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Mahogany (1975) | Romantic Drama Movie | Diana Ross, Billy Dee Williams

Jun 04, 2022
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gives you the kabuki ending so we're all here to share it with you oh we've got deals to paris in london and you're going to make a lot of money money money so I thought I'd ask you to draw a cocktail dress simple. ok class homework for next week is a basic swimsuit ok and that means no sequence no rhinestones ok you got some money you can't please everyone dammit what , bad luck with that, nothing, bro, wait a minute, bro, now the point is that they. i'm organizing projects with bars and the winners to keep people from pushing each other now the south side black association is sending some people here all wednesday oakland wall school ten minutes of your time could help you save your house of course, now i can see we have someone who is up to date on home improvement.
mahogany 1975 romantic drama movie diana ross billy dee williams
We have a powerful luxury accessory happening right now. Excuse me, young lady, but are you going to take a few minutes to do something? about keeping that apartment from being demolished what are you going to do that's more important than keeping a hockey landlord from throwing you on your back how you'd like to come home one day from work and find a big hole where your house was might not be worse Than come home to some jerk groping me through a megaphone what at 11 o'clock at night wait a minute now wait look I'm cold and tired okay wait don't look huh maybe it's not important to you but what about mrs. johnson up there, what is mr.
mahogany 1975 romantic drama movie diana ross billy dee williams

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mahogany 1975 romantic drama movie diana ross billy dee williams...

Josh when I'm on the street? Of the women wearing this crap they could wear a zipper and a sleeve what do you have like I don't know? I mean you're getting too good for my vocabulary good morning florence what do you say? They only take a couple of days to make the samples hey my money rate is 25 this wil Relative Lawrence you're working overtime in the drawing department give me a couple of days okay be a good boy better than okay oh , thanks, Florencia, I want you out of here, it's ok, you're costing me money that nobody can pay, so they condemn the billions because nobody lives in them and the next day they turn around and sell a boy to the city to do projects you're lucky someone fumigates this rat hole for you come on now brian you know that's how it always fuck there's a program in town that's being neglected by the same people who were creating it because there are houses not too different Of these hundreds of them that can be bought for a dollar, does anyone know that no one has your head? what's going on ok who else will join us live as white oh i'm afraid to ask but you're tracy chambers so i'm afraid you're brian walker which scares us both huh?
mahogany 1975 romantic drama movie diana ross billy dee williams
Good thing we're close to the police station. You with legal aid no I'm with the milk fund uh hey I know you hear about this bill I just joked why did you do it if you're not with legal aid because I'm the one that blew that trumpet of yours on a cornucopia dammit you mean i just spent the night in jail because of you look i know i'm in trouble but i'll be in more trouble unless you spend a hundred bucks before those cops cash that bum . I gave them a check you wrote you wrote a bum check I didn't count jailbirds in my budget this month where are we going you're going home I'm going to raise a hundred dollars oh nothing I'm going to work if I haven't lost my job yet you really tiptoed around me isn't it? i felt guilty that's all that's all uh that's all i'll tell you what why don't i come over tonight with the money and see if we can find something we can feel guilty about together look jack i don't think you understand the signs i just want to bring you your cash and phone how much i appreciate it look you can wear it on your back and nipples and i won't let you in the door wait a minute i just wanted to put it in the mailbox the reason i'm leaving bring your pad yes mrs tracy no i know how they felt about you being late when i was a salesperson but i hope my secretaries retire sorry miss evans i had a class last time i had so many christmas things to do before mr. mcavoy descends on us sean mcavoy you've got sean mcavoy i don't think we can afford his lens cap tracy i thought we'd agree if those night school courses started affecting your job you drop them it's on my own time there are 6,000 employees in this store they have to be behind counters all day no i suggest you let the promotion to the display department fill any creative need you might think you have make it clear to me turn turn turn your back look up you shoulder show dress more hide that seam ok ok ok ok bring your th Right shoulder forward bring right shoulder forward another right shoulder that's your left shoulder your other right shoulder dog ok smile no no not so wide we are a smile sexy well that's beautiful well do you want to be in new york well good holiday holiday watch your lips well well now turn around well well now m go look at me look at me that way alright that's fab great alright sucking your gut hold on smile that's good it's obvious I'm moving into that hug up that uh well