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M&B Bannerlord Is A Perfectly Balanced Game With No Exploits - Everything HAS AN EXPLOIT

Apr 09, 2020
I guess we continue with the siege, although there's no one inside the garrison, oh my god, there's no one defending this castle. We could literally gently knock on the door. We don't need to build siege towers to enter the castle. no one there welcome back ladies and gentlemen the legendary sir smith has just completed his first siege battle only about 80 men on our side we managed to seize a fort of men who had a little more than us certainly the majority of the wooden militia, so it was pretty easy choices, but still the castle is ours now, the most important thing is that we are going to gain a metric ton of renown, influence and morale, our troops will be very excited for our victory My God, thirty-six prisoners. take them all why not oh and yeah we're almost getting close to 1 million gold.
m b bannerlord is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits   everything has an exploit
I have no idea what happens when we get to 1 million gold. a and it may not necessarily be intentional is the fact that your inventory can have as many items as you want and also those items don't trigger if you can remember sometimes if you have food in mount and blade warband say like i don't know cheese or meat , it would eventually burst and be pretty useless compared to this


, there's actually nothing stopping you from borrowing 1 million grains and never having to buy food for the rest of the


. You'd need about 124 Sumter horses and let's be honest, that's only a hundred each, which is pretty easy to come by. we can recruit a lot of nice troops here, wonderful stuff and actually i need to upgrade my existing army and of course when i say upgrade i mean we are not upgrading them we are just pretending we are going to upgrade them and then instead of paying for this , of course, we're ju First, I'm going to click on the inventory screen, hit apply, and oh no, we don't have to pay for upgrades anymore. gold or finally we did wonderful things, in fact, all it took was an income of seventeen thousand for our workshop in boström and how much we get if we sold our Ostrom, my God, one hundred and three thousand dinars for selling this workshop, right?
m b bannerlord is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits   everything has an exploit

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m b bannerlord is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits everything has an exploit...

