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Mar 08, 2024
Welcome, dear viewers, to our format Experiences in alternative medicine today about a deficiency Lack of magnesium Welcome I don't know We have already had the topic Magnesium deficiency Not so definitely No No I want to put it in context Magnesium deficiency In the context of food and what's in the food and in the context of your Basel problems, yes, I'm making a good point because I think it's still underrated. I think the word has already spread in mainstream medical circles among doctors and I also know the same among nutritional counselors. It's actually a common theme, but you have had experience with magnesium products and your perception was, as always, that not all products help.
magnesiummangel betrifft uns alle qs24
You have to know exactly what the problem is, which is why it has different topics. Basically, you have to assume that The fact that nowadays we do not have enough magnesium in our diet, along with Omega 3, is often a deficiency in our diet, which Which means we don't have it. Then, of course, the next point appears again or comes out again. That's the second point. We have to know that we absolutely need magnesium also in the basic balance, that is, in the intracellular balance but also in the entire metabolic balance because magnesium has many more electrons than calcium it is clearly alkaline and as soon as we have a deficiency, even in the alkaline range, you know that if the blood has problems because there is a lack of electrons everywhere, in principle, besides magnesium, then the blood basically reacts by saying, listen, I need electrons, now we already have very little magnesium in the blood and then there is no more electrons and then the body says, okay, we have to deal with the problem in the blood.
magnesiummangel betrifft uns alle qs24

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magnesiummangel betrifft uns alle qs24...

In the short term, we have to keep the blood pH neutral, we expel potassium and suddenly we have an intrapotassium deficiency because potassium is in the blood, which means we can suddenly have reactions in the body due to magnesium. deficiency, you know the tingling sensation, the nerve endings and things like that, but that means we've pulled the potassium out of the nerve cells into the blood to stabilize the blood because we have very little cold, um, the magnets have very complex. , it is important for clients to understand that it is not just muscle cramp that can be the problem, but there can be very different problems because magnesium not only enters the metabolism but also the acid-base area.
magnesiummangel betrifft uns alle qs24
The important thing is that it is very exciting, you are already in depth with potassium, calcium and magnesium. How is magnesium deficiency actually diagnosed? Because my experience is that blood is really very difficult. If you read anything in the literature, you will find that 98% of the magnesium is in the cells, so to speak, the bone cells in the tissues and one percent two percent circulates in the blood. That means, on the contrary, that blood is probably not the best indicator, absolutely correct, so the story is that blood has to go in first and that's where we have the problem.
magnesiummangel betrifft uns alle qs24
We have many types of magnesium that immediately release the base in the stomach, that means we make an acidic stomach, we make it alkaline, so it is completely wrong, that is, if we eat natural magnesium, it is packed in vegetables, fruits, etc., that means it's packaged in a cell and it's not immediately released in the stomach and if we go now and just take magnesium that's not packaged and then we have contact with the stomach series then we do the base of the stomach, yeah that means it doesn't get to the stomach at all. Cells on the other hand, we have the opposite reaction, they might suspect that the correct product of this magnesium does not form the basis of the body, but clean because the stomach acid is broken down and therefore the connective tissue should be sm


r again so several They had less base so swallowing alkaline agents is not essential.
The important thing to do is that if you take the wrong one, it can go wrong. The second problem is the intestinal mucosal wall, that is, what is mainly absorbed in the small intestine, what types of magnesium and what type of magnesium should be packaged, that is, if there is magnesium citra, for example, or something like that, then It is always in a compound that magnesium must always be in a compound and it must be in a stable compound that is then transported through the blood to the cells and in this the good magnesium compounds, of course, then reach the blood, but and that's the important thing, but a lot of them don't necessarily work in the cells, which means we always have the feeling or the client definitely says yes, I've been taking magnesium for years, I've been suggesting magnesium and I don't have any results. , I always get cramps again, I keep getting nerves and stuff and it just doesn't happen and I just had the experience that from a conscious point of view you always assume that what I swallow will pass and that's not the case at all.
But if I test in resonance then the body wants a product that then reaches the cells, which means that I test what type of magnesium the client needs to have their magnesium stores, as you said, in the connective tissue in the bones in all parts, these are the spokes. Does it have to be inst


