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Mat Fraserís NEW Home Gym Tour

Nov 12, 2021
what's going on guys matt


and welcome to my


gym so we moved here a couple months ago and it took a while to set up this space you know every time I moved to another


gym it was like a day or two to set up kind of move stuff you have a couple sets of weights this gym was a little more elaborate huh there we have a custom platform that actually fits the room and it came up without a lot of instructions so it took I think three days just to figure out where everything went and then, uh, you know, screwing everything together, attaching it to the wall, putting everything together, it was a pretty big ordeal.
mat fraser s new home gym tour
I had some really helpful friends in town that day um but we'll start with one corner and then go all the way down so basically this corner is just all the cardio machines you know the typical machines you see at a CrossFit gym in competition huh basically just wanted two of everything so if you know he had friends. Coming or if Sam and I exercise together we don't need to coordinate who's on which machine when like yesterday we did a 40 minute Imam together and each had their own station so we have two concepts two skiers two concept two rowers two concept two bikers I think they're pretty essential in any CrossFit gym and then for the fan bike side we have two Rogue Echo bikes that's my fan bike preferred method of getting calories so we have two bikes assault bikes here but i think having six bikes in a home gym was a bit much so i stick with the assault bikes so if i have athletes in town uh like you know boot camp or something thus, they have the option of assault. bike if they want to try a training for a competition or something we can roll that but because we're not training for I'm not training for competition anymore you know I lean towards Rogue Echo bikes I mean we got our plow box but then i finally got pr oper bar holder so i ordered the bar holder from Rogue which i thought would hold all my bars um but i still have a stack of bars in the corner and when i moved from tennessee i built this home gym here i had a shipping container with all my extra household gear and I thought I had a bar in there I ended up like six so we're kind of overstretched but you've got two Rogue Ohio bars for Sammy one I think is a p Rose Bar so it's like a competition bar so nice Rogue dumped two of them in one for men one for women and the difference in quality is just phenomenal and then I think it's like an illegal bar your saka bar or something but then i got three ohio shaft bars for men and of course you have to have your uh easy curl bar and then we're about to get into the whole platform so with this i didn't really want the typical platform wall mounted for pull-ups and squats only.
mat fraser s new home gym tour

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mat fraser s new home gym tour...

I wanted you to know that each station would be a tool to serve a purpose. I really like portable squat racks so this is the smallest one so Sammy can move this you know bigger or heavier he has a really hard time lifting it because he has 411 little hands but he can handle this one so you have a wall mounted pull up bar here just a super simple Spiel bar. I'm actually not able to do chest and toe bar with this, but I can't do barbell muscle exercises. I'm not far enough from the wall, but I have this bar here. that i can do muscle up bars if my heart desires when i designed all of this.
mat fraser s new home gym tour
I sent an order to Rogue and like normal gym equipment and they actually got back to me and said what is this? Why are you ordering that? lots of equipment and i explained you know how to build a new home gym and they said no you're not going to install that we're going to design you something uh custom and it will look sharp so they sent me blueprints of this. and i was like ok fine um so we have our dumbbells mounted on the wall right here lifting platform from the old gym they wanted to mount it to the floor but i just wanted the versatility if we ever want to redo the gym i can move the platform somewhere else, so I kept the old platform. the gym, these are just great for you, simple things like you know, hang, hang, cross, symmetry, uh, to activate the shoulder, it's great for stretching, it's really, really good to do, uh, like ab work strict like strict hand bar sits down really keeps you honest doesn't allow you to push your hips back to raise your legs really forces you to keep your hips forward so I really like that these corner shelves change the game uh i'm always running out of shelf space so i kept this side as more like recovery tools so i made you know his gun hype compact rice so all the mobility balls the tape the beam all that stuff here and then that side is more like the towels, the music speaker, that whole kettle collection I don't know if there's any neat way to organize them but I have the 200 203 pound kettlebell on the front back, the ones they used to put out once a year right before the games.
mat fraser s new home gym tour
I don't know if they're ever going to bring them out again so now we have a few more d-balls like we didn't have enough before but I have to know 50 60 70 a couple hundred a couple 150's and a 200 the 1560 are actually brand new because Sammy is doing hwpo programming and the prescribed weight for women is usually 70lbs for lightweight for light d-ball but Sammy who is 4ft 11 is for fun and very small the 70 was a little bit a bit not getting the proper kick so we took a 50 and a 60 uh dumbbell five pound one hundred and then we have 125 down here is it just me?
