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Jun 11, 2021
wow hello everyone welcome back to my channel and if you are new here my name is genesis and for today im going to review the




um times


um i went to ulta here and got some stuff according to the palette and stuff besides the imagination palette I also have a lip and cheek duo so it looks like this and let me tell you I love the packaging on both of them like the one on both items here just because this one is like a cake, you know. kind of purple colors and they are beautiful and then I also went ahead and bought the


products like their continuous hold mist.
maddie ziegler x morphe collab
I also bought their lid primer and sheer so yeah I bought this little mini haul from ulta. In fact, I already tried Maddie Ziegler's palette. I'll insert photos somewhere around here. I'm playing with the palette. I just like to touch things on my own and then I'll check you guys or the two thousand short camera. Just because I don't know, I feel like I can, I can tell you more about the product instead of just having a first impression, but yeah, I've already done my eyebrows and all that kind of stuff, all the products that I have on my face um it'll be linked. next.
maddie ziegler x morphe collab

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maddie ziegler x morphe collab...

I'm not going to record that, but of course I'm going to record the eyeshadows and stuff like that, so yeah, they do, so I individually saw these eyeshadows for you guys, I love them. I think they're amazing, especially the damn, what are they called, like the pastel blue ones, the green one, and the purple one, just like that, the third row is amazing. I feel like they can do a lot with this palette. Honestly, you do. something to say although I feel like there is so much variety in makeup beauty now in the makeup world because when I started doing makeup about five years ago there were only neutrals like they were neutrals um even in drugstores there were It's not like they didn't offer stuff like that and I know that morphe, especially at ulta, is considered drugstore makeup and as you know going back and seeing all these colorful palettes makes me so happy just because I wish I had some.
maddie ziegler x morphe collab
So when I was younger, when I started doing makeup, I'm so proud of this girl, Maddie Ziegler, because you know, having this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful palette, um, the color story, I think it's beautiful, I see this palette and It inspires me, and that's it. Well I know I said it in one of my videos that I wasn't going to buy another palette, but this one really appealed to me as a girl, you're beautiful, you're so beautiful, so yeah, that's it, okay guys, so my eyes are prepared so now let's use this color use butterfly imagine this nude color right here and I love the fact that this palette has a mirror there it has a damn mirror one thing about this palette guys is that It's really um really really easy to blend, I mean I've never had any problems with the morphe palettes.
maddie ziegler x morphe collab
I owe the pilot 35 35 something like that. I probably put something here, what's it called. I owe him that palette and then I also owe James Charles. palette and I have no problems um I ignore some shadows but um of course I know James himself described how those shadows worked I don't know I don't know about this one I'm pretty sure it's very self explanatory I I mean some shades that are not bright like one, for example, this pink one here. You know from the samples, it's not as vibrant as I thought, but it's really good. I don't think this palette.
It was supposed to be something that was really out there, it's just something that was simple, so that's what I got from this palette and that's what I like because, you know, some of us don't like it, you know. , we really stand up. Out there we just like to keep things simple, so of course yesterday I was playing around with this makeup and stuff, you know, so I'm going to go ahead and do blue again. I'm going to take this color, this really vibrant blue right here and In my opinion, it's one of the best colors in the palette called number five and I'm going to put it all over my foundation and I found out that I also like to put the blue and then use your finger and pat it. it also gives you more color, so I'm going to go ahead and do that just because it gives me more pc pop, this one compared to this one, and you guys, the eyeshadows feel just as rich as this color right here.
It doesn't feel chalky at all, it feels very soft, it applies perfectly, like I have no problem with this, it's beautiful, so I'm going to take this, the same brush that I took to apply the shade called Butterfly Fantasy. and I'm going to use the cool mint green and we're going to blend it into my crease oh wow, okay, you know what I want. I'm going to take a different brush. I'm not going to use this one. I'm going to grab this angled brush and you guys, this angled brush is from Amazon. I'll link it below.
It comes in a set so it's not individual but it comes in a set so today I'm going to do my look angle so I don't know if I'm losing color but one thing I have to remember is that I have to put it in blue a lot but It's very nice and I brought you things because I know that you will be Vegeta, but yeah, guys. I need something, you know, that's how you know you've got your man, it's a cure when he tells you he's okay, guys, so I'm going to go ahead and add this purple shade like in the inside corner here.