I think that's a unique feat to say the least, so the reason my carpentry spot is so broken in the current version of the game is the fact that you could buy a workshop in two days, it will start generating this amount of money randomly. and then when it's at its peak of around fourteen thousand to seventeen thousand you sell it and more than quadruple your money, it's a unique way to get a lot of money very early in the game, also another way to get to that. real quick money is fighting people now you might be thinking i'm suggesting arena fighting but i'm not really in the slightest arena fighting can be challenging it's not exactly a lot of fun especially if you lose because you're Making bets on yourself, oh god, there's the enemy's army, right?
m b bannerlord is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits   everything has an exploit
We're getting out of here. They can take back that castle we took. We do not need it. Yes, they have five hundred men. We can't fight that. we're out of here i admit the power only has 50 friends so we could take over this whole city you know what we're gonna try it doesn't work ok we'll back off one day let's proceed to the city like a puck please if this works if this works it's so broke poop but build that siege camp build that siege camp hopefully the enemies won't cover it because if they do with real beans oh my god this is working are we gonna do it? being able to take Poros oh the influence we will gain from this will be absolutely ridiculous oh no they come with an hour of the army for us to leave a few moments later oh my god I sent the troops and the troops warned oh My God, that was not expected, we killed sixty-five of the attacking army, we lost 30 of our own. or that's the advantage of tactics ladies and gentlemen it just works we're ahead your mercy oh yeah he's my prisoner now maybe I could free them yeah he fought well wow wow now there's no reason to Keep the world as prisoners for the one. which is why we have a lot of money so we don't need to ransom them or anything oh my lord seventy three prisoners oh that will be a lot of prisoners I don't even know if that's a particularly viable number of prisoners for us to take apparently alone we can have 21 prisoners alright something tells me i'm going to have to get rid of a couple of these fucking prisoners there we go we'll get rid of these these that aren't very good like militia cockroaches go this looks more like we're just about six prison ners about the prison camp, lovely stuff indeed, oh and that's a lot of loot too, oh that's a very tasty amount of loot and that was the fight of the century. gentlemen but mentally we need to get more men in the military but progress is still being made oh my god after selling all this equipment this is absolutely ridiculous this is the biggest trade deal in history this is a lovely sell for us and i'm pretty sure our pool is near full strength but apparently it will take us around 22 weeks to heal all of our types so here's a little trick we kept you waiting for. in the city for sure you have to pay their salaries but it won't really affect us for the sole reason that we have so much money to give so it will allow us to quickly heal all our men and at the same time increase our skill in medicine and if you want another way to make a lot of quick money in this game early on my advice would be to just jump into any city and you will notice that there are places called backstreets now you can fight free people on the backstreet you can even make your companions do it for you and if you defeat them, you will earn around a thousand gold coins.
m b bannerlord is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits   everything has an exploit
One way you can make a lot of easy money in this game is to simply immediately hire a partner. Go to a street defeat. all the people on the side street and in return you will get some very valuable supplies that you can sell for a nice profit. You can repeat this on all the back streets in all the towns and they keep respawning too so it's a good almost infinite source of money early on if you don't want to really get into the trading side of things if it was enough then that would be the case.
I have no idea why trade is lovely now what's going on here is a fight between a band of mercenaries and one of the rival Lords now the mercenaries are probably going to lose but that doesn't really matter what matters is that the rival Lord he is going to be significantly injured after this battle and that is when suspicions arise to announce his arrival and greet the rival Lord and above all ask him to hand over all his hidden tea leaves because I know he has them hidden somewhere anyway it was a lovely fight now let's go fight the enemy Lord well done for finishing that battle my friend but are you ready to take me down oh my god i didn't know you could do this in fact you can try to win over the enemy Lords using the mechanic of charm in the game, right?
This looks like a broken pinch that was a critical hit no we can't do this we can't just buy a deadly lord oh god oh no oh this is so wrong I love it though that was another hit okay so we just need one more hit and that dysphoria gonna switch sides oh my gosh right BAM that one was ineffective I think we've got a few more chances 59% list success oh gosh no oh we gave 40 points we could put it on charm Made you feel good the case so how about i root for you but no matter how it ends what the hell it's ok he's a friend now he's a friend oh this is so bad bye bye dysphoria it was a unique business deal to say the least he found an enemy. side instead of bad side you have 58 men we could probably use those 58 men and we have four quick simple questions where i easily laid out the benefits of tea and drinking tea he said yes why not i will join you oh well i love this game but broken things are ok let's see if we can take this castle our 51 defenders we got this let's honor this castle alright BAM here we go we ready to fight it's time we take this . castle, so it's time for so fancy to take the exact same castle again just a couple of days later.
