to you, but I have to let you go. Why is this supposed to be a happy place where people can come and forget about their problems?
I want to hear about other people's problems. I'm sorry, but I have to think too hard about our future here. What am I supposed to do? Don't worry. I will make sure you receive a large settlement just to keep you in front of Matthew. Gina, nice to meet you, so we reviewed your paperwork and everything looks great, but I noticed you left this space blank. I'm assuming you're not


ill, so if you could check this box here, that's not it. necessarily true oh sorry unfortunately that means you can't adopt no please no. I don't know how much this means to me, frankly it's unfair to the child and against our agency policy, it was just more I could do.
I'm sorry, what's wrong with her? Oh, that's Tara, unfortunately we just found out that she is sick. Doctors say she only has another three months left. She will soon go to the hospital. Let me adopt her. No, let me adopt her. I can take care of her better than any doctor I don't think, no Regina, you don't understand, I know what she's going through, she can relate to me, plus, I mean, it was like I was 12 months old, she's three, I can be there to she, geez, you really want to. see a girl they spent the last few months of her life in a hospital let me go talk to her thank you, thank you, okay, this is it, what do you think?
Well, I'm glad you like it. What do you want to do today? We can do whatever you want. I have to call you dad, you can call me crazy dad, buddy, whatever you're hungry, I can go make you something to eat. Hey, look, I know what you're going through. Really, really hard, it's super unfair, but I'm in the same boat as you now, either we could be really sad about it or you can make the most of it. I say we make the most of it. What are you saying? Yes, I have chocolate chips. pancakes you can get whatever you want, let's go, I'll never forget it.
I've been so lost without you, yes, I'm so glad I found you, thank you, it's okay, but I'm not very hungry. Do you want to go lie down here? It's okay, everything will be okay, it's okay, I'll take you to the hospital, everything will be okay, okay? He needs to see her during the night and maybe he wants to sit down. I'm so sorry, I wish it wasn't true, but we all are. I knew this was going to happen I love that girl I feel like my job is ripping my heart out of my chest but the third time in three months she knew you loved her and that you were there for her you did something great I thought that uh if I adopted a child, would it have some purpose you have a purpose, you served a very valuable person oh, I feel worse, we will help you with your pain, thank you sir, this was the first time she would want you to have it, it will be all right, you did well abroad Dear Matt, if you are reading this it means my time is up, please don't be sad, you see, when the doctor told me everything, the hardest part wasn't finding out I was going to die.
The hardest part was being completely alone. I just wanted someone. I could talk to someone who loved me, but as soon as they found out, they eventually went the other way. I lost hope until you arrived. Thank you for joining me in these last few days. For months it has meant a lot to me to be loved by someone who is everything I ever wanted. I'm sorry you couldn't have kids on your own, but I'm so happy you adopted me because you're the best dad ever. A child could ask you to change my life and I will always be grateful for that.
I love you, dad, eldest daughter, Tara.

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