kind of look through just one specific kid yeah that's alright uh , turn around again, man, try to turn away, that's right, hold on to, uh, the sides of the tail, yeah, that's good, really stroke that thing down stroking great great great put your fingers right for inside that's enough hold on hold take a deep breath arch your back show us your titties and say ok it's too much it's too horny baby it's still too horny be a little more virginal than you've ever been huh try to look a little more thoughtful e uh uh try to look a little saddest try to say thanks ok ok ok this is rather come on honey come on up here let me take a look at you before you put on some clothes you got this try to get six more likes we can really start where want me to go oh this is my secretary oh conformist mr mcavoy tracy chambers i know you're tired but i think you're fabulous tracy could you get some chairs for the models dear yes ma'am would you like a cup of coffee mr mcavoy I'll bet you one please yes chicagoland los i carried all the way down the stairs on my back you are not going to let me in i didn't just want to come in i invite you to lunch you can invite me from outside it's ok miss chambers may i request the pleasure of your company for lunch sir walker miss chambers will be delighted to accept his invitation to be down in two something you're not second to me on you i have a sleep depression the other night what he did the other night oh so exciting g what are you doing now how many people are living what you've been seeing hey i'm alive this was for me if you're really interested in what i am come on i'll show you come in my constituency but there's no one here it wasn't much anymore but it was a neighborhood i grew up here in so what happened to him the same thing that is happening to yours they took out all the guts something is happening down here something is happening everywhere a couple A few years ago, it seemed that things were going to change, but not only for blacks, but for everyone in the world who has been scammed, pushed, or just born unlucky.
mahogany 1975 romantic drama movie diana ross billy dee williams
Something is gone. another when you can barely stay up or out that's what you really want to do isn't it get out of here? you are absolutely right i do and i will too is there something wrong with that? I've been around and I can see there's a much better life than this and I want it, don't I? Of course, it would be Tracy and I can understand wanting to split up, but most of these people don't start yelling for me to come with you. Someone has to stay and march and politick and fight to make this a better place to live and that's you, me hanging around seems like a silly way to make a living, what are you? about making clothes not wearing them you did that yes i did it me and my tailoring department right here well i'm impressed thank you you impressed me thank you what are you going to do with that i'm going to sell this and a whole other collection in chicago what's wrong with chicago nothing nothing the trip to europe wouldn't cure it this is a long way from europe i don't know but you would love it in rome so why is that because in the chambers of rome they don't send their pretty things to have a coffee you know nothing about rome i lo I know, they would like that better, uh, what do you mean by that?
I don't know, you're, you're brilliant, you're innocent. Do you know how to shine? What can you dance? Can you move? Come on, you're wearing the dress. girls for two days now and i don't care what miss chambers does for a living i say she's a model and she's the right model for this design oh sorry mr mcavoy that's out of the question are you trying to tell me my business mrs evans no no no none of it is just that well um we are dealing with an agency that maintains a rather conservative policy who is trying mrs evans my hands are tied mr mcavoy geez you really shouldn't try to do I feel guilty for the way someone else does business.
Personally, I feel very different. You still don't know what's up. ong with chicago ok tracy tracy i need another girl bring me bring me the girl in the orange coat ok coats take off please take off your coat take off your coat uh jerry get lost susan get lost uh carlos kill the umbrellas ok girl in yellow the dress move to the right date hurry we're getting some light ok look alive i can't see your face throwing the white hat ok much better she's good ok get lost honey come on come down here come on tracy ok girls lose the girl in the coats in the white dress looks like Alive I don't see you I don't see you well okay sisters okay girls look alive lose their coats the girl in the white dress wipe that smile off your face is that the guy you were talking about huh-huh look at him move he's like a dancer or something he used to be a combat photographer i bet you can't understand he could be again if he stays around long tracer it's ok you want me up it's ok tracy thank you It's alright all of that how much do these models make sixty dollars an hour seven t and how much are you going to give the old lady I don't know but that's not the point this is fashion not politics it's all politics darling maybe time for you brian but not for me this is my concern looking now with a bit of colour. thrown for effect time what are you talking about? well well well it seems that she loves you very much she has offered to show you her dark room but why would she stand out in the comments?
