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Majora's Mask and the Art of Dark Symbolism

Jun 06, 2021
The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask is what I would like to consider one of my favorite video games of all time. Being a huge Nintendo gamer and more specifically a Zelda fan, I was absolutely obsessed with the feeling of endless adventure that came my way. by its prodigal predecessor, ocarina of time, you see, young man, i lay awake every night during the summer pushing endlessly through the deku tree, dongho cavern and jabu jabu belly, after this, shadow followed of the water of the forest fire and the spirit temples with their many dungeons before heading to the cursed lion's den climbing Ganon's castle to face the great king of evil in his two forms, oh god, what days those were strange, they would pass a few months until my youngster got the reveal that ocarina of time had a direct sequel hmm a sequel you say now you see at this point i was still just a kid at this point in my life.
majora s mask and the art of dark symbolism
I had a weird but gigantic obsession with Paper Mario and Zelda. look into the background as you pressed that game you see this was before the days of online tutorials and i had zero bucks to spend on a strategy guide so this took time anyway once i finally got to playing Majora's Mask I really didn't get it, there's a shaky time system and all my stuff resets to zero, too, why can't I just save by pressing V like I did before, seriously Nintendo what does it matter? I just didn't get it and it seems After reading a lot about this, a lot of other people my age didn't fully understand it either until we were older.
majora s mask and the art of dark symbolism

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majora s mask and the art of dark symbolism...

You see, Majora's Mask is one of those games that requires deliberation and critical thinking. It is far from legendary. The hero's quest in Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask was a much more personal endeavor to endure in college. I revisited the land of Termina in a nostalgia-driven attempt to finally master something I had easily given up a decade earlier. Able to understand what I was supposed to be doing instead of pushing buttons in dialogue like I used to, this it had real meaning and being at an age where I could make sense of it led me to a revelation that I hold to this day.
majora s mask and the art of dark symbolism
The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask is a


and enigmatic masterpiece finding the reason Majora's Mask didn't appeal to my younger self it's really not that hard it's complicated yeah the three day cycle really left me itching head, confused as to what to do. making the start of the game slow and thoughtful instead of allowing you to take your true form and go through dungeons was also another factor that really hindered it, it was just a hodgepodge of me being young along with these reasons that led to just not wanting to complete it, So why am I talking about this now?
majora s mask and the art of dark symbolism
Well my friends, apart from the very obvious and nightmarish moon, the shades of Majora's


s are very


and creepy. These Hans are coming from everywhere as they play and Eva rything every theme, every character background, every mini story that weaves through this overarching story is absolutely masterful without apology as we know the game is largely carried through a skin system, only a select few and we'll get to this shortly are needed to progress. the main story, apart from the three transformers, there are 21 other skins in total, each of which comes with a unique story, none of the non-story ones are required to complete the game, rather they are completely optional and give you allow you to experience a multitude of Requires you to connect and interact with the citizens of Clock Town, this is where the difference in tone between Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time really becomes apparent. saving the princess, the game reminds you again and again who you are chasing and what your ultimate goal is Majora's Mask is the antithesis of t his idea in its entirety you know how it is at the end of the climactic link Ocarina of Time Princess Zelda rewarded by sending it back to his own time in hopes of letting him live the childhood he had given up to save Hyrule.
In doing so, Navi disappeared into the unknown, thus linking him in the search for his long-lost friend. This is when Majora's Mask starts instead of being a chosen one. The clashes were initially greeted by nothing more than the hushed vibe of the minimalist music together. the sound of hooves hitting the ground below us this in its entirety sets the mood for how the rest of this dark conundrum of a game would play out leaping forward, the silence is broken as the Skull Kid ambushes us and we begin to chase after him before the direct confrontation and he transforms us into a Deku scrub, then we move forward together with one of Skull Kids' fairy friends to finally come face to face with one of the darkest and most prominent characters in this game the seller of happy


s exhibits the biggest and most obvious sign of the stark tone split between ocarina of time and