I need all my dumbbells oriented the same way and people never put them on. like that so this next piece is what originally started the inspiration for this whole one-piece rig so that from this Tower to that Tower there you can buy as a single piece from Rogue and it's called The Cave and he got the pivots up here and the same thing down here and it was like a quick change uh quick on the cable you plug it in and now you're working off the bottom pivot um so this part I actually sent a bill to one of the Rogue owners I sent him a picture of something I wanted and I was like a friend I want two barbell stacks that can do like lat pull downs chest flies you know cable curls triceps push downs everything but then I also want a pull up bar and a stand for squats and he said I'm on it and I'll leave it to him for a week or two and then he sends me a picture of the monster light set up with nothing else on it yet and I was like that's not what he was talking about like that was not what i had in mind and then he was like text him back because he was like text very hesitant to do that not really what he wanted he's looking for and he just texted me like trust me he was fine like you know what you're doing and then the next picture you sent had the wheels and the weight stacks and I saw it start to come together and I was like that's cool um so this squat rack here the pull up bar is removable it just has a pin and then the two arms of the squat rack fold down so you can do chest dips on this and if you also want to save some space but yeah bill liked the idea so much you can buy this on the site from Rogue.
I just want it to be super versatile um so this folding lap seat the seated row they come out they come apart with just two pins in there in case you want to do seated double curls on each side um but yeah that was uh, i wanted the mix. I wanted the combination of like the CrossFit gym, you know, the pull-up bar, the squat rack, the whole Rogue l look and feel of everything, but I also wanted to do, you know, like the global gym, lap pull down, sitting, Rose, you know, cable triceps curls, I wanted to have that in my own home gym too, so that's where the inspiration came from, huh and I was really excited when Bill said, hey, is it okay if we put this up on the site? so that other people buy it? attachments for the hooks and all that, the bins to hang all the accessories so i got all the typical stuff like the single handles push down cord push down with rope uh now these are the straps on the ankles that do hook and then you can hook the bottom lower pulley there and do your uh Kickbacks and Donkey kicks and you can do prone hamstring curls uh so you look silly you feel silly while using them at least I do, but a super effective tool uh if i had a global gym membership or k now if i splurged on one of these absolutely this is it basically i think my last video i showed the rogue pulley system you might like just hook it up to the pull-up bar and you know you have the weight pin at the end that you need. to stack plates on it you can double that and so you have a pulley on top and then hook a pulley on the bottom so you can do cable pull ups if you want to do hamstring curls anything where you need to. to pull off the ground and I think they're like 60 bucks a piece of Rogue so this is kind of the updated version you know nice version of that but you can get the same tool for a pretty reasonable price the infamous bag trainer speed uh i still still use it um after this came up in the last video it was funny how many people sent me that were trying to buy this um and it was sold out everywhere i remember craig richie called me and he was trying to buy one and they sold out in the UK, but I had some friends who in I had some friends who just exercised for fun.
I have some friends who are gamers competing this year who got their hands on a few and it's actually great that they found out they bought versions that are up to date. it had uh like an adjustable resistor built in so you can do it uh you know just a little tougher make it lighter so you can go faster i don't know if this was in the last video the iron neck now this thing i just used my symmetry bands cross this there's no cool way to wear this there's no way to look natural wearing this but here's the hookah band huh and it's like it's like cross symmetry where you have a little protocol and you just have the resistance pulling pulling on your head and you get a big old trapezoidal head but yeah every time I wear this when people are at the gym they just look at what you look like I'm serious and I'm like yeah absolutely trying to get that I don't know if I talked about this in the last video so these are the best lifting straps money can buy huh and you make them yourself they cost you about two bucks you go like a local like REI or an outdoor store you buy a flat nylon rope and I think these are 18 inches or 24 inches each and then you just tape the end that's all and hit the clothes 180 so it lays flat on itself, but the cotton webbing rips through the nylon webbing.