I've got a plane to catch tonight we'd better get over there I think she needs someone else who the hell do you think you're talking to I'm sorry I just don't like seeing you sucked into some kind of scam -off so what a scam this whole damn thing is a scam this is my job brian this is what the big dream is about come on tracy i'm working with mr sean mcavoy i don't think you understand what that means to someone like me maybe i don't understand all this journey making clothes for rich people to look at at the magazine do you think all this crap means something to these people here it means something to me as long as it's all working out for you i can't forget and that's how many times i've been told what i can't do, where i can't go and why can't i be different from everyone else because that's all i ever had to do to keep track of all my life everyone and i hope just this once i can forget i heard it coming from you does it really make a difference in what i say to you, tracy, except maybe bye and you'd like to hear that, right? tracy i have to catch a plane look brian please i can't get into this right now maybe you can't ever get in okay bye bye tracy bye what what is nothing it's gonna work out just so don't let me forget it don't look so distraught do yourself the thought that you're sorry to see me go listen you're going to have to say goodbye to your friends soon anyway you know why you're coming to rome no i'm not you know i'm not and so am i so stop saying that look Tracy, there's something you should find out about me right away. satisfactions to have a very good letter obsession to slip through my fingers you come to rome you will hear from me sean it has been a great experience you know how good it is i know how good it is but this is chicago no paris you don't do it here you end here what did he say what did the doctor say that oh he said everything was fine he says everything is fine thank you so you have grounds for a malpractice suit i don't know what you mean the doctor just called you you left your sketchbook in his office i would like to keep you in tracy but we have to let go this is done red fabulous baggy suit simple fabulous length in skirt you look good you have a good eye i'll say that but you can't wear them no really i'll tell you what my secretary just left can she take shorthand?
Mr. I am a designer. I know you haven't seen it before, but they're called dome sleeves. What the heck is a dolman sleeve? Mister. What's your name? call me nice hi brian walker you councilor not yet but i could get there if i had a couple of votes give me a job i'll give you a vote i'll try one more time what you got there margie guys gave her way there in thedoor oh well let's get back to work giving away money to these people who say they can't find work ok it's kinda cute though say yes look here bro I'm a lady operator could you do something to the regard? that but i'll check it out if you just leave your name with one of my people here put one of these buttons on ok i'm a widow f From the south side uh yeah the old man left me with six kids and been gone for a week, well, all the children have a flute, what are you going to do with it? man, an attractive young lady like you shouldn't have much of a problem with that, however, this heat issue is another matter entirely, have you spoken to your watch association? well, it's probably not correct because it doesn't have a block association on your street you do it that's correct I mean not all good I knew when I when I when I looked at you I knew I realized well well as your councilor in this room my first act would be to organize block associations where they don't exist yet very well very well and once they exist use them to voice the needs of the community in the city council very well that's great but you haven't told me yet what you are going to do to get my old back because I sure don't need my old man uh well uh yeah just uh wait outside this door for a couple of minutes and uh uh we'll find a way to handle that okay we just wanted to get some money here from this office of unemployment here give me my job you know uh well if you're just uh yeah i'll see you outside i'll see you if you give me a job you're outrageous you know i mean if you had to smear those bumper stickers off every stop sign since the restau So far you're crazy they're chubby you have to give them a charm of possession oh people stop sighing and go out and vote for brian where are those people stop sighing yea and go out and vote for brian people leave that sign oh i missed you trish me too i missed you oh listen this seeking alone number one causes disintegration it's coming together we feel our power and our strength is a new lunch tag whore uh what do you think about that look brian what do you get in whore women? um that's a little hokey talk about something down to earth like good politics is like good sex if you're just to yourself you're going to be alone then turn on that grand piano of yours you call a smile how's that dynamism dynamism you want to meet a congressman we're having dinner with a congressman tomorrow night you know Wednesday night he's my classmate we're going to catch a congressman his wife will be there you have help me tracy please sure brian look that will be fine bye good the minute you get permission call no don't call me call louise I can't answer another phone ok yes brian what is that fee can I help you the printer didn't call back yes we don't care but i'm late ok ok hello hey bye ok wait i don't have an appointment downtown and i have to get my man florence dress and i and i have to give him a bag ok see you later at 6 o'clock on the news these people are How important are you talking about the independent Democrat dinner?