I don't know what to call it, like this part here. I'm going to add that so I can have more color because why not? Okay, so I'm going to go ahead and curl my lashes and probably put on fake ones depending on what I'm thinking right now, but yeah, I'll be right back, I don't know why, but seeing this girl, seeing her picture of Maddie in this palette , it makes me want to do my own natural lashes, which These are my natural lashes, they just bring out the color, but with natural, you know, because I know that when I started doing makeup, if you applied color, you would be considered like, to be honest , I remember that it will be considered as something like drag or something and I don't know, I like the fact that now more girls, especially young teenagers, wear more colors, which is something that I really like to see, um, the fact that you know, color, using a little bit of color is fine, it doesn't have to be something you know, like a fucking winged eyeliner complete with all these things, fine, so I guess I feel fake.
Sorry for the noise, in my apartments, they are currently mowing the grass, so that's the noise outside, but yes, I found a base and of course, as I said at the beginning of my video, everything I did in my face, That is what I did. I'm not putting the camera it's going to be linked below so look closely so I brought you closer just because we're going to add more shadows even though I don't know what to use like there's so many options and I don't know I want to do a yellow underneath, so I think I'm going to use yellow, oh wow, I actually really like it, okay, and I'm going to use the color called good mom, which is right here.
Go ahead and put that in my inside corner and you guys, this color is so beautiful, it's a gorgeous color. I'm going to go ahead and apply mascara and then we'll apply the other products that are in this collection, of course not. I don't have the whole collection but I do have one like the lip and cheek duo so yeah I do so I'll be back okay guys we'll finally move on to the lip and cheek duo and let me tell you. Guys this feels really great when I was at ulta and was choosing which one I wanted to get.
I got the one called Wonder Cheek Tint and Lip Mousse in Pinky Swear and then the Glaze Dream Lip Gloss. In libra energy I literally got this specific one because the glow is called libra energy and I'm a libra so that's the reason I bought it and I know I don't write but whatever it is a really pretty duo so this is what the lip, cheek and lip mousse looks like, it looks like this it's so pretty and then you open it of course i already used it but it's like this color and i know it looks scary just like when i put it on saw.
I thought it's very pink, but you get it, it looks like I'm sorry guys, I'm not removing it, it looks like this and then it blends in perfectly like it has this beautiful soft, smooth texture, it's not that it's not chalky, it's not something. sticky like shiny, I mean, it's a mousse, yeah, I already got a tan, my skin, so I'm going to go ahead and try this out on camera for you guys, as you can see, it's very easy. to blend um it doesn't make like it doesn't like it doesn't make a mess it doesn't move your makeup it stays in place and something that I really enjoy I'm going to go ahead and apply a little bit on my nose and also guys I'm naturally red sometimes sometimes my foundation um it's not covered like it's not like full coverage and like my cheeks are red I remember when I was in high school a lot of girls were like Yo are you wearing blush?
I wondered what blush is because just because your cheeks are so red, I thought no, I don't know, it's just that I'm hot or that's just how I am and I also forgot to mention the way this happens. The lip gloss look is so cool that I don't know if I don't think my camera picks it up, but it's almost like this is as clear as it gets, you can't really see it like the um, I don't know what. calling this stick that right here because it's clear on the bottle so it looks like there's a little brush in there so it's really cool but the glitter, yeah, I mean, it's nothing exciting, it's just you. you know a clear um it's just a light clear gloss so it's there it's just a clear gloss there's anything it's nothing you know like wow wow wow I'm just going to go in with the mousse itself with my natural colored lips okay?
Now I'm going to use the gloss called Libra Energy, I'm going to put it on my lips and you guys, the glass turned out really pretty, but yeah guys, I'm probably going to put how much the palette cost somewhere here and how much the cheek and the blue one cost here because I honestly forgot, but I will tell you that these things are very affordable. I mean I'm coming from a person. I come from a person who doesn't have a lot of money. I think so. it was very affordable and a really good palette to work with but yeah that's it for this look guys I really hope you enjoyed watching this little mini tutorial such a review of this palette which is amazing please do me a favor . and before you like, before you click out of this video, please subscribe to my channel, but yeah, but if this girl ever watches this video, Maddie Ziegler, I just want to congratulate her because she's a beautiful, beautiful palette, It is a palette for everyone. a palette for everyone, if you want to experiment with colors this is a really good palette guys that's all for this video.
I really hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel, so yeah, I'll see. you guys in my next video oh my gosh y'all my dog ​​sniffing her ring jacket but I just found out what this makeup is inspired by because I've been looking I was like what is this inspiration inspired by? that I am? what is this? I got inspired and found it. This look was inspired by my dog's raincoat. You can see? I don't know what it is, but this is inspired by that, so you know, it's like an '80s vibe.
I also bought this at Petsmart for like seven dollars. on sale so yeah my little dog is going out in style y'all my cute little baby but yeah I'm sorry guys really bye oh god.

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