Haven't I had these straps for at least five six years my entire weightlifting career? I think I went through three sets of straps as soon as someone showed me how to make them, they are so durable and cheap. you know you're not spending 20 bucks to get some cotton straps that rip um these are rated for way more than we're ever going to lift so a little tip there and we're going through this we got everything to all my Pinchers like the absolute best grip training right there I have one up yeah I have a trainer one one 1.5 and two I don't know if I've ever done anything I got this post about this was great on the Rogue on owner from Rogue Bill and Katie put this out the night after huh the Arnold for the strongman and all the strongman competitors were there and I mean like some of us were doing it I think the maximum weight a CrossFit lifted was like 90 pounds and there's this guy that has the best grip in the world and he was pulling like 220 or 225 on this thing and it's like it's so soft and you just squeeze it in and out but it's a fun tool that pops up again z from time to time when people want to see who has the best grip we have fat grips don't sleep on them awesome tool just change the stim of whatever dumbbell work you're doing this is a good tool it's super super versatile i think it's called the Black Black Widow um but it just fits everything you can hook it to a carabiner so if you want to do like push down the triceps if you want to fully extend it and use it as a pull down or you can hook it to a bar so that when you do the bar hook in there and then you can do all your ranks but you have the fit here, the fit here so it hits everything, a phenomenal tool in classic Rogue. yes i didn't mention that there we have the three wall balls 14, 20 and 30. we have thesame here this corner looks a little messy but i mean it's all the same as i had before you know we have we have our ab mats we have our handstand push up mats we are oh here's one i know y'all they make fun of them because most people use them for the shoulders but if you're doing hip thrusts do it do slam thrusts on a shaft bar with the pad on top and save your hips and hip thrusts don't sleep on them, look silly you feel silly but they are one of the best tools we got in our landmine post so this was super nice because it doesn't have to be set up on a rig so you can just put it on a stack of plates hook the bar there and getting your landmine to work that good V is great great core exercise I think the last time the last time I did this run.
I had a little yellow AB wheel from Walmart so I upgraded a bit but still have the ab wheel. Still a great tool, oh I'll take it back. This was on the theme of I want two of everything so my friends and I can exercise together so I bought two of those couch sliders or just as moving sliders get a pair that slide on any floor material and they are some one of the best ab workouts but if you already own a rower and don't want to spend the extra four bucks on ab sliders uh put your feet on the seat of the rower and your face look back and get on a board and you can do knee tucks, you can do hip raises, all of that and it's the same thing but on the roller it's a little more difficult because there's less resistance t have on these Bluetooth speakers that every gym should have oh yeah it's a UE Boom I got this I got a couple of these because you can pair them with each other so you can get surround sound but we only need one here actually this The thing is really loud Stack of towels Stack of cuffs Road clock Oh this is new This is much more challenging.
I didn't think there would be much of a difference between doing pull-ups on a straight bar and pull-ups on the ball, holy hell, that thing takes your grip off and as you can see you can hit any grip you want on it, um So I think that was something I didn't have on my list, but then Rogue shipped with this. all setup complete so glad they added they know what they're doing next we got the reverse hyper I'll never have a home gym without a reverse hyper um but I had my standalone reverse hyper and then Rogue wanted you to know that you put this here because it's built into the platform it looks great it's Sturdy as hell so that was good great so I gifted the old one to a friend but it will forever and ever be a fixture in the At my home gym, what I didn't know I needed was the Rhino Belt Squat. this machine is so good for anyone who doesn't know what this is it basically allows you to squat without having a barbell on your back hook the belt in and pull up pull the handles back so you can work your entire lower body . without compression of the spine.