's mask if i had to pick a central character to serve as an example of this it would be him on ocarina he is nothing more than a happy-go-lucky salesman of masks that has a shop in the castle town.
Interaction with him is nothing more than optional and the skins you get from his side quests are ultimately cosmetic more than anything. in Majora, he has a completely different personality and role, he now has knowledge and with this power that comes across as eerily strange, you make a deal with him, he brings the mask that the Skull Kid stole from him, the same mask that holds the potential. for relentless and unfathomable destruction and will bring you back to life to live once more as a human in the dystopia of Termina. Think about this link. The verse link made a deal with a figurative demon.
Each failed attempt to save Termina within three days results in the happy mask salesman ominously telling us his famous line: you've met a terrible fate, haven't you? As the world hellishly burns to the ground. but that's the bad ending, that's the entrance you run into if you don't finish fulfilling your agreement, then it's explained to us that the ocean, swampy mountain, and canyon are the regions that need to be saved to free the deities from each area to save the land of Termina, so we embarked on a quest to make sure that not only us, but all the undeserving residents of this parallel realm survive this impending doom looming over us, as well that setting out we are the newbies in Clock Town in terminal and we head to chat with all the residents to find out what the heck is going on along the way we meet a multitude of people having trivial problems that collectively add up to complement the central theme of this game to start we have the grandmother at the end who is attacked by the second kymaro the man who could not die the pink sisters the dancers who simply could not They were doing well by Gorman who had all performances canceled by him guru-guru the one with the Bremen mask and many others, all these many stories add up to a collective sense of hopelessness and pain, and this is immediate.
We haven't even gotten into the stories behind the transforming skins when you get the skin vendor. To end the curse placed on you, you can collect the Deku Scrub as a transforming mask, however this is in stark contrast to the origins of the Goron and Sora masks, as they come from beings that have passed away and were donned. to rest or is it that you see that there is a small detail that many could overlook at the beginning of this game? When you are traversing the chasm while trying to escape with gadgets, you come across a shriveled Deku scrub that appears to be dead.
Save this. mind and fast forward the game to where you can play the racing minigame with Deku Butler to get the mask of sense and you will notice that Deku Butler says something that many might miss, remind me of my son with this, it is believed widely that the Sun is, in fact, this same Deku scrub that we missed at the start of the game, this is further supported when we see him cry alongside the same scrub during the end credits, what if when? Skullkid cursed us in Deku Forum, he did so by immediately sucking all the life out of this innocent being, leaving him to an undeserved and indefinite death, this ultimately becomes an important addition to the overarching themes we've developed for this game, hopelessness, pain and now undeserved. death for innocent people in Snowhead, we set out to put to rest the spirit of the Goron darmani leader, who risked his entire life trying to save Snow Head from the curse of the Skull Kids.
In doing so, we were tasked with comforting the eldest son of the Goron has nothing but an apparition of the darmani himself once again dealing with death and pain leaping into Great Bay they were tasked with saving Lulu's eggs from dying and putting to rest the spirit Zora Macao once again death too these eggs are undeservedly doomed to death due to climate change brought about by the Skull Kids curse it all ties into the themes of hopelessness despair and now death Icona Canyon is one of the most prominent displays of just how dark Majora's Mask can get even though the entire region is home. to the invisible species ikono, a tribe of skeletal creatures that have been overrun by invaders by the name of garo I Cana was once a thriving region teeming with life much like Hyrule and has since drifted so far astray that it is now a dystopian area that is widely known as a home for the lost wandering souls and the undead one of the skins you get from this region is the gibdo mask which allows you to talk to the mummies and you get this by playing the healing song alongside the father gibdo of a girl trapped inside probably the only colorful house in the whole area one of my favorite parts of the whole game falls inside the romani ranch i just dont know what it is about ranches and zelda games that just stay with me forever Romani got me mainly because of the mission where we got to handle the fight against them how cool is this nothing nothing gives me the feeling that I am in a dark and extrava ghent parallel universe more than a fucking alien invasion so big and far away was one of the creepiest and most adrenaline inducing moments in this entire game and it really is for good reason throughout the game Romani along with other NPCs would reference them coming to kidnap cows once a year unfortunately for us that day somehow falls perfectly within a short time frame of three days given in the world of ends in clock city you will find many talking NPCs about a certain experience.