Oh, no, Brian, not tonight, honey, you're the one who fixed it for me. I know for you, not for me. We've already been through this. I'm trying to prepare for a design class. In a week, I know, but every designer in town will be there, and I want to make sure no loose thread shows what the problem is. Anyway, everyone has told you no. thanks for the encouragement chase don't you understand this dinner is very important and what i'm doing isn't right what you're doing is getting to be a pain in the ass if you really want to know now you got involved in something that's really meaningful here yes your career somehow you seem to be forgetting mine you can't forget something that never was tracy don't you think it's time you face it forget you brian tracy six o'clock please hello yes yes yes never in my life as i was saying to mr mcavoy i have seen s What important teeth expressed tracy honey i have a very important question for you are you afraid of flying? night, goodnight, ryan's gone, i missed him, i'm supposed to put you in the booth and shoot you straight at the duck. he's waiting for you already got a taxi but i'm not going to the drake i'm going away i'm going to rome to es brian though i'll do it on youtube how can you tell him yourself hard to tell him i've been trying to tell him all along ma'am the airport traffic he's been murdered at this time of night, okay, do you love it, what do you think, I think that's what I'll tell him. beautiful my latest dutchess kristen omg she is gorgeous she has been on every cover in new york and under every cover in rome mostly those are my friends i have never seen any of these pictures before no one has this is my private sanctuary what's all this here well you're only young once but you may be immature f or undo the top button do you want to compare me to her not her crystal i give all my creations the names of inanimate objects and what are you going to call me code hanger no there's only one word that describes rich dark beautiful and weird i'll call you


mahogany not sure i like it well you'll be the only one who won't by the time i'm done providing i can get that damn agency to back you what what agency giuseppe the Enthusiasm and my reputation may have gotten you in the door, but a personal audience with a gavin is the only thing that will get you into giuseppe, who is just that he's the guy who called you in ch icago, he works with the agency, but everything has to be perfect, i'll take some photos of you, a girl in the originals of the scene, the princess is a friend of mine, there will be no problem, i have my own original, sean, remember that i will be designer and you will be my love but let's not try to run until we've learned to walk a walkway welcome to the agency gavin motor bella i was telling you that you'll be back soon in giuseppe let's cut this nonsense and be done with this it's ok i don't have very hurry sorry rubbish but all this routine just fuck off the wall to the right this run on your email john and you see you later i might say something that bothered those good luck it's fashion bad no no nothing im having the max pleasure to introduce you to the lovely mahogany would you take Take off your cloak and turn around, please, there are not many volumes on the shelf. a couple of silicone laws yes, but we all know you're not a bread man, right, giuseppe?
Well, who are we selling this perfume to, first of all, weightlifters. for tv it's more of that you understand of course there are cosmetic alterations available cosmetic alterations what's up with the legs look what's up with the legs I don't have any of those either sorry and there's one other thing I don't have but yeah I'm going to do a small cosmetic modification. I'll be sure to bring it over for each and every one of you to kiss. Good morning, gentlemen. They need a mahogany mannequin. Go ahead, honey, why don't you take charge? Okay, I'd love to, so I have to trust these idiots to run this place while I'm gone.
