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Magic School Bus S01E04 Gets Eaten Part 04

Apr 30, 2023
I hate that shit, the beach chair is making me hungry hmm everyone else's reports seem so obvious Arnold you're eating our report. a little deeper, uh, yeah, but we just got there. I'm feeling that old trip feeling again. Come on, Arnold, I know we can find out if they test the seat belts. I hate when my socks get wet. Can you give me back the shoe? We in no way need it for our report. Look, there's some seaweed. What are those? They are beautiful. Those are sea urchins. I think they're bad Carlos hmm are you looking Arnold what do you see down there well I'm trying to look for connections just like you said but I can't see past all that green stuff yeah give him the gaga jellybean you said scum that's it looks Keesha scum excellent point Arnie this gum is called phytoplankton I don't plankton phytoplankton phytoplankton yeah little tiny plants wait a second that means let's go Arnold shoe is some kind of phytoplankton care to try my wonderful megaloupe maybe sea scum shoe scum not quite the same but not far
magic school bus s01e04 gets eaten part 04

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