I know a lot of people use this just to do weight marching so they strap in and they're not even doing squats they're just marching in place while holding a d-ball or something so this is another piece that, uh Rogue put a bar up here in case I want to do pull ups with weights obviously I wouldn't do them with uh 90lbs but I can hook the belt in to reach and do my pull ups now the machine I wish I had discovered sooner in my major is StairMaster so I actually used one for the first time in Utah at a gym called Excel and I wasn't really training it was right after a competition so I was taking the week off but Sammy was training so she had a whole bank of stair masters like oh just come and hang with me like just keep me company I was alright so I went upstairs and was going to do a 10 minute workout and by the end I was drenched like I was sweating I couldn't believe how heavy I was breathing um and I wasn't even going that fast and I was like what in the world so when I was moving into this space I knew I wanted one and I said I was like hey I had it on my wishlist like, can you get me a StairMaster? and they said we have Versa climbers and I was like no, I want a StairMaster, we have a Jacob's ladder.
I was like no I want a brand name stairmaster so anyway they were able to track one down for me but I don't know what model this is I think it's a commercial model but I think I think it's one of the more low but it's like a miniature escalator that has pre-programmed workouts you can go for time mastery or intensity whatever you want but I wish I had found this earlier in my CrossFit career for low impact. long time mastery workouts it's the best tool in my opinion um you know if you're doing a long workout on the rower like an hour and your butt gets numb and it's not comfortable you know on any bike it's like you need to have bike shorts and it just gets really uncomfortable in this you can go you know 30 minutes to an hour now i wear it a couple times a week for 20 to 30 minutes and i only wear a 20 or 40 pound weight vest and the sweat coming off me and my heart rate goes up to 180 190 and it only stays there for 15-20 minutes so there's no impact on your body you're just trudging through your knees feel great your ankles feel great but you just know it starts and you're like this isn't okay this is pretty easy and then all of a sudden you realize my heart rate has skyrocketed.
I'm gasping for air all this time and this very simple machine is kicking my ass. Next we have a hamstring curl so this is a standing one leg hamstring curl so I know that throughout my entire CrossFit career, my entire Olympic weightlifting career, like my posterior chain and hamstrings, they were always a huge weakness for me, you know I was so quad dominant. i could never get my hamstrings to be where i wanted them to be i could never get my glutes my hamstrings to be as strong or as dominant as my quads so when i had more room i finally pulled the trigger and got this you know it's super simple you're working the hamstrings without loading joints without doing too much crazy stuff it's just a good hamstring pump as we're all familiar with the assault air racer this was actually one that was at a regional that's why it's the white track f or if the computer didn't uh it didn't kick the ref it could sit there for like 30 minutes and count how many rotations were there um actually I have a second one of these this was another machine I wanted two of everything out of but I ran out of space here it's like more of the I don't know I don't want to say specialized equipment because it's still pretty common but we have our parallels down here oh this is Rogu e oh sick yeah so this is like um it's kind of like you can use it as an AB wheel but it's not going to like the tip to the side or anything so it's a little bit more easy.
I use it for my hamstrings. I'll actually hook a band from the I don't know what to call this like the cart cart on the platform, you put your heels in the V and just under impact, no external weight, you can put a band on. do a little more trap bar resistance that's nothing new we have our plethora of s weight vests or we'll go over each one because most of them have a use so this is my 20lb vest. I think it's actually from the games. this is my 40lb vest so i'll wear it on the stairmaster if i'm just looking to make money if i'm short on time and don't have like 40 minutes or if i'm not doing my hour job in zone 2 i just put that spike, heart rate burns the quads i think this is one of my old 511 vests so if anyone is shopping for a vest this is my favorite this one right here this is just the rogue usa vest or something but it's super simple like you're not messing with it like it's actually made for military use so there's this handle here that when you pull the handle it drops the dishes that serves a purpose other than working out this just works so super simple features like the strap has some elastic built in it has velcro areas to put on your favorite vest or patches whatever you want the shoulder straps are adjustable but with this the plates are super wide so a lot of times when you're running or doing gymnastics your arms are hitting the plates These are nice and narrow they're out of the way so they serve their purpose of adding weight without getting in the way, um so i have a couple of these i think this is their old one i dont even know what this company is called something with an H but this vest is super nice when i try to be lighter p Because each weight plate is that big, it's these little things, the whole vest is elastic, there's these strings. the side that this thing fits you perfectly if you want to go Sammy goes for a walk every morning in one of these outfits and he puts it on and then he puts a hoodie on top of it and you can't tell he has a 20 pound weight vest on put on so that thing is super comfortable the only issue I had with I think this was with higher skill gymnastics where you're doing a lot of vertical oscillation where you're at and you're punching on the way down everything has a lot of stretch so which will work but if you're going to do a good run easy strict gym something like that that vest is super comfortable uh this is safe life safe this is an actual ballistic vest so it's a soft ceramic ballistic vest um actually a lot of these they are real bullet proof vests with these i was looking for a weight vest and thought i keep spending money on weight vests.
