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Magpakailanman: Never Give Up, the Ken Chan and Rita Daniela Story | Full Episode

May 08, 2024



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as an actor actually yes foreigner foreigner um thank you it's foreigner um foreigner foreigner it happened uh up me foreigner thank you so no thank you thank you paul no no that's foreign um hmm oh I'm so library joke donna uh sol no my dad foreigner here we go I'm fine now foreigner m is that I was working for my scholarship in the times of benild and champa ponong every time now there was a dressing room foreigner foreigner is what happens you're fine because she's really organized she knows what he's doing is harder like here foreigner foreigner foreigner is oh foreigner oh foreigner foreigner foreigner foreigner be foreigner number one I love you foreigner like the sun who is willing to do anything for the moon foreigner can they love you I am a foreigner so you are foreigner everything is going to be fine they have transplanted foreigner is foreigner is financial um my time of day 12 noon sorry oh it's god uh uh foreigner thank you foreigner a is how old were you when he died three years ago I was 20?
magpakailanman never give up the ken chan and rita daniela story full episode
How did that affect me exactly the same? How I talk, how I move and we love food so much, we love to eat, okay, kidney transplant and then potion diagnosed and cancer, welcome home, surprise, oh, foreigner, hello, foreigner, foreigner, foreigner, this is for. you to say you are my mood I love you hey um foreign destination pink foreign destination foreign excuse me billy hello now um thermal thank you magazine foreign foreigner congratulations um foreigner hello foreigner hello your foreign foreigner my thank you guys I love you too oh enjoy it enjoy more foreigner let's do this is if you want something better do something to make you better and that's aubrey so don't


up and that's life just when something happens just keep going thank you thank you aubry ah my dad special word respect uh this is a very interview nice really and I'm very happy to meet nasa but you have a mission for the people and for yourself so thank you very much foreigner foreigner um me you
magpakailanman never give up the ken chan and rita daniela story full episode

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magpakailanman never give up the ken chan and rita daniela story full episode...

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