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Lukas Graham interview (part 1)

Mar 11, 2022
hi lucas hi robin how are you I'm very very well back in amsterdam happily it's very good to hear that so where do I want to start with this I thought we just start with the beginning of the album so let's start with nothing changed how you look back at where you grew up om you look back at my Christian neighborhood yeah I don't want to say it's where I grew up it's where my life started where most of my friends live where I still hang out when I'm home in Copenhagen I look back on it fondly and I'm very very me i feel so lucky to have grown up there and not in a boring place mmm and thanks to the can you can paint the picture a bit for me how it was i wasn't very creative well there's always music so christiana is an abandoned military base which was occupied in 1971 by homeless people, hippies, junkies, criminals and in the course of the last year 45 years soon 50 years it has transformed they drove out the hard drug trade that drove out the gangs they and it's basically a very well managed neighborhood now we have kindergarten we have after school projects for the kids a sports club we have concert venues restaurants cafes shopping possibilities and it's basically a neighborhood where you don't own the house you live in you take it borrowed from the neighborhood and so we don't really have a mayor we have the common meeting where all 600 residents can join the meeting if you want so it's very egalitarian that's a good way of putting it because it's not equality it's egalitarian.
lukas graham interview part 1
I have not grown there. How did the music come to you? I have no idea what it was like growing up there compared to anywhere else because I only grew up in one place, but there are a lot of concert venues and ranging from the jazz club that has like one hundred and twenty one hundred and fifty people fit there to the first place we played a concert we have there what is called the light of the city which is like a cinema where you can also play in concerts sitting down. You have a gray hole that can fit more than a thousand.
lukas graham interview part 1

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lukas graham interview part 1...

We have loved the pin that fits in 400. We have an outdoor amphitheater. of music and there was always a lot of music so yeah of course being influenced by different kinds of cultures and one thing I like well there is the line and one of the I'm not sure if this was the line oh yeah it was a line let's see what song it was you're not the only one yeah you say no one seems to write them john and bob are dead and that refers us to john lennon and bob marley yeah it's so weird the kind of people you grew up with. aware of what piqued his interest at the time and I listen to what I would describe as an eclectic mix of music, so I listen to everything from rock and pop, soul, funk, R&B, rap music, techno, folk music, classical music, and so i just listen to everything that mainly stands out to me about john len no and specifically bob marley songwriting is the inclusion the attempt to make a change for the better well what is there a lot because i can imagine growing as you described it where you did it there was a lot of activism, yes, there is a lot? there was and still is a lot of activism around Christiana, I mean a lot of activism around marijuana legalization a lot of activism on women's rights workers rights equal rights be more equal a more equal society we will just wait for them so the dream of a more equal society is something that is deeply ingrained in me and something that i hope to achieve in the future coming from scandinavia it's pretty equal to begin with i just think we can get better because scandinavia is turning a bit towards this new slightly right wing liberal let's be xenophobic racists and save all our money now all these young people who vote for neoliberal right wing


ies are forgetting that they grew up under a socialist regime where sharing is caring where the broadest shoulders and men and stronger women lead weaker ones rather an increase in, shall we say, individualism or or rather, we just talked about the whole instagram thing, it's all about me, me, me, it's me first, but the thing is, sickness starts with me and wellness starts with us and all these young people. that right-wingers and new liberals are voting they keep forgetting how they grew up in abundance they don't remember the fight I grew up in the fight I grew up in a house without a bathroom I grew up wearing second hand clothes clean leftovers I grew up sending letters to my friends in jail because I had friends who ended up on the wrong side of the law and i mean sometimes you were fantasizing all this native american saying before the white man we didn't have prisons we didn't eat panhandlers no bums no drug addicts tastes like private property no money and they called us Cibola uncivilized and I think that's kind of funny to see because the more original you find the less unhappiness you have and then the more so called civilized societies we look at the more unhappiness we have like we have so many people on antidepressants we have so many personal debts I mean , why I mean, those are much bigger problems than I can ever understand, but o Oh, completely insensitive, but I don't have the answer either, no, but I do understand what you're saying, what if, when you start thinking about yourself, you ask those technicians, of course, why is it necessary? you're not the only one coming up a song like that you're not the only one it comes from the way the vote the world is voting right now i mean i guess you grow up like a kid and you i think we can change we can change the world if we can change the world and then you're watching people vote and you realize how we're going to end up here how we can let fear and hate guide us you know nationalism all it teaches you is how to hate people you've never met and i dont understand why we have seen what nationalism can do here in europe and we are still voting right now again a hundred years later that is pretty scary as if not even a hundred years has passed since that we had a very, very massive wave of nationalism true and well which I find interesting because you mentioned earlier before the camera was undated well a couple of years ago you became a father yeah it gets more from a problem where once you're a parent what the world looks like i was very worried about the world as a teenager too i mean it's just a matter of do you read enough books and do you read enough history and watch enough news and you like you just became it's just like wow can there be so much in one world?
lukas graham interview part 1
Can there be someone? So many people working for personal gain. I mean, I hope most people in the world want to uplift humanity as a common group, but then you can see social studies that people care more about a stray dog ​​than a homeless person because somehow we've decided in the western world that if you're poor it's your fault if you're homeless it's your fault if you're a drug addict it's your fault and then we talk about bad parenting when there's the then there's a good story about the alcoholic father who had two children , one son grew up and became an alcoholic and they asked him why and he said I looked at my father the other son grows up to never drink a drop and they ask him why don't you drink a drop and he says I saw my father two sons the same parents two completely different ways of looking at life mm-hmm it's a I mean it's these philosophical debates are always interesting that question have you ever liked it?
lukas graham interview part 1
Do they ever transcend the


? Do people understand that we're having a conversation and that I'm not being some holy guy who pretends to have the answers because I don't pretend to have these answers, but all I do? I say it with a song like you're not the only one right now if people don't agree politically they start yelling at each other you're crazy you're crazy ask some questions try to get to know these people understand that the person voting really is far right lives in a small town somewhere in Europe where the factory closed there used to be a university nearby but it closed everything was centralized jobs are leaving education is leaving people are leaving

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