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Magic School Bus S01E13 Kicks Up a Storm Part 02

Apr 30, 2023
it's too big a job for a kid but it's a perfect job oh sorry miss frizzle would you like to join our discussion about if weather is my specialty since when is the weather how is all the air around us at the moment? it's so hot ralphie tell us what makes the weather cool and clear one day and hot and humid the next that's easy ralphie you've been reading too many superhero comics besides water that makes the weather dreamlike according to my investigation, Carlos is the air that makes us clear this up, he makes the weapon as in the heat, you just named three ingredients, air, water and heat that, when mixed, make even he can make electrical


s come on Ralphie weatherman the heat must be getting to you oh yeah what do you know much? oh, I'm afraid I must interrupt this lively discussion, it's time for our field trip, huh? go with her Ralphie to let us know when everything is ready Ralphie thinks he knows everything I mean weather man give me a break oh good Keesha like I always say keep an open mind and you never know who will walk single file please I think I will put my sensor on rain here in case it rains while we're gone.
magic school bus s01e13 kicks up a storm part 02

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