The experience with them and how transformative this was allows us to speculate the possibility that these people were probably experimented on, but wait, according to Romani, aliens came every year to kidnap cows, so what makes you see the beauty of this segment is the lack of knowledge. surrounding him if you fail the mission at the ranch Romani gets kidnapped and acts surprisingly different from before almost like she's in a total haze if she was lobotomized if she was probed or raped the beauty of this game is that we don't know it's like a mysterious phenomenon to us as it is for the characters in the game and this was done to make us feel something that is absolutely amazing.
I was unable to make any of these connections or even have the will as a child. However, even if he did, he probably wouldn't be able to comprehend them once more. Majora's Mask absolutely requires deliberation and critical thinking, as everyone knows, many theories have been formulated over the years regarding darkness and darkness. ertones from Majora's Mask of course of course we have a theory that the link is dead as birthed by matpat among other links related to lost childhood and whatever, however I really want to share a general theory that i think it could be even darker than this what if at the end link accidentally becomes the villain he is desperately trying to defeat if we can remember at the end of the game link defeats Majora's Mask and the earth of ends is saved once that all is said and done the words the dawn of a new day here on the screen implying that all is well and the land of Termina will live peacefully with a good ending, if you turn off the game here and leave it at that then this is absolutely the case.
I want to get your attention. although if we go back to the moon part of the game just before Link enters the room to face the final boss, we are rewarded with the mask of the fierce deity, this is only rewarded if we have completed all the missions of mask. In-game, however, it has a surprisingly apparent trade-off: it grants Link unfathomable power, so much so that even he is able to take down Majora's Mask with just a few hits. none of them allow you to continue an endgame with any item you obtained on or immediately beforefrom the final boss, instead, everyone has your back before the final boss fight.
If you ever feel like loading the file again, we must remember that Majora's mask total time perception is completely different from any other Zelda in the lineup, remember how I mentioned that link made a deal with the mask seller, a Figurative demon, Fierce Deity Mask is his reward, as it is given immediately before Link reaches the final stage. of his quest to keep yours in the deal, essentially this reward is now an unfathomable power apparent in itself and now the ability to live forever now, wait a minute, the ability to live forever. Where did that come from, so if you shut down the game with the dawn of a new day screen, it's over. turman is saved and all is peaceful and prosperous. notice he still has the mask of the fierce deity and time has been reset again, this ultimately leads me to believe that all the work that tied him up to keep his in the deal for the mask salesman it was in vain and the sleazy trap in the fine impression his deal to get his life back was to be banished in this damned hellhole full of residents who are entrenched in pain and despair due to the many struggles that have taken him. accompanying, the glaring difference now is that there you are forever wrapped up in an endless cycle of dealing with your problems over and over and over and over again forever and ever worse all this is happening during the worst three days of your entire life while death literally watches them from heaven ends was always meant to die is even in the name ends terminal and everything dies and everything is finite the link just interferes with the order natural of things trapping everyone forever in a world whose time is up and you can't heat death and at the end of the game it's breathing down Link's neck waiting for the moment when he decides his good intentions aren't worth it anymore when this time comes and death can finally take its due course Link made a deal with devil


's mask doesn't end with the link leaving the ending doesn't end at all for a game rated E for everyone we definitely have a treasure that is grim, desolate, and haunting while not scary The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask carries with it a sense of haunting that is replete with


, no matter how you look at it, hopelessness, despair, impending doom, and death, all have been woven into the many stories. that are present in this game and sadly a lot of this can be easily overlooked if you don't stop to take it all in with that said and Too close it's almost impossible to miss the irony surrounding the extremely prominent healing song that towers above everything else in the game.
The song itself is the very foundation of Majora's Mask and has the sole purpose of, in theory, representing kind of a positive, but it's actually clearly one of the most haunting scores you can play on an ocarina as I mentioned before the game. is made as a whole to make you feel the strong emotions of each character until the very end, when we can finally move on and put an end to the clammin II that brought us this golden boy, all the intertwining stories that we have experienced through the many side quests. of Woodfall Snow Head Great Bay I canna Canyon and Clock Town end up coming together as a collective whole and it is at this moment in this small moment during carnival that everyone can experience the brief feeling that maybe just maybe there is a glimmer of hope in this dystopia after all

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