I can't find anything in this issue according to Gallup polls. Independence is not doing very well initially. Aren't you getting just a little? i'm sick of it i still haven't settled you get a little tired look how gorgeous you are oh i didn't know this was coming out this month i got you the cover of vogue and everything that's coming and all these kinds of things i'm doing for you , yeah, I mean, that's what you get, those charisma commissions like this, oh, I love it, look at this, look at your leg in this beautiful, you know these pictures are beautiful if I say something myself you always say it yourself, what are you looking at that flash?
Don't be, I'm sorry, did that hurt you? most of these guys live in cicero anyway, so if you want to skip this one, sorry. ry if that's the only static I get from you guys I guess I'm pretty lucky huh yeah well my name is brian walker and I'm running for alderman in this war yeah and you better keep running mate, now this room has been In the hands of a corrupt machine for the last 20 years This floor has been in the hands of a corrupt machine for the last 20 years. what i do is show them some lovely pizzazz you know what i mean you know i used to work in a factory like this all through high school doesn't seem like things have changed much i remember the food was so bad even the pigs couldn't they would eat it up and the way it's pitching today it looks like they still aren't going to say hey andrew take it easy that fucking minerva we're almost ready to shoot honey shouldn't you be dressed I'm dressed I mean in the uh proper attire what they gave you for example well I just thought it wouldn't matter to me If I used something of my own you thought so yeah I'm getting off it's a great way to expose myself a bit yeah be for my designs wear it want the show show well enough show for you the show goes on with maria laura wear a voluminous but skintight silk jersey dress in mint green countess parini you will open the auction with 2 million a great start i have 2 and a half million bestseller once two times for two and a half million liters ladies and gentlemen let me remind you one more time that it all goes to the orphan children's foundation so let's not be childish about our offerings our next creation worn by barbara is a flourish print . to the foam dress with this hello i'm so glad you got to attend this wonderful charity oh yeah the mahogany schedule has been very tight but of course i wouldn't have missed it for the world but i would I know, honey, thank you. thank you i wonder if i'm doing the right thing oh you don't know until one has lady hampton offers two million i hear two and a half i have two and a half you're here three minutes three million three million one time three and a half million once twice sold to this sir for three and a half million who offers more I can have three I have three million once twice then sold to this lady for three minutes million five million lire five million some five million twice sold to the prince for five million letters and now to our final presentation modeled by the beautiful princess mahogany galaxy an idea of ​​classic simplicity a white silk jersey dress i have a bed that opens yes sir 500 laramie means 500 000. yes sir i said 500 lire ladies and gentlemen someone says 20 million twice tracy i would like to meet your benefactor mr christian rosetti mahogany oh thanks you took care of this would you like to have a drink with me as part of the deal tion sir i've waited a long time for tonight this is my first sale you can have whatever you want oh i'll just have a drink for now you look beautiful in this too how did you make that dress and how did you know i made way for you worry oh it's not be rich and beautiful enough for you i'm not rich and beauty is in the eye of the beholder i have news for you so it's being rich i want to talk to you i have nothing to talk about just five minutes sean i'm busy it's perfectly fine i know we'll meet again better not be later than this weekend it's not exactly a kid listen i'm sorry just let me take you home lemme let me show you how i'm sorry i can take about five minutes sean i don't want to see you sorry i don't want to see you nothing, in fact, I don't want to see you, how was the party?, you are the guest of honor. be there now i have to go i had enough of you for one night oh carlotta are you kidding i didn't have three words and a drink with the man wait a minute wait wait wait what are you doing what are you doing here i was in the neighborhood and i thought i would swing by oh god its not that beautiful the ancient ruins of rome yes they call them ruins back home they call them slums right in chicago we tear them down and here we pay too much to see it how you got out brian i lost sorry dont be sorry be happy i have enough support behind me now that i could take a chance on something much bigger than councilman because of you i mean i just couldn't do it but i need you will you help me? me, hey, come on, drink champagne, cheers, it looks good if you don't eat spaghetti, it looks fabulous, look how much this is, how much, um, for you, mahogany lady, 57,000. what a lira, not dollars? you've been here a while that's alright that's wonderful i've heard about inflation but i mean this is ridiculous it's going to be the same in the states if you don't get elected in something like old man walking around with this thing please please keep this thing up everyone watching i think everyone watching dont be ridiculous ok you look continental you find that kind of bread you can buy two continentals oh god no jokes like that at the party tonight ok i have to live in this town yeah the party are you sure you don't want to go somewhere just brian i told you you'll love it it's a whole new thing here now you sounded like a band benny moochie c


