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Make a Grand Adventures Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)

Jun 04, 2021
Hello everyone, I'm Jenny from MSQC. And I have a great project for you. This is based on an old block called Delectable Mountains. And we've made it new and usable using pre-cuts to


it. Let's take a look at this


behind me. Isn't this great? I mean it has these big little up and down movements. This is kind of a crying woman thing here. There are so many elements to this


and so many things you can do with it. So to


this quilt, what you will need is a package of printed ten inch squares.
make a grand adventures quilt with jenny doan of missouri star video tutorial
And we used Wildwood Way by Florian Finch for RJR. You will also need 40 ten inch background squares and some yardage. The yards, the background yards will put this little border around it. And you'll need ¾ of a yard for that. For the outside edge you will need a yard and ¾. And it's a 6 ½ inch border. Such a nice big border. Makes a quilt about 91 by 88, so it's a great size quilt and a really fun project to make. Let me show you how to do this. So what we're going to do is take a ten inch square and a ten inch printed square.
make a grand adventures quilt with jenny doan of missouri star video tutorial

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make a grand adventures quilt with jenny doan of missouri star video tutorial...

Now on our background square, we're going to go ahead and iron a line that's going to be our seam line right down the middle. And you can iron the line or draw the line. So we're just going to fold that diagonally and iron the line. This gives us a pressed seam line. First you want to lay out the printed fabric and place the ten inch square on top. Make sure the ironed line goes down. If you turn it around, it is much easier to sew in the ditch than it is to sew on the top of the mountain.
make a grand adventures quilt with jenny doan of missouri star video tutorial
And if you put it inside out, that line will be like that and it will make it a little more difficult to sew. So we have ours this way and we sew a quarter inch on each side of that line. And we're going to go to the sewing machine and do that. We're making a giant half square triangle and we only want to sew a quarter inch on each side of that line. So set up your machine and get off. Place the presser foot right to the side. Go down to the bottom, turn around and go up the other side.
make a grand adventures quilt with jenny doan of missouri star video tutorial
Now you have to be very careful with this quarter inch because what we are going to do, the measurements are going to matter in what we are going to do. So the first thing we're going to do now is cut this in half diagonally, like this. Right on our folding line. We're using our fold line as a guide, from corner to corner. And then we'll press them open. You're going to do this with 40 of your squares, just 40, not 42 but just 40. This way, I'm going to go ahead and do both. So once you've got the seams nice and flat, we'll take our two half square triangles here and you'll want to separate them into two piles.
So these are, you know, if I line them up they're exactly the same, but we have to cut them differently so that we have one block coming this way and one coming this way to form that mountain. So what we're going to do is make two piles. There will be 20 of these squares in each stack and you can then cut them out. Now let's cut them into strips. What you want to do because our block is now 9 ½, no longer ten inches, you want to take the final size of your block and divide it between four strips.
So the final size of your block divided by four will give you the size of your strip. Our strip size is now 2 ⅜. That's because we want four identical pieces. Now, 2 ⅜ is a little bit of a different measurement, so what I did here was I took a piece of painter's tape right here and I put it on the 2 ⅜. The ⅜ line is the small line just before the middle. And this will remind me because I may remember the first four, but when I


t cutting them and it's automatically cutting, I'm going to go straight to those 2 ½. And they'll just do it, and if you do it, this one won't be the same size.
So we want to do this in 2 ⅜. And we are going to cut them like this. We'll get it out of the way. We'll line up our ruler right along the edge. And you're going to cut four of these from each half square triangle. And you want to make sure your blocks are oriented the right way. That's right, that's right, we want them to go in opposite directions. Don't forget, that's really important. Okay, now what we're going to do is turn these strips over. So we just flip them like this. Let's sew them together. And it's going to be the first half of that mountain block.
So let's go and sew them together a quarter inch and I've got my quarter inch lined up here. You have to be pretty precise on these quarter inches. You know sometimes it doesn't matter. In this quilt it matters. So once you've done that, we'll open them up. It's a good idea to have all the back seams go in the same direction. So I'm going to leave this here. Press from above, turn it over. And then you'll just add the next strip and the next strip until you have a block that looks like this. I can't get my fingers down there.
Okay, so your block looks like this. You're going to make four of those. Two of each block orientation are needed to make the block. So let me show you that. Because you want them to come together like this. And we're actually going to put our colors together. We want to unite our colors. That's the fun thing about a quilt like this: if I just turn them the other way, they will make something completely different. Now, one of the things you have to remember is that they are now taller than they are wide, so you can't turn them.
You can't make a mistake and express them wrong. But you can do this. So what we're going to do is put them together, four of them like this, just like that. That makes our block. Now what we do is we sew a quarter inch into this seam. A quarter inch into this seam and then sew all the way down the center as a four patch and that will form our big block for our quilt. And we'll do that with all of our pieces. And then let's pull this out and see what we have. Alright, this is so pretty.
Alright, our center seam looks good. Everything else fit together very well. And this is your finished block right here. Isn't it fun? Very funny. So let's look at the quilt behind me so we can see how we put them together. Now we have one, two, three, four, five across and because they make such long blocks, we have five large blocks across and one, two, three, four down. And it turns out almost a square quilt. You know, and remember if you want yours to be a different shape, just add more blocks, just add more blocks. So what we do is we just sew them together.
And I have some stitched right here that we can show you. So we sewed four of these like this. And look, it makes this little diamond in the middle. So once you have the quilt top, we are ready to add that first border. Now the first edge that crosses the top and bottom is just a straight 2 ⅜ strip. And remember we did, we're using 2 ⅜, which is a little bit of a different size. But we wanted it to match the size of our strip. Then also when you go down the sides we did something a little different, we put these little cornerstones here, we made snowballs with our strips so we could finish this little diamond.
And it just gives it that little finishing touch. So what we did was the top strip here is only 9 ½ inches. It is the width of the block. That's the first time we found one of those diamonds. But the next three pieces are 18 inches, so what you're going to do is cut these off the bottom 2 ⅜ and then you're going to cut some 2 ⅜ inch squares from the two leftover pieces that you didn't use to make your mountain blocks. We are going to sew diagonally from corner to corner. Trim that, iron that back. So when we put them together, they will be together like this.
And that will bring the outside to its peak and you'll want to do the same thing on both sides. Once you have them on, you'll add the larger outer edge. And your quilt will be finished. We hope you enjoyed this quilt. It's a fun new way to join blocks. We call it Great Adventure because it's like climbing mountains. And we hope you enjoyed this


on the MSQC Grand Adventure Quilt.

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