d? It's not about swallowing it, it's about using it. Many of his clients have magnesium and testosterone preparations that also have benefits. Yes of course, most of them send me a photo of the products they use and then I can try many products, I know, of course, I already have experience, I know, yes, let's see if it works or not, it is clear to most of the products and that is many people know that it is simply the quality that is then incorporated into the cells and that is what it is about, normally that is not the case, that does not mean that the product is bad, it is that the body cannot process it .
You just have to remember that it needs a biochemical structure that is packaged in such a way that the body can absorb it very well and of course, I have had the best experience with liposomal magnesium. The interesting thing about this is that if I give my staff magnesium after a very rare time after two months and others take it for ten years, if they take the correct magnesium, the reservoir is full if you still have alkaline problems. So, of course, it may take longer, but then we treat it completely differently because if there is an acid-base problem, the magnesium is part of the whole and not really the primary part, so everything is taken into account and we take into account metabolism in the intestine.
We take the connective tissue into account in the case of a magnesium deficiency if it is already symptomatic with cramps and the liposomal magnesium of the nervous system exactly in the acid-base problem, but use the other product if such a basic problem we have two problems which is hyperacidity Yes, I mentioned that the bar comes from the stomach, that is, if the stomach acid is too deep we have very little base production, we always have to imagine that if we have something neutral we want to produce an acid, then we have to have a base as a waste product.
So if we produce more acid in the stomach, there should be more quality, lower pH value, we have more pH value in the connective tissue as a waste product in the blood, which means that the blood is stabilized when the stomach stabilizes, which means that I have to carry with me a base that, on the one hand, has the base packed and, on the other hand, like a foam it has a production of carbonic acid, so that is, the stomach acid foams so that the base product react differently, i.e. I have a base product that reacts in such a way that it protects the stomach and still allows all the bases to reach the body.
That is a base product and the other that fits. It's really about the kidneys and these are corals, which means that then I have the problem that there are many trace elements, I was looking for the word, there are many trace elements missing in the body and first we deal with the coral, he makes me a calcium product , that is what the body needs and if that is not the case. Then we will produce enough Schüssler salts, it may be that it really lacks trace elements in all the connective tissue and cannot carry out many metabolic processes because there is the deposit of the corals, it is the typical difference in quality so far I have not noticed that it is there.
Now I'm working with a preparation, of course, now I can't say it's clear that you have to look at where it comes from, how bad it is. poisoned because the coral naturally absorbs the poison like a sponge or that is what the purity of these products means, but I have not noticed in the market that there is a lot of Schindler because the sangokorale, if it has been processed to a good quality, has not been hot processed but cold pressed and cold ground and has no poisons so that's it. It is actually a good product, I would say that most of the products on the market are absolutely good quality.
Let's just ask a quick question. A question about magnesium. Liposomal magnesium has already been mentioned. In any case you have had very good results with a client. But there are also other compounds that are not liposomatous, that are purely chemical that also work where you have cleared it. , they come into reactions because mine just had exactly what is called, so of course there is also the connection with vitamin acids, that means that if we mainly need magnesium brain if malate does not taste then that means that malate would then be a sugar compound, which means we have a problem with magnesium and sugar, but we may then take the magnesium with it.
Theories have to connect what is mainly in the brain, depending on the situation, so we test which metabolic product needs it and then send it. We don't have that many products in the store. Then we just send the customer a link and tell them to buy it there or that product that has been tested by me and is right for you because then we address specific problems very, very specifically, so if the metabolism, for example of the brain toward amino acids or toward sugar, it needs very specific ones and that doesn't matter. That is, as long as the market exists so far, you should use these products.
My philosophy in principle is to achieve the greatest amount of products possible with the least amount of products possible, but that is very clear with 12 metabolic products I cannot treat everything except between 80 and 90% of them I can solve problems and what is left over In the end I recommend the client buys it himself because it makes no sense for me to have all the products in the store when the competition already has them. It makes sense if you have a magnesium problem. You've solved yours where the client doesn't have my reaction, so the resonance is like that, but you would still recommend taking magnesium as a preventive measure.
In my product, of course, the magnesium is already in it, which means that my previous 3, for example, have magnesium and this one clearly, if we have the magnesium packaged in fat, it has a much higher efficiency because it is then immediately packaged in the bed and goes naturally to the cell. I have magnesium in Omega 3. I think, as far as I know, no one in the world has magnesium in Omega 3, but that is very important to me because magnesium and omega 3 are the most important. deficiencies that we have, that is why it is so associated with me and of course we have many other products that then have to be added to it and depending on the situation it was actually tested, which of course in the area of ​​basic problems arise, it is That is, when we notice that you no longer need magnesium urgently, it is rather about the regulation of the metabolism itself, because it makes no sense for you to eat hundreds of different products all the time.
In the end, if someone comes to me for prevention, that means if they have no metabolism, no more mangoes than magnesium Omega 3 and all people have a deficiency, you don't have too many, that is the basis that I have with two products, you have it everything covered. , but everything else is about keeping your metabolism so high that prevention actually allows you to stay healthy long term without your energy dropping, that is, keeping your energy high and keeping your organs high as long as the organs stay high, the The whole metabolism is kept up and down, so you have better digestion, better absorption of these products and if you are healthy and with some metabolic products that keep the energy up, then you can go on and on for the long term.
You no longer need to take magnesium supplements, which is wonderful if you want to get tested. Where is the easiest way to find yourself at www Get healthy yourself? There you can find everything about me, videos, all movies, my book, of course all websites. any information about the ingredients of my products and so on and of course also about magnesium, thank you all, until next time

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