that's heavy really yeah i'll try to get you his number ok how are you hi ok i'll see you what sorry i left you alone so much uh who was that a model one is my hairdresser's number need to cut a shame cut all that hair well he's up for a role in spaghetti western need a bun yeah yeah hello kids are having fun or I see that you have yourself a little zoo that goes here listen to thattracy brian is not happy with your surroundings he is never happy with any surroundings he is making things better thats why i love it its so good uh uh uh tell me brian how would you make this party better we all do it so i wanna show you a good time You know damn well you could start by sticking labels on all your guests as they walk in the door, it might be easy to tell who Brian was, people don't like labels here, well I was just talking about the kind you like to put on your finger foot. the morgue you know well brian, even if some of my guests are slightly ghastly, you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, after all, everything has a soul, for god's sake, except of course the inanimate objects in the that I'm an eminent authority that's so oh yeah yeah I'm a compulsive collector regular fetishist you could say I actually have a particular collection I'd like to show you what do you say? uh tracy's seen it before i'm sure she won't mind no it doesn't matter mate dammit you can spare this fabulous man for a few minutes while you mingle with some of your lovely guests they are here to see you after all what do you say come on brian come on look at your head champ when the pressures of my world get too heavy this is where i come to relax you like it good uh something something to look at ever been to a war never declared one no oh yes that amazes me how you realize well you seem like a passionate man old friend a passionate man has certainly said I love you to someone oh yes it's your idea of ​​war oh no it's not my idea my ideas are much less less complicated take a weapon for example an inanimate object and yet what in the world is simpler than a weapon would you disagree that a weapon is direct and simple huh, i would certainly agree that a weapon is simple without deceit yes without hi Pocrisy yeah and a gun that people can fool and outwit and humiliate a gun just blows a head off oh listen I didn't realize I was pointing this thing at you my saints are a camera and a gun both they're fiercely honest if you don't agree if you don't agree just say it okay uh ah look at the little bird what are you trying to do kill me bye guys bye bella brian don't leave here so it's alright hey let's go what are you doing good you i've been waiting for hours now i'm just waiting for a taxi well it's late i can say anyway it doesn't matter because i have a lot of things to do and anyone can say you know enjoy your ride it's your ride i'm not enjoying you know what brian you'll never change i've been hearing the same crap from you ever since we met why the hell did you come here anyway to see a girl named tracy chambers i guess i just found a different person you sure knew what you found in contrast a hit brian i'm a hit and you can't take it yo well you may think you're a hit baby but you're lonely are you kidding you saw those people they love me they all love me? men love me women love me mahogany they don't love you they love some kind of cartoon character that crazy man made up in his sleep monster of the month that's what they love monster tracy look if you stay here you're in for a lot of trouble the only problem you i've had brian it's yours you limping here saying tracy i love you i need you sure you need me you want to know why because i'm a winner i'm a winner baby these people love me and you can't take it cause nobody loves you oh i thought someone did well no one does it and you want to know why you want to know why because you're a loser and I'm going to be bigger I'm even going to be a bigger success than you can see how you like that let me tell you something and never forget it success doesn't it's nothing without someone you love to share it with if you ever go back to being tracy james in your trials who the hell do you think you are you're a loser brian you're not and i hate you i hate you i hate you you're a but damn you're fine m Damn that's right wreck the car I said that's it wreck the car sean please look I'm tired can't we just end this without talking to something? play move i'm going in sean move i'm going in foreign well you look like death got hot this morning i guess you're doing it on purpose doing what on purpose shawn we can do this another time i would really like to calm him down today oh would you like calm him down with me forever would you like to go away with uh what's his name you wouldn't you wouldn't be okay why don't I look okay no you looked that heated up.
