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Magic School Bus S02E02 Flexes Its Muscles Part 02

Apr 30, 2023
brilliant idea, what would you say if I build a robot to do all our chores? I can't think of a robot, there is no baseball, there is no basketball or football, and you have to do all the tasks. I still want to bet, well yes I can if you all help. we can't do it we'll know unless we try to do it wanda keesha you have a bet it looks like the mesmerglobber blew a gasket in the bus class emergency hold sorry we have a busy day ahead of us no time to wait just time for it genres of the game make mistakes get dirty pop Robbie well you're on the right bus Rafi because come on there's something for everyone to make rescind unique satisfaction guaranteed service with a skull body shop you know let's stop just what I need to do for a robot to understand miss frizzle
magic school bus s02e02 flexes its muscles part 02

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