Because why don't we get a lot of leverage out of this and lose a lot of men for sure? But that is a sacrifice I am more than willing to accept. Also, I don't really have to do much in sieges. I just told my men to go away. get things right auto deploy and start the assault and there they go, they're all going to do their own thing and whatever they choose to do is probably for the best. I'm gonna ride up here and finish off my little horse and My lords you know what the hell they're pretty cruel with their little bows and arrows and really try to give us proper shooting time same to him I think I can oh that's good oh the accuracy of this bow is insane or maybe it's just my character and this ship they blend well and we go up oh wait i forgot to go up you have to look up like it's science oh we lost our first friend what a shame Imperial Archer oh dear oh dear oh and our second friend hello what are you doing? you just sat there my friend had fun i really don't think you're meant to be right there mr. vigilante oh my gosh oh we almost want it feels good with the arrows basically coming out of almost my entire body I would say this has been a very successful battle we actually don't take that much damage anymore because we are now wearing armor Fairly high level as well as our stats give us plenty of resistances for most damage, but I don't think we lost many men in this fight, we lost a seemingly free man. killed oh my gosh that is probably the most successful siege in military history well it was a lot of fun in fact a lovely successful fight for us oh my gosh ron from big city life he is only thirty and four defenders.
I'm pretty sure this is meant to be our capital city right ok we'll just lay siege to it we can take back the capital city which only has 3040 Fester which are all trash I'm pretty sure we'll get a bit of leverage for this. oh this is going to be lovely it's really matte er you're trying to build a militia at the same time I don't think the militia can do a good job oh and part of your garrison is abandoned ok you have 11 left great start great start ladies and gentlemen great start we can probably defer this to tactics.
I think we're getting close to 1.5 million gold too, oh and now all the Garrisons dropped their damage at will and faced an army of 81. Okay, surely they just hand it over. at this point sending the troops in a job done we just don't get points it's leverage for that please we take back the capital city i guess there weren't that many men in the fight but still it's the thought that counts now when it comes to Lystra and we can trade these guys because we recently put them under siege the food is extremely expensive so I just sold a bunch of our grain at a ridiculous price that should never be allowed to sell but the game says oh , it's okay because you know it They have been besieged, they have not had access to much food, it is a game of appreciation that after the level of our business skills, very good, now one way to earn a lot of money in this game is by attacking caravans, of course because they were one of the empires we have a very legal right to attack and kill all their caravans now we are not exactly a thief but we like the idea of ​​robbing our merchants because e if we rob our merchants they don't have much money and their money will be ours that's ok now we are sending men into a glorious battle.
I'm not quite sure what's going to happen here, but it should be nice to see that this is the caravan in front of us, as you can see. they have quite a few cavalry pieces but we usually outnumber them two to one admittedly their men are very skilled oh wait I have a super long spiky Spader type I can use this for cavalry duels here we go little small stick, well I think this is it. we've pretty much done it oh actually i don't think we've done it and he lost a single man the auto resolve for this battle said it would be a tough fight this has shown it wasn't I think it was due mainly because the composition of the enemy consisted of cavalry guards on horseback and then archers, and it turns out that archers were not the best form of defense and here we go glorious victory we lost only one man and we defeated a whole caravan you know what that means ladies and gentlemen a lot of money we capture all the prisoners but most importantly we get all their goods and they had some food hidden there now the food is good now you might be thinking why the food is good if you remember we recently got this beautiful city back here andthis town doesn't have a lot of food we have food and we're going to do a good trade deal here ok I bought a metric ton of fish and hopefully I can run to Zeona Cahier where they probably don't have much food and drop off all my lovely supplies of fish this is hoping we are now playing the markets to deliberately manipulate my trading skill we will be very good at that too and once all this is happening I have basically ignored my own castle but you know it's ok ,seems alright we're getting almost a thousand in taxes from them every day which is a good start oh there's only 71 cigar advocates ok ok you got me interested oh there's an enemy Lord here you know we're going to proceed with the city of Paris, why don't we try it?
Sing even if it takes us too long to build a nice lovely little siege camp, that's fine and here we go, it's time for us to lead a Storming of Paris and retake it for the glory of our empire. Maybe, if we do a good job, they'll even give us the city. Now this fight, even though they technically have about four numbers with us, we're going to completely crush them. for the sole reason that they're made almost entirely of mil itia while we're fully trained fighting II soldiers guys who are about to go and do some good military work and fighting just watch the walls of this beautiful city.
I don't know how good it would be to defend them if you knew something else. that just a group of militiamen, yes, this is a good place. I can talk to all of them if they fight and my men put up a glorious battle with the enemy. lovely things and with minimal losses also only seven men to one hundred and eighty seven influence twenty two renowned which of course is very important renown is beautiful because renown allows us to improve our clan and improving our clan means we can have more men who can fight better and do better or even get a lot of grain from the city after we occupy it lovely they will go the city is ours now we can carry on and we can walk into the city and sell some beautiful things so it's time for us let's trade beca use as you can see they have absolutely no food except a few grapes so we can sell bunches of our grain for a big profit some olives for a profit and most importantly all that fish it just cost us around nineteen to buy has just been sold out, let's level up that trade stat or 107 precious things, a party of the enemy lords let's catch up with him and try to have debates come on you know you want to join our side please come on it's so much fun RTS let me debate the enemy lord actually instead we could just kill him Right there come on we fight beautiful things I was going to delegate this to my lovely men they can fight oh good things not too many losses well and there's all the renown and influence I wanted. at my mercy well you can be my prisoner that sounds like fun oh we have found ourselves loose here oh looks so much fun not my favorite today well actually I usually tend to win these fights even if they're not in my favor so it's 203 vs 78 apparently Just auto resolve thinks we have a decent chance here and part of me wants to send in the troops and see what they can do to auto resolve and voila Oh auto resolve you've done it redone oh that's a win mmm yeah this is fine that's