You might as well kill two birds with one stone and get a weight vest and a bulletproof vest so that's a real bulletproof vest that's a real bulletproof vest uh this was a miniature go goruck backpack. I see it mostly for reverse hypers and lunges, it's just that I do it when I do those things like reverse hypers or they called them hypers, I don't remember, but I'm focused on my back, my hamstrings and my glutes. I don't want to worry about the bar digging into my neck and falling off my back, so this allows me to focus on the muscle group we're trying to work in the same way with lunges. the bars keep me from rolling this allows me to focus on what i'm really trying to work on our bamboo bar if you're doing olympic lifts or like bench press or something like that get a bamboo bar it's so handy it's very It's It's easy to fall into the trap that the big muscles take over, always moving a lot of weight and never working on the little stabilizing muscles that are there. he can do his strict press just hanging bands and kettlebells from him re and it would be amazing to see these guys who have this amazing bench press or strict press or whatever get in here and just wobble and like they almost got their teeth knocked out because they have never worked on it. small stabilizing muscles, so get yourself a bamboo bar.
I have a metal log back here that I literally got because one year I was like, I don't know, I had a feeling they were going to do some heavy medical events in games and so I just wanted to get my hands on it and use it. I don't think I've ever worn it since you know I have some friends who are big and the trunk fits them better and they can move a ton. of weight on that thing me being a smaller frame like its so far in front of me when its resting on my chest its very hard but its a fun tool to use its two ghds nothing really special there i like these they are easier to adjust they have the wobble wheel on them this w as a must to me so this is the reflection of the company that i think rogue acquired them or partnered with them or something i'm not sure but it's on the rogue site , so I got it but I wanted the typical balloon gym machine quad extension I wanted to be able to do a sick quad workout without loading my spine without loading my back I've been doing that because I mean I started Olympic weightlifting 19 years ago or 20 years um and you know I always enjoyed these like I always take advantage of them when I see them in a hotel gym or like I'm in a regular balloon type gym so I wanted one in my house and i got one but you know i still love functional exercise but just like the press down or the lap pull down or seated rows its like those things are fun once in a while and serve their purpose if you use them properly as a complement to your functional fitness stuff they serve a phenomenal purpose this is my film studio i guess you would call it all my hwpo workout videos we do a daily workout or a daily video explaining what the workouts are my take on them how address themmy strategy tips scaling options to make it all happen here at every home gym especially if you're doing weightlifting Olympic weightlifter strongman you gotta have your Yeti chairs so we got on especially when Sammy was passing by his Olympic weightlifting. every game those chairs are an absolute must and those things are so comfortable.
I'll see, then we have our jump ropes. I scaled it down a bit. I got rid of a lot of them, but we have our drag ropes, our weight ropes, and then. just some regular RPM. I think they are the Evo brand. I'm not 100 sure but they are more for the guests when they come over. with me since the day uhuno that was one of my I think the Roomba was my first purchase when I won a competition I used to take 10 out of every paycheck and spend it on something for me you know I want to take a hundred percent of everything I i win and just save save save but then i realized very soon i need to treat myself to something otherwise there is no motivation really to keep doing what i'm doing so the rule used to be that i would take 10 of any check i got or whatever gain from the competition and spend on something I wouldn't normally buy, so I think it was actually my first purchase.