I do not care. You also put a big dent in the front of that car. messing up your eyes you're not pretty when you make that face oh sea the car is moving so what's moving the car I'm driving I'm taking the pictures okay you're scared I'm not but then I'm taking the pictures I'm mad at you, are you crazy? that's a good mess um he wanted to see death and that's what he saw yes he did for sure death was better for him no one is better off dead carlotta no more how i got out of the hospital my grandfather built it i convinced them it would take something better to take care of You carata you don't have an appointment with the lawyers tomorrow christian but I could take care of that today since it was my idea I'm leaving I'll see you in a day or two see you carla what was all that about oh nothing just a little deal I'm putting together that she's part of how you like it here i have my own apartment you know i thought this would be more comfortable what's the problem what do you think in the way? i'm in you gotta be kidding you're going to die put your hand look this is part of the place i never got to see from your it's a window from 41st street and alicia you don't see anything how do you like living in the park i haven't even known anything plus i really feel stupid being pushed around like this i can walk i really can walk you know i know you can and the doctor will be here in a few days to make it official introducing the latest addition to the ever expanding rosetti empire tracy from chicago incorporated or maybe the Mahogany creation sounds better so much depends on both parties getting what they want most I don't know what the hell is wrong with you people don't give me that non capisco they could understand English very well when I bought them now get a fixer here right away , right now you listen to me now no no no that requires hey that requires a double stitch do a dewey you don't understand no capisco no kabisco hey come here right now hurry up I want you to tell him that do it or leave you understand they understand you well you see it's like with dogs it's the tone I love words I don't have time to be an animal trainer christian I understand but you see they are not lying I don't pay them how I pay them to work correction i'm paying them you're going to make a lot of money money money success but this is just the beginning oh i'm so happy for you tracy tracy but i'm happy for you tracy muscles never forget nothing was great i'm so very proud of you.
I want to go home. Nerd. This is impossible with the press and all the buyers waiting for you outside. I'm talking about a lot of money. You do not understand? Actually going home isn't a bad idea mahogany leaves you limp doesn't it all the heat it took to make it and now you're cold i know the feeling i've been cold for weeks tracy waiting waiting for you to sleep in my room one night and hot i drink come up i'll bring it to you tracy my room take off your dress you would, wouldn't you? a deal is a deal it's time for me to pay just where you want to go from here you know when i said i wanted to go home i didn't want to go to the villa i want to go home i guess i'll have to arrange a ticket for you in the morning , thanks, sorry, Christian, the polls say we're way behind, but that doesn't bother me because polls don't pick people, people pick people, now my opponent has served five terms in Washington, he thinks the corruption. it's the nature of the beast but let me tell you something corruption is not the nature of the beast corruption is the beast that feeds on nature we want to defeat the beast and continue the work of good governance that's why i ask to be sent to congress of the united states of america higher prices higher prices i don't know how much i can do but i guarantee if you elect me i will try to rally enough support so we can stop the power merchants from jogging all over the place the little people how long will it take I still can I can't afford to put food on my table it has to take a little time you can't do these things overnight I don't know how long is a little time your politicians are always saying what are you going to do about it who said to the lady who said that please step forward i cant see who said that please let the lady who said that please step forward mr walker how much When elected, what will you do to help me?
Do you want me to help you with? the mistress of his house heck no i want my old man back ok i met him if he really wants the old man back are you prepared to support him when the goal is getting tough yes it matters i would be willing to put your imagination to work on behalf of the cause he is fighting for your yes yes ma'am yes if you're willing to do all that I guarantee I'll get you your own man then you sir

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