fine that's a done fight oh right your boy president this is it they're all my prisoners we're just gonna kidnap everyone enemy lords. permanently now 90 prisoners or had too many to really count we'll leave them alone so they can wander around the camp oh and this is a fair amount of equipment as well as some fish and grain butter cheese all that lovely stuff you this will.
Keep my men happy. I'm kidnapping all your horses. Now, we almost have an actual capacity of 18,000 goods, which is stupid to really believe. Hey,


is fine. See Raiders. I love to fight. t turn our imperial veteran archers into veteran warhorse archers, lovely, let's do it and we have horses to give them the watch. I don't think the horses are going to wear out and if that's the case, that's very broken because the biggest cost would actually be upgrading troops to ride horses. It is the factor that you have to give to each and every one of them. inventory and I hope so it looks like the actual hourly horse count didn't really go down or if it did it didn't go down much now the best thing about having your own villages is that you can buy all your resources at lovely cheap prices that are bought a lot of 425 iron ore and we know it sells for around 120 most cities provides us with a very scary amount of purchasing power oh my gosh yeah we are going to destroy most of the game economy though to be fair ya we have If we have two million in the bank there is also a fun little cheesy thing you can do with the AI ​​in this game but that is you can get close to them and destroy AI armies so let's say you wanted to defeat the army. of the enemy king what you do is that you must first make sure that you are not at war with him and then enter into a trade deal with him what you do is deliver a bunch of food horse weapons whatever you want in exchange for gold and nothing of your gold you suddenly can't pay any of your troops and most of your army will suddenly abandon you and continuously abandon you because most kings don't actually have the money to maintain a large size army this means you can defeating the armies of the enemy kings with literally only about 5000 tons of fish oh and you get paid for it of course now ladies and gentlemen another war has just started we recently ended the war with the northern empire and once again about its month later another war has started with the northern empire yeah you can probably see a bit of a replay here now this is terrible news because we recently leveled up and we can have a hundred native men in our group but we only have ninety one so let's find a way to increase the number of men we have good what they want to do is just get on here in Klan go to parties and create a new party with our cool friend here laughing kool biter now your slav gonna build a whole party he just made a mark. new nothingness party contains two very high level infantry very nice in some skirmishes some archers some horsemen that's great because the horsemen come with horses and horses are quite expensive oh and all these lovely footmen and skirmishers lovely things right come on just buy all of this i appreciate it so much slav it cost me nothing to create your whole group but here it is oh let's go but now that you've done it i'm actually going to have you disbanded because uh i don't need the two men that you got so there we go you're going to quickly disband and there we go he disbanded and now we can quickly get Hiro to our party and he immediately comes back on board and then once again we can have him throw a new bed party raviv wood war oh my god there we go his whose laughs new party of even more dudes oh god it's love you're amazing you know we're going to make him stay in this I see ISM is going to have him follow us if he h ace the money doesn't really matter because they know we have a lot oh my gosh for attacking castle blockade and for some reason the garrison comes out to attack us oh this is great news because it means we've probably used the 50/50 power levels but I'll have to guess and say if I said the troop said we're going to beat this bad boy yes we are the main reason because we were fighting almost entirely militia and militia. just don't take on anything that has armor so that Before we go, we just improved our tactics and captured a castle.
We now have many more prisoners than we really have any right to control. Well this is fine. I suppose we continue to besiege them even though there is no one inside the garrison. My God, game, there is no one defending this castle. We could literally gently knock on the door. We don't need to build siege towers to enter the castle. There is no one there. Ok ok well done though we won the castle lovely stuff nice and easy oh my god I've run into foul here he apparently hates us with a minus 64 I figure it's probably because we just robbed his castle yes it seems that he doesn't like us at all but it's ok we can just send our armies we even back up in the little town we just took nice anyway that's some lovely fighting tactics and up to 39 good things and when you're not my prisoner welcome my lord the tactical system is so crazy. dominated while I Your managers slightly improved they just always win like the simulated rock paper scissors battles that are going on it's so broken I know it doesn't matter because we just defeated one of the many enemy armies that were actually running .
I'm pretty sure I'm worried that we'll even have a chance to seat this entire city right here, that I might win an election here for Annika's castle, yes, I'm going to think as much as I can about my influence. me and this bad boy should probably win this here we go I won it with the support of most everyone who voted who and kriti sure it was just me now we are at trade level one hundred and fourteen after that beautiful trade where we just threw lots of hardwood, which is a great sign, and now that we've got our new castle here, the only key castle that of course we've technically raided about four times, now we'll probably have to go and pay it a visit such maybe let some men wow h It's a brand new castle.
Annika's castle, of course, now has almost 3.5 million gold and looks ancient. Here is a beautiful new castle. He's struggling with food right now, which is a problem and loyalty too, which isn't the best, although we can. fix all this by queuing up a bunch of irrigated gardens and at the same time pouring a bunch of our own money into the castle which should speed up production nicely let's try and not have a car not even sure if this is possible but we have a hundred and sixty three men in our place now defenders 483 oh my god 379 militia here you know what i really want to try this this is a huge city and if we get it this is basically a set for a long time im going to use the auto resolve mechanic because, even if we lose it, it's okay, we'll get a lot of experience from it.
Oh, they've come out to attack us. Oh, that's very exciting. let's fight this this is going to be good oh my god this is amazing oh yeah the tactical system sure we are losing a lot of mind but honestly it doesn't matter oh that was the fight of the century. It's ridiculous how much damage some of these units can do. The legionnaires and the guard especially are just amazing. Well, now we technically have a hundred and fifty prisoners if we really warned, although that would be absolute chaos. go, but in order for us to hire some of these visitors, I hope we get to the next city and that's going to cause a lot of chaos. what i meant by updating them there you go they did a fantastic job today well you know what we are going to send our troops it is time for us to win oh here we go we have taken it oh say oetiker is ours a glorious success i think we could probably get rid of our army Now it's time to go rent some of my troops or nine thousand, that's a big ransom.
Now that we've recently taken over, we can also sell some of the stuff we buy here for a good eight decent profits because guess what these guys are about to do. starve to low prosperity be under siege food isn't exactly available right now so yeah there's a lot of money to be made here oh here comes the shipment of grain from the local village what if we intercept it and we buy