I bought a refurbished Roomba, so it's kind of old, it's dying. the last thing in the last corner we have a small plaque of the Serenity Prayer. I have had this at every home gym. I think my good, I know my dad gave it to me years ago. to me to hang in my room uh it's uh it's what I have tattooed on my arm and you know it's a great thing like when you really break it down and think about the meaning that it was actually something I never talked about every time I competed when we they put on Corrals um it's on video a lot but I would go to the back of my Corral and get on my knees and talk to myself and recite the prayer around me and then go through each part of the serenity prayer and decide okay what in this situation I have no control over what in this situation or event I have control over and then what am I going to do about it so you know I would tell myself like okay you have no control over who you are your referee I have no control over who's in the lanes next to you i have no control over how they're going to attack the worker how they're going to pace or if they're better than me or slower than me something like that um and nine times out of ten the only thing in an event that I have control over the effort or that I am putting in and then it would be fine, in this situation, what can I do to better optimize the effort that I am going to put in, okay, it is inevitable that this training will hurt that my lungs will hurt that my heart will be racing that my muscles are going to hurt good what am I going to do about it how am I going to dictate how that feeling is going to be implemented into my game plan how is it inevitable that a workout is going to hurt how you deal with that soreness is a choice so I was telling myself that it's ok this workout will last eight minutes like it's an option of not stopping for eight minutes as I don't have to stop I'm going to be in pain that doesn't mean I have to stop for the Serenity Prayer played a big role in my career before every event in the crowd i would say the serenity prayer and then reflect on each part of this in our how is this going what am i going to do outside you know it's a three room flat inch and it came in 50 foot rolls so I don't know if you've ever moved like one of those like the horse stable mats that are in a lot of gyms those things are atrocious to move now make one that is 50 foot long long holy we have we brought our skid steer we would hitch it to the deck with two of these rolls and I think two rolls were 1400lbs and we just drove the skid steer here we left them and we're like right here you can still see when we brought equipment like here these are like these dust marks from the skid steer tracks from when we were bringing in equipment and stuff huh but the cool thing about it was I don't know why I thought the thicker the flooring the less likely I was going to need to glue it down , but I was told that with the three quarter inch thick thick floor, I think that's about as thick as you can get. you needed to glue it they were like don't lay flat it won't sit flat and my head is like oh idk it seems like it should so we didn't even record this one at my old gym it was half an inch and we recorded it and it it stayed on great no glue no tape we just put it on and if you're doing gym flooring get a multi tool it will save your life it's just a side cutter that vibrates and just cuts this stuff like butter, so me and my friend i think we were here for a couple hours kind of to roll this out we got all the edges around the garage door yeah i mean it came out beautiful oh a real thing so like with these lights with the wall lights color and the floor and the ceiling color I was talking to The Buttery Bros Marston and Heber and I was like guys what do I do with Windows like there are horror stores already there how should I put Windows on should frame them in what should do and they were like go to as many windows as you can or no windows or you want all natural light or none so that was ok it's probably easier just not to go to any and so look better on camera so you know you don't have I have to play with the lighting if it's in the morning or at night whatever, and then I said what do I do with the color of the wall, what looks best on camera, they are like going with a blue-gray on the walls, As well as the contrast of your leather pairs, make a black black ceiling to make it look taller. make these lights and i really just did it i did everything because they told me to and they said it would look better on camera and just like you can buy the stall bars you can buy the corner shelves you can buy you can buy each of these pieces individually, but custom to put them together, needed custom pieces to integrate them all into one, so I had a friend in town who was delivering my table, he made and delivered my table and he was in town. with a friend and those poor sons of a were here for like three days and I put them to work because as soon as they saw the shipment show up I had my own dedicated 53 foot rig semi and they said we can't leave like we can't leave you with this you will never finish it and so they stayed we unpacked everything and like outside I had a parking lot like I think there's like 40 studs here or something some are 90 inches some are 100 inches and I'm like no I don't know where it goes, no matter how big your space is, you always think, ah, I'll never get over this space.
I have so much space I have six foot ceilings I couldn't get over the next gym when I moved to Tennessee it was 140 or not 440 square feet and I moved there and I thought I was a king it was like I have all this space everything it has so much space it filled up so fast and i thought it would never get to be one that i think is barely a thousand square feet and i remember when i was designing the gym i thought i would never run out of space in this one like i was doubling the size of my Previous gym I was in for years.
I will never get over this thing and run out of the room, but I made a 175 sq ft champion. I'm excited to see what we do in this overseas.

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