from the grain of the villagers thank you very much lovely villagers i'm going to go now sell this for even more well hello ladies and gentlemen unfortunately we're at that point which is the end of the video you see the legendary suspect accomplished 3.5 million gold, this is more gold than anyone should have access to in the game and as much as I would love to play this game for another 48 hours or so to level up to swap skills from two to five. i dont have time today if you would like to see more mountain blade warband and would like to see a full world conquest where we buy all the settlements in the game then feel free to like the video let me know in the comment section and if there is enough support for that, we will continue to play mountain blade with the legendary spiff, that charismatic cheeky bastard, and we will go buy the whole world. gone to war with most of the known world, the northern empire has been almost completely destroyed, we have also started ainvasion of the eight KERS and the roadog boys too or everything is very exciting, many wars are going on, many opportunities to earn money. so if you've really enjoyed any of the


s you've seen here in today's video feel free to like the video and hey if you have any


s of your own for this game or any other game feel free to slide them on my beautiful DMS I'm sure we get some fantastic content from you guys as always thank you so much to each and every one of my majestic patrons who make these fantastic videos even more possible thank you so much you lovely majestic dachshunds if you're sitting there and are wondering what video you would like to see next after this world we are going to go further than this on the screen now i chose it to be perfect for you after watching this video trust me you can enjoy it so go have another cup of tea and sit down for one more anyway I'll see each and every one of you next time have an absolutely lovely day and bye for now

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